Top 3 Best AI GPT-3 Text Generator Online (Free & Paid AI)

Have you ever heard of GPT-3 technology and about GPT-3 technology-based AI tools? If so, in this article, we will provide you with the best options to choose from among the best GPT 3 text generators. 

We have also shared some basic information about this technology and these tools, in case you are new to this area of tech.

We have been using these tools for the past few months and based on our experience and research, we bring you the best AI GPT-3 tools.

So today, we will reveal the results of our research about the features and benefits of using these tools and also how and where you can use them.

best gpt 3 text generator

Let’s start with tools and their features & pricing.

GPT-3 Online Text Generator Tools

What are GPT-3 tools and how do they help the writers?

GPT-3 tools are Artificial Intelligence-based tools that automatically generate huge quantities of text in less time. 

gpt-3 tools

There are so many AI writing tools that are present in this market. Some of them are free, some provide free trials and plans along with premium plans.

Before explaining to you the GPT-3, let us discuss some GPT-3 technology-based tools first.

These are software that helps in text generation, content creation, and copywriting. You just need to write a few keywords and it will create a full length content, heading, books, SEO titles for you.

GPT-3 tools help you save time in content writing, and copywriting and are beginner friendly as well.

I have brought my 3 most favorites “GPT 3 ai text generator tools with a small description.

Let’s begin with Jasper.

1. Jasper AI Text Generator is an AI tool that is highly trained to generate unique, creative, and original content. Perfect for long blog posts, essays, AD copies, headings, rephrasing, and almost everything AI can do.

Jasper improves your workflow and increases productivity by making it 10 times faster.

Try Jasper
(Best GPT 3 Tool Online)

Test drive Jasper.AI for 5 days and generate 10000 words Free.

This GPT-3 Tool is taught by the world’s best SEO experts and direct response marketing experts, about writing long and short articles, blogs, and other things.

Jasper AI is the best GPT-3 text generator available online for all kinds of AI writing requirements.

Plans and Pricing

Jasper provides 3 plans, 2 you can purchase directly, and for the Business plan, you have to contact Jasper’s sales team.

Jasper AI plans and pricing

Creator Plan – This plan is priced at $49.00/m, however, you get 20% Off on yearly billing, where it will cost you $39.00/m.

Pro Plan – The Pro plan is priced at $69.00/m, but if you choose to pay yearly, it will cost you $59.00/m.

We have highlighted each plan with its features and pricing in the table below.

Jasper CommandsYesNo
Plagiarism CheckerYesNo
Basic GrammarlyYesNo
Unlimited Team InviteYesYes
Refund Policy7 Days7 Days
Free TrialAvailableAvailable
Creator PlanPro Mode
Get unlimited account user loginGet unlimited account user login
For generating short contentFor generating long-form content
Get good context for writing short content. Get Great context for writing long content. 
Come up with 50+ templates and 25+ languages. Provides 50+ templates and 25+ languages. 
Get autosave and content folders. Get Jasper commands, SEO optimization, recipes, and Plagiarism checker. 
Creator Pricing Pro Pricing 
Get monthly billed mode at $49 / monthGet monthly billed mode at $69 / month
Switch to yearly billing and pay only $39/ monthPay with yearly billed payment mode and pay $59/month
Get two months free with annually billed mode. Get two months free with annually billed mode. 

Jasper also offers you a 7-day free trial, these 7 days are provided to observe that you are getting exactly what you require to write your content.

If you don’t get satisfied then you have the option of canceling it within 7 days.

Try a free trial first and I’m sure you won’t regret trying that.

Features of, is an AI based automated writing tool and a text generator. AI makes it faster and easier to write content for blogs & articles, websites, and social media posts and descriptions.

gpt-3 jarvis features

Let us discuss the output you get with

  • It generates original text that includes keyword-rich, plagiarism-free content and that ranks for SEO.
  • It speeds up your writing work, as it can generate 80% of your whole content, and the rest 20% it leaves to human editing. 
  • You can easily create different types of written content such as posts, blogs, descriptions, headlines, and news reports.
  • Gives you ideas, improves your writing skills, and also provides you with many new suggestions on writing.
  • With Jasper, you don’t have to face any type of language bar, as it provides you with more than 25 languages.
  • You can also implement your existing content and make it more ranking and popular. 

Jasper makes it easy for writers and content creators, it saves lots of time, energy, and also money.

It is considered the future of content writing.

So stop spending extra time on creating just one blog or article, give Jasper a chance.

2. Rytr.AI

Rytr is an AI-based writing assistant tool and a text generator that helps you in generating high-quality content, in a short time and saves lots of time, money, and human power. 

gpt-3 rytr ai

Rytr uses GPT-3 technology for its writing.

