How to Start News Blog In 2023 [Cool Tips and 6 Best Blogs for News Bloggers]

With a small setup, You can also Start a News Blog and become a successful News Blogger in 2023. Today, NEWS is not a business limited to TV Channels.

We all read the news on our Mobile with multiple News Apps installed like Yahoo, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, etc.

With growing internet users, You just need to have genuine content, reliable hosting, and a relevant Domain Name.

In this article, we will guide you about every you need to know as a News Blogger. Building your own News Website or Blog Step by Step is what you are going to learn here.

We will also share the list of Popular News Blogs you must follow to take inspiration.

All of us make mistakes and learn lessons from our own mistakes. But the best Idea is to avoid mistakes and learn lessons from others’ wrongdoings.

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How to Start News Blog?

Are you keen to create your own News Blog in 2023?

If yes, this guide will help you a lot. We will share the method you need to follow if you want to do News Blogging. Indeed, it is one of the best niches for blogging today that can generate massive traffic.

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We have covered all Tech related aspects of creating a News Blog. You also need to look at Legal and Compliance related guidelines for your target country.

Here are the Steps to Create your News Blog [Self Hosted] –

  1. Buy Journalism Essentials
  2. Choose your News Blog Type [News Niche]
  3. Select Domain Name and Buy Hosting
  4. Install WordPress and Start Publishing News

Let’s discuss each step in detail now.

#1 Buy Journalism Essentials

You need basic tools and equipment required for Journalism as the blog you wish to create is a Blog related to News.

travel essentials for journalists
  1. A Voice RecorderTo Record the Interviews and various events.
  2. MicMust tool to create or record Videos.
  3. Video and Still Camera Every Journalist needs Photographs and Videos of events they are covering.
  4. Rechargeable Batteries – There are events like Sports, Elections, and even documentaries. You might not find ports to charge your gadgets everywhere. There are cases where you don’t have time also to charge the batteries. Keeping a set of rechargeable batteries is always a good idea.
  5. Laptop – Uploading News on WordPress or your Blog is possible with Laptop. We recommend I3 or I5 Processor as they are fast.
  6. Travel Essentials – Most of the Journalists are on travel most of the time. Keeping basic travel essentials like power banks, chargers, Pen and Notepads, etc. Check this list also.

#2 Choose your News Blog Type [News Niche]

Once you have decided that you have to start a News Blog and have prepared yourself with the Gadgets you need, now is the time to decide your News Niche.

Yes, A blog focusing on News should have its Niche or News Type. The future of this blog will depend upon the information you are going to share.


Few News Niche Ideas are –

  1. Celebrity News
  2. Sports News
  3. Political News
  4. Agri News
  5. Tech News [New Gadget Launches]
  6. Regional News [Focusing on Particular State or Country], and
  7. Employment News [Example- Government Jobs related Info]

A Celebrity News Blog

This will cover news related to Hollywood, Music Industry, New Movies Launches, and Celebrity Interviews, etc.

A Sports News Blog

There is a huge audience for this particular niche. Sports has its own audience and it is in billions. Be it Cricket, Football, or Hockey, you will be able to generate content on various events happening frequently.

This Blog gets an immediate response when shared on social media as sports lovers will like, share, and visit such blogs. Who won the Match? We all want to know this and a lot of opportunities for News Bloggers to cover Global or Regional events.

A Political News Blog

This is one of the most popular and traditional types of Blogs delivering News. You might face stiff competition here but remember, if the content is good, the blog will sooner or later grow.

Use Jarvis.AI trial to generate the content using AI. You can also try ShortlyAI Free to see Artificial Intelligence in action.

Various Political events like Elections, Government Policies, and Politician Interviews give you huge content to cover.

An Agri News Blog

If your country has a decent audience of Farmers, this Blog type can work for you. Sharing Information like weather conditions, seeds-related pricing, current rates for each crop will help the farmers and various Agri related organizations.

You will have a limited audience here but can expect regular traffic with lots of Brand Advertisement related income opportunities.

A Tech News Blog

Tech Blog or Technology News related Blog is one of the most popular News Blog Niche today. With growing technology, all of us want to keep ourselves updated about new product and gadgets launches.

You would have seen various Blogs covering an iPhone 11 launch date. Also, a comparison between Google’s Echo Dot Vs Amazon Alexa.

Try exploring this idea if you are a Tech Geek yourself. Make your interest your source of income.

A Regional News Blog

A lot of stuff happens every day in your state, city, or country. People love reading regional news about developments, policies, events as they are related to them directly.

You might fall short of content a little bit but can easily cover it up with various other categories. For example – Local Sudoku, Photo contests, Festival celebrations and Local Business news. This will also help you get advertisement income from local Business Owners.

An Employment News Blog

This Blog type is self-explanatory and needs no explanation. We all have applied to jobs and there is a huge audience for this niche.

Just visit various Government Sites, PSU Job Portals, Corporate websites, and leading Job Boards to collect the job openings.

