90 Awesome Blog Post Ideas and Topics: Guaranteed to Go Viral in 2023

Do you need help in finding Best Topics for Blog Posts and Ideas? Great, We have an awesome list of 90 Blog Post Topics with 30 Amazing Blog Ideas. They are the best for 2023 and can drive great massive traffic to your blog.

Choose from a useful list of Perfect Blogging subjects and objectives for better Ideas. They will surely help you to start your new blog or blog post. This list we have is created after the long research we have made over the last 5 years of our own blogging journey.

We have covered the most popular topics and ideas, that are not only creative but profitable too. The purpose of getting user attention is sure as the topics have the potential to go Viral in 2023.

This article based on our findings is very much helpful for a newbie or a fresher, as they need something to brainstorm during their initial blogging days.

Although you can start your blog on any topic, here we will mention those topics and ideas that usually people search for on search engines. A few of them are also picked from the list suggested by Google when you search for a particular subject.

In this article, we have focused more on quality and not on quantity.

The main problem with amateur bloggers is that they get stuck finding the idea for the blog posts. Once they grow, they also find difficulty in topics to diversify the blog they have created. So, If you are one of them, you are in the right place.

90 Awesome Blog Post Ideas and Topics: Guaranteed to Go Viral

Blog Post Ideas for 2023

Let us start with blog post ideas, later you will find the types of blogs as well. Here are some ideas for new blog posts:

  1. How-to guides: Create step-by-step guides on topics that your audience is interested in, such as setting up a new piece of software, creating a budget, or starting a garden.
  2. Lists: Compile a list of resources, tips, or recommendations related to a particular topic. For example, a list of the best budgeting apps, the top travel destinations for solo travelers, or the most popular plant-based recipes.
  3. Personal stories: Share personal experiences or anecdotes related to your blog’s theme. This could be a story about overcoming a challenge, trying something new, or learning a valuable lesson.
  4. Product Reviews: Write reviews of products or services that you have tried and would recommend to your readers.
  5. Industry news: Keep your readers up-to-date on the latest developments in your industry by writing about news and trends.
  6. Q&A: Answer frequently asked questions related to your blog’s theme. This could be in the form of a Q&A post or a series of individual posts addressing specific questions.
  7. Expert interviews: Interview experts or thought leaders in your field and share their insights and advice with your readers.
  8. Resource round-ups: Compile a list of useful resources, such as templates, tools, or articles, that your readers can use to learn more about a particular topic.
  9. Predictions: Share your predictions or forecasts for the future of your industry or field.
  10. Opinion pieces: Write about a topic that you are passionate about and share your thoughts and opinions on it.

30 Best Blog Ideas that can drive huge traffic in 2023

Looking forward to starting a new blog and needing help selecting the niche? See the ideas we have below.

Here, we have created 30 different categories so you can find a topic or idea to start a blog or post.

Finding the right topic for your blog is the first step that can build your audience. We discussed 30 Blog Ideas above. Now it’s the time to discuss topics for individual Blog Posts.

Don’t forget to check our Best Niches for Blogging guide.

90 Best Blog Post Ideas and Topics your Audience will Love | What to Write In a Blog? [Category wise]

This section teaches you what exactly you should write in a money-making blog. For your help and better understanding, We have 30 Niches and have suggested 3 blog post ideas on each category totaling 90.

90 Awesome Blog Post Ideas and Topics: Guaranteed to Go Viral

Travel Blog 

You can share your traveling experience, travel guide, with people.

  1. Where is the best place for Travel?
  2. What are the Top 5 Tourist destinations?
  3. How can I travel free in 2023?

Writing Skills Blog

Share Tips and Knowledge about improving writing skills.

  1. How do you improve your writing skills?
  2. How do you describe Strong Writing skills?
  3. Best Sharp Skills for your Writing Skills?

News & Current Affairs Blog

Most people like to read the local news, international news, current affairs, you can share all that in your blog.

  1. What are the current affairs of 2023?
  2. Where can I find the best Current Affairs?
  3. Daily International & National News

Pets Blog

People like to keep pets, you can share about the pets: varieties, best, caring of them, etc.

  1. Which animals can be kept as pets?
  2. How to take care of your pets?
  3. The Top Best Pets People like to keep 

Mobile and Gadgets Blog

The technology market is growing day by day, many people don’t know what is the latest, and many people like to get new updates every day about Mobile & Gadgets.

