Top 10 Best Web Hosting CANADA – Shared, VPS & Dedicated Servers for 2021

It doesn’t really matter in which country you are sitting, you can access any web hosting company from any part of the world. The Internet has brought us very close to each other. 

When I was researching web hosting companies that have their data centers in Canada, I found that there are so many web hosting services.  

Discussing all the companies that have their data center in Canada are: 

  1. HostPapa 
  2. FastComet
  3. Hostarmada 
  5. Greengeeks 
  6. Flywheel 
  7. Milesweb 
  8. HostUpon 
  9. Web hosting Canada 
  10. Chemicloud
Best web hosting for Canada in 2021

1. HostPapa

Best web hosting canada by HostPapa

HostPapa is a Canadian-based web hosting company. It was founded in 2006 by Jaime Opalchuk. It is a privately held company. 


  1. Ease of use: ease to use tools and apps keep you fully in control. You can get your website and email up and running in minutes. 
  2. Create professional websites in minutes: no expensive designers or programmers are required if you want to create a website of your own. 
  3. Secure and reliable business email: run your business safely and securely with free enterprise-grade hosted email. 
  4. WordPress-friendly hosting: you can get started today, with pre-installed WordPress and jetpack, hosted on servers finely tuned for WordPress websites. 
  5. User-friendly control panel: the control panel and dashboard are simple to use, supported by tutorial videos and an extensive knowledge base. 
  6. Over 400+ apps included: use over 400+ free apps to build or extend your website: from shopping carts to blogs the company has got everything you need. 
  7. Servers built for speed: your website and Google will love you. Our servers are built to provide you with the best hosting experiences, including fast loading speed. 
  8. Support you can trust: become a part of the HostPapa family. If you have any questions the company’s in-house and award-winning PapaSquad support team is always there to help. 
  9. Committed to security: the company takes security seriously. The servers have enhanced security features, firewalls, and intrusion detection. All hosting is secured with a free SSL certificate. 

Read HostPapa Review 2021 for full product details.

Plans available for Canadians

There are 5 hosting plans: 

  1. Web hosting: the company provides websites, free domain registration, free SSL certificate, web space, email addresses, unmetered bandwidth, website builder(starter), and all essential features with all the 5 hosting plans. 
Starter $3.95/mo
Business $3.95/mo 
Business pro $12.95/mo 
HostPapa web hosting pricing

These are not the fixed prices. They may revise at any moment. Also, a very heavy discount is available. For more, you can click Web Hosting from HostPapa – Get Started.

  1. WordPress hosting: the company provides websites, free domain registration, free SSL certificate, web space, email addresses, unmetered bandwidth, website builder(starter), and all essential features with all the 5 hosting plans. 
WP STARTER$3.95/mo 
WP BUSINESS $5.95/mo
WE BUSINESS PRO $12.95/mo 
HostPapa WordPress Hosting pricing

Here also the prices can change. Discounts are available on all the plans. For more: WordPress Hosting Australia | Fast, Optimized WordPress Host (

  1. VPS hosting: the company offers cores CPU, SSD storage, RAM memory, and bandwidth. 
Mercury $19.99/mo 
Venus $59.99/mo
Earth $109.99/mo
Mars $169.99/mo
Jupiter $249.99/mo 
HostPapa VPS Hosting pricing

The company has offered a very heavy discount on all the VPS plans it offers. For more: VPS Hosting Australia | Virtual Private Server | HostPapa

  1. Reseller hosting: here the company offer core CPU, RAM, SSD storage, bandwidth, Cpanel, and SSL certificate.
Bronze $29.99/mo 
Silver $39.99/mo 
Gold $64.99/mo 
Platinum $89.99/mo 
Titanium $119.99/mo 
HostPapa Reseller Hosting pricing

The reseller hosting plan does not offer any discounts on its plans. But still, the company can change the prices anytime. For more refer: HostPapa Reseller Hosting – Best Reseller Hosting

  1. PapaCare+: this plan offers professional support for shared hosting, an exclusive front for line access, web security support, website performance support, email setup support, script, and add support. 

The price of this plan is $49.95/mo

HostPapa PapaCare+ plan Hosting pricing

Pros and cons

Lets see pros and cons of HostPapa


  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • Free domain name. 
  • Unlimited disc pack and data transfer. 
  • Free “PapaSquad” site migration services. 
  • Free servers. 
  • Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN.
  • PapaSquad support team available round the clock. 


  • Expensive renewal prices. 

