24 Lifestyle Blogs For Women: Follow These Women Bloggers For Inspiration!

There was a time when women’s fitness was considered a joke for everyone. But today this women community has stood up like no other. Speaking of their rights, fitness, health, clothes, jewelry, or any other aspect, women has grown in every sector. 

Talking of “lifestyle blogs for women” I would say that there are many people who have their websites that speak of these things. 

So if you are searching for the Best blogs for women then you are on the right page searching for the right thing. 

Today I will discuss 24 lifestyle blogs for women in brief which might help you a lot. 

  1. Cupcakes And Cashmere
  2. Girlboss 
  3. CupofJo.com
  4. SixtyAndMe.com
  5. LoveSweatFitness.com
  6. Woman’sWorld.com 
  7. Daily burn 
  8. Classy Career Girl 
  9. Oneika the traveler
  10. Pinch of Yum 
  11. Twins Mommy 
  12. Deliciously Ella 
  13. I Quit Sugar 
  14. The skinny confidential 
  15. Retro Flame
  16. Advice From A Twenty-Something 
  17. Living Better 50
  18. Prime Women 
  19. Oh Happy Day 
  20. A Beautiful Mess 
  21. Tell Love And Party 
  22. The Crafted Life 
  23. HelloGiggles.com
  24. The Lean Green Bean 
  25. Design Improvised 
24 lifestyle blogs for women

Cupcakes And Cashmere

Cupcakes And Cashmere are everything that you might look to be seeking in a lifestyle blog. From cooking to dressing, you’ll find very helpful tips to make your daily life easier. For married/ newly married, and young women it’s a good-to-go blog. 

cupcakes and cashmere lifestyle blog

When was the “Cupcakes And Cashmere” blog started and by whom? 

Cupcakes and Cashmere was founded in 2008 by Emily Schuman who’s also the chief executive officer of this blog. It is managed by a dedicated team who handles different roles.

Emily also has her own brand line C&C that’s integrated with this blog. Here, you can also find cool and affordable clothing and beauty products from quality brands. 

Major categories covered by “Cupcakes And Cashmere”

Emily and her writing team cover almost every sub-niches under the Lifestyle category. Here is the list of all blog categories.

  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Decor
  • DIY
  • Series
  • Shopping
  • Motherhood

For more: Trendy and fashionable tips (cupcakesandcashmere.com)

What do I like about “Cupcakes And Cashmere”?

With a very honest review, I love the baking, decorating, clothing, and fashion style of Cupcakes And Cashmere. They always come up with fire content that’s really fun to read.

What I like the most is Emily’s awesome outfits for each season. She’s usually very friendly and responsive to her audience. So, if you liked any of her outfits, just ask her, where did you find it? 

Her traveling blogs are also my favorite. I like the way she maintains each trip under budget and provides us with a complete scan of the place she’s visiting.

It’s a must-follow blog site for women as you are going to know more about “women-things” here. Whether you need ideas for dressing, making DIY home decor projects, or handling your parenting.


Girlboss is a community of strong, curious, and ambitious women redefining success on their own terms. The work of this company is to inform, entertain, and inspire action through the content and experience they create.

The company says that they are unapologetic in their beliefs and values of supporting girls and women who are chasing dreams both big and small. 


When was the “Girlboss” blog started and by whom? 

This blog was started in 2017 by Sophia Amoruso who was so focused to work in this direction. She developed a website that has its own podcast, blog, and newsletter. 

The lady has also been featured in the Fortune 40 under 40, Forbes 30 under 30, and many more. 

She later sold the company to Attention capital.

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Major categories covered by “Girlboss”: 

The website has its own podcast, blogs, and newsletters for women. There are several categories under which these are prepared. 

  • Beauty 
  • Identity 
  • Life
  • Money 
  • Wellness 
  • Work

If you want to become an ambitious woman, who lacks solid tips for her work and career, then you can find so many new ideas here. 

Click here: Girlboss

What do I like about “Girlboss”?

I read a few blogs and listened to a few podcasts. The information provided is very precise and to the point. The blogs are not very long and so they will not bore the reader. They are quite short, knowledgeable, and very helpful. 

Their main focus is to support women in everything they are doing and make it very pleasing to them so that they read them quite often. 

