8 “VPS Free Trial” Without Credit Card In 2024 [Windows & Linux]

If you are aiming to upgrade your shared hosting to a VPS this year in 2024, we will help you get a VPS Free Trial before buying it. We have the best options available, you can try them in 2024 for your upcoming projects. Be it a Windows VPS or a Linux VPS, you can try them without a credit card for up to 30 days.

VPS is an essential option for people who want to establish their website, you get various helpful features with a high-performing VPS. Choosing a VPS proves to be the best decision for your website as it falls right between Shared and Dedicated hosting, it provides you guaranteed resources without spending big on a full-on dedicated server.

But the question arises which VPS service product is best for you or comes within the budget?

We bring you a VPS free trial option where you can try VPS service and if you find them suitable for your needs then continue with the same plan If you don’t like that plan then you can use other plans As we have mentioned in this article.

free vps trial windows and linux vps

Let’s start with Some of the free VPS service providers.

Exclusive Trials of Virtual Private Servers

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8 Hosting With Exclusive VPS Free Trial

Many companies are providing you with a free trial VPS plan and some are offering a one-month money-back policy on their VPS plans.

Here we have brought you the best 8 popular companies providing free VPS trials or a money-back policy.

DigitalOcean VPS Free Trial with $200 Credits Free

DigitalOcean VPS free trial

DigitalOcean, founded in 2011, provides cloud computing solutions to developers and small to medium-sized businesses worldwide. It has around 15 data centers spanning all across the world to provide reliable servers to users. 

DigitalOcean’s VPS servers (Droplets) can be purchased as low as $4.00 per month. These servers are especially known for their amazing scalability and come in various configurations. 

For instance, you can get Droplets that are optimized for Memory, CPU, or Storage, if you have a specific need for those components. 

Besides Droplets, Digital Ocean also provides other products such as Kubernetes (Managed Kubernetes Clusters), Paperspace, and App Platform (market your apps faster).

Plans and Features Provided by DigitalOcean 

DigitalOcean provides customers with the best experience with features such as: 

  1. Easily Scalable Servers: DigitalOcean offers various VPS plans with hardware suitable for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. This scalability makes it a great VPS option for people who expect their business to grow. 
  1. All SSD Storage: All of DigitalOcean’s plans come with SSDs to ensure faster performance on its VPS servers. 
  1. Data centers all over the world: With over 15 data centers located in key locations around the world, DigitalOcean ensures good performance and low latency.
  1. Easy Backups: DigitalOcean has a ‘Snapshot’ feature that allows you to create backup copies of your Droplet server for safety or cloning. Droplet snapshots cost $0.06/GB per month.

Now that I have covered some of the key features of DigitalOcean, take a look at the plans and pricing analysis for “Droplets” Below.

DigitalOcean Pricing

Plan 1512 MB1 vCPU10 GB SSD$4.00/m
Plan 21 GB1 vCPU25 GB SSD$6.00/m
Plan 32 GB1 vCPU50 GB SSD$12.00/m
Plan 42 GB2 vCPU60 GB SSD$18.00/m
Plan 54 GB2 vCPU80 GB SSD$24.00/m
Plan 68 GB4 vCPU160 GB SSD$48.00/m
Plan 716 GB8 vCPU320 GB SSD$96.00/m

The pricing typically varies based on the RAM and CPU.

For example:

  • The smallest 512MB RAM VPS starts at just $4/m.
  • We recommend at least a 2GB RAM option which will cost you $12/m. 2GB is required to handle server and traffic-related operations smoothly.
  • And yes, if you have a million visitors website, DigitalOcean offers the best scalability options, keep on adding the RAM and CPU without looking for another host. For example, a 16 GB RAM VPS costs $96/m, which is pretty affordable.

You can find all the pricing options for RAM and CPU here

Compared to other hosts, We found DigitalOcean to be a go-to solution for first-timers as well as pro website owners who have multiple high-traffic websites.

