Squarespace Pricing & Website Cost (Yearly and Monthly) 2024

What’s the best way to start or run a website? Does buying a domain and hosting do the job? Well, it doesn’t quite work like that.

Today I am going to talk about Squarespace and its plans along with its pricing. It’s not the name of any hosting provider, it is actually a superpowered website builder that provides amazing templates to customize and build your website. 

A site builder helps in designing your site, and it is especially useful for people who don’t have the technical coding knowledge. What’s relaxing is that you don’t have to spend money to hire any web designer or developer who may charge around $500 – $10,000 depending on the no. of pages, customization, and other add-ons.

It’s true, no software can beat human creativity. We are also a team of professional developers with a decade of experience. But even we don’t recommend beginners with a low budget for this.

squarespace pricing

Squarespace Pricing Yearly Vs Monthly: How Much Do You Save

Honestly, If you asked me “What’s the best site builder out there”? I’d definitely name Squarespace. Today I am going to discuss Squarespace Pricing & Website Costs (Yearly and Monthly) including a special coupon code for you.

squarespace pricing plan

If you’re running out of time here’s a quick overview of all plans.

Plan Monthly PriceAnnual Price Per MonthYou Monthly Save
Personal$23$16 (30% Off)$7
Business$33$23 (30% Off)$10
Commerce Basic$36$27 (25% Off)$9
Commerce Advanced$65$49 (24% Off)$16

How To Choose The Right Billing Mode

Choosing the duration is much more complicated than choosing a plan. When you visit the pricing page you see pricing tiers decorated with highlighted heavy discounts.

It pushes us somewhere to grab it in one go. But don’t fall for it easily. Here you have to think smartly. 

Which billing mode is good for you totally depends on your needs and situation. Also, they have their own pros and cons. 

Annual Billing of Squarespace is pretty different than others as it doesn’t follow any promo pricing for these plans, i.e. there are no scary renewal rates and all plans have default pricing. However, the pricing may change over time. 

If you are on a low budget, you must pay the whole wallet at once which might be a rip-off. But if think broadly it’s not a bad investment to get rid of the month-to-month cycle. 

On the other side, the monthly plan can be expensive if you calculate the yearly saving. But if you aren’t sure about site building or just browsing to try it, you can go for a monthly subscription. 

Again, if you choose the annual mode of payment, Squarespace monthly price would drop to $16 only.

Plan Monthly Price (When purchased annually)
Commerce Basic$27
Commerce Advance$49

Are you unsure, which plan to choose and will Squarespace be the right tool for your website?

It has a 14-day free trial to use. But is 14 days enough? Sometimes it takes more than a month to know what’s good or bad. You need several things to keep in mind such as your website’s-

  • Performance and uptime
  • Speed, loading time, and response time
  • Customer service
  • Security

But again, is 30 days will be enough to analyze it?

Do this.

As Squarespace doesn’t have quarterly or semi-annual flexibility. Going with 3 monthly cycles will be a wise choice. 

Remember that, monthly billing will be on autorenewal so it will deduct the amount automatically from your account. If you don’t want this, just don’t forget to disable this feature. 

Squarespace Pricing Plans 2024

Let us discuss all plans and pricing in detail now.

Pricing of Squarespace Personal Plan

Useful For:
Making Portfolios, Personal blogs, Index pages, Individual Blogger, Solopreneurs

Freebies: What Does It Have To Offer 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
  • Free customized Domain 
  • Ad-free Service 
  • 150+ templates 
  • Duo site management option (include any 3rd person to manage your site or transfer ownership)
  • Free Let’s Encrypt 2048-bit SSL
  • 24/7 Email and Chat Support 
  • Onsite visitor streaming on 30-minute videos 
  • Add up to 1000 site pages
  • Website Reports of traffic and content 
  • Collection of audience data
  • Product designing 
  • Integrate your favorite extensions 


The Personal plan comes with a monthly cost of $23 per month which descends to $16 per month with annual billing.

Squarespace Business Plan

Useful For
Startups, Enterprise Sites, Developers, Gamers, Business Blogs, Affiliate Marketers, Influencers, Entrepreneurs

Freebies: What Does It Have To Offer 

  • An accessible Google Workspace account with a professional mail address. 
  • Code editing via CSSMarkdown, iFrame, HTML,  or Javascript 
  • Platforms for developers
  • Signup or Promo pop-ups 
  • Enable widespread integration such as Mailchimp, Zapier, ChowNow 
  • Additional blocks such as Amazon, Donation,  Menu, and OpenTable. 
  • Unlimited contributors 
  • All Features Of Personal Plan


The Business plan starts with a monthly cost of $33 per month but if you choose to go with the annual, you’ll pay $23 per month.

Personal Vs Business Plan: Which One Should I Choose

Free Domain
Code And Blocks
Promo Popups
Team building2 personUnlimited
Product Selling
Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

If you have had a brief look over both of these plans. You may have noticed the lack of some notable features that the personal plan lacks. 

