FastComet Hosting Review 2021 – Expert Opinion with Pros and Cons

This is one of the best reviews on FastComet you will find on the internet. We have covered Fastcomet features, plans, pricing, and some live test results to help you make an opinion about it.

We have updated our FastComet Review for you to take the right decision, not only this year today, but in 2021 as well.

In the era of this online world, the Website plays a vital role that connects people. And yes Website needs hosting to run on the internet. So now, when it comes to hosting then is one of the best hosting providing company in today’s world.

Fastcomet is giving competition to the very big older companies that provide hosting for many years. So let’s know about without wasting any time.

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Overview of Fastcomet

Fastcomet web hosting is one of the best few privately owned, independent global web hosting companies nowadays. 

The company has been since 2000 and moved into public cloud hosting in 2013.

Fastcomet provides its web hosting services to more than 50,000 personal & small-business website owners.

In 2020, Fastcomet web hosting company started their new decade with their new datacenter, that has been located in Sydney, Australia. They have also started a new infrastructure update for their Shared Hosting Environment that switches to all their servers to Dedicated AMD EPYC CPUs and the journey is started.

Pros and Cons

Let’s have a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of Fastcomet Web Hosting Service.

Pros of Fastcomet: –

  • As compared to other hosting companies, Fatscomet charges very low renewal rates so that every user can afford it.
  • Security is at the Top of the line (They take security very seriously).
  • SSD-Only Cloud, which means up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD hosting providers! (This is Awesome)
  • Free 24/7/365 Priority Support via phone, chat, or tickets with their Customers.
  • It provides Fastcomet’s vast catalog of developer’s tools for providing a completely customized backend for you.
  • Mobile friendly cPanel – Thanks to Fastcomet.
  • They give you 45 Days 100% moneyback guarantee for Cloud Share Hosting, and 7 Days for VPS/DS Servers.

Cons of Fastcomet: –

  • Limited SSD storage is provided in the basic or low-budget plans.
  • Sometimes in some cases, you may be asked for the Setup Fees.
  • Limited Theme Selection in the Website Builder.

Fastcomet Plans and Pricing

Shared Hosting (cPanel Shared Hosting)

This Shared hosting is provided from the best selective datacenters and is applied in less technical language, so that it may give the best experience to the hosting users.

It offers you multiple hosting plans for the basic and advanced levels of websites.

Currently, the 3 Shared Hosting Plans by Fastcomet web hosting are FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra.

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Features of Shared Hosting: –

  • SSD Storage
  • Renewal Price at low Cost
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • 100% Resources Available
  • Personal SiteBuilder
  • Choice of the Datacenter

Cloud VPS Hosting (Private SSD Based Cloud Server)

Fastcomet Cloud VPS Hosting Plan is a bit Expensive but having an upgrade in performance. Any business website has a decent amount of traffic on their website should go for Cloud VPS Hosting.

When you go for the Cloud VPS Hosting Plan, then you are having your own allocated specific space on the server, so that any other site having the same server can not affect your site in the future.

Features of Cloud VPS Hosting: –

  • Fastcomet gives you four Cloud VPS Hosting Plans, i.e., Cloud 1, Cloud 2, Cloud 3, Cloud 4.
  • As you choose the higher amount of plan, your allocated RAM, Space on Disk, and the number of CPU also increases.

Dedicated CPU Servers (High-Performance Solutions)

Okay, If you are looking for the best and better performance, then you should go for the Dedicated Hosting Plan of Fastcomet.

These Plans are the most expensive and have a higher performance in comparing to all other hosting plans because under this hosting plan, you get your own dedicated CPU Servers which gives you highest speed and reliability.

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Fastcomet provides you the Dedicated hosting in four Terms, i.e., DS 1, DS 2, DS 3, DS 4.

Features of Dedicated Hosting: –

  • 100% 7 Days Money Back Guarantee for all Dedicated CPU Servers.
  • Multiple Server Locations as per your target visitors.

Fastcomet Main Features

Well, Fastcomet is the best web hosting provider for all those who are just starting a blog and also for professional bloggers.

