Top 30 Best Blogs & Famous Bloggers To Read In India In 2024

Are you looking for the Best Blogs In India to read in 2024? Do you want to know who the most famous blogger in India is? If so, We have a Famous Indian Bloggers list along with links to their Indian Blogs.

These 30 coolest blogs will inspire you for sure.

Based on our personal experience, we are sure that you will learn a lot from these blogs created by Indians.

You may even be inspired to start your own blog someday. 

If you are an aspiring blogger and want to follow Indian bloggers and their blogs to learn, we have done the research and prepared an awesome List of 30 Popular Indian Blogs to learn online.

All aspiring bloggers can visit these Professional Indian Blogger’s Blog and learn:

  1. How do these Indian Blogs do Keyword research,
  2. Write content,
  3. Create Banners,
  4. How to do social media promotion,
  5. SEO and a lot more.

The bloggers from India in the list below are quite popular in the Indian Blogging Industry and have a huge following on social media as well. Needless to say, they are making a good amount of money with top blogging sites.

Reading a good personal blog means gaining information and knowledge. We also mentioned some of our favorite blogs in the list. 

Quick Updates:

  1. Do you know who the best blogger in India is?

Amit Agarwal who is the owner of is considered the best blogger in India. He is one of the most experienced bloggers and has been in the blogging business for the last 15 years. His blog generates a traffic of over 3 million. 

  1. Who is the most popular blogger in India?

Harsh Agarwal, the owner of is the most popular blogger and an inspiration to millions of Indians.

So let’s get started.

Best Blogs To Read By Famous Indian Bloggers, top 10 bloggers in india

Best Indian Blogs to Read by Famous Indian Bloggers

Here are the best 30 Indian blogs along with famous Blogging Personalities that you must read and follow.

We are going to discuss the best blogs in India that are getting massive traffic from India as well as other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Table of Contents:

So let’s discuss those 30 popular Indian Blogs and meet their founders who are successful in this field.

#1., Dassana

Dassana’s Veg Recipes is one of the most renowned food blogs in the vegetarian niche. Dassana initially started her blog in 2009 as “Veg Recipes of India,” which was an online journal for her family’s traditional recipes. Over time, it has grown to offer a collection of over 1800 recipes for vegetarian food.

Dassana started cooking and her culinary journey at the age of 10. Following her passion, she pursued a degree in Home Science and gained valuable experience through internships at prestigious hotels.

Dassana has been leading the market as a professional food blogger for more than 14 years, and expanding Indian food culture all around the world. She is currently featured in esteemed publications such as The New York Times, FEMINA, The Huffington Post, Times of India, BuzzFeed, and many others.

With over 7.6 million monthly visitors and a high engagement rate, Dassana’s blog continues to attract a wide audience. The majority of her readership hails from India (38.04%), followed by the United States (32.51%) and the United Kingdom (6.69%)

dassana indian food blogger


╙ Niche: Food Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 18/08/2009

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 7.6 M

╙ Alexa Rank: 72

╙ DA: 69

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“ is a vast collection of delicious food recipes that can be cooked at home without any “unhealthy” label. Here, you’ll not only learn great cooking techniques but also discover multiple ideas for innovative ways to prepare meals.

#2., Shradha Sharma

YourStory is the best motivational and Inspirational startup Indian blog with various stories and journeys about successful people. It represents women’s power, after all, YourStory belongs to a female entrepreneur, Shradha Sharma.

Shradha Sharma is an Indian Reporter and the founder of YourStory is the best platform to learn and motivate yourself.

It has over 3.83 million monthly traffic that has 61% of traffic only from India, and the rest of the 40% from other countries like the US, UK, and others. For this simple reason, you will always find as No. 1 in the top Indian blogs list.

Another best thing is that 70.33% of traffic comes directly from Google Search Results.

So, now have a look at the established and inspirational blog from India. So go to the blog and start learning about the global Startup leaders. We have some inspiring quotes about leadership for new bloggers.

shradha sharma indian blogger

Shradha Sharma

╙ Niche: Startup Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 17/04/2001

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 3.83M

╙ Alexa Rank: 13,326

╙ DA: 85

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“YourStory is all about the Startup Industry. The different and perfect niche that youth searches for. It is the perfect example of finding a Unique niche and making it an Industry Leader.

#3., Faisal Farooqui: Review Blog

It is important to read a review before you purchase any product, is one of the top reviewing websites with over 1.73 million monthly traffic.

Whenever we are going to buy some product or things, we like to read reviews of those products and that’s what does for us. This is one of the popular product review websites officially founded by Faisal Farooqui, one of the highly recognized entrepreneurs. has reviewed more than 12 Lakh products till now and the number is increasing. is undoubtedly the best review blog in India and you must read it at least once. Isn’t it one of the best Indian blogs to read online? Indeed it is.