It is a better and faster way of writing blogs, content, Facebook posts, Instagram captions, product descriptions, story plots, and friction dialogues, SEO titles, Youtube video intros & descriptions, taglines & headlines, and even interview questions and answers.

This shows that Rytr can write for anyone, regardless of which profession he belongs to he may be a professional blogger, social media content creator, or YouTuber, Rytr writes for all. 

Add Rytr.AI writing assistant extension to your browser. 

Plans and Pricing

Rytr comes up with two main plans. 

Rytr plans and pricing

Saver Plan: This plan is suitable for bloggers, and small digital marketers. It is priced at $9.00/m.

Unlimited Plan: Unlimited plan is for big business persons and bloggers who generate a lot of content in a day and have large digital marketing connections. The unlimited plan is priced at $29.00/m.

The table below shows you the main features of each plan with their pricing and benefits.

Saver PlanUnlimited Plan
It allows you to generate 100k characters per month.With an Unlimited Plan, you can generate unlimited characters per month.
Deliver 40+ use cases and  30+ languages.Provide you with more than 40+ use cases and access in 30+ languages. 
Allows you to enter 20+ tonesAccess for 20+ tones
Rytr delivers you a built-in plagiarism checker.Provides you with a plagiarism checker. 
Allow you to approach premium community Access to premium communities allows you to generate your own custom use cases. 
With a Server Plan, you can generate your custom use cases.An unlimited plan provides you with a dedicated account manager.
The unlimited plan provides you with priority email and chat support. 
Saver Plan PricingUnlimited Plan Pricing 
In monthly billed mode you have to pay $9 / month and that overall costs you $108 yearly. In monthly billed mode you have to pay $29/ month and that overall costs you $348  yearly. 
In yearly billed payment mode, you have to pay $ 90 once a year and it costs you 7.5/ month.In the yearly billed payment mode, you have to pay $ 290 once a year and it costs you $ 24.16/ month.
Get two months free with annually billed mode. Get two months free with annually billed mode. 

Rytr comes up with a Free plan, you can take it as a free trial, and generate 10K characters per month with the free plan. The free plan is for beginners.

You get some of the features with a free plan like 40+ use cases and languages, 20+ tones access, and a plagiarism checker. However as it provides fewer characters per month, it will be hard to use this for an average blogger.

Once your trial period is over, upgrade it with a saver plan or unlimited plan. Rytr provides one of the most pocket-friendly solutions just starting at $9/m.

Features of Rytr Ai Text Generator

As Rytr is one of the best AI tools, stop wasting your time and lots of money on content creation and text writing, Go through its features and try it.

rytr main features
rytr main features

Let’s Have a rapid look at some of its main features. 

  • It provides you with use cases for blog writing, emails, social media ads, youtube videos, copywriting, job descriptions, SEO titles & descriptions, story plots, magic commands, and various text editing tools.
  • Rytr tools provide you with various solutions for different groups that include- eCommerce, local stores, digital marketing, marketing agencies, bloggers & vloggers, and also for small businesses. 
  • Rytr analyzes SEO-optimized keywords and delivers well-written brief content. 
  • It is fast, reliable, and also delivers error-free content.
  • It works on every browser, document & blogging software, and any social media app. 

For more info, read our detailed Rytr Review 2024 which explains everything about this powerful AI writing tool.

Three easy steps to generate high-quality content with RytrAI are explained with the help of snapshots-

step 1 to generate text online using gpt3 tool Rytr
step 2 to generate text online using gpt3 tool Rytr
step 3 to generate text online using gpt3 tool Rytr

Rytr is a powerful text generator tool based on GPT-3 technology and is also affordable.

Save time and money in just three clicks- choose your template, add headings & give a small description of your text and finally see Rytr’s magic.

In our study, we found Rytr 2x better and cheaper GPT3 AI text generator as compared to Article Forge.


ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 based AI tool, that allows you to generate accurate and error-free, original content in seconds.

gpt-3 shortlyai online text generator

You can write big and small writing content whether it is a novel or a small poem for your Instagram handle, a blog, or any product description for your marketing site, it generates big paragraphs as well as notation points for you. 

It acts as your creative brainstorming partner.

You get the three most powerful commands to apply to your sentences instantly. These are /expand, /rewrite, and /shorten and create a perfect sentence for you.

Plans and Pricing

Shortly provides its premium plan with two payment modes- 

Shortly AI plans and pricing

Monthly Plan– In the monthly plan, you have to pay $79 monthly, it end up costing you $948 yearly.

Annual Plan– In this plan, you have to pay once a year the amount of $780, which costs you $65 per month.

BenefitsAnnual PlanMonthly Plan
Get powerful commands and tools that help you to write accurately and faster. Yes Yes 
Improve your skills in writing, try out new & latest ways of writing and improve your content. YesYes 
With Shortly, you get continuous daily updates and better AI with time. Yes Yes 
Pricing $65/ month
(billed annually )
$79/ month
(billed monthly)
Get two months free. 

