10 Best Static Web Hosting for 2024: Free & Cheap Hosting for Static Sites

Searching for the 10 Best Static Website Hosting for 2024? Well, look no further.

Popular Free and Cheap Hosting for Static Websites [Fit for Business and Personal Use]. A Static Website is not going to be obsolete.

A simple proof is that the topic is searched almost 1000 times every month on Google across the world

Wondering why Static Websites are still Popular?

First and foremost, static websites are lightweight and easy to load, and secondly, they are sufficient for sharing information about your Business or Personal Profile.

Static websites are still popular, easy to Build, and Fast to access.

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HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three languages required to create a static website. And yes, even today, you can’t create a page without them.

Free Website Builders and CMS like WordPress can let you host a website without any coding knowledge.

BEST HOSTING FOR STATIC WEBSITE, static website hosting

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    10 Best Hosting for a Static Website [Cheap or Free]

    For New Businesses and Personal use [called as Personal Website], Static Website still works the best as you can publish them with almost zero budget. They are easy to maintain and work fine with cheap servers too.

    We already mentioned above that Static Websites are lightweight and easy to load on the user’s browser in comparison to a Dynamic Website.

    Now, as you are looking for the Best Hosting Providers for Static Websites, we have a list of 10 Best Static Website Hosting which are either free or cheap.

    We have also mentioned the features and benefits of each static web host making it easy for you to decide.

    Cheap Hosting For Static Website

    Always remember, when you pay for something you get some good things. Let’s know some Cheap Hostings where you can host your Static Website.

    You must also check our tool- Creative Website Name Generator.

    #1 Hostarmada

    hostarmada static website hosting

    Looking for the fastest static hosting? HostArmada provides dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, and free .Com Domain.

    “WiseOwl Speaks”

    “Discounts & Coupons”

    Don’t worry about the pricing as Hostarmada is offering you up to 75% OFF

    [Coupon- CBH75]

    Get 25% Off Shared Hosting Plans.

    Here is the Hostarmada review score on some key Parameters.

    ParametersScore(Out of 10)
    Customer Service and Response10/10
    Plan & Pricing9.5/10
    Ease of Access9/10

    It just starts at just $2.49/month.

    Let’s discuss some benefits of Hostarmada,

    Benefits of Hostarmada: –

    1. Fastest Speed and Uptime [Visit Uptime Calculator]
    2. 24/7 Customer Support
    3. Free SSL
    4. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee, and more.

    If you want to know more about Hostarmada, you can read Hostarmada Review.

    #2 Namecheap

    namecheap static website hosting

    Namecheap is one of the cheap and best hostings on your Static Website that provides excellent customer service. Namecheap is offering you a heavy discount of up to 75% OFF on its deals. You get US and UK Server locations with Free CDN.

    Namecheap is now available at just $1.98/month.

    Here are some benefits of Namecheap: –

    1. Free SSL
    2. Free Website Builder
    3. 24/7 Customer Support via Chat & Ticket Support
    4. Free Domain
    5. cPanel with 1-click installation(over 100 apps)
    6. Unmetered Bandwidth

    You can know more about  Namecheap Review here.

    #3 Greengeeks

    greengeeks static website hosting

    Greengeeks is also the best option to host your static Website in the affordable pricing category. They are reliable and fast.

    Greengeeks starts offering its services at just $2.95/month.

    Some reasons why you should choose Greengeeks: –

    1. 1-Click WordPress Install
    2. Full Customer Support
    3. SSD Disk Space
    4. 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee
    5. Free website migration
    6. Cloudflare CDN
    7. Backups

    Know More About Greengeeks.

    #4 Bluehost

    bluehost static website hosting

    Bluehost, is one of the leading hosting providers. Bluehost comes to mind first when it comes to hosting because they are fast, reliable, and best in performance.

    $2.95/month, Yes, this is the amount that they are providing their hosting at. We have a detailed performance review, check Bluehost Review.

    Benefits of Bluehost: –

    1. Domain Manager
    2. Scalability
    3. Free SSL Certificates
    4. 24/7 Hosting Support
    5. SSD Disk Space
    6. Free CDN

    Bluehost Deals on Black Friday.

    #5 Fastcomet

    Fastcomet static website hosting

    Fastcomet has been since 2000 and moved into public in 2000. Fastcomet is offering up to 70% OFF on their deals.

    Fastcomet services are starting from just $2.74/month.

    Benefits of Fastcomet: –

    1. SSD Disk Space
    2. Free Domain Transfer
    3. Guaranteed Resources
    4. Free Website Transfer
    5. Free DNS Management
    6. Cloudflare CDN
    7. Brute-Force Protection

    Full Fastcomet Review.

