ShortlyAi Free Trial 2024: Create 4 Free Contents Without Credit Card

You can try Shortly AI Free without sharing your credit card details, and we have explained how to do that here in this article.

AI Writing or GPT3 writing tools are becoming popular these days. Tools like ShortlyAI or Jasper are leading the race.

So, if you are planning to replace your writers with AI-powered writing, make use of the ShortlyAI Free Trial in 2024.

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2024


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Cost Saving
shortlyai free

About “ShortlyAI Free” Trial

ShortlyAI is a well-known and growing AI copywriting tool based on advanced GPT-3 technology. It helps you write grammatical errors and plagiarism-free content.

That’s not all, it also saves cost and time.

What is ShortlyAI used for?

With just a few clicks, you can create an excellent copy as it is written by Artificial Intelligence. Not weeks, not even days, just a few seconds are enough. Both short and long-form content can be generated using ShortlyAI.

A copy that may cost you $100, can now be written for free with ShortlyAI. Just pay a monthly fixed cost and create unlimited content.

How To Get ShortlyAI Free Trial (without credit card)

Yes, you can grab ShortlyAI without paying anything, and that too without sharing your payment details.

Without wasting more time on this, let us quickly share the step-by-step process to get the free trial of Shortly AI.

Step 1. Visit the official trial page of ShortlyAI (Use this direct link).

Step 2. Enter your email address as shown in the image below. After that, click on the “Try it Now” button.

shortlyai free trial page

Step 3. Now, you have three ways to sign up. We recommend using Facebook or Apple as it is quick and easy. Alternatively, you can enter your name and set up a password.

Step 4. Next, you will reach a welcome screen, skip that, and scroll below. You will get two options:

1st: I’m writing an article/blog

2nd: I’m writing a story

shortlyai article page

Step 5. Now the fun part begins. You are all set to use the free trial of ShortlyAI and create your first content.

Take a look at the snapshots below to learn to use ShortlyAI.

To create this explainer, we chose the first one and tested ShortlyAI for article writing.

content creation using free shortlyai trial

Step 6. Just write a few article briefs, a heading, and a few sentences. Now get ready to see the magic.

Step 7. Press “Write for me“.

All brainstorming, topic research, and writing parts will be done in fractions of seconds.

See the results below.

steps to create first content using shortlyai

Let’s see the output one more time through a video created by our team.

We have created a short video that shows you how ShortlyAI creates content basis the instructions given.
Congratulations! Your ShortlyAI's free trial is activated and your just learned to create content for free.

Now, when you are satisfied with this trial, you can use ShortlyAI after upgrading to monthly or annual plans. In case you are not, you can have a look at other online GPT-3 text generators.

We will now guide you about the pricing of ShortlyAI.

Pricing of ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI provides you with two convenient payment options.

1. Monthly Payment Mode: $79 per month

You just need to pay $79 and you get access to all-powerful commands that help you create and improve the content. All the updates are provided to you automatically.

This plan is recommended if you want to use ShortlyAi for a short duration or want to test it again for one more month.

2. Annual Payment Mode: $65 per month

This plan is a highly recommended app for regular writers and agencies. If you are convinced with the performance of this AI writing tool, you must choose the annual payment mode as you get 2 months free.

Shortly Ai pricing

Let us now understand what wonders ShortlyAI can do in copywriting industry.

What You Can Do With ShortlyAI Trial 2024

Wondering the benefits of the ShortlyAI Free Trial? Not sure what exactly can be done once you sign up for a free trial by Shortly AI?

Don’t worry, we are going to brief you on everything about this through this nice table below.

ShortlyAI Free Premium Account TrialYes
Use CaseCopy and Content writing
Words Allowed During TrialUnlimited
Trial Run4 Times
Trial LinkShortlyAI Free Trial Link

Who Should Try Free ShortlyAI Trial In 2024

Is ShortlyAI the right product for you? The answer is yes. But who should try ShortlyAI without wasting any time?