A Cup of Jo

A cup of joe is a NewYork-based daily lifestyle site for women. The name “A Cup of jo” would indicate that it is a drink for a common person, which means that every new reader can easily understand what the writer is trying to mention. 

It primarily focuses on helping women lead a healthier, rich, and prosperous lifestyle. 

A Cup of Jo

When was the “A Cup of Jo” blog started and by whom? 

“A Cup of Jo” is started by Joanna Goddard in 2007. Joanna Goddard started this business as a weekend hobby but after a few years, the site grew big enough that it became a full-time job. 

“A Cup of Jo” now has a team of writers and is industry-wide for its smart and deeply engaged readership. The organization donates some of its profits to RAICES, NAACP, Green peace, save the children, and many more for a good cause. 

Major categories covered by “A Cup of Jo”:

From drinking wine like a pro to maintaining proper relationships in the family, you can find all informative content on this amazing blog. 

Above all, you can find blogs related to:

  • Style 
  • Design 
  • Food 
  • Travel 
  • Relationships 
  • Motherhood 
  • Books 

For more: A Cup of Jo – Style, Culture, Motherhood, Travel, Food & Life

What do I like about “A Cup of Jo”? 

The moment I open this website, I found it very sweet and informative blogs with so many pictures and themes covering it up. Women are all about themselves. The food they want to have, the clothes they want to wear, the places they want to travel, and many more. 

With all my honesty I could find everything on this website that can attract women. The website also mentioned its popular post of the month (which obviously changes every month). This month’s popular blogs are 1) My 10 favorite Trader Joe’s Products, 2) two words to say to your child, 3) conversation with a seven-year-old, 4) my beauty uniform, 5) the Brooklyn apartment has the Prettiest paint colors. 


“Sixty and me” as the concept says is a blogging website that publishes blogs related to women who are 60 and above. It is an online magazine which speaks about life after sixty. 

This magazine literally drives women’s attention to all the things that happen to them after a certain age. It can include many things like what will they do after getting retired? Or what they should wear so that they can still live up to their fashion sense? What can they do in their free time so as to keep themselves busy? 

sixty and me

When was the “Sixty And Me” blog started and by whom? 

This blog was started by Margaret Manning in 2013. She is the head of a community of 500,000 women over 60. 

She started “sixty and me” to help other women of her age to live a happy, healthy, and financially stable life. Her main aim is to help women in this community to find profitable work, stay healthy and develop a positive mindset about this amazing period of our lives. 

Major categories covered by “Sixty And Me”:

If you are sixty and above you should not really miss out on this very amazing blogging website which covers:

  • Games 
  • Aging 
  • Health 
  • Travel 
  • Money 
  • Life 
  • Mindset 
  • Dating 
  • Beauty 

For more: Fashion, Hair, Makeup for Older Women, Senior Dating, Travel (sixtyandme.com)

What do I like about “Sixty And Me”?

Being a college graduate I found this website very amazing. A platform for all the beautiful women who are aged. Engaging them to do these wonderful things is good work or I can say it’s a noble cause.  

I have always found platforms for the youngsters and the people turning above thirty. But finding a platform where a group of women devotes all their time and knowledge to these things is brilliant. 

Love Sweat Fitness:

Love Sweat Fitness is about much more than healthy meals and killer workouts. It’s about building relationships with women that will show up and support you through ups and downs. Knowing that no matter where you live, what your goals are, or where you are starting from, you have a group of women who just get you and start changing your life. 

It is a community of inspired, empowered, and motivated women dedicated to changing what living a healthy lifestyle looks like for all women.

Love Sweat Fitness

When was the “Love Sweat Fitness” blog started and by whom? 

Love Sweat Fitness was created in 2014 when Katie found her passion for fitness and helping women. Katie created this page after losing 45kg of weight and total lifestyle makeover. Overweight and living with hypothyroidism, she struggled to find a healthy routine. Eventually, she developed her own personal nutrition plan and fitness method and fell in love with health and fitness. 

Major categories covered by “Love Sweat Fitness”:

Major categories which I found are covered by Love Sweat Fitness are:

  • Nutrition 
  • Fitness 
  • Blogs related to them 

For more: Love Sweat Fitness – At-Home Workouts, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle for Women

What do I like about “Love Sweat Fitness”?