In general, the Business plan is just an upgraded version of the personal plan. However, there are certain things you should be aware of if you choose the personal plan. 

For bloggers and beginners, the personal plan is sufficient as they still have limitless storage as well as bandwidth, so you can create your own media gallery, tutorials, audios, and podcasts. 

Also, you get all the data of your audience including volume, location, and sign-up details. But with a business plan, you can get your audience to sign up using promos and pop-ups

On the other hand, the Business Plan (which has all the features of the personal plan and a lot more, truly gives you that business owner experience)

With a personal plan, you can just design your products but a Business plan allows you to sell them on your site. You can integrate some premium codes and blocks. 

You are free to build a team of individuals without any limit to running your website, this makes it a much better option for companies. 

You are also allowed to sprinkle some code magic over your site and it also has a separate platform for developers.

Squarespace Commerce Basic Plan

Useful For:
Small to Medium Online stores, Clothing lines, Merchandise, Sales, Shopping sites, Homemade businesses, Brands

Freebies: What Does It Have To Offer 

  • Analytical reports of website performance 
  • Sell on social media (Instagram or Facebook)
  • Allowance for customer account setups 
  • Product orders, selling, tracking, and follow-ups 
  • Sending Email reminders to customers
  • In-depth customer analytics 
  • Your domain checkout URL ( i.e. https://domain.com/checkout) instead of Squarespace URL (i.e. https://secure.squarespace.com/)
  • Offline shipping to the local area (currently for the USA)
  • Receive 1500 characters of product feedback
  • Build merchandise, gift cards, coupons, and labels. 
  • Everything included in Business Plan


Commerce Basic has a monthly cost of $36 per month and a yearly cost of $27 per month.

Squarespace Commerce Advanced Plan

Useful For:
Large Online stores and services, large-scale businesses, Pro product sellers

Freebies: What Does It Have To Offer 

  • Send auto mailers to customers to shop their wishlists and check out their carts. 
  • Run subscriptions 
  • Calculate Real Time Rates automatically as per FedEx, USPS, and UPS prices depending on volume, weight,  and distance. 
  • Create coupon codes or offer discounts for users. 
  • Attach availability, color options, free delivery, and special off labels. 
  • Collaborate with other shopping sites such as Etsy, Big Central, or Shopify and import products from them. 
  • Get API to make coding changes to upgrade site features. 
  • Rest everything that the Commerce Basic has. 


Commerce Advanced has a monthly cost of $65 per month and a yearly cost of $49 per month.

Business Or Commerce: Which Is Good For Running A Business

FeaturesBusinessCommerce Plans
Customer Follow-ups Emails
Code And Blocks
Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth
Visitor interest, data, account setup
Sales Reports
Product Shipping, Review

If you are confused between the business and commerce plans, you should evaluate the difference before purchasing. 

The Business plan is highly recommended for company websites, NGO sites, or professional bloggers. But there’s a disadvantage of 3% transaction fees ($0.69) along with the payable cost. ($27+$0.69 = $27.69)

Just because the business plan is cheaper than the two commerce plans, doesn’t mean you should go for the cheaper option. The commerce plan comes with something that’s truly mouthwatering. 

The Analytics is advanced. In Business, you’re getting most of the data of your customers but Commerce offers detailed data of revenue, filled customer carts, bounce rate, referrals, page views, sales, and conversion. 

With commerce plans, you don’t need to hire any person to look up these little things that can be managed by anyone. 

In summary, a Commerce plan is more likely useful for online stores, shopping sites, and brands. 

Bloggers who are running their small businesses such as E-books, cookies, consulting, podcasts, online sessions, and other products can switch to Commerce Basic or Advanced Plan. 

Also, the comparative pricing of Basic Commerce is less than Business. You just have to pay an extra $3.31, which isn’t that big of a deal anyway.

How To Save An Extra 10% On Your Current SquareSpace Pricing Plan

Here’s your coupon code to get an extra 10% Off.


See how this code works magically on the pricing menu.

I am not kidding here, it would happen. Go on and get a try. Follow these small steps to avail this offer.

Step 1: Visit the website Here. Click on “Get Started.”

squarespace homepage

Step 2: Go to the login bar and create an account via Google, Apple, Facebook, and Email.

squarespace login

Step 3: You’ll be navigated to your dashboard. Click on “Create Website“.


Step 4: Click on any template to proceed.


Step 5: Click on “Continue” and then three successive “Next” buttons.

squarespace template

Step 6: Click on the “Subscribe” button on the footer.

editing squarespace template

Step 7: Choose the right Squarespace plan and Click on “Click”.

squarespace pricing

Step 8: Fill in your card and location details.

payment details

Once you are done with all the above steps, a final pay section will occur. Here you’ll see the section asking for any promo code. Put code GUPTA10 and get 10% Off.

How To Choose The Right Squarespace Plan

Let’s understand this example, suppose you made a website just because you want to create your personal blog or portfolio. In this case, you should choose a personal plan. 

