WPX Hosting Review 2023: Expert Opinion With Customer Feedback, Pros & Cons

Are you looking for plans, pricing, features, and performance report of WPX hosting? If yes, We have this WPX Hosting Review which is based on real tests and studies made to evaluate the offers made by this hosting company.

We have done a detailed analysis to help you understand its uptime, speed, product, performance, pros, and cons. We have also included the review by actual WPX customers in this overall WPX Review.

BottomLine of WPX Review [In case you don’t have time to read the full article]:

“In our Review of WPX hosting, we found it a premium hosting service that is blazing fast and offers excellent service to its customers. One of the few companies that guarantee 99.95% uptime. The best part is the free enterprise-level in-house CDN service that is available with every WPX plan.”

Let’s discuss more in detail why the user should go for WPX Hosting and what are the main features and facilities are provided by this famous WordPress Host.

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wpx hosting review

Overview! What is WPX?

WPX hosting is one of the best web hostings that offered you Managed WordPress services since 1998. WPX is the hosting website that focuses on the speed and reliability of the Website.

The WPX Hosting is based out of Bulgaria, Europe.

WPX focuses on Speed, Simplicity, and fast customer support that making them one of the best competitors of services like FlyWheel WordPress Hosting.

Fast Speed comes with CDN. While most of the renowned hosting like Kinsta, are using third-party, WPX uses its in-house proprietary CDN service. It is as good as an enterprise-level CDN service.

In this modern era of the internet, your website plays a vital role in your success. You can earn a lot from these websites in this era if you have the proper knowledge and know-how to use available resources.

Be it a business website or your personal website, it should load fast and should have great uptime, which is close to 100%.

In this review of WPX, we will test the claims made by WPX WordPress hosting.

Wpx Plans and Pricing Review

Every company wants to put its product neat and clean in front of their customer, that is what Wpx Hosting does. 

WPX doesn’t want to make it complicated for the customer to be confused between the different types of plans. 

They have only three simple and best plans, the difference is in these plans are the number of websites you can host, bandwidth, and the access of storage you’re getting.

The three hosting plans of Wpx hosting are explained below: –

1. Business Hosting

WPX Business Hosting is the best hosting for those users who have fewer websites and have a decent amount of traffic.

This Hosting Plan gives you 5 Websites, 10GB of storage, and 100GB Bandwidth.

The Business Hosting Plan is for $20.83/month (if you buy a yearly pack) otherwise $24.99/month.

2. Professional Hosting

As the name says Professional Hosting, this hosting plan is for the big websites that have a large amount of traffic. 

The user should go for this hosting when they are going to run heavy websites.

Professional Hosting Plan offers you 15 Websites, 20GB of storage, and 200GB of Bandwidth.

The Plan is like $41.58/month(when paid yearly), otherwise $49.99/month.

3. Elite Hosting

Elite hosting is a very expensive hosting plan in comparison to all other hosting plans. 

You should only go for this hosting plan when you have to run a very big and large website and also have a high amount of traffic daily.

This Hosting plan is so expensive because under this you are provided with 35 Websites, 40GB of Storage, and UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH.

As I told you that Elite Hosting is an expensive hosting plan, this hosting costs you $83.25/month(if you paid yearly), otherwise $99.00/month.

When you pay yearly or $24.99/mon.
When you pay yearly or $49.99/mon.
When you pay yearly or $99.00/mon.
5 Websites15 Websites35 Websites
10GB Storage15GB Storage40GB Storage
100GB Bandwidth200GB BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth

One of the key points of Wpx hosting is that it offers 30 Days Risk-free trial, so the customers can check and examine their service before purchasing a complete package of hosting plans. 

This directly points that how transparent the WPX wants to be with their Customer. You can check the trial version and then go for the full package.

How to save up to 90% on WPX Hosting Plans?

You can get a discount of up to 90% on monthly plans. For WPX’s annual plans, you get 12 months subscription at the cost of 10 months only. 2 Month subscription cost is free when you choose an annual subscription. To get the discount codes, visit our WPX Hosting Coupon page.