  1. The Top 10 Best Mobiles to Buy
  2. What are Mobile Gadgets?
  3. Is Apple Better than Samsung?

Art & Crafts Blog

Have some creative mind, choose to blog about art & crafts, share creative arts, how to make them, etc., many people like to view these types of posts.

  1. How to make an effective craft in Minutes?
  2. Learn Art & Crafts with *Your_name*
  3. The Art & Crafts to decor your Home

Skin Care Blog

As the child grows up, he/she takes much more care about their skin, and how they can protect their skin with home remedies, create a blog about that.

  1. The Best Home Remedies for your Skin
  2. What is a good skincare routine?
  3. How do you get clear skin in 2 days?

Motivational & Inspiration Quotes Blog

Some people like to read motivational and inspirational quotes, you can share your own motivational story with them along with quotes.

  1. What are the best Motivational Quotes?
  2. What are the wise words?
  3. What are some deep quotes?

Reviews Blog

Reviews blogs are the most searched blogs, when a user does not sure about the product, then he always searches for its review before buying it.

  1. Do review Blogs make money?
  2. What are the Best Hostings?
  3. Latest Mobile Review

Parenting Blog

Parenting can be a great topic to write a blog, many people search for parenting tips, what to do, or what not to do. You can guide them with the help of your blog.

  1. What is Good Parenting?
  2. What are some best parenting skills?
  3. How do you discipline a child?

Mountaineering and Tracking Blog

These types of blogs are mostly searched by the youth who likes mountaineering and tracking, so that can also be a good topic for your blog.

  1. What you should know before you start tracking?
  2. Is Mountaineering can be a Career?
  3. How did Mountaineering Begin?

Fitness and Health Care Blog

Nowadays, people are many people are moving towards health and fitness, they go to the gym, yoga classes. Your Fitness Blog can help them to save their money when you start teaching them or you can spread more knowledge about health and fitness.

  1. Top 10 Excercise you can do at Home to be Fit?
  2. Start Yoga Today: Live a Healthy Life
  3. What Exercises you can perform to shape your body?

A documentary about Something Blog

The documentary tells the story of someone or something, and many people like to read documentaries.

  1. The 10 Best Documentaries
  2. Documentary on Social Media
  3. Documentary of a Famous Person

Old Products Listings and Reviews Blog

You can review some products and can resell old products.

  1. What is the best product review site?
  2. Do you need permission to review a product?
  3. Where you can get the old Products at a cheap price?

General Knowledge Blog

The very best and most effective topic for the students and everyone. Start your General knowledge blog and share knowledge with the people.

  1. Top 10 Leading Person who change the World
  2. What is the History of Cricket?
  3. Top 10 Longest Highways in the World

Daily Routine Life Hacks Blog

Share some awesome and amazing tricks and plans to change the daily life of a person. Give them some crazy ideas and hacks with your blog.

  1. How do you set a timetable in everyday life?
  2. Must do Morning Hacks
  3. Powerful Daily Routine Hacks for your Healthy Life

Hosting Reviews Blog

You can share the hosting’s features and prices of the plans with the readers, including some reviews and tests by the people and your own.

  1. Which is the best for hosting?
  2. What makes a good web hosting service?
  3. How much does a website host cost?

Investments and Personal Finance Blog

While Investments and Personal Finance blogs can be a good option among the different types of blogs available on the internet.

  1. Are Personal finance blogs profitable?
  2. How do I write a Financial Blog?
  3. Where you can Invest to grow your money more?

Top Cell phone Brands Blog

Youth is crazy about smartphones and their features, you can create a blog post where you can share the latest mobile features, mobile vs mobile, etc. 

  1. Top 10 Best Mobile Phones
  2. Which Mobile Phone you should buy?
  3. Best Gaming phones that fit under your budget

KID’S Stories Blog

As technology is growing faster, the kids are also. Today, you have also seen that a small child knows how to use a smartphone. Parents search for their kid’s stories to make their children happy, and there are thousands of searches every day related to the kid’s stories.

  1. Best short moral Stories for Kids
  2. Kid’s Stories: Learn with Fun
  3. Free Kid’s Stories

Business and Marketing Blog

These types of blogs can attract more customers to the business, it is a good way to earn money through blogs.

  1. Is business marketing a good major?
  2. How different is the business to business marketing?
  3. How do I start a marketing business?

