8 Best AI Detector 2024 To Find AI Content: Free & Paid Tools

You will find the latest and best ChatGPT AI detectors on this page.

In most cases, AI violates Google guidelines; hence, you need an AI detector to detect AI-written content.

You should be aware of the output quality of your AI-generated content, this can be achieved by performing a check for AI content from any of the“8 best AI detection tools” in this list.

Many readers may have a question in their mind, “Why use AI content detectors?” Well, it is because of the recent advancements and overuse of AI for content generation, which often produces lower-quality content that is easily detected by popular search engines like Google, ultimately leading to a reduction in growth.

These AI detectors can help you detect AI-written content and suggest the necessary changes to avoid penalties from search engines.

best ai detection tools

    Quick Comparison Of AI Detections That We Recommend

    Get an instant overview of all 8 listed AI content detector tools from the table below.

    ToolsFree LimitChrome ExtensionPrice
    1. AI Detector ProUp to 40000 charactersNot availableFree
    2. Originality.AINo Free PlanAvailable$0.01/100 words
    3. Content at ScaleUp to 2500 charactersNot availableFree
    4. Writer.comUp to 350 wordsAvailable (but not for AI detection, only grammar checking feature is there)$18/users/mo
    5. GPTZeroUp to 5000 charactersNot availableFree
    6. GLTRUp to 750 wordsNot availableFree
    7. SaplingUp to 444 wordsAvailable (but not for AI detection, only grammar checking feature is there)Free
    8. CrossplagUnlimitedNot availableFree
    9. CopyleaksUnlimitedAvailableFree
    Note: Many of the tools that are marked as ‘free’ will be termed as ‘premium’ in case you want their API.

    9 Best AI Detection Tools To Use

    Below are the 8 best AI checker tools to use both in the free and premium segments.

    1. AIDetector.pro – Best AI Detector To Trace Latest AI Technology

    testing content with ai detector pro

    AI Detector Pro is our very first recommendation as its specifically designed to detect ChatGPT-generated content. It deeply scans your content to catch patterns and algorithms of GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-Neo, GPT-J, and the latest GPT-4 modules.

    Today, if you are hiring a writer, chances are they are using ChatGPT-based tools such as Bing, Writesonic, Jasper, Google’s Bard, and so on. You don’t pay them for AI-generated content. 

    Tracking the originality becomes an issue in the creative writing industry when you have tools like ChatGPT. But, you don’t have to worry about that, because AIDetector Pro will help you figure out any shortcuts used by your writers. 

    Starts at $13.99/m, and you get 100 reports per month.

    Key Features

    • Easy to use 
    • API access is available.
    • You can also check published content through the URL.
    • Checks both Human and AI written content.
    • Helpful reports showing AI percentages and highlighted AI content.
    • Reports can be customized by your brand name and logo.
    • Variety of tools such as a website status checker, QR generator, content converters, and so on.


    AI Detector Pro has both free and paid versions. For the Free version, you have 3 credits per month but if you go for the paid version, you can get unlimited credits at a little cost. 

    The paid plans start at $13.99 per month.

    2. Originality.AI – Best Premium AI Content Detector

    Originality.ai - best ai detection tool

    This is a top-shelf product, in fact, we use Originality AI ourselves.

    It is itself an AI that has been trained to detect the content generated from widely used AI content generation technologies like GPT – 3, GPT – 3.5, and more.

    Key Features

    • Detects both AI-generated content and plagiarism
    • The average accuracy in detecting AI content is more than 94%
    • Scan the entire website by entering the URL
    • API key access is available for AI detection
    • Easy-to-use Chrome extension
    • Unlimited team members, unlimited scan & automatic billing.

    Also, read our in-depth Originality.AI review.


    Originality AI

    This tool costs $0.01 per credit, where 1 credit scans 100 words. You can get a few credits for free by installing the Chrome extension of Originality AI. Accuracy and affordability make it the best AI content detection tool.

    You can either pay a one-time price of $30.00 and get 3000 credits or pay $14.95 per month and get 2000 usable credits.

    Get this tool here.

    3. Content at Scale – Best Free AI Detector For Beginners

    Content at scale

    It is one of the most advanced SEO-driven content automation platforms, you can create content from its AI and can also check the originality from its AI content detector which is available at zero cost.

    This tool is used by bloggers to generate fully ready-to-publish blog posts. However, if you use other AI tools for writing your content, you can still make use of its amazing AI content checker tool.

    Key Features

    • Supports the detection of up to 2500 characters at a time
    • Displays the result in the form of a ‘Human Content Score’
    • API available on request


    This tool is available for free to everyone.

    Note: Only the AI content detection feature of “Content at Scale” is free, other features like keyword research, and AI blog post generation come with premium plans.

    4. Writer.com – Best Freemium AI Content Detector

    Writer AI Content Detector

    Just like the ‘Content at Scale’ this platform also works on an automated content generation strategy where an AI content detector is one of its features.

    You can see the accuracy of this tool in the screenshot above, as the input text was generated by an AI writing tool, it showed almost the whole result close to the real one.

    Key Features

    • Can analyze the text by both, URL and text
    • API available for bulk AI detection
    • Chrome extension available
    • Shows the result in the form of the percentage of content created by human


    The basic checks of up to 350 words for AI detection are free, but if you want to detect the AI content in bulk or more words then you need to opt for its ‘Team’ plan, which costs $18 per user per month.