Expert Review of WPX Hosting Features

Do you know the core features of WPX?

WPX is a premium Managed WordPress hosting provider that provides best-in-class features in the industry. In our review and study, we found that the websites hosted on WPX’s servers are insanely fast and the uptime is 99.99% +.

As per my opinion, I am highlighting some of the key features that makes WPX class apart:

  • Page Load Speed
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • WordPress expert
  • Hack protection and removal
  • Daily backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Quick Support
  • Inhouse CDN for FREE
  • Confirm Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Site Migrations
  • Staging Area
  • 30 Seconds Average Support
  • Free Email Setup
  • Daily Malware Scan

Let’s discuss some of these features in detail so you can easily understand what exactly WPX hosting offers you.

1. Page Load Speed:

How good is the page load speed of WPX? We tested a live site for speed on various renowned tools just to make this WPX review more meaningful and honest.

It is true that for marketing purposes, every Hosting company will boast about its speed and performance. But during our reviews, we test their claims before making any recommendation.

Let’s have a look at our findings from an independent speed test conducted on a website hosting on WPX servers.

Test 1. Using Tool Bitcatcha

We conducted our first test on the WPX site using a popular tool Bitcatcha. To check the server response time, BitCatcha is the best tool.

We have found that the average response time of WPX Hosting is 5ms, which is not even 1/100th of a second. As per the tools, WPX’s servers are rated as A+ or exceptionally quick.

So there is no doubt that WPX hosting provides you the fastest page loading speed on all their servers or datacenters. 

wpx speed test from global locations through bitcatcha, wpx speed review

Test 2. Using Pingdom.com

Bitcatcha tells you the response time from the server and not the complete page load time. So, we decided to test the same site using another tool – Pingdom.

Pingdom.com helped us to get the full page load time of a website that is currently using WPX hosting.

What did we find during our WPX speed test?

So, we got amazing results as expected. A page with 608 kb and 42 requests was loaded in just 1.28 seconds. On speed, I will give them 5 out of 5. 

Here I attached the image of the test result for you.

wpx review of speed, wpx speed test through pindom from asia

2. 99.95% Uptime Guarantee:

The WPX commits for a 99.95% Uptime Guarantee. Before discussing this feature, let’s have some knowledge about what is the actual meaning of Uptime here.

Uptime means is simply how much time does your site’s server is up or active. You can check how Uptime impacts your site’s performance using our Website Uptime Calculator.

WPX Uptime Test:

To test the uptime guarantee claims by WPX, we decided to use Uptime Robot, an industry-leading monitoring tool.

After reviewing the uptime of WPX for over 800 hours, we observed zero downtime. Check the snapshot below, you can see 100% uptime proof there.

wpx uptime review

3. WordPress Expert:

Wpx hosting is also known for its expert support services in WordPress. This hosting supports WordPress very smoothly. The user will not face any lag while using it in Wpx hosting. It gives you a very clean and simple dashboard so you can easily understand that and can create your pages in a few steps.

Other leading WP players: Kinsta, FlyWheel, Rocket.Net, and EasyWP.

4. Hack Protection & Removal:

Services like Sucuri and Malcare will charge you at least $99 a year for a hack protection firewall.

With WPX, you get free malware removal.

Everything that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to hacking attempts. One such unfortunate event means your years of effort are gone.

Team WPX has deployed a server-level firewall that also performs regular virus checks. If found, they remove it without a delay.

5. Daily Backups:

WPX hosting provides you with a daily backup and restores facility. Just in case your website gets hacked or you accidentally delete your important data, you can restore it for free.

All these backups are automatic and you need not perform them manually

But if once in a blue moon, you need to restore your site, then WPX provides you the full daily Backups so that something happens then we are ready to restore the site data.

6. DDoS Protection:

You might have seen everywhere that every good hosting provider provides you the DDoS protection, but the question is How does it work?

See, DDoS means Distributed Denial-of-Service. WPX protects your website by using tools and techniques to overcome or protect your site from DDoS attacks.

