Advanced VPS Server Management

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VPS server management is one of our premium services that is must for a beginner or someone with no technical expertise.

Your VPS can be a Linux server or Windows server that requires a lot of server management skills like continuous updates, malware scanning and patch up, regular daily backups or snapshots.

What We Can Do For You

Whenever your website scales up, you need to upgrade your web hosting too. In shared hosting plans, everything is managed by web hosting provider. But in VPS or a Dedicated server, all root level tasks are to be performed by website owner.

If you are not an expert, we must buy our services.

vps management

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Discuss it with our team and try risk free for 14 days.

We will ensure:

OS Management, be it Linux or a Windows server, we are experts in managing all of them.

Regular Updates, we will ensure your apps, plugins, themes are up to date.

Backup and Restores, we provide 30 days backup offsite or as per the plan. You can ask for unlimited restores in a month.

Server security hardening, so that you website is safe from attackers.

Cache management, so that you website loads fast.

RAM and CPU tracking, to ensure your website is accessible all the time, specially the you have opted for a cheap VPS provider.

CDN management, to save your VPS bandwidth cost, not all companies provides VPS with unlimited bandwidth.

Not only that, we will management all installations like WordPress, SSL, themes, plugins as per the requirements.

Today we are providing our services in USA, UK, India, and Singapore with over 36 happy clients.

We have a team of industry experts and technicians who can manage all your back end tasks so that you can peacefully manage your website.

We provide a 14 days risk free trial and you can cancel it any time. You do not need to provide any credit card


Our pricing starts with just $10 per month per server. Connect with us for exact pricing as it depends on the number of tasks your want us to perform for your VPS.

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