The concept of fitness is rising day by day. People are becoming more conscious about their health. Even Women are focusing on their health. 

Writing about their personal experiences and engaging other women in that is a very appreciable idea. I also found some very useful diet charts available on the site which can obviously help a lot of people. 

Woman’s World

Woman’s World is the best-selling magazine at retail nationally, selling over 30,000,000 copies each year. Woman’s World speaks warmly and directly to women who are in the middle of their lives. 

The magazine touch on everything in which women may be going over 50 from menopause, trying to get in shape, or losing weight on a new diet, to all the things you may be searching for like a stylish but comfortable pair of new boots, the best moisturizer for aging skin, or a fun twist on a classic recipe you can try out in the kitchen tonight. 

Woman's World

When was the “Woman’s World” blog started and by whom? 

Women’s World is a magazine that was started in the year 1981 by Bauer Media Group in the United States. 

The company thrives on good stories that will brighten your mood and well-researched articles that will help you feel healthier and look your best as you age. Woman’s World also aims to provide you with tools to save money in as many ways as you can. 

Major categories covered by “Woman’s World” 

The major categories covered by Woman’s World are: 

  • Health 
  • Beauty
  • Weight loss 
  • Keto 
  • Menopause 
  • Aging 
  • Fashion 
  • Shopping 
  • Horoscope 

For more: Woman’s World: Health, Beauty, Nutrition For Women Over 50 (womansworld.com)

What do I love about “Woman’s World”?

Women’s World is a multi-author blog that covers almost every detail whether it is horoscope or weight loss for women or any other thing. Basically, it is a magazine for older women. And that is the thing I love about their blog. 

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a health and fitness company with a membership of approximately 2.5 million that provides workout and nutrition programs on a variety of web, mobile, and TV apps.

Daily Burn

When was the “Daily Burn” blog started and by whom?  

The Daily Burn was started by IAC in the year 2007. The company offers membership, for which they provide thousands of different workout videos so you can mix it up every day right from your own home. The best fitness anywhere. 

Major categories covered by “Daily Burn”

The categories covered by “daily burn” are:

  • Tone and target 
  • Full body group workout 
  • Intro to exercise
  • Cardio strength 
  • Yoga basics 
  • Barre for all 
  • Muscle building
  • Beginner pilate 
  • Cardio kickboxing ‘
  • High intense training 
  • Pregnancy and postnatal
  • Flexibility and stretching. 

For more: Daily Burn – Thousands of Workouts, Stream Videos Anywhere

What do I love about “Daily Burn”? 

Daily burn is the most influential blog that is all about the health of people of all age groups. The company owns over 150 brands in over 100 countries which is itself a very big achievement. 

Classy Career Girl 

Classy career girl is an organization that is passionate about meaningful content and community at the intersection of your work, dreams, and everyday life. The main aim is to help the women who want to make a difference in the world. 

The organization exists to help women set their career and business goals and reach them. Also, they work only with women who are dedicated to their work. 

Classy Career Girl

When was “classy career girl” started and by whom? 

Founded in 2010, by Anna Runyan “classy career girl” is one of Forbes 35 most influential career sites and a leading destination for ambitious women, currently reaching millions of women each week. 

It is an e-learning platform designed to be a one-stop shop for all women in career transition. The training is world-class and the team is dedicated to motivating and inspiring women who are searching for jobs or starting a business. 

Major categories covered by “classy career girl” 

There are 2 basic things which are being provided by the company. 

  • Blog 
  • Podcast 

They help a lot. Basically, they motivate a woman to persuade her career no matter what her age is. 

For more: Ready To Launch Your Dream Career or Business? – Classy Career Girl

What do I love about “classy career girl”? 

What I love about them is the way they have created a platform that motivates women to jump out from their beds to go to work. This thing not only motivates a lot of women but push them to earn a living and live their life to the fullest. 

Oneika The Traveller

Oneika pronounced as (oh-KNEE- Kah) is dedicated to inspiring people of color to see the world. A fierce supporter of women who travel, she has keynoted at the Women in travel summit, at women’s travel fest, and has been honored with the 2017 Voices of the year award at BlogHer, one of the premier conferences for women in digital media. 

Oneika The Traveller

When was “Oneika The Traveler” started and by whom? 