7. 24/7 Quick Support:

I have to say that WPX Hosting provides you the 24/7/365 Quick Support. You can contact the representative via Live Chat.

They are always ready to help you, I can say that they will be there before you start typing your Query.

Here I asked some basic questions from them and they replied very quickly in comparison to many other hosting websites.

wpx review of customer service response

8. Inhouse CDN (FREE):

You will be shocked to know that WPX hosting does not provide you the Cloudflare CDN because they have their own CDN’s in different countries.

Now the question arises, how it is good for us? So, WPX is not using any other’s CDN service. If they use, then maybe the charge of their plan may be higher as now available, as they also have to pay for CDN to that company.

9. Staging Areas:

Now, maybe this is something new that you heard. Most of the hosting companies do not provide Staging Areas for your web pages.

The staging area is a separate trial domain for your page so that you can test your website in its alpha version. 

wpx dashboard and staging environment analysis

The user can create their pages and can test them before keeping in front of the public. So that the owner can check the speed and reliability of the website.

10. Daily Malware Scan:

The WPX Hosting offers you the daily malware scan under their plans. What it does is that your website is scanned daily for checking for any malicious activities, which is good for you and your website.

We have covered this key point in detail below.

Free Daily Malware Scanning & Removal

With WPX hosting, you are tension-free as far as virus and malware-related tasks are concerned. They will take care of malware scanning and removal every day free.

wpx freebies and malware removal details

If you will not choose WPX hosting, ideally you should choose one of these Malware Removal plugins like – Malcare, Sucuri, and Sitelock.

But, how much cost do you think you will have to pay extra for these plugins.

Cost of Malware Removal (1 site)FREE$99/year$199.99/year$149.99/year
Cost of Malware Removal (5 sites)FREE$259/year$999.95/year$749.95/year

For your satisfaction, I am attaching some of the images which will tell you the exact rate of their hosting plans.

This price plan is of Malcare, you can read and check the prices and facilities under this image or from here.

wpx comparision with malcare

Now, Here is the Sucuri Price List, you can check the detailed information about the plans from here.

wpx and sucuri

At last, here is the price plan for Sitelock, you can get the full detailed information from here.

wpx and sitelock

So, when you buy a WPX hosting plan, then you get the FREE DAILY MALWARE SCAN facility that saves you lots of money and secures your website for free.

This is one of the best key points for why you should go for WPX Hosting because other Malware Removal Plugins charge you a lot of money for doing the same thing.

Why you should go for WordPress Hosting?

We know you are searching for the Best Web Hosting and most of your friends and colleagues have definitely advised you for Managed WordPress Hosting.

But by listening to others only, you should not choose a decision, you have to do your own research regarding every decision of your life and the tasks you perform.

So here we will discuss some main reasons for purchasing Managed WordPress Hosting.

  1. Automatic Backup for Data Protection

Choosing a Managed WordPress hosting is good for you as you get the daily Automatic Backup of your Website. What in case, if you lose your all website’s data and you don’t have a backup. 

So for those crucial situations, Managed WordPress hosting provides you the automatic daily backups of your websites.

  1. Security is Always On

Just think like that may be in the future your website is attacked by hackers and you get some malicious malware on your website. 

So for that critical situations, Managed WordPress Hosting automatically secures your website from those attacks and activities.

  1. Managed WordPress means Fast Performance

We can say that Managed WordPress Hosting means higher performance. 

The word itself says Managed, the WordPress hosting you will buy is designed by keeping the needs and comfort of the customers.

Managed WordPress Hosting is so user-friendly so that the user can easily work with WordPress.

  1. Test Your Site Before Publishing (Staging)

As we discussed above in the features, Staging is a feature through which the user can test the website in the development stage.

Managed WordPress allows you to perform Staging. You can test your site before launching it in front of all users of your website.

How your Hosting affects your Website?

To deal with one Hosting from the number of Hosting Providers is not an easy task. So there is a number of Hosting Providing Companies are available in the market that offers to host at a very cheap cost and some are of a very high cost.

But here the question arises that why some of them are cheap and some of them are very costly as they are providing the same number of websites to host.