So, now, we have some stats about India’s number one product review blog.

faisal farooqui indian blogger

Faisal Farooqui

╙ Niche: Social Media Consumer Reviews Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 25/03/2000

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1.73M

╙ Alexa Rank: 7,788

╙ DA: 68

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“If you have read this blog, then you would have seen that everything is categorized properly and the layout of the blog is so simple, clean, and understanding. So when you have bunches of data on your site, then you have to create a layout that should not look creepy.”

#4., Amit Agarwal: Tech Blog is the coolest Tech Blog that includes all the tech-related issues and tech-guide. The blog includes most of the topics related to tech guides and how-to guides, which solve almost all the problems related to technology.

The blog is officially owned by Amit Agarwal. He is one of the most popular Professional bloggers in India and holds an engineering degree in Computer Science(I.I.T.). He is also a Google developer expert in Google WorkSpace and Apps Script.

You will be surprised to know has monthly traffic of 3.20M where 29.30% of monthly traffic comes from the USA,75.36% of traffic comes directly from the Google Search Result.19% of traffic comes from repeat visitors or “direct traffic”.

amit agarwal indian blogger

Amit Agarwal

╙ Niche: Tech Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 15/12/2006

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 3.21M

╙ Alexa Rank: 11,429

╙ DA: 80

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“ is an Indian popular Tech-blog that earns a good amount of money. The sources of earning money are Affiliate Marketing, Google-Ads, and others. So, it is a perfect example of how you can use your knowledge and available resources to get success.”

#5., Anil Agarwal: Blogging Tips Blog

You may have already heard about, here you find articles, posts, and guides related to blogging. It is also one of the best platforms where you can learn affiliate marketing strategies.

If you have ever searched for something related to blogging, then you must have seen this Indian blog ranking top on the Google charts.

The Indian famous blogger behind this blog is Anil Agarwal. He is one of the full-time famous Indian bloggers and SEO Experts who help people to start their personal or business blogs. The blog has monthly traffic of 147.53K, where 49.36% of monthly traffic is from India.

So, if you are looking for a blog where you can find blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing tips, you can look at this blog.

Anil Agarwal Indian Blogger

Anil Agarwal

╙ Niche: Blogging Tips Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 24/12/2009

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 147.53K

╙ Alexa Rank: 22,025

╙ DA: 70

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“Anil Agarwal is a name that is very popular among bloggers and if you are a newbie and ever searched for blogging tips and guides, then you may have visited his site BloggersPassion.

You can learn from here that If you have patience, then one day you and your work will be appreciated.”

#6., Aseem Kishore: Tech Blog

As we stated above, we will also include some of our favorite bloggers here, and this is one of them. We like to read Online-Tech-Tips blogs and posts personally, and this blog covers most of the tech-related guides and issues that include tips, solutions, and how-to guides that we require.

The Blog is owned by the popular blogger Aseem Kishore. He is one of the best Indian bloggers who has 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Emory University in 2002 and took his step forward in the blogging industry in 2007.

Online-Tech-Tips has monthly traffic of over 2.63 million where 35.18% of traffic comes from the USA and 87.04% of traffic directly comes from Google Search Result.

So, now you have another best blog to read online related to technical guides and tips.

Aseem Kishore indian blogger

Aseem Kishore

╙ Niche: Tech Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 18/04/2007

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 2.63M

╙ Alexa Rank: 9,262

╙ DA: 72

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“You can see how much demand is there for tech blogs. In India, so many people think that if you are a blogger then you are jobless and useless. They have to know that you can earn good money if you take blogging as a career. Aseem Kishore, the owner of Online Tech Tips graduated from Emory University, Atlanta and left his job to give full-time to blogging.”

#7., Anand Khanse: Tech Blog

Here is another Tech blog, The, this blog mostly covers Windows and its security-related tips and guides. The blogger behind this famous blog is Anand Khanse.

Anand Khanse is a Microsoft MVP Awardee (2006-2016). His blog globally ranks at 24,914, which is quite an Amazon feat. The blog has a monthly traffic visits of 3.20M users with 30.08% of users from the USA.

So, we can say for sure that this Indian blog is one best blogs to read in Tech niche.

anand khanse indian blogger

Anand Khanse

╙ Niche: Tech Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 02/11/2008

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 3.20M

╙ Alexa Rank: 6,739

╙ DA: 79

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“With this blog, you can learn how you can start and elaborate a complete blog by choosing an appropriate niche idea, and earn good money via Google-Ads and affiliate marketing.”