1. CopyWriters

If you are a copywriter and looking for a perfect sales copy in just one click, you will be glad to know that ShortlyAI can help you.

Yes, ShortlyAI is extremely useful for:

  1. AIDA
  2. PAS
  3. Before-After-Bridge and many more

2. YouTuber or Video Creator

For video scriptwriters or new YouTubers, ShortlyAI helps you write original content. Be rest assured that the content you will create will be relevant as well as plagiarism-free.

Example: /expand or /brainstorm that can help you with a paragraph created out of a line. Similarly /shorten can help you produce a concise version of long paragraphs to short sentences.

3. Content Writing Agency

If you are an agency writing content for your clients, ShortlyAI is for you. It helps you write short and long-form content quickly.

Most of the time, agencies struggle to deliver content on time. Even if the content is delivered on time, your client asks for revision and may complain about plagiarism.

Even if you are a blogger or a website owner that demands regular content, ShortlyAI will help.

With ShortlyAI, you never run out of ideas, and the article is guaranteed original.

Recommended: Try Jasper For Free

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This is the most recommended and best AI writing deal.

Benefits of Shortly AI

So, from the usability above, it is clear that ShortlyAI and other GPT-3 tools are the future of copywriting.

We have summarised all the advantages of ShortlyAI below:

  1. Produces content fast
  2. Writes original content that can be passed by tools like Copyscape.
  3. Helps you in topic research
  4. Brainstorm ideas
  5. Expand or Shorten the existing content
  6. Saves huge costs for writers.

If you are still not convinced, try ShortlyAI yourself to evaluate its performance as the fastest-growing AI writer.

Is ShortlyAi For Free?

ShortlyAI free trial allows you to try a premium product but is currently not offering any free plan. ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 (an Open AI product) based technology that costs a minimum of $65 per month.

How To Create Content Using Free Shortly AI

If you are a beginner and using ShortlyAI for the first time, this video tutorial below will help you create your first long-form content.

Pro Tip: Always use tools like Grammarly and SEOquake to improve the tone and SEO of the final output. We have an exclusive Surfer SEO trial for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Shortly AI Free”

What to do when ShortlyAI Trial expires?

When your trial of ShortlyAI expires, you will now have an option to choose a monthly or annual pricing plan.

Can you use shortly AI for free?

Yes, ShortlyAI can be used for free to create 4 content. During the trial period, you can create 4 free pieces of content. After that, you can upgrade easily to paid plans.

What is the best AI writing tool?

ShortlyAI, Jarvis, and Copysmith are our tested AI automated content generators best for all kinds of copy and content.

Is ShortlyAI a free AI writing assistant?

ShortlyAI provides a free trial that allows you to create 4 content pieces absolutely free. After that, you need to upgrade it. We also recommend using Jasper Free Trial.

What is the technology behind ShortlyAI writing?

ShortlyAI works on OpenAI’s platform which is based on GPT-3 technology.

Do I get plagiarism-free original content using ShortlyAI tool?

Yes, the content that ShortlyAI creates is 100% original and passes all major plagiarism checker tools including Grammarly and Copyscape.

For professionals, we also recommend using Grammarly Discount and Semrush Trial for 2024.

Final Words: ShortlyAI Free Trial 2024

So, we shared the step-by-step process to get ShortlyAI’s free trial. If you are looking for the best assistant that works the best for all kinds of content, trust ShortlyAI.

No more writer’s block and huge spending on copywriting. Get bulk orders, deliver them on time, and get repeated orders.

Good News: Once you are satisfied with ShortlyAI’s performance, you can upgrade to a premium plan. You will be glad to know using our link below, that you will get 2 monthly subscriptions free with an annual payment. As the content is grammar optimized, you don’t need any extra investment in Grammar checker apps.

If you are looking ShortlyAI alternative, choose Jasper and Rytr. Don’t miss out on coupon and trial along with lifetime deals by Closerscopy.

Earn with AI, join Jasper AI affiliate program now.

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