Customer support

The customer support of the company is exclusive. HostPapa offers so many things like search the knowledge base, video tutorials, open live chats, login to dashboard, support tickets, tips info, and the network status through which we can check the current network status. 

Do they provide servers in Canada? 

Yes, the company does provide servers in Canada. 

2. Fastcomet

Fastcomet web hosting canada

The company began its journey in 2013. Fastcomet is a relatively new hosting company that offers a wide range of hosting services. 

Official records say that the company started its business as a system administration service provider and expanded into a web hosting business in 2013.


  1. Easy to set up: getting your website live is as simple as a click of a button. Everything you need- provided in a clear way. 
  2. Simply fast website: websites speed can slow or grow your business. Delight your visitors with a lightning-fast website. 
  3. WordPress made easy: start your website with an automatic 1-click WordPress installation. The backend is powered by LiteSpeed caching and advanced optimization to ensure your website is fast, reliable, and secure.
  4. 24/7/365 chat support: the team of experts will solve technical issues to get your website up and running anytime. 

Read FastComet Hosting Review

Plans available for Canadians

There are 3 types of plans: 

  1. Shared hosting: in this hosting, you get hosting websites, SSD storage, traffic, unique visits per month, free domain transfer, custom optimized server setup, guaranteed resources, CPU core available, RAM availability, resource quotas, immediate account setup, and more other features.
Plans Prices 
FastCloud $3.48/mo
FastCloud plus $5.28/mo 
FastCloud extra $6.98/mo 
Fatcometshared Hosting pricing

The company offers a heavy discount on all its plans. The prices may vary with time. So check them Plans and Pricing • Cloud Hosting — FastComet.

  1. Cloud VPS hosting: in this hosting, you will get SSD web space, data transfer, CPU power, RAM availability, free cPanel, free SSH access, free domain transfer, free site setup, and many more. 
Plans Prices 
Cloud 1 $50.95/mo 
Cloud 2$59.45/mo 
Cloud 3 $76.45/mo 
Cloud 4 $118.95/mo 
Fatcomet Cloud VPS Hosting pricing

20% off has been given on all the plans. The prices may change. So you can check: Plans and Pricing • Cloud VPS Hosting — FastComet

  1. Dedicated CPU server: in a dedicated CPU server you will get SSD web space, data transfer, CPU power, RAM availability, free SSH access, free domain transfer, free site setup. 
Plans Prices 
DS1 $118.15/mo 
DS 2 $143.65/mo 
DS 3 $194.65/mo 
DS 4 $296.55/mo 
Fatcomet Dedicated CPU server Hosting pricing

Again 20% off has been provided on all the plans. So one should check the plans again before purchasing them. For more: Plans and Pricing • Dedicated Server Hosting — FastComet

Pros and Cons

Now, have a look at some important pros and cons of Fastcomet hosting.


  1. Solid server uptime result. 
  2. Server speed test results meet expectations. 
  3. Choices of ten server locations.
  4. 45- days money-back guarantee. 
  5. Free one-year renewal on domain name upon transfer.
  6. Free site migration for first-time users. 
  7. In-house site builder with 40+ ready-made widgets and 350+ modern design themes. 
  8. Excellent reputation and tons of positive feedback from users on social media. 


  1. Broke its price lock guarantee. 

Customer support

The customer support provides technical support in which it offers a ticket system, live chat, knowledge base, and tutorials. You can clear all your doubts and queries through these.

Do they provide servers in Canada? 

Yes, the company does provide its data centers in Canada. Except this, there are servers in Chicago, Dallas, Newark, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Mumbai. 

3. HostArmada

HostArmada web hosting Canada

HostArmada is new in the field of web hosting. It was launched in the last quarter of 2019. Its headquarters are in Delaware, USA. It is a very fast-growing company that has its servers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Singapore, and Australia.

The website loads fast is easy to navigate and is entirely in English. Also, the website has a learning center. They provide a 24/7 support service so that you can get in touch with live chat, ticket, phone, or email.


  • Cloud-based hosting: cloud-based services the buzzword in today’s hosting world. Everyone is looking for a cloud hosting service for their website. 
  • SSD cloud storage: on HostArmada all your websites are hosted on SSD storage and it is claimed that the websites use the best od SSD drives that help to increase the speed of the website. 
  • Single-click application installation: this is the most common feature that is usually available with all other hosting providers. 
  • Automatic daily backups: I have seen many hosting companies that provide weekly backups. 
  • Powerful website security: Hostarmada uses AI-based technologies to provide powerful website security features to clients. 