You need to provide accurate information along with complete details. While your initial days can be hard to find visitors but rest assured, the blog will get its audience.

#3 Select Domain Name and Buy Hosting

Till this step, you have your Journalism essentials and you are clear on your Blogging Niche.

Now, it is the perfect time to choose a Creative Domain name and good Web Hosting.

We strongly recommend you start with Shared Hosting. Once the traffic grows, you can upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server. This will save you a good deal of money. If you want to know more about it, check our Shared VS VPS Vs Cloud Vs Dedicated Hosting guide.

Just follow the 2 simple steps below and you will be able to set up everything easily –

Step1 – Choose a News Blog Name

Pro Tip- Choose a name that is easy to remember, short, and self-explanatory. Avoid numbers and difficult words in your domain name.

Step2 – Choose a good Hosting Provider and Affordable Hosting Plan

Pro Tip- We Recommend – GreenGeeks Hosting and Shared Hosting Plan.[Special Offer – Free Domain, SSL, and CDN connectivity]

Blogging with WordPress is easy for beginners as you don’t need any technical knowledge to launch a website. Everything is just drag and drop. GreenGeeks provide fast hosting with lots of freebies and is fit for new bloggers.

Alternatively, you can choose Chemicloud which is one of the best Bluehost alternatives. If budget is not a constraint, try Flywheel. For details read our Chemicloud Review and Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review.

#4 Install WordPress and Start Publishing News

The final step is to install WordPress and start publishing the news. Installing WordPress on the GreenGeeks platform is super easy and just a one-click task. You get access to the CPanel control panel and will be able to install over 200 apps with just one click.

There is absolutely no need of any technical knowledge.

Still, if you want, their customer service team will set up everything for you. You get 24×7 support over the chat and email.

What else, you need a theme like GeneratePress that is fast and easy to customize. Plugins like Elementor can help you create posts without any coding knowledge.

Read [WP theme checker | GeneratePress Review | Elementor Review]

Please use the comment section if you want Expert Advice. Our expert will answer all your queries within 24 hours.

How to get Traffic on your News Blog?

With growing technology, it is becoming easy to popularize your blog and generate traffic. Having said that, we will also recommend you attend every visitor delightfully as the blog ultimately grows with positive word of mouth.

Few renowned traffic sources used by News Bloggers are-

  1. Search Engine Advertisements [Paid Ads on Google and Bing]
  2. Social Media Marketing [Ads on Twitter, FB and other platforms]
  3. Quora
  4. Facebook News
  5. Google News
  6. Promoting App Downloads
  7. Free Organic Traffic from search engines [You need Good knowledge of SEO]

These are the 7 best ways that will help you get initial traffic on your blog. Once the blog starts getting some traffic, you must request them to subscribe to your blog notifications.

Alternatively, you can also request the audience to join your FB group or page. Once you publish any News, make a habit of sharing it with your FB group members. It is a Free Traffic.

How to Register on Facebook News and Google News?

We discussed two great platforms which can help you get unlimited traffic and that too for free.

Facebook News is open in most of the languages now like English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Sinhala, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

Every Blog must verify their business ownership, domain and include a website that leads to content [News related] on FB Page.

All Facebook registration guidelines are available here.

To apply, Visit this FB Registration Page.

Google News is World’s largest platform serving news to Android users across the globe. You can now imagine the potential traffic you can get once you get approved for Google News.

The best part is that Google promotes regional content as well. If you are catering to a small area or locality serving local news, you should get preference.

Sites like SVT offers content in multiple languages, which means the same content is published in the native language for readers across the globe.

With Google, you need not worry about monetization opportunities as you can easily serve Google Ads to your visitors. Google has made it easy for publishers to earn with their CPC and RPM models.

To visit Google Publisher Center, Click Here

Read this important article- How to Appear in Google News.

Google News Publisher Center

How to Monetize News Blog?

Most of us create blogs to earn money. Especially when you are going to invest in web hosting, domain, and content writing, it is almost impossible to continue without earnings.

The basis on our experience, we would like to make one thing clear here. That is – “Always think of User Experience, Money will automatically come”.

You need to focus on getting traffic and making every new visitor your repeat visitor. Once the blog is published, you must track your bounce rate in your Google Analytics.

Once there is traffic in place, you can monetize your News Blog using the following options-

1# Amazon Affiliate Program– Display Amazon products in your posts with an affiliate link. Apply for the Amazon Affiliate program here.

2# Google Adsense or Media.Net– Google is the world’s largest third-party advertisement network. Be it your blog or app, you just need to paste a few codes and Google will do the rest for you. Whenever a user visits your page, you get a certain amount as per Page RPM. With every click, you get CPC. Apply here.

Media.Net is a good alternative to Google Adsense [In case your blog is rejected by Google].

3# Affiliate Marketing through Affiliate Networks– There are many aggregators today where you can signup and apply as a Publisher. Ad networks like CJ and ShareaSale offer payout up to 40% on every sale made through your links. Similarly, you can also apply for web hosting affiliates and place the banners on your blog.