Here I mentioned some of the best features that are provided by the Fastcomet:-

  • 100% Free Domain Transfer
  • SSL Certificate
  • Guaranteed 45 Days money-back Guarantee
  • Full Customer Support 24/7
  • Low Rate Renewal Fees.
  • Regular Traffic
  • Drag and Drop Sitebuilder Facility
  • Site Transfer
  • Free CDN
  • cPanel Hosting
  • Good Hosting for Static Website

Fastcomet Load times and Reliability

Fastcomet commits 99.9% uptime not only for the network but for your website. Fastcomet has a global network of over 2,000 SSD cloud nodes across 7 continents and 70 countries. Fastcomet commits for 99.9% uptime of your website, which is best for every website owner.

All hosting companies experience downtime from time to time. The reason behind this is how you are transparent with your hosting. 

The Fastcomet company says, “We at FastComet are 100% committed to maintaining above the industry average uptime of 99.9% not only for our network but your website, email and core services.

Fastcomet also says that the company will be 100% transparent with their customers/users. The average speed of the Fastcomet is 395ms, which is less than a second and is Awesome!

Here I am attaching the past few months uptime and response time history of the website named [Courtsey] fetched from

Having faster CPUs, more SSD web storage, exclusive server resources, and optimization options as plans move towards VPN hosting and dedicated CPU solutions, speed can only improve.

If we talk about the trust in the speed of, the company said in their notes on their website that, “Google recently began to include site speed in their search ranking algorithms, and Fastcomet’s near-instantaneous load times set your website up for search engine success”. checked from

Fastcomet – Ease of Use

If you are new at and working for the first time in it, then you will not face any problem to buy hosting because Fastcomet has a very simple and clean User Interface as the company’s marketing team applies.

Each and every plan of different available hostings under Fastcomet is clearly mentioned on the page and the company keeps every single data related to the plan of hosting in front of the customer, which builds 100% transparency between the customer and the company. 

There is a bonus key for you if you are developers, then Fastcomet allows you to implement multiple coding languages as well as ease of creating new MYSQL statements for your website.

If your web app is managed by a Team, then Fastcomet gives you the option to optimize their work from Free GIT version control.

Not only the drag-and-drop website builder and Softaculous 1-click app installation but Fastcomet also manages the backend functionality of the website that has to be done in each and every decent website, like Daily Backups, free website setups, and even hacked website recovery.

As it is easy for use, it is one of the best hosting for Amateur Bloggers.

Backups in Fastcomet

For any type of data loss or data change, we need a Backup of our content, page, or website. And having a website with average traffic, you need a continuous daily backup of your website.

And maybe you like it or not, once in a lifetime everyone faces the problem, so they need a backup. And if we are talking about the backup, Fastcomet is so best for your backups.

And if you are a Fastcomet user, no need to worry about this: –

  • You get the Daily Backups at low cost Hosting Plans.
  • The company keeps all your backups safely off-site for 30 Days.
  • Fastcomet gives you the option to One-Click backup.
  • And the key point is, whenever you want to restore an older version of your site if needed, Fastcomet will help you to do that in just a single click.

Fastcomet Technical Support Policy

When we talk about the Technical Support Policy of Fastcomet, you get the full Technical Support from their Team.

But as we all know, every coin has two faces i.e., a good one and a bad one.

The bad face comes when you have submitted an excessive amount of requests at the time of the previous billing cycle. The company may refuse technical support at that time.

Fastcomet For Free

You are expecting free Hosting from the best hosting provider. We all know that if we go for a free hosting trial then first we need to buy a plan which is mandatory. 

Fastcomet provides the 10-Days demo Trial to those users who are looking for free WordPress hosting as a Test run, and free Magneto Demos and a list of CRMs are available via Fastcomet also.

Everyone wants free hosting, but it requires us to buy a plan. So in other words, you will not be able to get free hosting without purchasing a hosting plan.

But if you are looking for hosting and confused to purchase the hosting from so many hosting providers in the market, I can suggest you Fastcomet Web Hosting, because they give you Free CDN in their every single plan. Yes CDN, which improves the speed of your website.