For full product details read HostArmada Review 2021 from experts end.


There are 6 plans provided by the company: 

  1. WordPress Hosting: the company provide website, cloud SSD storage, CPU, RAM, unmetered bandwidth, domain register/transfer, free SSL for all domain, unique visitors, daily backups, default hosting perks, prepare for launch perks.
Plans Prices 
Start dock $3.99/mo
Web warp $4.69/mo 
Speed reaper$5.66/mo
cloud ssd wordpress hosting

A 70% discount has been provided on all the plans. Do check the prices before purchasing as they may vary. For more: Cloud SSD WordPress Hosting (

  1. SSD shared hosting on the cloud: all plans include free cPanel, free SSL for all sites, web server cache, daily backups, cloud SSD storage, 24/7/365 storage. 
Plans Prices 
Start dock $3.99/mo
Web warp $4.69/mo 
Speed reaper$5.66/mo
shared ssd hosting

Here also a discount of 70% is provided on all the plans. For more: Cloud SSD Shared Hosting | HostArmada as the prices may vary. 

  1. SSD VPS hosting on the cloud: all the plans provide SSD storage, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, speed in and speed out, daily backups, cPanel, Nginx web service. 
Plans Prices 
Web shuttle $41.21/mo 
Web voyager $48.71/mo 
Web raider $63.71/mo 
Site carrier $101.21/mo 
vps hosting for canada

Here a discount of 25% is being provided. Do check the prices before purchasing. Click here: 

Cloud SSD VPS Hosting | HostArmada

  1. Dedicated CPU server hosting: this hosting service provides SSD storage, CPU, RAM, bandwidth, speed in and speed out, weekly backups, cPanel accounts, Nginx web service. 
Plans Prices 
Armada DS- LIFT-OFF$149.00/mo
Armada DS- LOW ORBIT$209.00/mo
Armada DS- HIGH ORBIT $329.00/mo
dedicated server by hostarmada for canadian bloggers

For more: SSD Dedicated CPU Servers | HostArmada

  1. Open Source hosting: this hosting provides websites, cloud SSD storage, core CPU, RAM, unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration/ transfer, free SSL for all domains, 7 days daily backups, and prepared launch perks. 
Plans Price 
Start dock $3.99/mo
Web warp $4.69/mo 
Speed reaper $5.66/mo 
open source hosting for developers of Canada

For more: Managed Cloud SSD Hosting for Opensource Apps | HostArmada

  1. Development hosting: this hosting provides websites, cloud SSD storage, core CPU, RAM, unmetered bandwidth, free domain registration/ transfer, free SSL for all domains, 7 days daily backups, prepare launch perks. 
Plans Price 
Start dock $3.99/mo
Web warp $4.69/mo 
Speed reaper $5.66/mo 
development hosting

For more: Development Hosting | HostArmada. You can check the prices here. Also, a discount of 70% is given so prices may change. 

Customer support

The customer service is available whenever we require them, no matter what time it is. They are available through live chats, or you can email them at their mail id. 

Pros and cons

Few prominent pros and cons of HostArmada


  • 24/7 support service.
  • Free daily backup.
  • Free website migration.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Available at very affordable prices.
  • Provide free website optimization.
  • Provide us with free domain name registration/ transfer.
  • Free email service.


  • No monthly subscription for shared hosting plans.
  •  Increased renewal rates for shared hosting plans.

Do they provide servers in Canada? 

Yes, the company does have its servers in Canada, Toronto. There are more servers in Fremont, Dallas, Sydney, Newark, London, Frankfurt, Mumbai, and Singapore.

4. wordpress hosting for Canadian users is a managed WordPress hosting company offering a super fast and fully managed WordPress hosting solution.

Packed with an easier control panel, built-in security, and cutting-edge WordPress optimization, will give your website an instant performance boost. 


  • You’re in full control. 
  • Expert support when you need it. 
  • Seamless migration. 
  • Always up to date- never vulnerable. 


There is only one plan, which has been described below: 

Plans Price 
Starter $30.00/mo 
Pro $60.00/mo 
Business $100.00/mo 
Agency $200.00/mo plans

For more: Pricing –

Pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Hosting that are worth noting.


  • Easy control panel.
  • Cloudflare enterprise. 
  • WAF protection. 
  • Experienced support. 


  • Expensive for an individual website. 

Do they have servers in Canada? 

Yes, the company has servers in Canada. You must visit our detailed Rocket.Net Review of WP Hosting.

