Should You Invest in NFTs? Pros and Cons of the NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens are digital tokens that represent ownership of an asset. These assets are mainly digital but are also shifting into physical as well, for example, real estate property.

For anyone looking to diversify their trading portfolio, an NFT could be a viable addition, but there are two sides to this argument that are worth considering. Here are the pros and cons of the NFT marketplace.


Pro: Authentic Ownership

In the modern online world, it has always been difficult to prove ownership of digital art and other types of multimedia. Artists have struggled to prove and claim their rights. NFTs eliminate all of the uncertainty. The best NFT marketplace will be a platform for artists to create, own and sell their work freely and independently.


NFTs effectively:

  • Remove the need for a third-party middleman in negotiations and transactions
  • Artists and similar are able to deal directly with their fan bases and customers
  • Physical assets can be divided virtually to fragment and represent multiple owners
  • Supply chains can be streamlined

These factors all breed efficiency in any channel.

NFTS Are Secure

Thanks to being created on the blockchain, non-fungibles are safe. The blockchain allows transparent records of handling, trades, and ownership. This data can never be modified. This leads to the assumption that unless something catastrophic were to happen, NFTs are secure assets protected from hackers, cyber theft, and mishandling or misrepresentation.

Strong Diversification Assets

While there is risk associated with NFTs, just like cryptocurrency, they could still be a valuable asset for a portfolio. There is real potential here for future growth and establishment, and therefore making an early investment may yield positive results in the days to come.

Con: Volatility in the NFT Market

It is, however, a very real fact that there is a high portion of volatility in the NFT market. This means trades come with a high associated risk, there is a constant fluctuation of value and there is no safety net for asset ownership.

Volatile markets tend to put people off from making hefty investments, but there are still over 20 million takers to date so the subscription potential seems to be moving upward regardless of the risks. As time goes on, this volatility may neutralize, and the direction in which NFTs are currently moving seems to support that. There is real potential here, regardless.

Environmental Considerations

Finally, the last point is about the environmental impact of NFTs. Though you may not associate a virtual thing with causing harm to the earth, the actual mining of the blockchain uses a lot of energy and therefore puts out a load of carbon emissions.

There is a question of how sustainable this format will be, especially in a world that is moving ahead with eco-focused trajectories.

NFTs have attractive points that are not necessarily overshadowed by negative ones. The volatile market is worth remembering, because with risk comes uncertainty and potential loss of money. Yet, the prospects of non-fungible tokens seem to transcend the modern industry in what they have to offer. They could change the world.

Types of NFTs for Beginners

As a beginner, you must also understand the types of NFTs that are perfect for you.

  1. Domain Names, for example – You can have domain extensions like .X, .DAO, .888 etc.
nft domains
  1. Collectibles / Art Works, for example – Some rare paintings, artworks, historical or traditional coins, jewelry etc.
  2. Memorable Sports Moments: Like FIFA is going on in 2022, NFTs from this kind of event can be converted into NFTs and are always in demand.
  3. Memes: Some of the popular memes are digitized and can be converted into NFTs, Nyan CAT is the perfect example of the same.
  4. Avatars: Search for a popular NFT- Cool CATS, a perfect Avatar that is now converted into NFT and is always in demand.

There can be other miscellaneous types as well related to gaming, adventure, science etc.

See more NFT types here:

Also, check out VIDEO NFTs where you will find rare videos minted as NFTs.

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