Your hosting affects a lot on your future websites. Whenever you opt to choose a hosting plan you should check all the features that your hosting provider offers you, whether it comes to CDN, SSL, Bandwidth, security, backups, and many other important things.

These things affect a lot in speed, reliability, and flexibility of your website. So, in the future whenever you are confused between choosing a plan for your website, please read all the features that are provided by that Hosting Provider.

WPX – Pros and Cons

We know that WPX is a very good hosting website and provides its users with very good facilities. But as I always say, A coin has two faces.

So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of WPX Hosting.

Pros of WPX Hosting

  • WPX provides a Free SSL service to all users.
  • The User has the option of the staging area, which means the user can test the page or website before publishing it live.
  • WPX commits for a 99.95% Uptime Guarantee.
  • WPX has its CDN servers for better performance and speed.
  • The fastest 30 seconds average quick customer support is provided by the WPX.
  • You get the daily Malware Scans of your full website.

Cons of WPX Hosting

  • WPX is the best hosting but expensive. So for those who want to have WPX hosting but can’t afford as the hosting plans are so expensive.
  • Email and Telephone support is not available.
  • WPX provides you its dashboard, and you do not have the option of cPanel for managing your sites.
  • No single site hosting, WPX does not provide you a single website hosting plan, which is not good for some customers because multiple hosting of websites increases the cost of the plans.

Free Professional Email by WPX

Yes, it’s true. WPX provides you the free Professional Email support. A professional Email includes the name of your business in it.

If you are running an online business and you don’t have a professional email then you may face a problem in your business profiles.

Let’s understand this with an example: –

So, [email protected] is a professional email, here Hind Shoes is the name of his business. These types of emails create a positive image of your business in front of your customer. Needless to say, they look professional and make sense for all business-related communications.

Most of the Hosting providing companies does not offer you the FREE Professional Email service but, WPX gives Professional email service to you for absolutely FREE of cost.

WPX Hosting and its Alternatives

WPX is one of the best hosting providers and it provides you several awesome features like,

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Inhouse CDN
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • Daily Malware Scans and many others.

So here, please check out that what WPX offers you in comparison to the other hosting providing companies.

WPX HostingKinstaWP Engine
Monthly Cost$20.83$30$25
Free CDNYes (Inhouse)Yes (but 3rd party)Yes (but 3rd party)
Effective SupportExcellentAverage
No. of websites511
Full Backup ManagerYesYesYes
Staging AreaYesYesYes
Domain TransferYes (unlimited)Only 1No
Malware ScanYes, Free and DailyYesNo
DDoS ProtectionYesNoYes
SSL Certificate (Free)YesYesYes
Website Load Time1.28s1.29s2.02s
Trustpilot Rating out of 5 stars4.9/54.7/53.3/5

InHouse CDN of WPX

WPX offers you a free in-house CDN. Now the point is every Hosting Provider is offering you the free CDN but what’s new in this FREE in-house CDN.

So for your kind information, if you are looking for the best transfer speed using CDN, then you should know that WPX has its own pre-configured highly optimized, and synchronized CDN servers across the world.

Benefits of InHouse CDN:

  1. Having its CDN means that they have full control over the CDN, so when our hosting controls our CDN then definitely we will get better performance through CDN’s.
  2. More Secure Network, most of the website hosting providers use third-parties CDN’s to provide you the better performance, but when we have our own CDN’s then the chances of security raises by 10%.

Review of WPX’s – Customer Support

WPX’s chat is always live 24×7.

They provide their customers the quick and informative support. The live chat support is available in WPX hosting, and yes the representative is ready to answer you within 30 seconds.

I am attaching a chat that I have done with their representative, where you can see how quick and efficient the answer is.

wpx customer support service

Be it a sales-related question or a service-related task, they will quickly resolve your queries.

WPX’s service review suggests that its executives are helpful, knowledgeable, quick, and kind. If I have to rate their customer support service, then I will give them 5 out of 5 stars.

WPX Customer Review And Feedback

WPX always tries to satisfy its customers by providing the best and top facilities so that they can fulfill the customer’s needs.