Oneika Raymond is an educator, writer, and travel junkie who chronicles her adventures abroad on her blog Oneika the traveler. The blog was launched in the year 2015. Her life revolves around one question “where to next” and this is the only thing that inspires her. 

Major categories covered by “Oneika The Traveler” 

There are few categories covered in this blog. They are: 

  • Where I’ve been 
  • Life and style 
  • Opinion 
  • Traveling while back 
  • Work with me 

For more: Oneika the Traveller

What do I love about “Oneika The Traveler”? 

The only thing that attracts me to read this blog is the way this woman travels around the world. Travelling has always been my super favorite. The way she has been exploring throughout the world and writing her own experiences is very fascinating to all the readers. 

Pinch of Yum

Food blog! Always and forever the favorite. “Pinch of yum” is one of the best blogging websites in the world. The way all the things that are presented are very amazing. 

Pinch Of Yum

When was the “pinch of Yum” started and by whom? 

“Pinch of Yum” was started by Lindsay around 2013. Lindsay is a voice, author, creator behind “Pinch of Yum”. She says that what started as a casual hobby for nights and weekends while I was also teaching at school has grown into a full-grown business. 

It reaches millions of people with fun recipes each month. 

Major categories covered by “Pinch of Yum”  

The major category covered by them is the recipe of all the dishes. Soft chocolate chip cookies, Sunday chili, baked chicken meatballs, chicken tinga tacos, and many more recipes are being shared by them. 

Above all this, there are a bit of piece that are being shared in this blog. Travel, loss, motherhood, home stuff, sage. 

What do I love about “Pinch of Yum”? 

Who does not love food? Food is the topmost priority of every person. And what else do you want when you have the recipe for your favorite food. This is the only thing I love about her blog which means that her blog will definitely grow no matter what. 

Twins Mommy

It is a platform that encourages the mother to start writing their very own blog. By this, she can take care of her child and can make money by blogging. 

Twins Mommy women blogger

When was “Twins Mommy” started and by whom? 

The blog “Twins Mommy” was started in 2014 by Elna when she decided to end her job because she had to take care of her twins. For the first 6 months, she wrote with other companies and when she saw that she earned a good amount of money by this, she then decided to earn money by making her own blogging website. 

She prepared a platform for all those mothers who have to give up on their careers once they enter motherhood. 

Major categories covered by “Twins Mommy”  

This platform gives you an opportunity to start your own blog if you want to. The major categories covered are:

  • Motherhood 
  • Maternity leave  
  • How to take care of the child 

And so on. For more: Twins Mommy – Learn to Start a Mom Blog

What do I love about “Twins Mommy”? 

The x-factor which attracts me to this blog is that after becoming a mother when a majority of women have to leave their job “Twins Mommy” slides down the floor. 

Providing an extremely amazing platform where the mothers do not really have to leave their motherhood or jobs, can still earn money. It’s not about earning money. It’s about engaging yourself in such a work which makes you learn so many things. 

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella was originally intended to be a personal project, a way to encourage Ella to fall in love with plant-based food and make healthy eating delicious. 

Deliciously Ella ladies blog

When was the “Deliciously Ella” started and by whom? 

The platform was started by Ella Mills in the year 2012. She was graduating college then. She got prone to some health problems where she was not allowed to eat anything from outside. 

She didn’t know how to cook after which she decided to learn to cook. 

Major categories covered by “Deliciously Ella” 

The categories offered by “deliciously Ella” are: 

  • Recipes 
  • Cookbooks
  • Podcast 
  • Restaurants 
  • App
  • Shop our product 

For more: deliciously Ella · delicious ways to feel better 

What do I love about “Deliciously Ella”?  

After reading Ella’s story I got so motivated. The way Ella collected herself after being diagnosed with “tachycardia Syndrome” and started “Deliciously Ella”. The move was strong and supported the girl in a beautiful way and made her life through. 

I Quit Sugar

It is a blog in which the writer has recommended some ways in which you will not eat sugar. It is one of the best sellers in the New York Times. A week-by-week guide to quitting sugar to lose weight, boost energy, and improve your mood and overall health, with 108 sugar-free recipes.

I Quit Sugar ladies blog

When was “I Quit Sugar” started and by whom?  