Although Nothing is free in this world, you have to pay for everything you get.

Free CDN

You get the Free Cloudflare CDN service by the Fastcomet in every single plan of hosting. So you don’t need to worry about the CDN with Fastcomet Hosting.

We are talking about free CDN but, we must know What is CDN and Why CDN is important for our websites.

What is CDN?

A Content Delivery/Distribution Network distributes its proxy servers and their data centers in different geographical locations.

The only motive by distributing their data centers at different locations is to provide the high speed to access the website data to the users.

A CDN helps to the quick transfer of files like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Media files, etc.

Also, nowadays the majority of web traffic is served by the CDN. Today Every good and the decent website goes for CDN to serve their services at very little time to the users.

Why CDN is Important?

As we know now, What is CDN, so we also know that why we need CDN in our website. Then also, I mentioned some major points about why we need CDN. Here the key features are described below: –

  1. Better Speed & Load Time: CDN provides us the data from the nearest data servers. So, when we access the data from our nearest servers then obviously it will take less time to load data of the website from the server and users will get the data at very little time.
  1. Always Available: This is true that CDN websites are always available. As the Data are transferred to the different CDN servers, so if one CDN server fails, then the network tries to reach another nearest CDN Server to access the data.
  1. Security: CDN improves the security of websites by providing us the DDoS Mitigation, which improves the security certificates and the rest of the optimizations.
  1. Customer Support 24/7: The Top CDN’s are known for their Customer Support. In the future, if you face any type of problem, there is a CS team having your backup that is always ready to help you and will fix your problem in a very short period of time.

FastGuard Hosting Security

Fastcomet named its security service FastGuard Hosting Security. Fastcomet gives you the top of line security from all different types of security attacks and malicious activities on the internet.

Fastcomet has written on their site that, Servers protected by FastGuard learn from each attack and inform each other about malicious activities. This result is a global defense network that counteracts botnet attacks, exploits, malicious traffic, spam, DNS and HTTP/S DDoS attacks and many other threats protecting all types of websites, while also improving performance.

I am mentioning some of the security services that are provided by the Fastcomet Web Hosting are as follows: –

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Web Security
  • Account Isolation
  • Full Daily backups

Free Migration/Domain Transfer

Fastcomet allows you to transfer your existing domain for FREE!, isn’t this sound good. Even Fastcomet says that they will transfer your existing domain for free and also renew it free for one year.

The free domain transfer will cover the most popular domain extensions. 

The User or Customer can transfer their existing domain in every plan, it doesn’t matter that you have a single or unlimited plan, means a low budget or high budget, the Free Domain Transfer Service is available for all the customers of Fastcomet.

Fastcomet Private DNS

When you purchase hosting from any hosting provider, then you upload all your website related files to it and direct your domain to it.

The hosting provider gives their name servers to you and then you set a new domain for your hosting on it to point your website on their server.

You get default nameservers for your account are like:

  • ns1.servername.tld
  • Ns2.servername.tld 

Private DNS servers are the nameservers that include your domain name in the nameserver, like: – 

  • ns1.yourdomainname.tld
  • ns2.yourdomainname.tld

Benefits of Having a Private DNS?

If you are running and business and have a website with the domain name of your business name, that impacts a lot on your business.

This feature of a private DNS gives a very professional look to your business if someone searches for your domain and where it points to.

Fastcomet Open Source Hosting

Fastcomet Open Source Hosting is the best hosting for the developers. 

Fastcomet gives you 4 types of Open Source Hosting Plans are listed below: –

  1. Joomla
  2. WordPress
  3. SocialEngine
  4. OpenCart

There is a feature provided by the Fastcomet called One-Click Install for the standard sharing hosting plans through Softaculous.

Fastcomet Site Builder

Fastcomet Site Builder is the best tool for those who didn’t like to code. The tool gives you the feature of a number of widgets to add to your web page. 

You just need to drag and drop, that’s all and you will create your own page in minutes.