5. GreenGeeks

greengeeks Canadian servers

Having 40 years of vast experience in the field of web hosting, GreenGeeks is one of the most amazing web hosting companies. It is a platform that cares more about being environmentally friendly. 


  • SSD storage Arrays: Solid State rate-10 storage arrays for fast page loads and maximum redundancy.
  • Best speed technologies: the latest in speed tech. LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, and free CDN. 
  • Built-in scalability: easily scale computing resources when you need them. Seamlessly upgrade your hosting. 
  • Advanced security: the company will keep your websites secure with custom security rules & zero-day vulnerability fixes.
  • Stable hosting platform: container technology, account isolation, proactive monitoring, and daily backups.  
  • Expert 24/7: brilliant minds with years of experience available to assist you by chat, ticket, or phone. 

Read detailed Review of GreenGeeks with Coupon.


There are 4 web hosting plans that are being provided by GreenGeeks: 

  1. Web hosting: 
Plans Price 
Lite $2.49/mo 
Pro $4.95/mo 
Premium $8.95/mo 
webhosting plans

For more: Web Hosting | Best Website Hosting 2021 – GreenGeeks®

  1. WordPress hosting: 
Plans Price 
Lite $2.49/mo 
Pro $4.95/mo 
Premium $8.95/mo 

For more: WordPress Hosting – Fast, Secure & Managed by Expert 24/7 Support (green geeks. in).

  1. VPS hosting: 
Plans Prices 
2GB  $39.95/mo 
4GB $59.95/mo 
8GB $109.95/mo 

For more: VPS Hosting | Fast Managed VPS Hosting – GreenGeeks

  1. Reseller hosting: 
Plans Prices 
RH-25 $19.95/mo 
RH-80 $34.95/mo 

For more: Reseller Hosting – Best cPanel Reseller Hosting Plans (green geeks. in)

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of GreenGeeks that are to be kept in mind before purchasing hosting.


  • Greengeeks is 300% green. 
  • Provides the fastest speed to its customers. 
  • Unlimited resources and tons of features. 
  • Round-the-clock services are available. 
  • Independently owned platform. 
  • Secure and reliable servers 


  • Price points are quite misleading. 

Do they have servers in Canada?

Yes, they do have servers in Canada, Montreal. Along with this, they have their servers in Chicago, the United States of America, and Amsterdam, NL. 

6. Flywheel

managed wordpress hosting for Canada by Flywheel

Flywheel is one of the most popular WordPress managed hosting providers available, and it is easy to see why. They offer a fantastic set of features for both regular WordPress users and agencies. 


  • Build WordPress sites faster than ever. 
  • Launch your site on next-level managed WordPress hosting. 
  • Manage your workflow like a dream. 
  • Package up common themes and plugins as starter sets for future projects. 
  • Make changes to your live site without the stress, then push changes to production with a single click. 


  1. Managed WordPress hosting: WordPress hosting plans keep your site fast, secure, and reliable while giving the workflow tools you need to efficiently create beautiful websites for yourself and your clients. 
Plans Prices 
Tiny $13.00/mo 
Starter $25.00/mo 
Freelance $96.00/mo 
Agency $242.00/mo 
flywheel hosting plans and pricing

For more: Flywheel | Managed WordPress hosting pricing and plans (

Pros and Cons

Both positive and negative aspects of FlyWheel hosting must be considered.


  • Flywheel uses robust, cloud-based infrastructure to ensure a high level of performance. 
  • All new sites are now on the Flywheel cloud platform. 
  • The Flywheel server is tuned for best performance always. 
  • This web hosting company provides you 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • Has an affordable hosting plan. 


  • It is impossible to access SSH because of managed security and performance provided by Flywheel. 
  • Flywheel does not have built-in Git deployment. 

Customer Support

The company provides customer support round the clock. You can start the live chat whenever you want and ask as many questions as you want. You can also mail them or call them at (888) 928-8882. 

Do they provide servers in Canada? 

YES. the company provides servers in Montreal, Canada. Moreover, the servers are in Lowa, Sydney, London, and Belgium. 

7. MilesWeb

milesweb hosting has servers in Canada

MilesWeb is a comprehensive and dynamic web hosting company that was established in the year 2012. The founders aim to deliver quality service round the clock at an affordable price. 

The company’s first priority is customer satisfaction and for that, the company constantly works on the services to take them to next level. 


  • Unlimited SSD storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Unlimited SQL DB’s 
  • Free SSL certificate. 
  • Cloud flare CDN. 