It was started by “Sarah Wilson” in the year 2013. The blog has a very amazing concept that talks about how one should quit sugar in order to maintain their health. 

Sarah closed this 8-week program and sold the blog and 8-week program recipes to 28 by Sam Wood and donated 100% money to the charity. But her people still wanted us to be in that space so she started operating a website in which she could communicate to the people through her blogs. 

Major categories covered by “I Quit Sugar”

There is an option to shop. Once you click on that option you can purchase any of the books and start reading the tips provided under. All the profits earned will be donated and hence it becomes a non-profit organization. 

For more: I quit sugar – with Sarah Wilson

What do I love about “I Quit Sugar”?  

Being a non-profit organization is a very impressive thing. And that is the only thing “I quit sugar” has which attracts a million customers just like me. A platform that tells people to quit sugar so as to maintain their health. 

The Skinny Confidential

“The Skinny Confidential” is a lifestyle brand, blog, book, and podcast. The mission is to inspire and empower women to be the best versions of themselves. 

The Skinny Confidential blogs for women

When was “the skinny confidential” started and by whom? 

“The Skinny Confidential” was started by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick in the year 2010. Lauryn has turned her passion for beauty, wellness, and no censor advice into one of the most distinctive blogs online today. 

Along with this, she has released her very own book, The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER, which has just 81 million downloads. She works with top-tier brands while continuing to connect with her community on a daily basis. 

Major categories covered by “The Skinny Confidential” 

Major categories covered by them are: 

  • Beauty 
  • Realness 
  • Recipes 
  • Body 
  • Shop 
  • Podcast 
  • Book 
  • Youtube 

For more: The Skinny Confidential | A lifestyle blog, podcast, and brand by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick. For the girl who wants to be the best version of herself, on her own terms.

What do I love about “The Skinny Confidential”?

A woman at the age of 22 built a platform “The Skinny Confidential” which turned out to be an amazing platform for all women. The way she presents all the things which she likes and it turns out to be so amazing and loved by a million people. 

Retro Flame

Retro Flame is a fashion & lifestyle website which shares my travel, work, outfits, and other inspiration. 

Retro Flame women bloggers

When was “Retro Flame” started and by whom? 

Erika Fox is an Ireland-born, American-based blogger who started Retro Flames in the year 2013. She is currently living in New York City and has her personal blog. Her current fan following is more than 100,000+ people who love to watch what she posts.

Major categories covered by “Retro Flames” 

The major categories covered by “retro flames” are:

  • Erika 
  • Fashion 
  • New York 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Travel 
  • Fitness 
  • Hair and beauty 
  • Interior 

For more: Retro Flame – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog (retro-flame.com)

What do I love about “Retro Flames”? 

I saw the outfits on which blogs were written. I was in awe after seeing them. I want them all. They are very creatively designed and blogs are well written. 

Advice From A Twenty-Something: 

We all know how difficult our twenties are. The person is graduated from college, has to start their career, thinks of how to earn money, starts married life, and has to settle down at any cost. This is what society expects from us. 

In these crucial years, we need a lot of advice from our seniors. Therefore “Advice from a twenty-something” is there to help us. 

Advice Form A Twenty-Something

When was “Advice From a Twenty-Something” started and by whom? 

Advice from a twenty-something was started by Amanda Holstein in the year 2012. All the people who are twenty and above and are willing to get advice related to their personal life can get advice from this blog page. 

Ask questions, get personalized advice, and find tips on everything from fashion & beauty to relationships, self-improvement, and even your career. You can get any advice you want. 

Major categories covered by “Advice From a Twenty-Something”

Major categories covered by them are: 

  • Fashion 
  • Beauty 
  • Living 
  • Wellness 
  • Career 

For more: Fashion, Beauty, Self-Improvement & Career Tips – Advice from a Twenty-Something

What do I love about “Advice From a Twenty-Something”?

A platform from where you get all good advice without being judged is the best thing. “Advice from a twenty-something” is the best for us. There are so many categories on which very amazing blogs are written. Go and check out. 

Living Better 50

“Living better 50” is the number one resource and magazine for women over 50 in the world with 500,000+ readers. “Living better 50” covers everything for a woman from beauty to business which is the website’s primary goal. 