Free Tips and Tricks for Beginners who want to Earn with Blogging

#8., Abhijeet Mukherjee: Tech Blog

GuidingTech is a popular blog in the niche of Tech-Blogs, it is officially owned by Abhijeet Mukherjee. This Indian Tech Blog covers all the tips, tricks, issues, and how-to guides related to Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Gadgets, and more.

The Blog has monthly traffic of around 3.68Million+ users with almost 35% of website traffic coming from the USA and 87.80% of users coming directly from Google Search Results.

If you are the one who is looking for one of the best Indian Tech Blogs, then you can visit GuidingTech and learn amazing and new things from their blog and posts.

abhijeet mukherjee indian blogger

Abhijeet Mukherjee

╙ Niche: Tech Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 23/08/2008

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 3.68M

╙ Alexa Rank: 8,260

╙ DA: 75

Also, check out the guide on Best OTT Platforms.

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“A blog with a simple layout covers all the tech-related issues, new updates in apps, that are in demand, globally. Whenever new gadgets and technology are introduced, so many users or almost everyone wants to learn about that, so that is a good niche that can bring a good amount of traffic to your website.”

#9., Dhvanesh Adhiya: Tech Blog

Okay, moving on to another Tech-blog, i.e., iGeeksBlog. iGeeksBlogs covers all the problems, issues, tips, and tricks related to iOS or we can say Apple Products. The blogger who started this blog is Dhvanesh Adhiya.

He is a big fan of all things Apple and started his ‘iBlog’ to spread knowledge of Apple products around the world. iGeeksBlog is a successful blog with over 79.93% of users coming directly from Google search results.

The blog gets traffic of over 475.05K per month where 47.90% of visitors are from the USA and the rest are from other countries like the UK, Canada, and all.

So, here you have the best Indian blog to learn iOS tips and guides. If you are a new entrant in the blogging industry, this blog will inspire you a lot.

dhvanesh adhiya indian blogger

Dhvanesh Adhiya

╙ Niche: Tech Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 03/10/2012

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 475.05K

╙ Alexa Rank: 49,814

╙ DA: 71

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“If a blog has monthly traffic of 475K visitors, then you have to admit that people are looking for the content that is inside that blog. People like that concept and stay on the site for a long time. So, the layout and UI of the blog are important, but the content inside your blog also matters a lot.”

#10., Harsh Agarwal: Blogging Tips Blog

If you are looking for blogging tips and tutorials, we bring one of the best Indian bloggers who will teach you all about blogging tips and guides. The Awesome content, lots of infographics, tips, tricks, and tutorials make it one of the best blogs to read in India.

ShoutMeLoud has more than 604.22k monthly visitors, the blogger behind this popular Indian Blog is Harsh Agarwal. He started this blogging tips blog in 2008 when he was met with a terrible accident that badly injured his leg, and at that time he opted to blog and share tech tips with the world.

This famous Indian blog has monthly traffic of 604.22K visitors where 30.55% of visitors are from India.

So, now whenever you have any issue or doubt about Hosting and blogging, you can visit this blog.

harsh agarwal indian blogger

Harsh Agarwal

╙ Niche: Blogging Tips Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 30/11/2008

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 603.22K

╙ Alexa Rank: 40,223

╙ DA: 80

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“If you have heard about Harsh Agarwal, then you may know that is an accidental blogger. He never thought that he would be one of the successful bloggers from India. What you learn from this blog is that, if you dare to do something even if you are going through the worst part of your life, then definitely you will get success one day.”


Free Tips and Tricks for Beginners who want to Earn with Blogging

#11., Akshay Hallur: Blogging Tips Blog

Here is another blog that is related to blogging tips and how-to guides. The blog covers topics like Blogging Tips, SEO, Blog Monetization, and other blog-related issues and problems. One of the unique things about this coolest blog is that around 77% of users come through Google Search Results.

The blog is owned by the popular Indian blogger Akshay Hallur. He is one professional Indian blogger and digital marketer, plus he is a trainer too. Akshay Hallur is in fact one of the top bloggers in India.

BloggingX is a blog for those users who have their blogging sites and wanted to start a blogging site.

The BloggingX has heavy traffic of around 127.66K per month, where 25.7% of traffic is Indian traffic and the rest are from the USA, UK, and other outer countries.

akshay hallur blogger

Akshay Hallur

╙ Niche: Blogging Tips Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 16/06/2017

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 127.66K

╙ Alexa Rank: 23,564

╙ DA: 58

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“A simple website with meaningful content is You will find every solution related to blogging, how-to guides, tips-and-tricks in a categorized manner. Simple Layout brings and attracts the users to be on the site for a long time, and meaningful content creates your audience.”

#12., Umer Qureshi: Blogging Tips Blog

Umer Qureshi is a 16-year old part-time popular Indian Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur who writes about blogging tips and tutorials about the issues and problems related to blogging.