You can easily learn all this with our list of best affiliate marketing courses online.

4# Sell Subscriptions– You can sell your own subscriptions. This will serve two purposes, i) Building a loyal audience and ii) subscription income.

5# Sell Ad Space– This is one of the unique methods you can follow for blogs as well. Like in traditional newspapers, you would have seen Matrimonials, Lost and Found, Real estate Ads, and even Used Car related advertisements. You can also sell space with one of the methods suitable for your blog and audience.

Tips to Become a Successful News Blogger

We want you to become an awesome blogger with ever-growing traffic and income.

But, How you can become a successful News Blogger?

There are some trade secrets for every successful business. When you are an amateur blogger, you need to be more cautious about following the best practices.

Thankfully, we have revealed them in this guide to ensure you make no mistakes.

Here are the Pro Tips you need to follow if you want to become a Successful news blogger –

  • Be Original and write your own views. Don’t deliver plagiarized content or news.
  • Journalism means 100% truth and no bias. Ensure you write it without hesitation.
  • Use Keywords in headline and content to make it SEO friendly.
  • Learn to write a catchy headline.
  • Write 3-4 News Articles every day.

You can also check a few tips here.

There are various successful Blogs that are renowned for their News Headlines globally and earning millions every month.

Please note that Blogging is not a “Get Rich Quickly” scheme. Your Blog will grow as per your own growth in experience and knowledge. You need to learn the best practices being followed by famous bloggers and Industry leaders.

We strongly encourage you to start following some of the renowned News Bulletins to inspire you, if you want to pursue Blogging as your Career.

We have shared the most popular 6 News Blogs that we recommend every Blogger in News Niche should follow-

NUFC Blog []

This is a New Castle United Blog sharing News related to Football. You will find a lot of stuff related to Match results, players related news, and various statistics.

These type of Blogs gets immediate public attention and a lot of social shares.

nufc blog

Arsenal Blog []

This Blog gets great traffic from Arsenal Fans. It will give you all the news related to Arsenal’s upcoming matches, results, stats, and performances.

You can also listen to the News Podcast.

Tech Crunch Blog []

You will find content related to Technology, Startups, Market News, and New product launches. This blog was started in 2005 and became popular within a short period of time. It was valued at around $25 Million by AOL in 2010.

As per UberSuggest, the Tech Crunch blog generates around 7 million monthly traffic.

tech crunch

KSHB Weather Blog []

Kansas City Weather Blog shares information and news related to Weather. As per the latest report by the Ubersuggest tool, this blog got .3 Million visitors in October 2020.

It is a unique blog idea for regions where weather conditions are one of the problems faced by visitors.

KSHB blog shares historical trends, weather forecasts, alerts, and a lot more.

You will find multiple ads [Google Ads] on every single page which helps them earn a good CPC and RPM.

We have mentioned this blog in our list is it is one of the most creative ideas for you to take inspiration from. A great example of how a particular small category can become a successful Blog.

kshb weather blog

HuffPost Politics Blog []

HuffPost needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular News blogs in the World delivering content through its regional sites. For example, they have a separate site called HuffPost.IN for India and a .COM site for the US.

They are the news aggregator founded by Andrew Breitbart, Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti Ref.

Today HuffPost is part of Verizon Media and caters to approx 78 million monthly global unique visitors [as per BusinessWire Report].

We recommend you to follow this blog as it will give you a lot of ideas on how to write a catchy headline and what type of news attracts visitors.

Huffington Post Blog for News

Entrepreneur Business News Blog [] is a Business and Finance News Blog which generates around 7 million monthly visitors. This blog has various International Editions like US, ES, ME, IN, AP, GA, EU, and SA.

A perfect source of inspiration for every New Blogger looking forward to starting a Blog on News Niche. You can take your blog to an International audience like They have their blog for various countries and languages catering to individual locations. Ever heard of this concept- Global Company with Local Roots?

Hope this will inspire you to start your own blog and hence you must follow them.

entrepreneur blog

FAQs about News Blog

How do bloggers get their News?

You can subscribe to RSS Feeds of renowned sites like BBC, CNN, and Google Feed API. Use RSS Feeds like –
Also, you can use the services of News Aggregators like ANI.

What is the meaning of a News Blog?

The blog publishing current events, important and recent happenings on the Internet is a News Blog. An example can be a Political News blog or a Sports News Blog.

Final Words about Starting a News Blog

You can start a News blog for just $20 today. A lot of web hosts like Namecheap offer economic hosting services. You can choose them and install WordPress to create a News blog in a few clicks.

We always encourage our audience to explore new ideas and upgrade themselves according to technological advancements.

Blogging is one of our favorite topics on this blog and we are also here to guide you in case you need any help. In the author bio below you can use the social links and connect with us directly through LinkedIn, FB, and Twitter.

If you want to discuss anything related to a Blogging or News Blog, just don’t hesitate to use the comment section. We always reply back to each and every comment.

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