    Free Hosting for Static Website

    Hosting your static website free is also interesting, and yes you can do that. Many big companies like Google, Amazon, GitHub, and many others provide you with these facilities.

    #6 Amazon S3

    amazon s3 static website hosting

    Amazon S3 is a service provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) to users that provide object storage by a web-service interface.

    As per Wikipedia, “Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is a service offered by Amazon Web Services that provides object storage through a web service interface. Amazon S3 uses the same scalable storage infrastructure that Amazon.com uses to run its global e-commerce network”.

    Features of Amazon S3:

    1. The bandwidth of 1GB/month
    2. Disk Space up to 5GB 
    3. Integration with 175 AWS services
    4. Uptime of 99.99%
    5. Scalability (Unlimited)

    Amazon S3 provides you with free static website hosting for 12 months, and then you have to pay for that.

    amazon-s3-plans, hosting for static website

    In the above image you can see the basic storage price of amazon s3, you can see all the other prices from the official website. Click on the button below to get started.

    #7 GitHub Pages

    github pages static website hosting

    GitHub Pages is a hosting service that hosts static websites. GitHub retrieves your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files from your repository on GitHub, and it optionally runs the files through a build process.

    Features of GitHub Pages: –

    1. One Single website host per GitHub Account and unlimited project websites.
    2. Bandwidth up to 100GB per month.
    3. HTTPS Support
    4. Built-in Integration with Static Site Generator Jekyll.
    5. Storage up to 1GB.
    6. Custom Domain name or github.io sub-domain.

    #8 Firebase

    firebase static website hosting

    According to Wikipedia, Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications. It was originally an independent company founded in 2011. In 2014, Google acquired the platform and it is now their flagship offering for app development.

    Features of Firebase: –

    1. Unlimited websites under a single project
    2. 10GB of Storage
    3. 10GB of Bandwidth
    4. Realtime Database

    #9 Vercel

    vercel static website hosting

    Vercel is for static websites that are based on Cloud. Vercel is a Serverless function that fits perfectly with your workflow.

    Vercel works with 30+ Jamstack Frameworks. It enables coders/programmers to host the websites with Jamstack and web services, that upload your website frequently.

    Features of Vercel: –

    1. HTTPS-enabled custom domains
    2. Unlimited Websites and APIs
    3. Unlimited Deploys from Git
    4. Serverless Functions in Node.js, Go, and more.
    5. High-Performance edge work.

    #10. Render

    render static website hosting

    Render is the easiest cloud for all your databases, cron jobs, workers, web apps, APIs, containers, and Static Websites.

    Render is a blended platform that creates and execute all your apps and website with a global CDN and Free SSL.

    Features of Render: –

    1. Automatic continuous deploys from Git.
    2. Custom Domains with fully managed SSL
    3. Fastest CDN
    4. Unlimited Collaborations
    5. Includes bandwidth of 100GB/month.

    Do you know, what is Static Web Hosting?

    Not making it large and big, A static website is that supports fixed content. A static website means that your website is viewed the same by all visitors. A static website is a bundle of basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    If you are a tech newbie, you might be confused about all this. You may be not familiar with Static and Dynamic websites if you are using WordPress or others, as they make the work simple and code zero.

    In other simple words, A static website opens as the same to all the visitors whereas a dynamic website opens differently to every next visitor.

    Facebook is the best example of a dynamic website because every next single user has different feeds and data.

    And for the static website, all the blogging pages or websites are the best examples.

    Why you should go for Static Website?

    Let’s discuss some advantages of the Static website and why they can be best for you.


    Look like that, you have a dynamic website and you are having a large amount of traffic that can be stressful for your hosting to manage.

    So when you have a website that contains only HTML files then the first thing is your website is light and does not take much load on your hosting and when the hosting is free and the traffic will be managed automatically.


    As you are using a static website, means you are not using any database or other. Your site is secured from hackers because there is nothing in your static website that hackers want to hack as your site is already opened.

    Whereas as per tests and reports, 70% of WordPress websites are at risk and can be attacked with a malicious attack by hackers.

    Fast Speed

    A static website is 10x faster than a dynamic website. The database that is one of the reasons to slow your site, is not present here, so your website will be loaded quickly than a dynamic website.

    According to research and tests, all the user wants to load the website within 2-4 seconds.

    A static website can be served from the Node closet to the browser, so that is also the reason that makes static websites faster than dynamic websites.


    If you are a guy that has older relations with the internet and websites, you must have seen the errors like, ‘connection can’t be established, so this error comes when you are working with a database, and your site loads data from the database.

    So, when you are presenting only HTML files to the user, this error can not come for your static website.

    Hosting and Price

    Static website hosting is very cheap as they include only HTML files. The firms that run static websites save a lot in costs and channels.

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    How you can get a free Static Website?