DigitalOcean VPS Free Trial with $200 Credit for 60 Days

DigitalOcean is offering a Free Trial with $200 in credits for 60 days, this means you get to use $200 for whatever you want in DigitalOcean, completely free of cost. You can see other uses of the free credit in the snapshot below.

DigitalOcean $200 free credit uses

CloudWays Free VPS No Credit Card Trial

cloudways free vps trial without credit card

Cloudways is a managed VPS Cloud hosting platform that is a Subsidiary of DigitalOcean, think of it as a managed version of DigitalOcean where you get fully managed VPS servers.

Here, you can build and manage web applications. It provides you with server customization and configuration, troubleshooting application-level issues, Proactive Application Monitoring, Private stack channel, Close Partnership, and Fast ticket response, with 24/7 active teams for customer support.

CloudWays provides hosting for Laravel, WordPress, Magento, and PHP applications VPS services that are managed.

Plans and Features Provided by CloudWays VPS

You get the free SSL certificate, pay when you start earning, free migration, Unlimited applications, and a 24/7 live active team for customer support.

It comes up with Premium and Standard plans. Here are some of the Essential features or benefits like memory, CPU, and bandwidth you are getting with the Premium and Standard CloudWays VPS hosting plan.

CloudWays Plans (DO)RAMCPUStorageBandwidth
Plan 11 GB1 core25 GB1 TB
Plan 22 GB1 core50 GB2 TB
Plan 34 GB2 core80 GB4 TB
Plan 48 GB4 core160 GB5 TB

CloudWays Pricing Analysis

The pricing of CloudWays Managed VPS varies based on resources like RAM, CPU core count, and storage.

  • In Addition, CloudWays gives you a choice to pick between servers from DigitalOcean, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Google Cloud.
  • DigitalOcean starts at $11/m with 1GB RAM, AWS Starts at $38.56/m with 2GB RAM, and Google Cloud starts at $37.45/m with 175GB RAM.
  • If you intend to go with DigitalOcean, we recommend going with at least the 2GB RAM option for smooth website functioning, it will cost you $24/m.
  • All Cloudways servers are completely managed, which means all the backups, security, and other management functions are handled by CloudWays.
Also: CloudWays provides both Standard and Premium servers, the standard servers are perfect for genreal workloads and apps, however, if you intend to run demanding applications, we recommend going with the premium servers, they start at a very affordable $14/m. To have a look at the plans for yourself click here.

CloudWays VPS Hosting free trial or Money Back Policy

CloudWays offers a free trial for 3 Days without any credit card login. You can check out any of its plans these days and if you think it is worth paying then you can continue and go for the paid plan. If not then move on to the next plan.

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GreenGeeks VPS Free Trial For 30 Days

greengeeks vps free service provider

GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider company. It was started in 2008 by Trey Gardner, now they have data centers in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands. This hosting platform is designed for maximum use with easy access and one-click installation.

You get multiple hosting services including Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting here.

GreenGeeks web hosting company provides both Windows and Linux VPS.

Plans and Features Provided by GreenGeeks VPS

GreenGeeks comes up with so many features for their customers. With the fastest load times worldwide, fast hard drives, fast web & Database service, fast app load time, Free CDN, The Fastest In-Browser Load Times, and security and reliability.

We are talking about the VPS Hosting plan and you get many benefits including -cPanel, a Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Transfer, and a Free Softaculous License. Let’s go through the Essential components or benefits like memory, RAM, and bandwidth you are getting.

VPS PlanRAMCPUStorageBandwidth
Plan A2 GB4 core50 GB10 TB
Plan B4 GB4 core75 GB10 TB
Plan C8 GB6 core150 GB10 TB

GreenGeeks Pricing

You get the managed VPS hosting plans at $39.95/m, $59.95/m, and $109.95/m.

You can choose either one according to your requirements, even the cheapest VPS plan comes with 2 GB RAM and freebies like SSL, website migration, etc.