Shortly also provides you a Free Trial, you can generate 4 content free without even giving your credit card details.

With its free trial, you get unlimited words to write, and also during a trial pack, you can use any use case or template.

Features of

Upgrade your writing skills with Shortly, get the best writing experience with an AI writing friend. It can write multiple times for you on various topics and every time it will deliver unique content. 

shortly features

It helps you to easily get your ideas briefly explained in terms of content or blog. 

Some points with main features Shortly offer-

  • Get your content in seconds and save lots of time. 
  • Delivers content with originality and is 100% plagiarism-free.
  • Expand your imagination & thinking and find suitable topics for you. 
  • You can even add on to your existing content and can extend it or make it short.
  • You can save lots of expenses and increase your writing capacity.

ShortlyAI provides you with redundant free content, and also 0 grammatical and spelling mistakes. 

Give it a chance, try Shortly, and let it generate the best output for you.

Want to know about more such AI GPT-3 based tools, then this article may be helpful for you: Best AI Content Generation Tools & Copywriters.

Who Should Use GPT-3 Text Generator Tools?

We have discussed the three most popular GPT-3 text generator tools above but are you confused about whether these tools are available or helpful for you or not? 

who should use gpt-3 generator tools

Below are some professionals who can use these tools and make their work easy.

  1. Content Creators: GPT-3 technology delivers good quality content through their tools, so it would be helpful for content creators to create good quality content in less time and easily. 
  1. Bloggers: These tools are considered a boon for bloggers, as GPT-3 based tools can make it easy to create long and short blogs in just a few seconds. 
  1. Youtubers: Youtubers can use these tools for generating the description of their videos and also for creating intros and scripts and dialogues for their content videos. 
  1. Digital Marketing Agencies: Digital marketing agencies offer a large variety of marketing services like design & development services, strategy, and marketing services. So these AI writing tools make content creation, branding, descriptions, SEO, brand emails, and messaging creation easy with GPT-3 AI technology. 
  1. Digital Stores: Small and big digital businesses and stores can also use these tools for creating their product descriptions and maintaining a  creative catalog for their work.  

If you belong to any of these professions then you must try these tools and their functions. Even if you are writing stories and big novels you can generate an outlet and frame for your stories and frictions.

Apart from these professions, if you are a writer no matter what you write, you can use them, at least try them. Every tool offers a free trial or a free plan with them before paying for it. Try out their free trial and get satisfied and also observe how they work.

What is GPT-3 Technology?

GPT-3 or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, is an AI technology that allows the user to generate big-length content in a few seconds.

what is gpt-3 technology

It is an artificial intelligence technology and a random language model that uses deep structure learning algorithms to generate and write texts like human minds. It delivers the best quality content and text that will sound exactly like the human mind and it would be difficult to mark a difference on it. 

The GPT-3 technology was introduced in May 2020, it has Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems of pre-trained language representations.

These languages predict models GPT-n series was introduced by Open-AI, an AI-based research laboratory. 

GPT-3 is the third version of this GPT tool and it is an implemented version of the GPT-2 version of the GPT-n series. 

It saves time and money and also increases the work 10 times.

GPT-3 can create anything related to writing and content that is based on language as it supports several languages that are used across the world.

The tools based on this technology can answer you with any type of query, you can generate small as well as big content, text, stories, posts, ads, blogs, descriptions, and also social media posts and captions. 

You can generate other content like poems & poetry, news & headlines, frictions dialogues, novels, and even books.

FAQs on Best GPT-3 Text Generator For Year 2024

What is GPT-3 technology?

GPT-3 or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, is an AI technology that allows the user to generate big-length content in a few seconds. It is an artificial intelligence technology and a random language model that uses deep structure learning algorithms to generate and write texts like humans.

What is the full form of GPT-3?

Its full form is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3.

Can I use GPT-3 for free?

Open AI’s Chatgpt is a free tool but comes with limited customization options. Free trials by Jasper ends in 5 days. For quality, paid tools are best.

Is GPT-3 available to everyone?

Yes, GPT-3 technology helps you create content as per the requirements. With tools like Writesonic, Jasper, Rytr, everyone can use GPT-3.

Final Words on Best GPT-3 Text Generator (AI Text Generator)

Finally, at the end of this article, let us quickly summarise. Here we have discussed the three most popular GPT-3 based AI tools along with their features. 

We have also told here about who can use these tools and what GPT-3 technology is and how GPT 3 generates text

The top 3 and best GPT-3 text generators available online are Jasper (read full Jasper Review), Rytr, and ShortlyAI.

Each tool is important and beneficial, you also get a free plan or free trial with each plan, so that you get to know about their features.

Try out any of the tools that you feel comfortable with, it’s a free trial, and later get yourself upgraded to their pro or premium plans.

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