Is blogging right for you as a career or profession?

11 Facts about Professional Bloggers and Blogging as a Career

Blogging as a Profession certainly gives you a great deal of flexibility and a fun-filled career. You feel like an entrepreneur once you grow as a Professional Blogger and this is possible with almost nil investment. This makes Blogging an even more lucrative career option today. Its a Recession-proof alternative being adopted by not only unemployed or freshers, in fact, people are quitting jobs, changing their streams, and shifting to blogging.

Technically you need a Hosting, Domain, and a Laptop. But, Blogging requires a lot of patience and time. Also, like any other business, it involves continuous learning and implementation.

You also need to develop a lot of skills required to be successful in your career, Time Management is just one of them.

Blogging today has changed completely and now taken as a serious full-time profession. It has competition like any other business but creativity beats everything.

Who can Start Blogging as a Career?

Things Professional Bloggers must know and learn in blogging career.

Without wasting any time, We can start by saying that anyone and everyone can actually start a Blog and pursue it as a career option. Why? Because to start a blog, you need not to be a web developer or a writer. Again, you can be a senior professional, a student, or a housewife.

What you need to create a blog and pursue blogging as your profession is – Knowledge, Passion, and willingness to learn.

You can be a guitarist, a cook, a traveler, a storyteller, a DIY instructor, a Karate expert, a Gamer, Gadget guru, or even a (not limited to) sports enthusiast. This list is really long. You must check out some Blog types or Niche Ideas which will clear all your doubts.

As mentioned above, you should either have a passion like Guitar or knowledge like a Karate expert. In case you don’t find anything relevant, you should be willing to learn and share it.

Today, School dropout of age 14-15 years are also successful in blogging. So, Age is also not a constraint here.

If you are still confused about whether to blog or not to blog, Take the help of this Blogging Guide.

How to Earn Money as a Professional Blogger?

Today the world has changed completely. You don’t need to go outside your home to earn your livelihood. Professions like Blogging can help you earn a descent amount sitting at your home and at your own comfort.

  • Create your Own Blog [Personal Blog] and Monetize it with Ads and Affiliate Marketing. [Best Option]
  • Write for Others or Work as a Content Creator.
  • Promote Other’s Blogs. [Social Media Promotion like FB page creation, Pinterest Account Manager]
  • Work as SEO Expert.

Individuals who chose Blogging as a profession and made it a full time career

There is a long list of over lakhs of professional bloggers earning really huge. Listing all of them is practically not possible. But there a few I admire personally. This is just for the motivation of every one who is willing to start Blogging, we have listed few of the renowned blogs that have grown leaps and bounds and are immensely successful in this Profession. (Actual income figures may vary)

NameBlog NameIncome (*Estimated)
Arianna HuffingtonHuffingtonpost$14000000
Pete CashmoreMashable$2000000
Mario Armando Lavandeira Perez Hilton $575000

Facts about Blogging as a Profession

Let us discuss some facts, suggestion, advice and key points you should know before choosing Blogging as your fulltime career or Profession.

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1- Blogging is Not Get Rich Quickly Scheme

Blogging is a good profession, but only for those who have patience. It is not going to grow overnight. Like every business, Blogging is also a long term career that grows at its own speed. Yes, you increase or decrease the speed with your hard work and creativity, but still, be prepared to give it a decent time to grow.

2- Professional Blogging requires Consistency and Discipline

Blogging is all about how many readers you have. Your growth is measured in terms of your Blog’s page views. But, your visitors or readers will grow only if you provide them good content on a regular basis.

There should not be a case where you are writing 10 articles in week one and no article next week. You need to bring in consistency and discipline in publishing new articles. It is not necessary to publish your articles every day. But yes, your readers should know when you publish the new posts usually. Like every Saturday and Sunday etc.

3- Blogging as a Career requires Continuous Learning

What’s your take on this? Do you think any business can survive with traditional methods and without keeping yourself updated? Obviously No.

In Blogging, You cannot be perfect. While it is easy to start and requires little knowledge, but to grow it, you need to become a master.

Divide your time and read your competitor’s blog. Check what plugins they are using. Research on the subject they are writing. Compare your content and improve it. There is a lot to learn in search engine optimization as the algorithms keep on changing. Once your blog is ready, you might also want to build your social media audience to promote your blog. Discover the ways and means like paid marketing, creating funnels, creating your own products and selling them to your visitors. This list is never-ending for those who choose Blogging as their Profession.

blogging guide for beginners, How to make blogging your profession

4- Without proper Time Management, Blogging as a Profession is impossible

You can start blogging as a full-time career or even part-time. You need not giving full time to your Blogging business in your initial days. But that only possible when you are good at Time Management. Go back to point number 2, which talks about Consistency and Discipline. For this, you should learn to divide your tasks and do them in a timely manner.