GreenGeeks VPS Hosting free trial and Money Back Policy

GreenGeeks offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Use this for a month if you like it you can continue this plan with a renewal plan from next month and if you don’t get satisfied with their features then you can cancel your account at any time. However, this policy is available to customers who cancel their plan within the first 30 days. After 30 days you can cancel your plan but won’t get any money back.

Hostinger 30 Days VPS Free Trial

hostinger free vps trial for windows and linux

Hostinger was founded in 2004 as, Web hosting provider and Internet domain registrar platform. It is a platform that offers hosting services for developers and their customers. Hostinger keeps on updating itself according to the latest technology.

It provides easy-to-setup plans with simply fast websites, easy WordPress hosting, easy UI, and a 24/7 expert technical team for customer support.

Hostinger provides multiple services that include, Domain, hosting, and email Products. The hosting product has 8 plans- Shared web hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting, Minecraft hosting, CyberPanel VPS hosting, and Web hosting for agencies.

Hostinger provides Linux VPS services.

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Plans and Features Provided by Hostinger VPS

Hostinger offers so many features to their customers. With full root access, dedicated IP, Full Root Access, SSD drive, and IPv6 support. You get the VPS hosting platform with high speed and stability.

Let’s go through the Essential components or benefits like memory, RAM, and bandwidth you are getting with Hostinger.

VPS PlanRAMStorageBandwidth CPU
KVM 14 GB50 GB1 TB1 Core
KVM 28 GB100 GB2 TB2 Core
KVM 416 GB200 GB 4 TB4 Core
KVM 832 GB400 GB8 TB8 Core

Hostinger offers a total of 4 plans in which you get RAM up to 32 GB, storage up to 400 GB with up to 8 CPU cores, and 8 TB bandwidth.

Hostinger Pricing

  • Hostinger VPS pricing starts from $5.99/m and extends up to $17.99/m according to the RAM, Storage, and CPU cores provided by each plan.
  • If you are starting with a VPS, we recommend going with KVM 2, because, at just $1.00 more, you get double the amount of each component.

Hostinger VPS Hosting free trial and Money Back Policy

Hostinger offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Use it for one month If you like it you can continue with this plan with a renewal plan from next month and you can cancel your account at any time if you are not satisfied with its features. You have to cancel your plan within the first 30 days.

Hostinger is also our best bet this black Friday for VPS services.

Linode: Get $100 Credit Free (Expiring Today) 60 Days Trial

linode free trial

HostArmada Powerful VPS 7 Days Trial

hostarmada free vps trial for linux

HostArmada is a US-based hosting provider platform with so many features.

HostAramad provides its services with some benefits that include 1 Click installation, compatible backups, Web server cache, managed web hosting services, the latest optimal performance services, Root access, and website security.

HostArmada offers Domains and hosting Products such as Shared and WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated CPU services, and Domain extensions.

HostArmada only provides VPS services for Linux.

Plans and Features Provided by HostArmada VPS

HostArmada offers a range of features for its customers with its VPS plans. It offers unlimited websites, free SSL, free backups, readiness-to-launch features, advanced caching, malware scanning and removal, and WAF and IP firewalls.

Let’s go through the Essential features or benefits like memory, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth you are getting with HostArmada with its VPS plans.

VPS PlanRAMCPUStorageBandwidth
Web Shuttle2 GB1 core50 GB2 TB
Web Voyager4 GB2 core80 GB4 TB
Web Raider8 GB4 core160 GB 5 TB
Site Carrier16 GB 6 core320 GB8 TB

HostArmada Pricing

You get the HostArmada VPS hosting plans at $44.93/m, $53.59/m, $70.09/m, and $111.34/m. You can also read our review of HostArmada to understand this brand better.

HostArmada VPS Hosting free trial and Money Back Policy

HostArmada offers you a 7-day money-back guarantee. Use it for a week If you like it you can continue with this plan with a renewal plan from next week.

If you are not comfortable with extending that plan then cancel it within 7 days and get your money back without any cancellation fee. If you cancel after a week then you will not be able to get your money back.