Some of the major key points of the Fastcomet site builder are: – 

  • Customizable Pages
  • Number of widgets at your Finger Tips
  • Fully Drag and Drop
  • 24/7 Fast and Friendly Support
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons

So, at this point, now you know that everyone can create a website if they have not the knowledge of programming and styling. This tool brings you the every required feature that a web page needed.

Choice of Server Locations

Fastcomet is a very large and very big web hosting proving company that offers to host from 7 Datacenters in 3 Continents

They mentioned the areas where they provide their services, you can check it from

The company says, “Connect everywhere from Anywhere, No matter where you choose to host with FastComet, our network guarantees the high performance, low latency, and reliability your applications require. Our public network provides connectivity to the general Internet, our out-of-band private network connects your servers to each other, and our storage area network (SAN) provides secure transport to scalable block storage volumes”.

Three Independent Networks

  • Public Network Out up to 12000Mbps
  • Independent Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Secure Out-of-Band Private Network

Content Delivery Network 

  • DDoS, WAF, and DNS Protection
  • Automatic Content Distribution
  • 200 CDN Anycast Network Access Point

What do FastComet Users say?

You will happy to know that 93% of Fastcomet’s customers are satisfied with their services. 

As Fastcomet gives you a lot of the best features and facilities with their hosting plans, Fastcomet’s customers or users rated them, I am attaching some of the reviews below: –

Fastcomet Customer Support

Fastcomet Customer Support, I’ll give the 4.5-star out of 5 to this. If you ask about my experience at Fastcomet Customer Support, so what I explored that the Fastcomet representatives are very polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful obviously.

You can ask anytime 24/7 with their Customer Support Service. They are always ready to help their customers. User/Customer can Join the representative via live chat, email, and more… 

I can’t say that they are late to reply when you go to live chat with them. When you click on start chat, you are directly connected to a representative in less than 30 seconds and I must say they reply to your queries very fast.

There is full transparency between you and your hosting, so there is no doubt that you can perform anything with your website.

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Fastcomet’s Competitors or Alternatives

If you are here, then I think you know that Fastcomet is one of the best Web Host well within the budget. Just in case you want to evaluate some other good players also, we have compiled our other favorite web hosts.

So, here are some of the top competitors and alternatives of Fastcomet –

  1. GreenGeeks
  2. Hostgator
  3. Bluehost
  4. Hostinger
  5. InterServer

You can check every hosting and can compare each hosting. The market is so crowded in every field. Yeah, I know that if we are spending our money on something then we all expect the best from that thing also.

That what Fastcomet does. They provide you all the necessary facilities that a website needs, for example- CDN, Security, Price, Customer Support of 24/7, Daily Backups, and many others.

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Conclusion About Fastcomet

We recommend FastComet basis its Performance like Speed, Uptime, and Customer Service. FastComet is offering high-end features at such an affordable price. [You would easily get around 70% discount using FastComet Coupons].

If you ask me about their plans, yes they are a bit expensive [as compared to Hostinger and a few others] than the other some hosting providers, but they provide the quality of facilities in their hosting.

More Ram, More CPU power, CDN, Caching, Security, and a lot more is available with 99.9% uptime.

The Best thing about the Fastcomet is that they give the 45 Days Moneyback Guarantee while other hosting providers give you 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee.

Well, if you are not good at coding, no need to worry about hiring a developer for you. Fastcomet provides you its own Website Builder Tool so that you can easily create your web page by doing Drag-and-Drop.

If you want to start blogging with WordPress, that is just a one-click job with FastComet.

They have different plans for hosting according to your need. They provide you their Shared Hosting Plan, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Dedicated CPU Server Hosting which is the best hosting for speed. The Shared Hosting Plan is started at just $2.95/month, which is not so much that a decent website owner can’t afford.

And I don’t think anyone wants to see their site hacked or with some malicious activities, but if anyone faces that problem in the future, then you get the full Daily backup, 24/7 CS Support under Fastcomet Hosting, and yes their CS team is so fast and quick, and always ready to help you.

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