Ultimately, like any other profession, you must give it a proper time. If time is a constraint, it is still okay when managed properly.

5- Bloggers must stay away from short cuts

Blogging is not a seasonal profession or business. Like any other Profession, you need to stay away from Black Hat Techniques. Learn to figure out between what’s legit and what’s unethical.

Stay away from cheap tricks to drive traffic on your blog. Deliver best in class content. Give your audience the quality they will not get anywhere else. Spend proper time on topic research, keyword research and competitor analysis before preparing your content. Do not copy others.

6- Professional Bloggers develop a strong network over the time

When your blog grows, you and your blog get noticed by other Blogging Professionals. Connect with them, collaborate, Find ways and means to promote each other, share, and like each other’s content with your audience, and this way, you get more attention in the Industry.

7- Understanding what your audience wants is the key to successful Blogging

You are free to do mistakes when you are new in this Profession, but to pursue blogging as a career, like every businessmen, you should know the product your audience wants. Yes, your content is like a Product only which is displayed to your visitors. If they will like it, they will share it on social media and will come back. You can always have a comment section on every page where your audience can share the feedback. On your social media pages, you can ask their preferences. Give them some options to choose between. This will also help in better engagement between you as a creator and your readers.

8- Stay Focused and work only on one blog at a time

So, Let me admit this first. I also made this mistake. When I started, I kept on researching on various Niche Ideas and finally started working on 2-3 blogs. I was new and clueless. I never wanted to leave any of my idea. But I could hardly give sufficient time to any of my blog. Due to this, all of them kept struggling.

Hence, I would strongly suggest you to work on one blog at a time (specially when you are alone). Once you are successful, you can aim at building your team to work on multiple blogs.

9- One must Learn to promote your blog

Every successful blogger will suggest you to focus on Blog promotion along with content creation. You only are responsible for bring it to the notice of your audience. You should work on email marketing, social media promotion, and even paid promotions as per the requirements.

10- Improvement in writing skills is a must

Its not important at all to be a good writer while starting your blog. But certainly, you should keep improving your writing skills. While most of the audience will focus on the crux of your content, still there will be few who will judge you by you writing skills. Keep them as your second priority audience and put yourself on at task to improve by the time.

11- Aim at producing multiple content types as per your audience

So this is plain and simple and absolutely no brainer. You can create a video version of Blog through YouTube. Create the audio version through a Podcast. This will increase your presence and improve the traffic on your overall content pages. Not everyone likes reading, Video or Audio may be a most sought after content for them. You have free platforms like YouTube for Videos and Anchor FM for Podcast.

Best strategy will be to link all your addresses so that people will subscribe you everywhere and can choose the content type as per their comfort and requirements. You must also do a keyword research to know what your Audiences are searching currently. Use tools like Google Trends and Semrush for better results (Checkout Semrush Guru Trial)

Facebook group and community link for the discussion and help
Facebook group and community link for the discussion and help

Answers to the Questions you asked us –

Is Blogging a Good Career?

Yes, Blogging is just like any other business today. Its not a part time career option any more. People are successfully doing it full time and earning their livelihood.

How do you become a Professional Blogger?

You need to work upon your hobbies and passion and simply need to develop a habit of writing. To be come a professional blogger, you can always start working after your office or on saturday sundays. Once you start getting some traction, you can always focus on it full time. Develop the skills like time management, continuous learning, reading other’s blogs, being consistent and regular and of course innovation.

What does a Blogger actually do?

A blogger starts a blog or a personal website to provide value to his or her readers. With various articles on a particular Niche, A blogger aims at sharing information, updating on recent trends,educating the audience and ultimately delivers the value to the visitors.

How do Bloggers get rich?

Blogging is not a get rich quickly scheme. Its a series of hard work which makes you successful in your blogging career. Once you start getting traffic by gaining and retaining the visitors, you can earn through affiliate marketing, Google Ads and various paid partnerships.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a self published content over the internet which many be in the form of text or image which may include even a video. Its a kind of website as it also needs a domain name and hosting but slightly different in its purpose and structure. A blogger starts a blot to share the information or knowledge and share something useful with audience. It can also be a simple entertaining stuff which your visitors should enjoy reading.

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