Living Better 50

When was “Living Better 50” started and by whom? 

The website was launched in the year 2011 by Carol L. Doyel. She wanted to create a better place for women who are above 50. 

Living better 50 focuses on the positive attributes of aging and looks for opportunities to encourage women to make healthier choices through articles, stories, and testimonies, shared on their site. 

Major categories covered by “Living Better 50”: 

There are many categories covered by them. Some are:

  • Health and fitness
  • Beauty and fashion 
  • Home and food
  • Faith and relationships 
  • Money and business 
  • Retirement living 
  • Travel 

For more: LivingBetter50 – No. 1 Online Magazine for Women Over 50

What do I love about “Living Better 50”?

What I love about this platform is the way they encourage women to live better physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. 

After the fifties, you need a direction and this blog provides a direction to all the people above 50’s so that they can engage themselves in different types of work. 

Prime Women

Prime is for the ageless generation of women who don’t dress, think, or act like women in the previous generation. 

Prime Women

When was “Prime Women” started and by whom? 

Dorthy Miller Shor, Jan Fletcher OBE, Valarie Freeman are the people behind prime women in the year 1990. 

The website provides a fresh perspective article written by Prime Women for prime women on fashion, travel, fitness, beauty, finances, relationships, and entertainment. 

Major categories covered by “Prime Women”: 

The main categories covered by “Prime Women” are:

  • Career and business 
  • Beauty and fashion 
  • Health and fitness 
  • Ageless beauty. 

For more: Prime Women | An Online Magazine – Redefining the over 50 women

What do I love about “Prime Women”?

Prime Women is a very amazing magazine that provides a platform for all women and encourages them to live their life the way they want. You don’t have to worry about how to lead your life after 50, 60, or even 70. 

Read their blog and motivate yourself. 

Oh, Happy Day

“Oh, happy day” is a stage that throws mind-blowing parties to all the people who approach them.

Very amazing blogs are written as people have shared their personal experiences with the team. 

Oh happy day

When was “Oh, Happy Day” started, and by whom?  

 Launched in 2010 by party shop, oh happy day is a blogging website that writes such amazing blogs. I got so excited after reading that. 

Major categories covered by “Oh, Happy Day”:  

The major categories covered by them are: 

  • Parties 
  • Holidays 
  • Interiors 
  • Printables 
  • Travel 

For more: Oh Happy Day!

What do I love about “Oh, Happy Day”?

Pretty party balloons, bomb photo booths, garlands, gifts, invitations, and whatnot. How can it not attract anyone? It will obviously do. So, if you still haven’t visited the site, just go and visit it fast. 

A Beautiful Mess

Here, you will find over twelve years of the recipe and step-by-step tutorials for home decor projects, crafts, and easy-to-make recipes. Most of it is written from home-based Springfield, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to website content, the company also hosts a weekly podcast. 

A Beautiful Mess

When was “A Beautiful Mess” started and by whom? 

It was started by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman in the year 2007. The main aim of the website is not only to write great content but bring awesome content from other talented folks. 

Major categories covered by “A Beautiful Mess”: 

Major categories covered by them are: 

  • Crafts 
  • Decore
  • Recipes 
  • Advice 
  • Styles 
  • Favorites 

For more: A Beautiful Mess – Crafts, Home Décor, Recipes

What do I love about “A Beautiful Mess”? 

Food blogs have always been my favorite. You are sad? Eat food. You are happy? Eat food. You are in trouble? Eat food. For me, food is the solution to every problem. “A beautiful mess” is one of the best blogs as it provides all-time yummy recipes. 

Tell Love And Party

This blog has a very cute concept where a girl named Sara lovers to travel and do parties for fun. And after that, she writes a blog on all her experiences. 

Tell Love And Party

When was “Tell Love And Party” started and by whom? 

It was started by a very beautiful girl named Sara in the year 2015. She just started it for fun. And then it took a huge turn where so many people started liking it. 

Major categories covered by “Tell Love And Party”

Major categories covered by them are: 

  • Party 
  • Blog 
  • DIY
  • Holiday 
  • Interiors 
  • Life 
  • Shop 
  • Printables 

For more: Home Page – Tell Love and Party

What do I love about “Tell Love And Party”?