He started this blog in 2019 to help freshers/newbies and people who face problems during blogging, now he is on the right path to becoming one of the top bloggers in India.

GuideBlogging is a blog that helps you to be better at blogging. It has more than 24.18K monthly traffic.

We have to say that this 16-year old kid writes meaningful articles in his posts.

umer qureshi indian blogger

Umer Qureshi

╙ Niche: Blogging Tips Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 20/03/2019

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 24.18K

╙ Alexa Rank: 24.5K

╙ DA: 41

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“The thing that you have to learn from this blog is that age doesn’t matter if you have the knowledge and talent. Umer Qureshi is a 16-year-old school student who is passionate about blogging, affiliate marketing, and he is also an entrepreneur.”

#13., Arun Prabhudesai: Business and Tech Blog

If you are looking for genuine and famous Tech and Business Indian Blogs, then this is it, because is one of them. This Indian blog covers most of the business and technology news. You can even call it a news blog. If you want to stay updated with technology, business, and the like, then we recommend you check out this blog. is a very big Indian blog which is owned by Arun Prabhudesai. The monthly visits of the is 1.34Million where 77.05% of visitors are from India and the number of people who come directly from Google is 84.77%.

So, if you are new and have never visited his blog before, then we recommend you to go and visit once, we are sure that you will learn so many new things from this blog.

arun prabhudesai indian blogger

Arun Prabhudesai

╙ Niche: Business and Tech Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 18/04/2007

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1.34M

╙ Alexa Rank: 15,900

╙ DA: 70

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“It was started by Arun Prabhudesai, an IT professional since 1996. An experienced blog that saw a lot of ups and downs.

So you can take inspiration from Arun and his blog. The contains a lot of data with excellent UX and UI. A lot of things you can learn.”

#14., Archana Doshi: Cooking and Kitchen Blog

ArchanasKitchen is India’s famous Kitchen and Recipe blog that contains Recipes and video tutorials. This blog is very useful for those who are passionate about food and cooking. Mostly, women are looking for these types of blogs, so if you know someone who is looking for this type of blog, you can suggest this blog to them.

The blogger who owned this popular Indian blog is Archana Doshi. She also shares her recipes via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Page.

If we talk about the monthly traffic of this blog, then it is around 1.39M, where 44.33% of visitors are from the USA.

Looking for more? We have some inspiring Women’s blogs that will surely help you understand the overall blogging industry.

archana doshi indian kitchen blogger

Archana Doshi

╙ Niche: Cooking and Kitchen Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 20/11/2007

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1.39M

╙ Alexa Rank: 41,781

╙ DA: 61

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“This recipe blog inspires us to pursue our hobby or passion as a full-time blogging career. It’s all about doing things passionately and your blog will grow for sure. Today this blog as mentioned above gets massive traffic from different countries like the USA. This blog earns from affiliate marketing of kitchen or cooking related products together with Google-Ads and recipes classes.”

#15., Sathish Arumugam: Digital Marketing Blog

Satish Arumugam is the owner of (one of the best Indian Digital Marketing Blog), where he helps people with digital marketing, blogging, SEO’s how-to guides, solve issues, and teach them with tutorial blogs.

He is not only a famous blogger but also a digital marketing trainer, web designer, and successful online marketer. He started TrafficCrow in 2013 and today he has a successful blog with a monthly traffic of around 15K.

The highlighted blogs in his websites that we also recommend you are, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Writing Tips, SEO Tutorials, Link Building Guides, and Reviews.

So, If you are looking for any one of them mentioned above, then you should visit TrafficCrow once.

sathish arumugan indian blogger

Sathish Arumugam

╙ Niche: Digital Marketing Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 11/12/2013

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 15.05K

╙ Alexa Rank: 27,029

╙ DA: 47

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“A good 10-years old blog, neat and clean design. This site ranks on more than 16K. As per Ubersuggest, 80% of its traffic comes from other countries. This blog delivers excellent content quality.”


Free Tips and Tricks for Beginners who want to Earn with Blogging

#16., Sandeep Mallya: Digital Marketing Blog

Here we bring another Tech-blog for you, i.e. 99Signals. If you have any problems or issues related to the tech or your blog, then 99Signals will be the best blog for you. In this blog, the topics that are discussed are online tech tools, new technology introduced, the best tools, and comparing them with their alternatives. The Indian blogger who is famous for this blog is Sandeep Mallya.

Sandeep Mallya is a digital marketing consultant and an entrepreneur from Bangalore, India. He completed his MBA in 2009.

If we talk about the traffic of, then the monthly traffic of this blog is 76.20K, where 17.49% of monthly traffic comes from India and 80.26% of visitors directly come from Google.

