Semrush Free Trial (Guru and Pro)- Try Semrush Free [With Live Coupon] – Instant Discount in 2021

Looking for Semrush Guru Trial or Pro Trial? In this article, we will share Semrush Free Trial and Semrush Coupon to access their key products like Guru and Pro.

Get access to Semrush Coupon enabling Free Trial to save $199 (Semrush Free Trial to Guru, Pro, or Business Plan, Academy, Keyword Research course – Valid 2021). All in one Semrush Instant Free Trial + 16% Discount Coupon on Guru and Pro Plan.

Bonus: Try the Semrush Backlink analysis tool for free and continue the subscription by paying through your Credit Card (if you are convinced, else you can cancel it).

You also get special access to Semrush’s free Keyword Research Course and Semrush Academy (Absolutely free so that you can learn everything about Semrush before buying it).

Announcement: We have just got the confirmation that these trials and coupons will be valid till 31st May 2021.

Semrush Free Trial and Discount Coupon Codes for Guru and Pro Version - 2021 "0.0"
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Semrush Free Trial and Coupon [Guru and Pro Version] 2021

Try Semrush for free. Avail Free Coupons and Discount Deals. Get Semrush Free trial before you buy it. Working Links.

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Benefits and Important Sections of this Article – 

What you will get after reading this article? 

This is an exclusive Semrush Deal page that is dedicated to Semrush’s Free Trials, Coupons, and Information about Guru and Pro program for 2021.

You will be able to get the following benefits from this page – 

  1. Semrush Free Trial
  2. Semrush Coupon and its Benefits
  3. Semrush Guru Trial
  4. Semrush Academy’s Free Keyword Research Course
  5. How to Activate the Semrush Free Trial?
  6. Semrush’s Backlink Analysis- Instant Free Trial Link
  7. Get Free Trial of Semrush’s Web Traffic Analyser
  8. Use Semrush’s URL Analyser Free [Semrush Trial]
  9. Why Semrush? Ahrefs vs Semrush Comparision
  10. What are the Pros and Cons of Semrush?
  11. Semrush Pricing and Plans [After Trial]
  12. FAQs about – Semrush Free Trial Program
  13. Conclusion

So keep reading till the end and share your views in Comment Section. Read our Semrush Review if you have queries related to the core product.

Semrush Free Trial + 16% Coupon [Pro and Guru]

Click on the link below to reach the Trial Page of Semrush directly. You will be able to check the features of PRO and Guru Plan there and you can opt for the trial of any one of them.

Semrush Free Trial 100% OFF

Click on the deal link and get:

  • Semrush Free Trial and
  • Semrush Discount Coupon

Hurry! Offer is for a limited period only.

More Less


Pro, Guru and Business

Starting Price (After Free Trial)

$99.95 / month [See details at – Semrush Pricing and Alternatives]

Semrush alternatives

Ahrefs, Moz, SimilarWeb

Key Features

Keyword Research, Backlinks Analysis, Advertising Research, Web Traffic Analysis, Domain VS Domain, Keyword Magic tool, SEO Writing Assistant, OnPage SEO Checker, Site Audit Tool, etc.

Semrush Coupon and its Benefits

Semrush Coupon link will take you to the Offer Page. Where you will get two options to save by activating the trial. There will be two deals you can avail with this promo code.

a) Save 100% for a Product worth $199 during Trial Period.

b) Flat 16% on the purchase of an annual plan. [Save $239.88 on Pro, $383.9 on Guru & $768 on Business Plan]

Semrush Guru Trial [Direct Link]

Test drive Semrush Guru today with the exclusive link given below. It will take you directly to Semrush’s trial activation page and within just 2 minutes. Once activated, you will be able to access Semrush Guru’s features instantly.

Note – In case, you are looking for Semrush Pro Trial, with the same link, you can activate Pro also, just select “Pro” instead of “Guru” and follow the process. 

semrush guru trial and semrush guru coupon direct link

How to Get Semrush Academy’s Free Keyword Research Course?

We have given the links below, click it to get a free Keyword Research Course by Semrush (Coupon Applied). It will help you learn a lot about SEO best practices and keyword research for free.

We have also included instant Free Trial links to Semrush Pro Plan, Semrush’s Backlink analysis tool, Semrush Website traffic analyzer, and Url analyzer. 

Later in this article, we have also covered the features, pros, and cons of Semrush. 



How to Activate the Semrush Free Trial [Guru and Pro]?

Now we will discuss the step by step process to activate the trial. 