You can also grab the HostArmada’s black Friday dedicated hosting deals.

BlueHost Scalable VPS Offering Upto 30 Days Trial

blue host free vps trial with windows and linux

BlueHost is a leading web hosting company. it was established in 2003 and founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. Till today it has set an example of providing the best hosting services, domain extensions, and WordPress hosting products.

Bluehost provides a complete web solution with multiple web hosting plans and domain names with extensive tools and expert support. You get Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting services.

Bluehost provides Linux VPS on BlueHost India and if you want to go for Windows VPS you have to check BlueHost.com.

Plans and Features Provided by BlueHost VPS

BlueHost offers many features with powerful flexible hosting. Features like multi-server management, Access control, File management, Database management, security, and other advanced capabilities.

Here are some of the Essential features or benefits like memory, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth you are getting with the BlueHost VPS hosting plan.

VPS Plan RAMCPUStorage Bandwidth
Standard2 GB2 core120 GBUnmetered
Enhanced4 GB2 core165 GB Unmetered
Ultimate8 GB4 core240 GBUnmetered

BlueHost Pricing

BlueHost VPS offers you very affordable VPS plans, they start at $31.99/m, $41.99/m, and $71.99/m. They provide VPS with unlimited bandwidth.

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Bluehost VPS Hosting free trial and Money Back Policy

BlueHost offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it for a week you will surely love it. If not then cancel it within 30 days and get your money back without any cancellation fee. Canceling after 30 days will not provide you with any money back.

InterServer Cheapest VPS With Free Trial

interserver free vps trial for windows and linux

InterServer founded by Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri in 1999, is a New Jersey-based company. Interserver provides the latest updated technologies with web hosting servers and cloud VPS services.

This company provides you with both Windows and Linux VPS.

Plans and Features Provided by InterServer VPS

It offers you so many features that include a free SSL certificate, CDN Add-on, Free Migration, Unlimited Application Installation, Team Management, Dedicated Firewalls, 24/7 Real-time Monitoring, Automated Backups, Optimized With Advanced Caches, Auto Healing, Regular Security Patching with 24/7 active customer support team.

The table below shows some of the Essential features or benefits like memory, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth you are getting with the InterServer VPS hosting plan.

Plans RAMCPUStorageBandwidth
Plan 12 GB1 core30 GB2 TB
Plan 24 GB2 core60 GB4 TB
Plan 36 GB3 core90 GB 6 TB
Plan 48 GB4 core120 GB 8 TB
Plan 510 GB5 core150 GB 10 TB
Plan 612 GB6 core180 GB 12 TB

Here InterServer provides a total of 16 plans where you can get RAM up to 32 GB with up to 16 core processors, and 480 GB Storage with up to 32 TB bandwidth.

InterServer Pricing

InterServer provides servers for Linux, Windows, and Storage VPS.

Linux VPS – Starts from $6.00/m and extends up to $96.00/m.

Windows VPS – Starts from $10.00/m and extends up to $160.00/m.

Storage VPS – Starts from $6.00/m and extends up to $96.00/m.

InterServer VPS Hosting free trial or Money Back Policy

Notably, it doesn’t offer any free trial or money-back policy, but it does offer the cheapest plan of $6 that you can try for a month with this price, and if you like you can renew it for next month. If you do not think it is worth paying for, you can cancel the plan just before renewing it.

Interserver is by far the cheapest VPS hosting with scalable RAM and CPU.

Vultr Free VPS Trial Without Credit Card

vultr free vps trial for windows and linux os

Vultr was established in 2014 and is located in Matawan, NJ, United States. It is a platform that provides multiple cloud-based services.

It provides you with high-performance IP networks, secure private networking, reserved IPs, and global data locations. You also get localized peering, low latency in a location near you, redundant network design, team management, and managed API access.

Vultr provides both Windows and Linux VPS.