There are 3 types of shared hosting plans:

  1. Shared hosting 
  2. Window shared hosting
  3. WordPress hosting 

Shared hosting 

Plans Prices 
Intern $1.2/mo
Master $3.00/mo 
Expert $3.6/mo 
shared hosting plans

For more: 1 new message (

If you want to check the prices of windows shared hosting, click Best Windows Hosting Provider | Cheap Windows Hosting Plans | ASP.NET (

If you want to check WordPress hosting, click Canada’s Best WordPress Hosting | Fully Managed & Affordable Price | MilesWeb

There are 2 types of reseller plans:

  1. Linux reseller 
  2. Windows reseller 

Linux reseller hosting

Plans Prices 
Micro $6.16/mo 
Startup $10.56/mo 
Grow $19.36/mo 
Expand $28.16/mo 
canadian reseller hosting solutions

For more: Unlimited Reseller Hosting: Canada’s Best cPanel Linux Reseller Hosting (

Windows reseller hosting

Plans Prices 
Neo $6.00/mo 
Entry $8.00/mo
Smart $10.5/mo 
Plus $17.50/mo 
windows reseller hosting

For more: Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting: Best Plesk Reseller Hosting (

If you want to check the prices of WHMCS licenses WHMCS Reseller Hosting | Buy WHMCS License at Cheapest Price (

There are 2 types of VPS plans: 

  1. Managed Linux VPS: there are 14 managed Linux VPS plans. You can check them1 new message (
  2. Managed Windows VPS: there 7 managed Windows VPS plans.1 new message (

Pros and Cons

Few opportunities and obstacles that users might face.


  • It is extremely cheap in terms of the plans. 
  • It allows you easy payment options through various models. 
  • Supports you in your local language. 
  • Provides free domain.
  • Provides free migration. 
  • Manages cheap hosting. 


  • They have to do more marketing so as to reach their customers

Do they have servers in Canada? 

Yes. the company has its servers in Canada. 

8. HostUpon

Local Canadian Host - HostUpon

Launched in 2007, HostUpon has been the industry leaderin web hosting services. They have clients all over the world in data centers all across the globe. With passion for technology and strong desire to help people they try to provide the best hosting services to its customers. 


  • Unlimited SSD disk space. 
  • Unlimited bandwidth. 
  • Personalised email account. 
  • Free domain name registration or transfer. 
  • Free website transfer from current host.
  • Free website builder with templates. 
  • Free WordPress auto installer. 


  1. Web hosting plans: 
Plans Prices 
Starter plan $2.95/mo 
Business plan $5.95/mo 
Premium plan $12.95/mo 
WEB hosting plans

For more: HostUpon – Best Web Hosting – Secure and Reliable Hosting Services

  1. WordPress hosting plan: 
Plans Prices 
Starter plan $9.95/mo 
Business plan $19.95/mo 
Premium plan $39.95/mo 
affordable wordpress hosting plans

For more: Best WordPress Hosting with SSD Performance and 24/7 Support – HostUpon

  1. Reseller plan: 
Plans Prices 
reseller plans by HostUpon

For more: Reseller Hosting with WHM and cPanel – HostUpon

  1. VPS hosting plans: 
Plans Prices 
Canadian vps servers by Hostupon

For more: VPS Hosting, VPS Servers – HostUpon

  1. Managed cloud hosting plan: 
Plans Prices 
Cloud-25 plan $39.95/mo 
Cloud-50 plan $49.95/mo 
Cloud-100 plan $99.95/mo 

For more: Cloud Web Hosting – HostUpon

  1. Dedicated server: 
Plans Prices 
DS-50 $175.00/mo 

For more: Dedicated Servers – HostUpon

Pros and Cons

Opportunities and obstacles that a customer gets:


  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage. 
  • Free domain name registration and transfer. 
  • Free website migration. 
  • Free website builder.
  • 30 days money back gaurantee. 
  • SSD server. 


  • Smaller plans are overloaded with features. 

Do they have servers in Canada?

Yes, they do have servers in Canada. 

9. Web Hosting Canada

Web Hosting Canada

Web hosting canada (WHC) is a privately owned, Canadian technology and IT infrastructure company based in Montreal, Quebec. 

Since 2003 WHC has set the highest standard for service reliability and security and is now trusted by tens of thousands of clients throughout Canada and abroad. 