Visit Semrush Trial Page. Click on the Register button to create the account with Semrush. Enter the Basic and Billing details and follow the process. Submit it and enjoy it free. 

free semrush trial, semrush guru trial, semrush trial, COUPON
semrush free trial page [step by step process to get Semrush Trial Free]

With this Semrush Free Trial process, You can check its Backlink Analysis tool without a coupon. With this, You can track any domain’s backlinks from Semrush’s database. Use this free tool to analyze any domain you want. Simply enter the URL you want to check and click on “Analyze”

semrush free trial to backlink analyser tool


semrush free trial facts
semrush free trial to competitors link building progress

Get Free Trial of Semrush’s Web Traffic Analyser

Free Trial to Semrush’s Web Traffic Analyser tool. This Promo Offer will enable you to find sources and geographies of website visitors along with their behaviors and engagement. To try this for free, simply enter the website URL and click on – “GET INSIGHTS”

Use Semrush’s URL Analyser Free [Semrush Trial]

Check out another popular tool by Semrush – “URL Analyser”. You simply need to type any domain, keyword, or URL to evaluate it.

semrush pricing discount and free tools with feature details for beginners
detailed semrush infographic

Why Semrush? Ahrefs vs Semrush Comparision

Let us show you why we love Semrush with this simple comparision between Ahrefs and Semrush. 

1- Key Features

Semrush is known for its unique features where you can optimize your content for SEO,  Analyze PPC campaigns by competitors, Easily reverse engineer Competitors’ top traffic sources and also quickly evaluate the log files. 

Ahrefs on other hand is limited to Keyword research, Competitor Keyword Analysis,  Technical SEO-related tools, and Rank tracking. 

Clearly, you get more features with Semrush.

2- Ease of Use

Semrush is honestly more user friendly. Even a newbie can get a hold of its features easily without any hassle. You get wider output with easy to understand reports.

Ahrefs is slightly technical and you need to read tutorials and help is required to understand the reports many a times.

Hence Semrush is scores slightly above the Ahrefs here too.

3- PPC Campaign Feature

Semrush offer more PPC tools as compared to Ahrefs. PPC or Pay per click campaign helps you optimize your advertisement campaigns and take a lead over your competitors.

You get limited such reports with Ahrefs. 

4- Backlinks

Semrush has recently updated its entire database and score way above the Ahrefs today.

Although Ahrefs backlink tool is also a great tool and is trusted since years by the users.

SEO feature and SEO tools by Semrush is more helpful for website owners to improve website’s rankings by using proper backlinks analytics. If you are a beginner, check our Blog starter guide.

What are the Pros and Cons of Semrush?

Semrush is a global leader and one of the most recommended SEO tools today. With millions of blog posts being published every month, it’s almost impossible to rank if you are not analyzing your competitors. Semrush is a digital marketing tool and a lot more than just a keyword analyzer. It helps you in complete site auditing, backlink watch, and overall business intelligence data for competitive analyses. 

Pros of Semrush

Let us now discuss the Pros of Semrush- 

1- Helpful in Competitive Keyword Research

Semrush is very useful in finding the Keywords for which you will like to optimize your social media or Google Ads campaign. It provides you the keyword difficulty helpful in writing content and driving PPC campaigns. You will love it Keyword Magic Tool.

2- Backlink Audit

Semrush helps you in analyzing Backlinks both internal and external. As we know, Backlinks are important for your overall Off-page SEO strategy. 

3- Optimize your Digital Marketing Campaigns (Advertising)

Semrush is a Powerful tool helpful in keeping a check on the overall Advertising budget. Analyze the strategy adopted by your rivals and improve your productivity by finding out the gaps. 

4- Tracking

Semrush allows you seamless tracking by setting up projects. You get regular notifications and can update your clients as well.

5- Complete Site Audit and Onpage SEO Tips

With Semrush, you can find out all the critical gaps in your website. Once you are aware of various Technical and Onpage SEO gaps, you will find it easy to fix them asap.

Cons of Semrush

Like every other product, Semrush also has some disadvantages. On studying the Pros and Cons deeply, you will love to ignore its Cons. Let’s check Semrush Cons –

1- Not everyone can afford it – 

Semrush is immensely useful to define your strategy and take it head-on with competitors. But since its monthly prices start from $99.95, not everyone can afford it. The good part is that you can choose a monthly subscription and can discontinue it when not needed.

2- May be confusing and time-consuming for beginners- 

It presents you a good detailed and lengthy reports, which are sometimes confusing and time-consuming, especially for beginners. While SEO gurus can find it absolutely relevant and useful, beginners sometimes find it difficult to understand and relate.

