Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals 2023: Get 30% Discount Instant

Surfer SEO Black Friday 2023 Offers:

  • Monthly Plans: Slash a cool 10% off on monthly plans for 6 months
  • Yearly Plans:  30% off

What is Surfer Seo? How it helps your website rank higher and all about Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals. You may have all these questions in your mind and we have answered each of these questions.

Before moving on to the main discussion let’s give you a quick overview of Black Friday Deals by Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals

Overview Of Surfer SEO Black Friday Sale 2023

Two deals are available for Black Friday. One is for monthly plans and another is for annual plans.

  • For monthly plans: 10% discount
  • For annual plans: 30% extra* discount on all plans.

The promotional discount lasts for as long as a continuous subscription is maintained!

Note: Annual plans already come with a 17% discount on regular days, but on the Black Friday Sale you will get an extra 30% discount after the regular discount of 17%. So, it will be 30% + 17% discount but not 47% as shown on many websites.

Surfer SEO Black Friday deals

Savings During Black Friday Sale By Surfer SEO

Know how much you can save on Surfer SEO if you purchase its plan this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Savings On Surfer SEO Plan – Max $600 Savings

PlansNormal PriceDiscounted PriceTotal Savings
(for 12 months)
Essential        89$/mo        69$/mo$240
Advanced     179$/mo       149$/mo$360
Max    299$/mo      249$/mo$600
EnterpriseCustom CustomCustom
Surfer seo black friday pricing

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What Is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO also known as the best ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION TOOL is beneficial to optimize your existing content by creating SEO content, which helps your content on better rankings and visibility in search engines.

So Surfer SEO is a tool that is designed to help written content (like blogs, posts, and articles) rank higher in different search engines with the help of SEO optimization.

What Makes Surfer SEO Different From Other Tools?

Surfer SEO is the most powerful SEO tool out there, which is becoming very popular among content writers these days because it is very helpful for their content in improving its ranking on the search engine. Surfer SEO also consists of an already built-in “Keyword Research Tool” 

Let’s first see how this SEO tool will help you grow your online business, and also decode some of its powerful features to understand how it helps your website to rank higher with natural and organic rankings.

Surfer Audit Tool

This tool creates a live audit of the on-page of your website in comparison to competitors that are also doing well or developing good traffic for this particular keyword.

This surfer tool gives you some specific suggestions about some essential phrases and words that you should use on your page so that you can see some improvement in the relevance and the context of that particular page, which would actually be some relevant suggestions that if you will add these on your page then there are very higher chances that your page will rank higher in different search engines.

While writing articles, there are many typing and grammar mistakes occur that we fail to find manually in long content. Check these 7 Best Grammar Checker Apps And Software Free For Correction in 2023 that are highly useful.

It also tells or suggests you about the word count limit after comparing your site with other competitive sites that are using the same keywords as your site, which are top-ranking sites that are doing well in rankings, and recommends you how many words count you should also keep on your website after comparing your website with some other top ranking website so that your website can also rank higher at search engine.

You can also check the details and see what the actual word counts are of your competitors that are performing very well for a specific keyword and can see your ranking and compare it with their ranking. This is how it will help you add or remove some word counts from your site, making it more professional and SEO-friendly.

This tool also suggests paragraph writing within your content as maybe you need to add more words or remove some words in your paragraph which in turn will profit your website creating more traffic.

Get Grammarly Black Friday 2023 Deals: 60% OFF on Premium Plans.

This tool also suggests adding an appropriate and proper exact keyword in your title and within your content.

This tool also tells you about your page structure as to how many h1 – h6 elements you have added to your page and suggests the recommended number to add to your site.

This tool also tells you about your title and meta description length and suggests you a proper character length for your title and meta description.

Suggestions of load time (ms) and whether it is in optimal range or not otherwise your site will take a lot more than usual time to open which can be frustrating for some people, hence recommend you work on it.

So for just a specific keyword and one landing website, these are some incredible suggestions that can be helpful to making your page an SEO-friendly page.

Surfer Content Editor

Surfer's Content Editor

This tool first creates a blank page where also you can write your content directly on a surfer application which will tell you “live” about how you’re doing in terms of on-page, or you can copy-paste your content into it which can help you to improve your score in ranking.

Surfer gives you some good suggestions of specific keyword uses, terms, and headings that you must add to your content which will help your page ranking.

Surfer SERP Analyzer

The SERP Analyzer gives you a proper and specific breakdown of all the important factors which is very needful for your on-page SEO.

It gives you the data relating to the correlation of each of these important and different factors and how the surfer sees a correlation between specific factors and the ranking of your competitors, i.e the more exact keywords you will add to your website the better your website will perform, but it also tells us that there could be a limit that according to google is more than enough or is too much for adding exact keywords on your site. 

So make sure to add exact keywords but within a limit or where it is needed. This applies the same for headings, elements, words, and other different aspects too.

Looking for an alternative of Surfer SEO. Check this SEOquake Extension Review: What it is and How to Download Extention?