  • Web hosting: get fast and unlimited web hosting for your sites.
  • Cloud servers: take full control with the fastest virtual server. 
  • Dedicated server: boost your business with dedicated hardware. 
  • WordPress: manage your WordPress websites easily. 
  • Built for speed: up to 3x faster than competitors. 
  • World’s bestvcontrol panel: powered by cPanel with Cloudlinux. 
  • 1-click installation: over 300 apps, including WordPress, Drupal. 
  • Canadian Geolocation: get closer to your clients with servers located on the canadian east and west coasts. 


  1. Canadian web hosting: 
Plans Prices 
Starter C$3.89/mo 
Pro C$3.92/mo 
Enterprise C$11.89/mo 
Shared hosting deals

For more: Canadian Web Hosting Now Unlimited – Web Hosting Canada (

  1. Canadian cloud servers: 
Plans Prices 
Starter C$17.49/mo
Pro C$22.49/mo 
Enterprise C$37.49/mo 
Beast C$57.49/mo 
Canadian cloud servers

For more: Managed Canadian Cloud Servers – Web Hosting Canada (

  1. Reseller web hosting: 
Plans Prices 
Starter C$21.56/mo 
Pro C$41.96/mo 
Enterprise C$75.96/mo 
reseller cloud plans

For more: Reseller Web Hosting | Web Hosting Canada (

  1. Canadian dedicated server: 
Plans Prices 
Dedi pro C$123.99/mo 
Dedi enterprise C$163.99/mo 
Dedi beast C$353.99/mo 
Canadian dedicated servers

For more: Canadian Dedicated Servers – Web Hosting Canada (

  1. Managed WordPress hosting: 
Plans Prices 
WP go C$3.49/mo 
WP pro C$4.99/mo 
WP beast C$9.99/mo 
Managed WP hosting in Canada

For more: Managed WordPress Hosting for Canadians | Web Hosting Canada (

Pros And Cons 

Assets and liabilities that a user gets with this hosting:


  • Build to handle traffic without sacrificing page load time
  • Fast and effective support 
  • Amazing prices in comparison to the other competitors 
  • Supports email
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Can support other content management system 
  • Scanning and cleanup 


  • No phone support 
  • The interface is lacking in features.

Do they have servers in Canada? 

Yes, the company does have its servers in Canada. 

10. Chemicloud


It is one of the best hosting providers that offer amazing services to its customers. 


  • 24/7 expert: get fast and real help from skilled and passionate hosting experts- anytime , day and night. 
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee: 99.99% uptime guarantee means your website will always be available. 
  • Reliable cloud platform: cloud hosting infrastructure keeps your data safe.
  • Free domain name for life: register a brand new domain name free of charge. We will renew your domain for free, as long as you have an active hosting service. 
  • 45 days money-back guarantee: if you’re not completely happy within your first 45 days with them, they will refund your money. 

Want more details? Read Chemicloud Review 2021.


  1. Web hosting plans: 
Plans Prices 
Web hosting starter $3.95/mo 
Web hosting pro $6.95/mo 
Web hosting turbo$10.95/mo 
Shared chemicloud hosting

For more: 1 new message (

  1. WordPress Hosting: 
Plans Prices 
WordPress starter $3.95/mo 
WordPress Pro $6.95/mo 
WordPress turbo$10.95/mo 
Best WP hosting

For more: SSD WordPress Hosting from ChemiCloud – Starts at $3.95 A Month

  1. Reseller hosting: 
Plans Prices 
Electron $19.95/mo 
Fusion $34.95/mo 
Expansion $50.95/mo 
Evolution $64.95/mo 
reseller hosting

For more: SSD Reseller Hosting from ChemiCloud – Starts at $19.95 A Month

  1. Cloud VPS: 
Plans Prices 
Iron $59.96/mo 
Bronze $89.96/mo 
Silver $149.96/mo 
Gold $269.96/mo 
cloud vps

For more: VPS Hosting With Free cPanel & WHM from ChemiCloud

Pros and Cons

Benefits and drawbacks that comes with Chemicloud hosting:


  • Free domain for lifetime. 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Money-back guarantee within 45 days. 
  • Free site, cPanel migration 
  • User-friendly hosting for beginners. 


  • Lots of extra expenses and fees. 

Do they have servers in Canada? 

NO, they do have their servers in Canada. 

Conclusion: Best Canadian Hosting Services

You can choose any of the web hosting companies that have their servers in Canada. They provide the best of their services to their customers. Even the prices are mentioned. You can also check their official website.

Important, If you want to get discount on web hosting, check out these amazing black Friday deals:

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