As technology and pollution increase, health issues are also increasing day by day. There are so many different types of problems and diseases that no one knows. Some blog post ideas related to that are:

  1. Most Common Health Problems
  2. Top 10 Global Health Issues – WHO
  3. What is some Chronic Illness?

Self Defense Blog

Self Defense is very important for both men and women. No one knows what will happen next with them. You can share some good knowledge about the Self-Defense Blog and your blog post ideas can be like:

  1. Can I teach myself self-defense?
  2. Why Self Defense is Important?
  3. How I can protect myself with self-defense?

Improve Communication Skills Blog

Some so many people have much good knowledge but don’t know how to put their point in front of the public because their communication skills are not so good. So, your blog can be like:

  1. What is an effective oral Communication skill?
  2. How you can improve your communication skills at home?
  3. What are 5 good communication skills?

Social Issues Blog

A social issue is a problem that affects so many citizens of society. There are so many different types of social issues, your blog can help people to know about social issues, how to solve them or how to protect themselves from these issues, etc.

  1. What are 5 social problems?
  2. What are examples of social issues?
  3. How to protect yourself from social issues?

Organic Eatables Blog

As the number of diseases increases, people are moving towards organic food, and some of them are very curious to know about organic food and its benefits, start a blog with these creative ideas.

  1. How to eat organic food with a tight budget?
  2. What are the best Organic Products?
  3. Why Adopting Organic food is a Good Idea?

Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

We are human beings and we are crazy about fashion and our lifestyle. People look for color combinations, top fashion brands, trending clothes, etc.

  1. What is a Luxury Fashion Brand?
  2. What are the Trending Fashion Brands in the market?
  3. How do you market a Lifestyle?

Astrology and Numerology Blog

There are so many people in this world who believe in Astrology and Numerology, you can share some related content that can help those people.

  1. How does numerology work with astrology?
  2. Does Numerology work?
  3. Which is more accurate, numerology, or astrology?

Mythology Blog

Mythology is a word that comes from Myth. People show their interest in knowing the old culture of their country or others. You can start a blog with Mythology.

  1. What is Mythology?
  2. Where can I study Greek Mythology?
  3. What is the difference between a myth and mythology?

Comedy & Fun Blog

It is one of the top searched keywords on Google, people like to read fun blogs, and you can include jokes, stories, etc.

  1. Best Jokes that will make you Laugh
  2. Some critical Situations that are funny
  3. The Top Best Comedians and their Best Comedy Clips

What Blog Topics are Most Popular?

We have mention below 90 blog topics that will make a difference in 2023. It will add value to your blog and your visitors will like them.

Look at these blog post ideas and tell us in the comments if you find this post helpful. Okay, without wasting more time, let’s continue.

How and Where to Find Blog Post Ideas?

If you don’t find any topic that will be helpful for you and you are still searching for the relevant idea then, don’t worry. We will tell you how you can find relevant blog post ideas for your blog.

How and Where to Find Blog Post Ideas?

Here are some basic easy tricks that will help you to find the blog post ideas for you.

Use these Awesome Easy Tricks

You may be shocked by knowing these tricks when we will tell you. Okay, let us tell you: –

  1. Use Google Search Results: Yes, Google results are the best way to find blog post ideas for your blog. Here is a picture below for your comfort. 
How and Where to Find Blog Post Ideas, google result
  1. Check out the ‘People also ask for’ section: You will find the blog post ideas from the ‘People also ask for’ section. When you click on one question you will see more questions related to that. So, these questions can also be the topic of your Blog Post.
How and Where to Find Blog Post Ideas, google result
  1. Search on Quora: You have to simply search your blog name on Quora, and quora will show you the number of questions that can be the topic of your blog post.
How and Where to Find Blog Post Ideas, quora results

As you can see in the above image, there are several questions related to health and fitness, you can use these questions as your blog post topic.

Use Blog Topic Generator

Before all this, let you know, What is the Blog Topic Generator?

A Blog Topic Generator generates some texts related to your keywords that may help you in starting a blog post.

Several blog topic generators may help you, just simply type Blog Topic Generator on Google and you will find several blog topic generators. See the picture below.

How and Where to Find Blog Post Ideas, google result for blog topic generator

Here we are showing the UI of the HubSpot.com blog generator below: –

How and Where to Find Blog Post Ideas, hubspot blog idea generator

You will see a search box at the center, just enter 4 to 5 keywords that relate to your idea, and it will show you the related topics.

Key Requirements of a Catchy Blog Post Ideas

Writing a blog is not as easy as you think. You have to take care of the user who is reading your blog. Your blog should have some quality that will influence the user to stick to your blog page.

Key Requirements of a Catchy Blog Post Ideas

Many bloggers do not take care of the overall user experience and search intent, which ultimately results in low traffic on their sites.