Products and Features Provided by Vultr VPS

Vultr offers products like cloud computing, high-frequency computing, bare metal, object storage, block storage, dedicated instances, DDoS protection, direct connect, load balancers, and Kubernetes.

With some features that provide 20 data center locations worldwide, powerful networking, a powerful control panel, and Workable OS choices, you can upload your own ISO, and create your own IP space.  

Plans and Pricing

Vultr is a direct competitor to DigitalOcean, it provides various plans that cater to different workloads, For example:

  • You can get their General-purpose VPS starting at just $2.50/m, it offers a 1vCPU and 0.5 GB RAM.
  • Vultr’s High-performance VPS starts at $6.00/m, you can choose between an Intel or AMD processor here.
  • In Addition, Vultr also provides High-frequency VPS, Memory, CPU, and Storage optimized VPS at varying prices. To check out the pricing in detail, click here.

If you are wondering which plan to start with, I wouldn’t recommend the starting $2.50/m plan, that’s because it only has 0.5 GB of RAM, which is simply insufficient for the proper functioning of a website. So, go with either the $10 or $15 plan which provides 2 GB RAM with 1 and 2 Core CPU.

Vultr VPS Hosting free trial or Money Back Policy

Vultr offers 1 month free trial period and also gets free credit up to $100 for a month trial period. You can use this free service for the period until the credit or time expires.

For all kinds of VPS needs, maybe for a website or a storage VPS, Vultr provides affordable solutions for beginner to enterprise-level projects.

OS Availability by VPS Providers

Let’s go through the table with a quick review showing the various VPS providers along with the operating systems for which their VPS product is available.

VPS ProvidersOS Available
GreenGeeksWindows and Linux
Hostinger Windows and Linux
BlueHostWindows and Linux
InterServerWindows and Linux
VultrWindows and Linux

Who can take Free VPS Hosting Trials?

Well, anyone can take the free VPS hosting trial who is not sure about the features and services of that company, can try for some time, and after being sure about that plan they can renew it. Otherwise, cancel within the money-back time period.

Despite that let’s have a look at some of the professions that should try this free trial before going for the paid and expensive plans.

  • The Bloggers.
  • People doing start-ups.
  • Even existing users can also use it.
  • Those who are planning for a new website.
  • Or Developers can also use the free trials.

Evaluate the VPS pricing and performance during the refund period and make an informed decision.

What are the Benefits of VPS Free Trial Hosting?

Let’s discuss some benefits of using a free trial of VPS Hosting services.

  • You will get to know the efficiency and reliability of that service or plan before buying it.
  • You can test your websites on a live server.
  • You will get to know about the company’s sales services.
  • You can check the compatibility of the plan according to your needs.
  • You can learn about how to access and about the tools with live servers.
  • You can also save money.
  • In case you are a blogger you can create a review blog on that with taking that trial.
  • Using different trial VPS services will make you choose the best out of them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trial of VPS

Can I get any Free VPS service?

There is nothing like a free VPS service or 0 cost VPS. Some companies just offer some money-back policies or trial plans but they are for a limited period of time Some are for 30 days, 7 days, 15 days, and even for 24 to 48 hours. Once that period expires, you have to purchase by paying.

Which VPS is best for Windows?

There are multiple VPS service providers-
GreenGeeks, Hostinger, Host Armada, Blue host, Vultr, CloudWays, and many more.

How much does a VPS cost?

A normal VPS can cost you from $6 /m to $ 160/m.

Conclusion: Trial Of VPS

In this article, we have brought Free VPS trial provider companies with their plans and pricing information with the features they provide with their VPS services. We have also mentioned OS availability with that company.

In this article, we have brought the free VPS trial provider companies with information on their plans and pricing along with the features that they offer with their VPS services. We also mentioned OS availability with that company.

Go through the article and try whichever company’s service plan you want to go for. I hope this article will be helpful for you, you can even try all the plans mentioned above.

If you really find this article informative then can share it with your friends who are searching and willing to buy a VPS product.

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