After some time you have an audience and you want to know more about them. Here, you must create some pages to build trust such as the About page, Contact page, Privacy policy, and many others that you may require. 

You can add a friend of yours to help you. Now, you want to convert your audience into customers. It’s time to switch Business plans to get the lead.

Raise funds, add extra coding, get professional emails, and add many partners as you want. But it is not so good enough for eCommerce. 

The Business plan is just good for enterprises or a company’s page. Also, it has a 3% transaction fee. (which is too minimal)

But if you just want multiple people in your team, or just have client work. Go for the Business Plan. But I would suggest you buy Commerce Basic instead as you can better fluently handle your customers. 

If you going well and want more advancement, get to Commerce Advanced.

Use Squarespace Without Paying A Dime

Is Squarespace free? No, I didn’t mean that. But Yeah You can use Squarespace free for 28 days. How? Let me tell you. 

For doing this, you have to follow two ways. 

The first one is its 14-day free trial. Squarespace won’t ask you to follow any payment process or share any card details with 100% peace of mind and virtually you don’t feel any pressure.

The second procedure is its 14 Day Refund Policy. After the completion of the free trial, you have to subscribe to it. Now, you have to lose your pocket for it. Use our coupon code to get an additional 10% Off. 

If you don’t like it, you can cancel it anytime within 14 days. But you can’t expect the same after using it a single day extra and it’s not applicable in monthly mode. 

Comparing Squarespace Pricing With Its Competitors

Site BuilderSquarespaceWebflowWix
Annual Price per month$16$14$16
Monthly Price$23$18$16
Free Trial14 daysFree PlanUnavailable
Refund14 daysUnavailable14 days

Webflow is the very first rival with pricing. Unlike Squarespace, it has a free starter plan and a basic plan at $14 per month. But they are not so leveled up and incomparable with Squarespace’s Plan. 

You have to choose either CMS (at $23 per month) or Business (at $39 per month) to get a pro website. Also, it doesn’t have any refund flexibility.

On the other side, we have the second most competitor, Wix. It has the same story as Webflow. The scariest part is its 2 GB of storage. (Squarespace offers unlimited)

Here the most shrewd option is Squarespace. 

Other Paid Services Of Squarespace

If you don’t want its site builder but are interested in other services and features, here are some services that you can make use of.

Email Marketing 

Squarespace offers you to run an email campaign that helps to communicate with your public. It has a number of stunning email layouts for various types of audiences. 

All these templates or designs are easy to edit and customize. Not only this, the smart email marketing tools such as 

  • Mailing list of all subscribers 
  • Automated emails without clicking the send button 
  • Include subscribers to your subject line 
  • No subscriber limit, it’s unlimited 
  • Send up to 250,000 emails per month 
  • Run up to unlimited campaigns 

The pricing of Squarespace’s Email Marketing starts at $5 per month. Check it out here.


If you already have a domain, you can transfer it to Squarespace within 24 hours to 15 days for absolutely free. 

But in case you are a beginner or want to create a new one, you can get one here. Do the domain name search and check out the pricing. 

It will cost you nothing for the very first year with any of the plans but you gotta pay at the renewal. the price will vary from $20 to $70 based on the TLD and extension. 

The additional benefit is its free SSL security and free WHOIS privacy. 

Bonus: If you want to try multiple platforms, we recommend you get free trial of Shopify, compare it with Squarespace, and proceed with the best one.

Squarespace Scheduling (Or Acuity Scheduling)

For VIP management of your website, Squarespace has a very handy product known as Scheduling. It works round the clock, and quickly reviews your appointments,  payments, classes, and availability. 

It makes everything organized, saves time, and manages payment history. Nevertheless, you have customized communication styles, auto calendar coordination, subscriptions,  offers, meetings,  and intake forms. 

You can also integrate third-party apps such as Stripe, Zapier,  Outlook, PayPal,  and Outlook. 

The pricing plan for Squarespace scheduling starts at $16 per month. Explore something more from here

The other products such as inbuilt-SEO tools, professional Emails, extensions, and social media tools come free with the default pricing plans. There are also 3rd party products of Squarespace such as Tock (for reservation and events), Unfold (for social media), and BioSites.

Squarespace Payment Mode

Squarespace accepts all the popular payment modes such as 

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. American Express
  4. JCB 
  5. Diner’s Club

You can pay in $USD (US dollars), $AUD (Australian dollars), €EUR (Euros), and £GBP (Pounds).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Squarespace have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Squarespace has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

What’s the best Squarespace plan?

The Commerce Basic is the best yet affordable plan for many professional bloggers, companies, and online stores.

How much does Squarespace cost?

Squarespace’s initial price is $16 per month.

Bottom Line

Squarespace is one of the top site builders having multiple useful features. It’s a great platform to try your creativity and design skills. And don’t forget to let us know your experience in the comments below.

If you need any personal consulting from our side regarding web development and design, you can contact our team.

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