Semrush Pricing and Plans [After Trial]​

With Semrush you get the flexibility to choose from three options, i.e. – Pro, Guru, and Business. Let us now discuss them in brief.

Semrush Pro Plan

Pro is the base level or entry-level plan starts from $99.95 per month. You can create up to 5 projects in Pro Plan. You get 28 advanced tools to run SEO, PPC, SMM, and content projects. It helps you to analyze Competitors’ strategy, rankings, sources of traffic, and a lot more. Complete site audit and backlink watch.

Semrush Guru Plan

Guru plan is for digital agencies running more than 5 but up to 50 parallel projects. This plan will cost you $199.95 per month. With Guru Plan, you get all the PRO features plus Branded reports, Historical data, and extended limits. You also get branded PDF reports which you can easily share with your clients.

Semrush Business Plan

With a monthly cost around $399.95, you get access to all features of the Guru plan plus API Access, White label reports, and Google data studio reports. This plan is suitable for businesses where budget is not at all a problem but intensive tracking and a lot of technical stuff are required on a daily basis. It gives you a lot more flexibility in the number of projects and kinds of reports.

Pro Tip – 

Always try Semrush before buying it. After the trial period, opt for its annual plan as it will enable you to get a 16% discount. Coupon and Promo are valid for Annual purchases only.

FAQs about – Semrush Free Trial Program​

Just to make sure all your queries are answered by us, we have included few Frequently asked questions below.

  1. Is Semrush free trial available without a credit card?

    You need to register with Credit Card to avail Semrush Free Trial. However, if you opt-out or discontinue any paid options, you will not be charged any amount.

  2. Can I use Semrush once the Semrush trial period expires in 2021?

    If you want to use it after the trial period, You will be converted as a paid subscriber. You can very well continue using the Semrush features as a paid customer. If you like to discontinue it, you can simply opt-out of it or cancel it. 

  3. What are the benefits, reports, and analyses available during the Semrush trial period?

    The Semrush free trial program enables you to analyze 10 domains every day. You can also initiate two topics to research. Semrush trial allows you to perform approx 100 site audits. You get one-time access to its renowned keyword magic tool.

  4. Which is the best plan to continue after the Semrush trial expires?

    We recommend beginners or individuals to start with the basic – PRO plan offered by Semrush. For professional agencies and SMBs, we will recommend Guru Plan and Business Plan.

  5. Who can get Semrush Free Trial?

    SEMrush Free Trial is available for all the residents of the US, UK, UAE, EU, ASIA, and rest of the world. There are no geographical restrictions to avail of this trial or coupon. Anyone interested in using the Semrush program can take a trial of its features before buying it. So, Semrush free trial or Coupon is for everyone. Semrush Offers a Trial period from 7 days to 30 days as per their various schemes from time to time. 

  6. How long is Semrush free Trial?

    Semrush is currently offering its free trial for 7 days.

  7. Is there a free version of Semrush?

    Yes, Semrush’s free version is there which gives access to most of the tools but with capping on usage.

  8. Can I cancel Semrush Free Trial?

    Yes, it can be cancelled at any point of time. You need to contact the service team before the last date of your trial period.

Conclusion: Free Semrush Trial And Coupon For 2021

Before buying or paying for Semrush, Opt for its free trial. Use Coupon and the link given above and check its usability. However, We strongly recommend Semrush as it is a very useful tool for your website to rank and compete.

Here are some new tips to use Semrush.

Even if you cannot afford it for a year, you can opt for 2-3 months easily as the initial days of the blog are very crucial. Your overall content and marketing strategy should be better than your competitors.

For this, you need an SEO tool like Semrush.

As we have a FREE trial of Semrush available, test the tool [without paying anything] and decide to opt for the paid version only if it suits your requirements.

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  1. Is it worth taking semrush plan? Do it provide backlink for both internal and external. And is it free trial plan comes with all the features.

    • Hi Ammy, Semrush is a powerful tool that provides you backlink analysis, competitive research, content research and a lot more. This free trial of semrush and coupon there after will help you save your money.

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    • Yes Moni. Try Semrush for Free and once the trial is over, use Semrush Coupon to save money on your purchase.

  3. Semrush also provides free version that is pretty good. You don’t need credit card for this trial.
    You can use this Semrush trial for more than 30 days, I think even longer

    • Yes, Semrush also offers free product for lifetime, but it has certain limitations. With Semrush trial, you can use full Guru or Pro product for 7-30 days as per company policy.


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