And all this helps you understand what your competitors are doing in terms of their page and what you can learn from them and how you can also replicate those learnings for your page to perform at the same level as them.

I hope now you have realized how important and phenomenal this Surfer SEO tool is and why you must add this tool to your device as well before you start creating your content.

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Surfer SEO Black Friday Plans & Pricing: Are They Worth It?

Due to its excessive demand this year, Surfer Seo is offering a flat 30 % discount on all its annual plans and a 10 % discount on a monthly plan for the renewal of further 6 months.

It would help if you now consider buying a plan as a content creator after reading the above points as to how beneficial it could be for your website for traffic generation and higher ranking, so without wasting much time now let’s decode this deal in a simple language –

So let’s see the pricing deal during the Black Friday sale –

Surfer SEO monthly pricing

So basically Surfer right now offers 4 different plans, let’s see their benefits –

All plans come with some common features that are written below:

  • In-depth Plagiarism Checker
  • Shareable links to access content editors
  • AI terms assistant
  • Google Docs Integration
  • Docs Integration
  • Jasper


(For individuals and small teams)

The credits of the content editor in this plan are 15 articles/month.

The keyword research limit is 100/day and comes with 2 organization seats.

It costs $89/mo on monthly payment while if you choose yearly billing then this plan will cost you $69/mo.


This plan is ideal for teams and experts with slightly bigger needs for content-generating tools.

This plan will let you edit and write up to 45 articles per month.

You will get more organization seats in advanced plans which is 5, which justifies it for mid-sized teams.

Pricing for the advanced plan is $179/mo on monthly payment while if you choose yearly billing then this plan will cost you $149/mo.


Max plan of Surfer SEO is designed especially for agencies and big teams.

90 articles/month content editor credits are given in this plan with 10 organization seats.

All add-ons of SurferSEO worth $165 are included in this plan without any extra cost except Surfer-AI. Add-ons that are available with this plan are Grow Flow – For data-driven SEO insights, 100 audits/mo, 100/day SERP analyzer, Whitelabel, and API.

The cost of the Max plan is $299/mo on monthly payment while if you choose yearly billing then this plan will cost you $249/mo.


As the name suggests this plan is made for meeting the demands of enterprises and large agencies that bear a huge load of content generation.

The key feature of this plan is the unlimited number of organization seats and the number of articles will be chosen by you.

This plan also comes with all SurferSEO add-ons for free. Besides this, premium support, legal assistance, a dedicated customer success manager, personalized product training, PO, and annual invoicing are some of the premium features offered with this plan.

The pricing of this plan is custom and depends on the article credit limit you choose.

Surfer SEO Black Friday Vs Regular Price

And here comes the discount and pricing breakdown during the Black Friday Sale, announced by Surfer SEO which will be held from 25 November to 29 November, a 4-day mega sale, which you shouldn’t miss at any point, here comes the comparison between the actual pricing and the discount price –

         MONTHLY VS ANNUAL BILLED PLAN (Mentioned on Black Friday Price)

Plan Name  Normal Price  DiscountBlack Friday Price
ESSENTIAL PLAN        89$/MO  20$/MO69$/MO
ADVANCED PLAN     179$/MO 30$/MO149$/MO
MAX PLAN    299$/MO50$/MO249$/MO

                        (All these plans have seven days money back guarantee)

So if you are passionate about content writing and really wanna grow online or want to grow a successful online business then don’t miss this chance at any case.

FAQs: Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday deals by Surfer SEO are super exciting because you get a 47% discount overall (17% regular plus 30% extra). This deal is live only for 4 days, starting 25th November, you get discounts till 29th November 2023.

So it is obvious that you will have several questions about this product. In the FAQ section below, we tried to answer them all.

1. What is Surfer SEO?

It is one of the best On-page SEO optimization tools that help you rank your content higher and suggests the best SEO strategies after analyzing the top-ranked pages on search engines.

2. What are the different types of tools that come under Surfer SEO?

There are mainly 3 different tools that are very powerful tools that come under Surfer SEO tools.

Two other free tools are also included that are also very significant for SEO.
1. Keyword Surfer Extension
2. AI Outline Generator

3. When will the Surfer SEO Black Friday sale start?

Surfer SEO Black Friday sale is starting on November 25 and will end on November 29, 2023.

4. What are the charges for Surfer Add-ons if purchased on Essential & Advanced plans?

1. Grow Flow: $9 for each domain
2. Audit: $49 (100 per month)
3. SERP Analyzer: $29
4. Whitelabel: $49
5. API: $29
Besides the above 5 mentioned add-ons, if you want ‘ready to rank article’ in a single click then Surfer AI charges $29 per article.

Conclusion: 2023 Black Friday Deals By Surfer SEO

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can save up to $716.4 on Surfer SEO which is a big amount. This deal is limited, so grab it before it expires.

If you miss the deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday then you will have to wait for 1 more year to get such a big deal. Have any queries or doubts related to this BF deal, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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