Approx 98% of WPX users are satisfied with the service of WPX Hosting and rated them best for the Hosting Provider.

Here I am attaching the user’s rating and reviews for your satisfaction so that you can read and opt to go for WPX Hosting.

These reviews are from Trustpilot.com, you can also check these reviews from this website.

wpx customer ratings and reviews on trustpilot
wpx reviews from customers

So, after going through all these ratings and reviews, we need to say that WPX is one of the best hosting websites providers in this world.

As that rating chart shows that 97% of users give Excellent rating 1% for good and 1% on average, which is very excellent for us.

FAQs About WPX Hosting

Let us now discuss some of the frequently asked questions related to WPX hosting and its review.

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting is a complete box of a bunch of top and best features that are beneficial for both small and big business owners or entrepreneurs. WPX protects your WordPress website from DDoS attacks for free. You all get a Free CDN with all hosting plans.

Is Wpx hosting good?

Yes, Of course, WPX Hosting has all the top features, and they provide you the personal free CDN in their plan, free SSL, a minimum of 5 websites to host, and full free daily backups and malware scans.

What is the pricing of WPX Hosting?

WPX offers 3 plans in monthly as well as annual options.
Monthly plans start from $24.99 whereas the annual plan starts from $20.83.

What are some of the best WPX coupons?

Here is the list of best monthly Coupons of WPX Hosting:
1. 2141#changeseeker (90% Off on all Monthly Plans)
2. BloggersPassion (50% Off on monthly plans)
3. 2MonthsOff (Pay for 10 Months and Get 12 Months Hosting)
You can apply them now.

Does WPX Hosting Provide CDN?

Yes, of course, WPX Hosting provides CDN to their customers even the WPX has their CDN servers, they do not use any 3rd-party CDN for their customers. When your hosting company provides you with their own InHouse CDN, then the speed, reliability, and security are automatically increased.

Who owns WPX?

Terry Kyle owns WPX web hosting.

Conclusion: WPX Review 2023

WPX Review Summary: WPX is beginner-friendly, highly secured, and affordable managed WordPress Hosting. Its customer service offers quick 30 seconds response time. We tested it and found it as one of the fastest web hosting with inbuilt CDN and automated backups.

After going through all the above information and my research on WPX hosting, I must say that WPX is one of the best hosting providers that is built for WordPress.

Starting a new WordPress website for the beginner is not easy but the three simple plans by WPX fulfill all your needs and give a lot of freedom.

If you want to start a new online business or offline business and want to create a website for your business in 2023, I will suggest WPX hosting because of its best features and facilities.

There are some reasons why you should choose WPX hosting like you get several websites to host according to your hosting plan. You also get InHouse CDN (i.e., WPX’s CDN servers which increases the reliability and speed of your website), and a lot of facilities like Free SSL that WPX provides you.

As compared to starter shared web hosting, WPX hosting does not come in cheap hosting. Yes WPX is expensive and comes with a minimum price plan of $20.83/month that allows you to host a maximum of 5 websites.

If you want to improve your website speed and overall user experience, you should go for WPX Hosting.

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4 thoughts on “WPX Hosting Review 2023: Expert Opinion With Customer Feedback, Pros & Cons”

  1. Thank you for detail information!
    Any discounts on WPX Hosting on annual costing?
    Is it better than wordpress and any other hosting platforms?

    • Hi Ella, We have mentioned all the details in this Wpx hosting review. WPX Hosting provides you 2 months off on yearly purchase.
      In our speed and uptime test during the WPX review, we found it a premium web host that’s offers fast page loads, in-house CDN and great customer service. You can ask for free transfer of your existing websites.For WordPress, WPX is one of the best web hosting.

  2. Is WPX is suitable for big business hosting? Why elite hosting is expensive among all other hosting and what unique feathers needed to develop elite hosting?

    • WPX hosting is a great web host for beginners as well as professionals looking forward to hosting a WordPress site. You should start with its entry-level plan that is sufficient to host 5 websites.


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