    The first thing is that you need to create a static website of yours and here I will tell you how you can host your static website on GitHub.So without wasting more time, let’s get into it.

    Step 1: Go to GitHub and create your account.

    Step 2: Click on that Plus button and click on New Repository shown below in the image.

    how to host a static website, creating new repository on github

    Step 3: You will be asked for the repository’s name and some basic fields you can see in the image below.

    how to host a static website, creating new repository on github

    Step 4: Now, in this step, you may be confused that what to do, You will see Upload an existing file link. Click on that and you will be able to upload your website’s files.

    static website setup

    Step 5: Upload all your files and Click on Commit Changes when you have done.

    upload files to static hosting

    Step 6: Go to Settings on your new repository.

    static hosting settings

    Step 7: Scroll down to GitHub Pages Section and change the Theme chooser to Master inside the dropdown field, and save it. You will see the link just below the GitHub Pages Heading to visit your site on the internet.

    creating static site on github

    Congrats, Your Static Website is Live Now.

    How to secure your Static Website?

    Although your site is Static, it doesn’t mean no one wants to hack that. By the way, there is nothing to hack on a static site, but hackers may use your site for their benefit. They can do anything with your static site if it is not secured, they can promote some continuous ads, pop-ups, or anything with your site.

    So, as your site is static or dynamic, you have to take the security of it. Here are some key points by which you can secure your static website.

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    SSL Certificates

    You must have an SSL certificate on your website. An SSL certificate encrypts your data while transferring on the internet. This is the very first step to securing your website from hackers and different malicious attacks.

    At the current time, if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website, at the very first the Google will mark it as not a secure site, and the second is the user will also not likely to open it. 

    Anti-Malware Applications

    You can secure your website with some outside applications if your hosting does not provide the appropriate security you want, then you can try these hosting mentioned below:

    1. Malcare(for WordPress Webiste)
    2. SiteLock (For both WordPress and Coding Site)
    3. Sucuri (For both)

    Regular Backups

    Regular Backup is one of the best websites to protect your website. It will be in use when your site is totally hacked and you don’t know how you can recover that site, at that time you can use your backups and re-host your site.

    Go with Best Hosting

    Most of the users buy the hosting but don’t know about the security services because the cheap hostings don’t mention that in their reviews. So, whenever you are going to purchase hosting, don’t flow with their speed and uptime, but please check their security services.

    If you are planning a business website, do visit our article on the best cloud business hosting. 

    Importance of SSL Certificate

    If you have read the above section, you know why you need the SSL certificate on your website, but if not deeply, no problem, we will discuss this now better for you.

    SSL certificate, nowadays it is the root of secure internet browsing. An SSL certificate protects sensitive information/data of your website on the internet. It encrypts your data while delivering from you to the visitors.

    SSL Encrypts Data

    An SSL certificate encrypts your site’s information and data while transferring from the server to the user’s browser.

    Encrypting your data protect your website from hackers and also it secures you from Google (if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website, Google marks your site as not secure).

    Improves Ranking on Google Search

    This is quite shocking how SSL is linked to the google ranking. So dear users, In 2014, Google has done some changes in their algorithm that the ranking priority will be given to SSL-certified websites first. If your site doesn’t have HTTPS support, Google may throw your site down on its page.

    So, if you want to grow your site on the internet, please add an SSL Certificate to your site.

    SSL helps in Authentication

    SSL also helps in authentication, How? This makes the user sure that he is sending his information to the certified server.

    SSL is Compulsory (Google)

    Google makes it compulsory to have an SSL certificate on your website from 2018. If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate on your website, your website will get punished with a warning message on all the global browsers that your website is not secure.

    And when it will happen with your website, it may result to lose the visitors to your website. 

    We also have the best database hosting and web hosting for developers and apps.

    FAQs and Final Words about Static Web Host

    What is Amazon S3?

    Amazon S3 is an object build storage that can store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere through the internet. Amazon S3 is a storage service that provides you with reliability, scalability, durability, performance, and security.

    How can I enable CORS on Vercel?

    As per Vercel, “The Vercel platform allows developers to specify response headers when a request comes in. It is a common pattern to allow CORS requests for Serverless Function invocations and static assets”. Learn More

    What can I deploy with Vercel?

    You can deploy Static Websites and Static Generators, A program that supports HTML on the Server-side, API endpoints that query databases or web APIs, and return dynamic data.

    Can I host my static website for free?

    Certainly yes. Platforms like Cloudflare pages and Github will allow you to host your static website absolutely free.

    How to save money when you buy Static Web Hosting?

    The best time to buy a Static Web Hosting is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. This Web Hosting Black Friday Sale is available during Nov and December every year. For the rest of the year, you should use Hosting Coupons to save on Hosting Costs.

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