So, now you have one more of India’s popular tech blogs.

sandeep mallya indian blogger

Sandeep Mallya

╙ Niche: Digital Marketing Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 12/01/2016

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 76.20K

╙ Alexa Rank: 32,831

╙ DA: 56

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“ is a known tech blog that has several visitors from the US, Canada, UK, India, Australia, and many others. The basic thing that we want to justify here is that the search demand for tech solutions is very high, and these tech blog owners are making good money from their tech blogs.”

#17., Jitendra Vaswani: Digital Marketing Blog

BloggersIdeas is an awesome Indian digital marketing blog that includes Digital Marketing Guides and Blogging Tips. The Blog is owned by Jitendra Vaswani. He is not only a professional blogger from India but also a Digital Marketing SEO consultant with experience of over 8 years in this digital marketing industry.

BloggersIdeas gets monthly website traffic of around 119.06K, with 19.96% of visitors coming from the USA, and 14.59% of visitors from India. 76% of visitors visit BloggersIdeas from Google Search.

jitendra vaswani indian blogger

Jitendra Vaswani

╙ Niche: Digital Marketing Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 04/08/2013

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 119.06K

╙ Alexa Rank: 27,103

╙ DA: 72

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“ contains different topics related to tech as well as blogging. It transfers its audience to its social accounts by including its social links. It also uses affiliate marketing to make money.

#18., Ripon Sahaji : Digital Marketing Blog

Ripon Sahaji is one of the famous Indian bloggers, YouTubers, and digital marketers. He posts tech and blogging tips, guides to his audience on YouTube. The reason why we are talking about his YouTube Channel is that is just the text version of his videos. You can learn all the tech-related tips and guides directly from his website.

If you are a newbie and have a problem with the English language, then you don’t have to worry about this, because all the videos of TechRipon are in Hindi and we highly recommend TechRipon if you want any tips, guides, information related to Tech-News and Digital Marketing.

ripon sahaji indian blogger

Ripon Sahaji

╙ Niche: Digital Marketing Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 19/07/2018

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 10.8K

╙ Alexa Rank: 89,694

╙ DA: 29

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“Techripon blog is growing its Indian audience because all the blogs are written in Hindi format. The blog is also earning from its YouTube channel as they transfer its audience to their YouTube channel.”

#19., Pradeep Chopra: Digital Marketing Blog is a famous Indian digital marketing blog that also provides online digital marketing and other different courses.

If you are one who is looking for online courses and digital workshops, then we will recommend you to visit

The renowned blogger behind this famous blog is Pradeep Chopra. He is the Founder of

The blog has monthly traffic of 220.96K, where 48.14% of visitors are from India.

Here are some of the resources that DigitalVidya provides you, which are Digital Workshops, Webinars, blogs, Quiz, Guides, Books, and Forums.

So if you won’t have any queries related to tech and need some online courses, then you can visit DigitaVidya.

pradeep chopra indian blogger

Pradeep Chopra

╙ Niche: Digital Marketing Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 28/11/2009

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 220.96K

╙ Alexa Rank: 15,815

╙ DA: 71

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“DigitalVidya is a blog cum digital trainer. The blog provides digital training courses and makes good money from them. They have an audience from India as well as from 55+ other countries. They are partnered with Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other big companies.”

#20., Pritam Nagrale: Digital Marketing Blog

If you want to make online money but don’t know how then here is a blog that will teach you all this, named MoneyConnexion is a blog where you learn how to make money online and there you also see a section on Online Jobs which is a plus point that makes this blog more useful. 

Pritam Nagrale is one of the best and most famous Indian bloggers behind this Indian blog. He has been making money online since 2004. When many of us even don’t know about blogging, he was earning money from that.

Now moving on to the traffic of the website, the monthly traffic of is 155.07K per month, where 45.18% of visitors are from India and 13.93% of visitors from the USA.

pritam nagrale indian blogger

Pritam Nagrale

╙ Niche: Digital Marketing Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 25/11/2014

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 155.07K

╙ Alexa Rank: 33,521

╙ DA: 59

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“Digital marketing is one of the best niches that is trending nowadays. This digital marketing blog earns through selling others’ products (affiliate marketing), by including Google Ads related to digital marketing. So, Affiliate marketing and google-ads is the main source of making money from this blog.”


Free Tips and Tricks for Beginners who wants to Earn with Blogging

#21., Rukmini Ray Kadam : DIY Blog

When you are creative and want some new ideas to make your room or house attractive, then you like this DIY blog named

If you are looking for a decor blog or DIY blog where you can find different and amazing DIY ideas to make your house beautiful and create your collection, then we recommend you to visit, it is one of the famous Indian blogs that is officially owned by Rukmini Ray Kadam.

Rukmini Ray Kadam lives in a tiny rental apartment in New Bombay. She has monthly traffic of around 12K visitors per month.

