New Grammarly Black Friday Deals 2021: Up to 60% in Premium Plans

Are you in search of an offer that can provide you maximum discount in Grammarly? If yes, then you are in the right place as we have discussed Grammarly Black Friday deals of 2021.

Have you ever been embarrassed because of your grammatical mistakes while writing official emails, articles, or research papers?

Either your answer is yes or no. You have probably thought of a tool ever in your life that helps you in correcting your writing errors. That’s what Grammarly is best known for.

grammarly Black Friday discount deals and offers

2021’s Grammarly Black Friday Deals

This Black Friday Grammarly is offering three major deals that are worth taking. Below are the three deals that Grammarly is offering this Black Friday.

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1. Discount of 33% on Buying the Individual Quarterly Plan

Grammarly quarterly plan discount

Grammarly is offering a discount of 33% when you purchase its individual plan for four months. The general price for a monthly subscription is $30 per month. But when you purchase for 4 months you get it for $20 per month.

Net amount without discount – $90 for 4 months.
Net amount after discount – $60 for 4 months.
Savings – 33% or $30 for 4 months.

2. Discount of 60% on Buying the Individual Annual Plan

Grammarly Black Friday deal annual plan discount

Like the previous Grammarly Black Friday deal, this deal also offers a huge discount of 60% for users who buy their annual plan.

Net amount without discount – $360 for a year.
Net amount after discount – $144 for a year.
Savings – 60% or $216 for a year.

3. Discount of 50% on Buying the Grammarly Annual Business Plan

Grammarly business plan discount

This offer is for the big companies or agencies having multiple numbers of employees. This offer costs $12.50/member/month and has a minimum of 3 members.

Net amount without discount – $300 per year.
Net amount after discount – $150 per year.
Savings – 50 % or $150 per year.

How to Grab Grammarly Black Friday Deals 2021?

To grab the Grammarly Black Friday offers follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step-1: Visit the official website of Grammarly by clicking here.

Step-2: Click on the log-in section after following step -1 and then click on I don’t have an account option.

Step-3: Create a new account after filling in necessary details subsequently proceeding from the 2nd step.

Step-4: Click on the Premium option, once you logged in from your account.

Step-5: Now, check all the plans and go as per your requirement and budget. It is advised not to go with any monthly plans since it doesn’t give any discount.

Always choose annual plans to grab the maximum discount. If not possible, then go at least with the quarterly plan.

Step-6: After selecting your plan. You need to pay for it either from PayPal or Credit Card.

Now you can use all premium features of Grammarly tools that are available in your subscription.

Quick Overview of Grammarly

Grammarly offers

Before proceeding next topic of the features or deals section of Grammarly, we need to know what exactly Grammarly is and the area of interest where this tool is going to be beneficial.

Grammarly is a writing tool that increases the value of your writings by suggesting the scope of improvements. Suggestions include grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation uses, tone detector, and many more literature points.

Grammarly is useful for regular writers including bloggers, research paper tasks, and for all digital marketers.

It has free and paid plans with variations of some features in plans as mentioned in the next section.

Grammarly Free vs Premium Features

features of grammarly

Features of extension of Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium are different as the latter one is more accurate. Let’s see the distinction between them.

Features of Free Version of Grammarly

  • Spelling checks.
  • Grammar Check.
  • MS Word Integration.
  • Available in mobile also.
  • Supports English as per different countries.

Features of Paid Version of Grammarly

Paid plans of Grammarly offer more value than its free version. In addition to the features of the free plan, you will get the following features in paid plans of Grammarly.

  1. Readability
  2. Depth detection of errors in punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.
  3. Enhancement suggestions
  4. Plagiarism detector among 16 billion pages
  5. Choice of multiple words for a single sentence.

See how Grammarly works in this informative video:

Positives and Negatives of Grammarly

No tool can be 100% perfect for everyone that’s why like others Grammarly too, has few negative points but got more positive points.

Positives of Grammarly

  • After getting the Grammarly Black Friday Deals your content will be checked by 250 kinds of grammatical errors including tenses, use of articles and punctuations.
  • When compared to its other alternatives, Grammarly is much more accurate and easier to use.
  • You don’t have to re-write your mistakes manually. You can correct your mistake in just one click.
  • You get to know the explanation of each of your mistake.
  • Grammarly offers free addons for almost every browser.
  • It has an additional feature of checking plagiarism in your content.

Negatives of Grammarly

  • You need an active internet connection every time you want to use it.
  • Its plagiarism checker tool is not much accurate when compared to other plagiarism checker tool.
  • Grammarly suggestions and correction tool is limited to only English language.
  • Since it is an AI based tool, sometimes it can also lead to errors but this is very rare. Still, you should do a final manual check to avoid any errors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grammarly

There is absolutely no doubt that Grammarly Black Friday Sale is the best time to own this excellent tool.

Now you would have some questions in your mind that we are going to answer before buying any Grammarly Black Friday 2021 Deals.

Why go with Grammarly Black Friday deals?

Grammarly is a slightly expensive tool than other grammar checker tools. On the other hand, it is way more accurate than its alternatives.
So, you should wait for the time when you can grab the opportunity of having this tool at a much lower price and that opportunity is only Grammarly Black Friday deals.

Can I use Grammarly for free?

Yes, you can use Grammarly for free. But the free version has limited features like a grammar checker and sentence rephrasing.

How to use a free extension of Grammarly?

Step-1: If you use Chrome Browser then search “Chrome Web Store” in Google. If you use other browsers then type the name of that browser in place of Chrome.
Step-2: Click on the first link from the results.
Step-3: Search Grammarly in the web store.
Step-4: Install the extension for your browser and then whenever you will write anything using that browser, Grammarly will show the suggestions for grammatical errors.

I write occasionally, should I get Grammarly premium?

If you are an irregular writer then you don’t need any paid plans of Grammarly. As most of the checks that you want will be done by Grammarly’s free extension itself.

Does Grammarly offer the scheme of Money Back Guarantee?

No, Grammarly does not have a Money Back Guarantee scheme in any of its plans.

What if I failed to grab Grammarly Black Friday Offer?

In case you failed to grab the discount on Grammarly Black Friday deals then you might grab the discount on Grammarly Cyber Monday.
But it is not certain that Grammarly always offers the discount on Cyber Monday Deals.
In case you don’t get a later deal you would have to wait for November of another year to get Grammarly Black Friday discount again.

Why is it worth buying paid plans of Grammarly?

Grammarly checks and corrects the grammatical errors and makes your work free of mistakes.
If you are a blogger then you already know that error-less content having good readability ranks more on Google. It is also useful in writing professional emails leading to a good impression and makes your work easy.

Conclusion of Grammarly Black Friday deals

Grammarly is the best tool for grammar checkers and for pointing spelling mistakes. If you are in a field that requires writing work, you should not hesitate to directly grab this Grammarly Black Friday deal.

Although we have explained every section in detail, still if you have any questions related to Grammarly or this Black Friday Discount, ask us your questions in the comment section below.

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