What is Hosting and Domain?

Web Hostings and Domain Name are two different but interrelated concepts. Domain V/s Web Hosting is what you will figure our in this tutorial today. Find out What is Domain

How to buy Domain the cheapest way. How to Host that domain, Means- What is Hosting? Yes, these two concepts are crucial before you actually launch your blog or website.

What is Domain Name?

Definition of Domain name with infographics, detailed guide explaining Domain and Hosting

We will teach you what Domain Name is – Domain name is a concept related to your blog or website. It is the name and address of the website that someone will have to type in the google or URL bar to reach your website address. 

Domain can be called as address of the website you are willing to launch.

Don’t worry, we will get into the detailed explanation on this. We know that Internet is network of billions of computers which are Inter-connected. Each and every computer has its own unique address assigned to it – called as –IP Address

You must have seen this before, an IP addresses look like this: . Its easier for machines to store and remember these IP Addresses in form of numbers. But can we as human remember and use these numbers to connect to websites on the internet? No. 

Domain Names are the solution to this problem. You choose the names as your parents choose your names to call you.

A domain name words or numbers which makes some sense related to type of your website and definitely it easy to humans to remember your website name. 

You simply type the name of website in your google browser and will reach there – with the help of – domain name, for example, Cheapandbesthosting.com. 

If you are looking forward to buy a domain name, checkout some easy to remember and great domain name ideas for your audience.

What is Hosting

Detailed updated definition of Web hosting or Hosting, Difference between hosting and domain, a detailed guide for beginners

What does hosting mean? Hosting or Web hosting allows you to post your blog or website online. You website’s all files, images, folders etc are stored with Web Hosting provider. Web Hosting is like a Bank for the files of your website and helps your website to connect with internet.

Web-Page of your website are viewed on internet only because of a service called- “Web Hosting” offered by  a web host  or web hosting service provider.  Web Hosting provides the technologies and services needed to launch and run websites on the internet.

Files of websites are hosted on powerful machines or computers called as – Servers. On internet when someone enters the Domain name in the browser, the browser connects them with the Host from where the files are rendered to the browser and web-page can be viewed.

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What is hosting? explained hosting and domain in detail with related terms like servers etc

What are the type of Hostings?

There are various kinds of Hosting services as per the requirements and level of the website. Buying a good hosting with proper planning will mean right use of budget as per the requirements. As per the traffic of website and requirements, you can opt for following 4 type of web hosting namely: 

  • Shared hosting 
  • Dedicated hosting 
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting 
  • Cloud hosting
Hosting to blogging strategies explained for the ease of beginners

What kind of Hosting is good for you?

As mentioned above, you can chose any of the type basis the traffic, budget and space requirements.

Shared Hosting — For beginners, entry level bloggers or websites, cost-effective.

VPS Hosting — Small to medium level websites, medium traffic. Suitable for experienced bloggers to techies.

Dedicated Hosting — Suitable large websites with huge traffic. 

Cloud Hosting – Latest technology, kind of VPS hosting but more safe and secured.


WordPress Hosting — If you are looking for managed and optimised WordPress experience, this hosting is suitable.

What are some best Web Hosting companies ?

There are many web hosting companies but not everyone is reliable. Choosing a right hosting will mean pocket friendly plans with excellent uptime and speed. Basis our experience and research, we will advise you (check hosting reviews for details) to opt for below mentioned popular web hosting companies – 

  1. BlueHostStrongly recommended
  2. SiteGround – Strongly recommended
  3. Hostinger – Best Cheap Hosting
  4. InterserverFeature Packed all in one plan
  5. HostGator –  Trusted Hosting (Excellent for VPS)
  6. NameCheap Hosting – Good to go if you have tight budget
  7. HostPapa – Growing brand
  8. Fast Comet – Good Shared hosting plans.
  9. Ipage – Cheap plans for initial term

More FAQs-

What is meant by hosting?

Hosting or Web Hosting service serves and maintains the files of your website. Your domain is connected to the name servers of web hosting provider. Whenever someone types the website name or domain name in the browser,  it connects to the servers of web host and web page is rendered. A domain name is nothing without hosting. Hosting is like a bank for your website files which are stored, maintained and delivered as per the needs.

What do you mean by web hosting and why do I need it?

Web hosting is basically a space required in the servers which can be – “Shared, cloud or dedicated servers” as per the requirements. We need hosting to store our website files and database etc. A domain name in itself is nothing without a hosting. Hosting providers provides you the space in their servers where you can store the website files which are made available to the user who types your domain name in browser. 

In simple words, no one will be able to access your website without web hosting.

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