So, now if you find any problem related to your DIY crafts, then you can visit her blog and find new ideas.

rukmini ray kadam indian blogger

Rukmini Ray Kadam

╙ Niche: DIY Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 31/10/2014

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 12.8K

╙ Alexa Rank: 14,98,929

╙ DA: 32

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“If you are passionate about your work, then why don’t you share your ideas and imagination with others. shares DIY ideas and kitchen recipes with the people. This blog teaches you that you can get famous and make money with your creativeness and knowledge even if you don’t have a job.”

#22., Nandini Shenoy: Entertainment Blog is India’s number one popular website blog that provides you the latest daily Bollywood junkies. You can find all the Bollywood gossip and what’s going on in the Bollywood industry here. This is not only the Bollywood news blog, plus it is also a health and lifestyle blog.

If you haven’t visited this blog till now, please have a visit once to this famous Indian blog by Nandini Shenoy.

You can find its popularity by its rank in India. India’s rank is 255 and ranks 3,290 Globally.

Now for your comfort here are some more details about Its monthly traffic is 23.74M, where 39.94% of visitors are from the USA, and 31.67% of visitors are from India. And the bonus point is that 71.50% of visitors visit PinkVilla directly from Google Search Result.

So, whenever you are getting bored and wanna make your mood fresh, you can visit

nandini shenoy indian blogger

Nandini Shenoy

╙ Niche: Entertainment Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 04/09/2006

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 23.74M

╙ Alexa Rank: 16,757

╙ DA: 72

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“Everyone likes to know more about their favourite actor and actress, like to have fashionable clothes. That’s what PinkVilla is doing. It chooses the perfect niche that is in high demand among most youngsters and people. The site generates high traffic and earnings through Ads.”

#23., Akanksha Redhu : Fashion and Lifetyle Blog

Are you looking for a Fashion blog in India? Here is the one for you. is a blog for women and people who are interested in Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. This popular Indian blog is owned by the famous Indian Blogger Akanksha Redhu. She writes all about trending fashion to trending beauty, and food that is trending and amazing to eat.

She is crazy for her passion. In her blog, six main categories are Fashion and Lifestyle, Events, Travel, Media, and Shop.

The blog has monthly traffic of 16.01K visitors of which around 53% of visitors are from India and the rest are from other countries like the USA and South Africa.

Akanksha Redhu

╙ Niche: Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 10/09/2010

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 16.01K

╙ Alexa Rank: 2,16,390

╙ DA: 32

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from Akanksha

“You can see the layout and User Interface of this fashion and lifestyle blog. The blog is perfectly designed to attract the users and holds them for a longer period in the blog.”

#24., Santoshi Shetty: Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

Here we bring another famous Indian Fashion and Lifestyle blog for you. This famous fashion and lifestyle blog was founded by Santoshi Shetty in 2015.

The blog covers topics like Fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, his and her, and life.

The average monthly traffic of Thestyledge is 6.02K. If you are looking for a fashion and lifestyle blog that is all in one blog, then you should visit this blog once.

Santoshi shetty Indian blogger

Santoshi Shetty

╙ Niche: Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 26/03/2015

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 6.02K

╙ Alexa Rank: 29,91,161

╙ DA: 19

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“Blogs like fashion, lifestyle, trends, travel are in high demand on the internet. Thstyledge is another Indian Blog that is generating a good amount of traffic and income with this niche and designed a blog that attracts the users.”

#25., Sumit Sao: Blogging Tips Blog

BloggingLift is another blogging tips and tutorial blog where you get the blogging tips, how-to guides, WordPress solutions, Email-marketing, SEO Tips-and-tricks that will help you in growing your blog.

The founder of this blog is Sumit Sao, a 25 years old passionate blogger from India.

This is not that famous Indian Blog but you will like the content of this blog. You will find this blog helpful and contentful. The monthly traffic of this website is 6.9K visitors., sumit sao famous indian blogger

Sumit Sao

╙ Niche: Blogging Tips Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 13/07/2017

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 6.9K

╙ Alexa Rank: 74,362

╙ DA: 38

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“Blogging is one of the best sources of income for bloggers. The blog has a simple layout that looks awesome. The blog makes income through online paid courses, affiliate marketing. It also shares its social account links, so that to transfer the audience there, which will help in increasing the popularity of the blog.”

#26., Vishal Khandelwal : Finance Blog

Safal Niveshak is the best Indian Finance Blog. If you are looking for a must-read blog in India that is related to investment and business finance then you should look at this famous Indian blog. Safal Niveshak is a blog where you can find several ideas related to Investment.

Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of this popular Indian blog (Hindi phrase for ‘successful investor’).