I read a few blogs. The information provided is very precise and to the point. The blogs are not very long so they will not bore the reader. They are quite short, knowledgeable, and very interesting. 

The Crafted Life

The post you’ll find here is around a common theme. Projects are made with accessible items and techniques to help you convey personal style without stress. 

The Crafted Life

When was “The Crafted Life” started and by whom? 

“The crafted life” was started by Rachel in the year 2014. She built a platform for women to come and write their own blogs on various topics and publish them. The gave a lot of motivation to millions of users. 

Major categories covered by “The Crafted Life”  

Major categories covered by “The crafted life” are: 

  • DIY
  • Home decore 
  • Holiday 
  • Printables 
  • Colour crush 
  • Inspirations 

For more: The Crafted Life – Making crafting easy & fun!

What do I love about “The Crafted Life”?

The best thing about this platform is that there is not any particular topic on which you can blog about. You can take away any topic and start writing on it. This platform supports every topic. It just depends upon the writer on which topic he wants to write. 


Hello, giggles is a positive online community for female-identifying readers covering so many things. Featuring a mixture of news, personal essays, reported features, and service.  


When was “Hellogiggles” started and by whom? 

“Hellogiggles” was founded by Zoey Deschanel, Molly McAleer, and Sophia Rossi in 2011 as a place on the internet to inspire a smile, and years later, they are still doing that. 

Major categories cover by “Hellogiggle”: 

The major categories covered by “HelloGiggles” are: 

  • Beauty 
  • Fashion 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Love 
  • Entertainment 
  • News 

For more: HelloGiggles: We Tell Your Stories

What do I love about “Hellogiggles”? 

“Hellogiggles” a platform that was built to make people happy or make them smile. There are a few people who initiate a program to make others smile. This quality of them makes this place a home for millions of users. 

The Lean Green Bean

On this blog, you’ll find healthy recipes, nutrition information, parenting tips, food prep tips, and more! The goal is to show you healthy living. 

If you’re interested, you can read more about her journey.

The Lean Green Bean

When was “The Lean Green Bean” started and by whom?    

It was started by Lindsay. She published her first blog in the year 2015. She always wanted to make the world a better place and therefore decided to provide nutritious recipes to all the people. 

Major categories covered by “The Lean Green Bean”: 

Major categories covered by them are: 

  • Recipes 
  • Ebooks 
  • Food prep
  • Kids 

For more: The Lean Green Bean: Balanced. Simple. Real. (theleangreenbean.com)

What do I love about “The Lean Green Bean”? 

Eating healthy, staying healthy, and being healthy are the three most important aspects of today’s society. “The Lean Green Bean” provides its users with the best recipes which you can make out of green vegetables. 

Design Improvised

Design improvised- simple projects, big impact! Is a destination for easy and colorful DIY home decor projects and holiday crafts. If you love crafting and decorating but you don’t have time to spend on it, then this is the place for you.  

Design Improvised

When was “design Improvised” started and by whom? 

Haeley started this blog in 2011 after her first daughter was born it had been quite an adventure to watch it evolve and grow from her very own personal blog to a creative blog. 

Major categories covered by “Design improvised”: 

The major categories covered by her are: 

  • Home Decor
  • Holidays
  • Kids 
  • Fave supplies

For more: Design Improvised

What do I love about “Design improvised”? 

Creating a blogging website and keeping people updated related to so many interesting things is way better work rather than just sit at home and do nothing. “Design Improvised” is no different. Here you will all the creative ideas put on by Haeley. 

Conclusion: Best Women’s LifeStyle Blogs 

After reviewing 24 websites I got a lot of information related to these types of websites. And I guess this information is helpful for you guys as well. 

Women have a lot of different stages in their lives after every 10 years. They need help. They need guidance. A girl child once born need a lot many toys, after she enters her teens she involves a lot of drama that she ever had in her life.

This drama ends in her twenties when she has to think about her career and how to earn money, after which marriage is done and children are born. Probably a completely drastic change takes place. Once she enters her 60’s she had to think about what next. 

This can be a life of an ordinary woman. Obviously, one can live her life the way she wants. 

So here in this article, I just learned one thing which said that women do not really need to worry as there are so many platforms or blogging websites that have been created for every phase of their life. 

Go and explore!

Let’s explore:

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