Post should be Informative

Content matters a lot. Yes, you read this right. Your blog’s content should be informative for the reader. In simple words, the user who is reading your blog can find some useful information, for which he comes to your page.

You have to write genuine content, that should be original and you should not copy some else content in your blog.

Your content should provide some useful and valuable information to the reader. The content should teach them one or two answers at least, or at least one answer he is looking for.

Audience Friendly Content

Your content should be audience-friendly content. If the user/reader were not looking for the content you have written, then also the user does not find your article to waste, he should find some interest in your content.

Comprehensive Article

It’s the time when users like to read long articles, and many of you also will be one of them who watch the informative video for hours and hours.

Your content should be detailed, try not to finish in just 400 to 500 words. People do not find those articles helpful that are short and incomplete. Google also looks for lengthy and genuine content. 

Should Include Media

As we all know, pictures and media give a professional and classy look to everything. The content you are publishing in your blog post should contain some images and media. 

The media generates an interest in the reader, because only the text content may bore the user, and if the reader finds your content not interesting, then your site’s traffic will go down and your blog will not rank on Google.

A successful blog is a mixture of many things. Your blog is not a complete blog until you include some Links over there.

We sometimes give an example of someone else in our blogs, or we include some data that is from another site, so, we should include some links on our website and give reference to them from where we have written that in our blog.

Links also help to rank your page on Google. So it is important to have some links in the blog.

For more detailed and in-depth ideas and tips, this YouTube video by Neil Patel will also help you.

“You want to make sure that whatever content you are putting on the blog post have an impact and should be meaningful for your audience”

Neil Patel

Suggestions To Take Forward Your Idea or Topic for Blog?

We hope, now you have selected some topics for your blog or blog post, and you also know the key requirements for a catchy blog post, and here we will tell you some steps so that you can take forward your Blog Idea.

Suggestions To Take Forward Your Idea or Topic for Blog

You have to choose where you will start your blogging as there are so many platforms to start a blog. Some of the top and best are as follows: –

  1. Blogger
  2. Wix
  3. Squarespace
  4. WordPress.com (Free) & WordPress.org (Paid)
  5. Joomla

Okay, so these are some top and best blogging platforms. And it’s time to know how to take forward your blog post idea.

Related – WordPress Theme Checker

The first thing you have to select a topic for your blog, that you have already selected from our listing above.

The second is you have to purchase good web hosting for your blog. Web hosting affects a lot of your site in terms of security, speed, and uptime. But before this, You must find choose a catchy blog name.

Third, install WordPress on your hosting and then install the theme and plugins required. Let me tell you why we recommend WordPress, see the picture below: –

WordPress CMS Usage Distribution in the Top 1 Million Sites

Here in the above image, you can see that a total of 39% of websites are in WordPress in the world.

At last, start writing your blog, publish it, and put it in front of the public.

We will not discuss this topic in detail as it’s not our today’s point to discuss, but you can read the full detail about How to take forward your blog idea from here.

Final Words: It’s Time To Start Your Blog

That’s all from our side, we hope this article will be helpful for you and we hope you will find some blog and blog post ideas so that you can start your blog/blog post.

Here, we tried to cover almost every topic you should know while writing your blog or blog post. If we forget some points to cover and mention, please let us know with your comments.

Here are some blogs, that may be helpful for you:

  1. How to Start News Blog [Cool Tips and 6 Best Blogs for News Bloggers] -2022
  2. 12 Mistakes every “Amateur Blogger” should avoid in 2022 [Tips to become a Pro Blogger]
  3. Elementor Review & Pricing- Is Pro a Good Page Builder for WordPress [Pro Vs Free]
  4. How to Start Blogging with WordPress? Blog in WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org -2022
  5. How to Host a Website in 2022? [Free & Paid Methods] 3 Easy Steps to Host your Website

FAQs: Best Topics and Ideas For Blog

  1. What should I blog About?

    If you find some difficult to choose blog ideas, please check this post above at the top, you will find so many different topics to start a blog.

  2. How do I choose a Blog Topic?

    1. Don’t just pick a topic because you see other bloggers earning money. Ignore writing about what you like, look what people are looking for.

  3. How do I start a blog for free?

    You can start a free blog with WordPress.com, you can start your free blog with that.

  4. How do I promote my blog?

    If you can invest in your blog, then you can invest in ads and paid plugins that will help your blog to grow. And you can also share your blog links with your friends, and community, and on different social platforms.

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