If we talk about the traffic of his blog, then there is 90.35K of monthly traffic, where 59.78% of traffic comes from India and 8.73% of traffic from the USA.

One of the reasons why we are recommending this blog is that 47.14% of visitors come directly to the blog, which is an amazing thing.

shafal niveshak indian blogger

Vishal Khandelwal

╙ Niche: Finance Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 29/09/2010

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 90.35K

╙ Alexa Rank: 1,44,226

╙ DA: 47

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“If you know about finance and investment, then you can also start this type of finance blog. The blog helps people to learn about business, investment strategies, sell courses, books, and programs, and make a good amount of income with that.”

#27., Malini Agarwal: Lifestyle Blog is one of the most trending and popular Indian Blogs. The must-read blogs on the site are related to Bollywood, Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. Most people like to learn and read about Bollywood gossip and news. This famous Indian blog is inspired by Perez Hilton’s blog, Yes one famous Hollywood gossip and fashion blog. 

This famous blog is founded by Malini Agarwal. She was a professional dancer, wanted to be a VJ and many other exciting careers, and finally opted to choose to blog. has monthly visitors of 424.99 of which 53.51% of genuine traffic comes from India, and 17.19% from the USA.

malini agarwal indian blogger

Malini Agarwal

╙ Niche: Lifestyle Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 01/05/2008

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 424.99K

╙ Alexa Rank: 62,211

╙ DA: 63

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“ is a very famous Indian blog. The blog has a niche about Bollywood gossip, fashion, beauty, and trends. The content and data are managed in such a perfect manner that attracts users.”

#28., Srinivas Tamada: Programming Blog

If you are a programmer or want to become a professional programmer in the future, then this famous Indian blog is for you. contains programs, course tutorials, posts on JavaScript, PHP, Ionic, Angular JS, React JS, JQuery, etc.

This Indian blog has monthly traffic of around 5.6K visitors. The blog is still growing and helping people to learn different programming languages.

This helpful and interesting blog is owned by the popular blogger Srinivas Tamada, who is an entrepreneur, blogger, thinker, and UI Architect who lives in Atlanta, USA.

So, if you face any problems and issues related to programming languages, you can read his blogs and ask him via GitHub, Comments, and Twitter.

srinivas tamada indian blogger

Srinivas Tamada

╙ Niche: Programming Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 09/09/2009

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 5.6K

╙ Alexa Rank: 92,069

╙ DA: 57

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“The blog has a very simple and clean layout and design that covers the programming tutorials, guides to help the programmers and coders. The blog is earned through paid and Google Ads. The blogger also includes their YouTube videos that grow his audience and he is transferring his blog traffic to his YouTube channel and earning a good income from there.”

#29., Shivya Nath: Travel Blog is a travel blog where Shivya Nath, “storyteller, writer, photographer, digital nomad, Instagrammer, social entrepreneur, solo traveller, vegan and environmentalist” writes about her travel experience in different cities of different countries across the globe.

At the age of 23, Shivya Nath left her corporate job because of a dream, i.e, Travel the World. She packed her bag and started her journey of travelling the world.

In 2012, she started her blog and named it “The Shooting Star” which contains her travel blogs, her book named The Shooting Star, her proud moments (Media & Awards), and she also Hired people to work with her. 

The blog has monthly traffic of 27.9K visitors, yes which is not a small number of visitors.

So, if you are interested in the Travel blog and if you also have that type of passion inside you, then you should visit this blog once.

shivya nath indian blogger

Shivya Nath

╙ Niche: Travel Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 15/03/2012

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 27.9K

╙ Alexa Rank: 1,24,419

╙ DA: 48

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“This is a good travel blog that contains all the travel experiences of a solo girl who travels the world. She wrote a book about his journey and started selling it. She got featured in big media and travel companies like The Washington Post, BBC Travel, TEDx, and others.”

#30., Satish Kushwaha: Digital Marketing Blog

Satish Kushwaha is a famous Indian Blogger plus YouTuber. He lives in Mumbai and works as a full-time Blogger/Vlogger. In his blog known as, he talks about digital marketing, online money making tips, and guides.

Satish Kushwaha aka Satish K Videos on YouTube is a popular Indian YouTuber with subscribers of 474K. He tells about blogging guides, online money earning tricks, and many other blog guides that will help you. His Playlist named Inspirational Interviews is most popular among bloggers as he takes the interviews of successful bloggers and asks their journey from zero to millions.

So, we recommend you to visit his blog and YouTube channel if you want amazing tips and guides related to blogging.

satish kushwaha indian blogger

Satish Kushwaha

╙ Niche: Digital Marketing Blog

╙ Blog Started on: 25/06/2017

╙ Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1.2K

╙ Alexa Rank: 76,136

╙ DA: 19

“WiseOwl Speaks”

What you can learn from

“Satish Kushwaha is a blogger cum Vlogger. The niche is digital marketing blogging tips and guides, which is the most trending and popular topic nowadays. The blog earns from affiliate marketing and Google-Ads and is more popular on his YouTube channel, which is the main and high source of income for him.”


Free Tips and Tricks for Beginners who want to Earn with Blogging

Conclusion: Coolest Blogs To Read Online

The final words are here. We just want to say that if you are passionate about blogging and sure that you can do this stuff and have patience in you, then you should start blogging.

As these 30 bloggers are earning a good income from their blogs, you can also earn if you find the key of that, like you have to find the niche that will go popular and if someone has already taken that niche, then how you can improve that and start an effective blog in 2024.

Do you know which hosting is used by all these successful bloggers? The answer is either WPX, Kinsta, or Flywheel. Do check out our WPX review of hosting, Kinsta pricing details and Review of Flywheel WordPress.

FAQs on Blogs from India

  1. Who are the best bloggers in India?

    Here are the best bloggers in India that you should know and must-visit their blog. The bloggers we are going to name below are successful bloggers who are popular in India as well as in outer countries. 

    The best famous bloggers in India are:

    #1. Harsh Agarwal,
    #2. Amit Agarwal,
    #3. Shivya Nath,
    #4. Shradha Sharma,
    #5. Archana Doshi,
    #6. Faisal Farooqui,
    #7. Aseem Kishore,
    #8. Abhijeet Mukherjee,
    #9. Arun Prabhudesai,
    #10. Nandini Shenoy,

  2. Who is the richest blogger in India? What is the expected Blogging earning in India?

    Given below is the list of top Indian bloggers earning huge amounts of money and falling in the category of richest bloggers too.

    #1. Amit Agarwal (earns $60K/month) [Best blogger in India]
    #2. Faisal Farooqui (earns $50K/month)
    #3. Harsh Agarwal (earns $45K/month)
    #4. Malini Agarwal (earns $32K/month)
    #5. Shradha Sharma (earns $35K/month)
    #6. Arun Prabhudesai (earns $16K/month)
    #7. Srinivas Tamada (earns $18K/month)
    #8. Anil Agarwal (earns $7-8K/month)
    #9. Akanksha Redhu (popular blogger, income not disclosed by her.)
    #10. Vishal Khandelwal (popular blogger, income not disclosed by him.)
    You must follow these top 10 bloggers in India and follow their affiliate marketing courses.

  3. How much do new bloggers earn in India?

    In India, bloggers can earn up to $100-$10,000 per month by affiliate marketing, Google-Ads. An average blogger in India can earn up to $300-$400 per month. When a celebrity starts a blog in India, then he/she earns up to $20,000-$30,000 per month with the help of huge traffic, paid ads and promotions, affiliate marketing, Google-Ads, Digital Paid Courses, etc. There are so many solutions for how you can earn money online from your blog.
    If you are already popular on Social Media like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc, you can easily convert your fan followings to blog traffic.

  4. How do Indian Bloggers make money?

    There are different ways that you can earn money from your blog. Indian bloggers earn money using various techniques that are mentioned below: –
    Paid Promotion of Organizations
    Affiliate Marketing
    Selling Paid Online Course
    Sells their own services

  5. How to choose the best niche for blogs in India?

    Selecting the perfect niche for your blog is so confusing and difficult. You have to make sure that the niche you are going to implement on your blog will work, you can work on that blog and the most important thing is that the reader or user should like your blog.
    You have to find out the list of perfect niches that will go viral if you work on them, but if you face any problem regarding this, then you can check the online tools like Blog Name Generators, which suggest you the best and creative niches for you to start a blog.

  6. How to find a catchy blog name idea?

    Blog Name should be attractive and creative that attract the user to click on that blog. You can use our Free Blog Name generator Tools that will help you to find a cache blog name idea. 

  7. What are the Top 5 Blogging Platforms to start a blog in India?

    If you are the one who doesn’t want to go through the process of hosting a website, like a buy hosting, then install WordPress and all, then you can try these best blogging platforms that are all in one themselves. You just have to purchase a plan and start designing your website. 
    Here are the top 5 and best blogging platforms for you: –
    #1. Wix – Best Pick and Drop Website Builder
    #2. Weebly – Best and Powerful Website Builder
    #3. WordPress – Number 1 and most used blogging Platform
    #4. Squarespace – Best American Website Building and Hosting company
    #5. Shopify – Best Blogging Platform, specially designed for mobile

Must read for new Indian Bloggers: GrooveFunnels Reviews

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  10. FAQs about Blog

Disclaimer- We have tried out best to collect genuine information about these blogs from various sources. In case you have any suggestions, queries or updated facts, please let us know using the comments section.

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