    5. GPTZero: Best Free Tool For ChatGPT Content Detection


    This tool was just created by a university student for experimental purposes, but it went viral on Twitter, and the craze for this tool grew enormously.

    GPTZero’s output can be tricky to understand if you want detailed results in paragraphs, it sounds more like a mathematics theorem. 

    But for overall results, it simply tells whether the content is likely to be generated by AI or humans. So, if you like solving riddles, go for it as it isn’t that difficult to understand.

    Key Features

    • Supports the detection of up to 5000 characters at a time
    • Allows the upload action of pdf or docx files to check for AI content
    • Detects the AI-generated content, especially by ChatGPT
    • It detects the texts based on their perplexity and burstiness
    • In general, the texts with lower perplexity are like to be generated by AI
    • Shows the sentence-wise perplexity in the form of a bar graph.


    GPTZero is available free of cost and the same applies for the future as stated by Edward Tian, the creator of GPTZero.

    6. GLTR


    Stands for Giant Language Model Test Room, it has the most scientific and in-depth approach to detecting AI content.

    The platform was created in collaboration with the data scientists and professors of MIT and Harvard NLP.

    However, the outputs are quite complex to understand but it will be a piece of cake if you are into NLP or related AI technologies.

    Key Features

    • Works for all language models except the new launches like ChatGPT where the result may not be accurate because of the recent advanced technologies that mimic human writing.
    • Highlights the output in different colors, where each color indicates something. For example, if the yellow or green color is too much it shows the content is generated by AI.
    • Also shows the output in the form of bar graphs.


    GLTR is a completely free tool to detect AI content.

    7. Sapling AI Content Detector

    Sapling AI detector

    Sapling is an AI-based chat assistant and grammar checker that also offers a much advanced AI content detection feature.

    This tool is well-developed to detect even the most advanced recent models like GPT2, GPT3, or ChatGPT.


    • Shows the result as the probability of the content written by a machine or human
    • Gives more accurate results for greater than 50 words
    • It also shows the token count (word count)
    • Planning to add new features like highlighting the AI written line with red color to get a more in-depth report


    Till now the AI detection tool of Sapling is available for free. But other features like grammar checking and chat assistance have both free and paid plans.

    8. Crossplag – Best Free AI Content Detector


    Crossplag is a plagiarism checker tool that has the most advanced AI detection service in the list of free tools.

    Check the snapshot above where it showed with 100% accuracy in detecting AI content whereas other free tools were not up to the mark.

    However, there are times when the results aren’t that accurate, but still, the results always stay close to the original.


    • Shows the result in the form of a percentage
    • A higher percentage represents the more chances of the content written by AI
    • Most simple interface that can be understood by anybody, unlike GLTR and GPTZero where the interface is quite difficult to interpret for many.


    Crossplag provides instant and unlimited access to its AI content detector for free, all you need to do is just sign up there with your email.

    9. Copyleaks

    Copyleaks AI detector

    The most popular tool for checking plagiarism, especially in academics has recently launched its AI content detector.

    This AI detection tool is entirely free, check more features below.


    • Multi-language AI content detection tool
    • High accuracy of more than 99%
    • Free Chrome extension for AI detection is separately available
    • API to connect with other workflows like ChatGPT or Jasper AI.


    The AI content detection tool of Copyleaks is completely free and does not even require sign-up.

    Purpose Of AI Content or GPT Detector Tools: Are They Worth Using?

    Now you may think why do you need these AI detectors, and do they work? Well with the increased use of AI to scale the business many marketers, bloggers and publishers started using AI to generate content that is close to human writing.

    However, the content generated by AI has a certain recognizable style, and often, it is not based on facts, and the meaning of the content disappears.

    So, to check whether the content is original, website buyers, bloggers, educators, or publishers need these tools to check the accuracy of the content or to find whether it can affect your search engine rankings.

    In my opinion, if you use free or paid best AI writers or assistants like Jasper AI, Rytr, ChatGPT, etc. You should try these tools to check whether they can detect your AI text or not and make the changes in the text till these tools stop detecting AI-generated texts.

    Limitations Of AI Detection Tools

    • They are not 100% accurate
    • Many tools fail to detect the recently launched language models like GPT-3 and GPT – 4
    • AI detectors are getting outdated because AI writers are bringing new models so often.
    • Many of the tools that deliver the best services are of high cost.

    Know What Google Says On AI-Generated Content

    This is slowly becoming a trend to get content written by AI and publish them on the web. Initially, this technique worked to rank the articles, but Google has made many advanced changes that can counter your AI content and penalize it.

    Google considers AI-generated content as spam, and it goes against their webmaster guidelines. So, one should be very careful using AI content as violating the guidelines of Google can lead to penalizing the whole site and you will lose all your search engine rankings.

    As per Google, AI is ok when your content meets Helpful content guidelines. AI tools if you are using them, ensure the human touch is given, and the writer does proper value addition.

    During English Google SEO office hours (check the video attached above) when a question was asked about GPT-3 content then Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller replied that these AI-generated texts lie in the automated content category and that automated content is always against the webmaster’s guidelines.

    Can Google Detect AI-Generated Content?

    No doubt, Google can easily detect AI content if any AI text detector can check then Google, which is quite a bit more advanced, certainly can.

    However, there is not a solid claim by Google regarding its capability of detecting AI content.

    But there is also a catch if the content written by AI is not polished properly then it is much simpler for search engines to know about AI text, but if it is edited or written with some good AI writing assistants with some human editing then it becomes difficult to detect the AI texts.

    How Does Google Detect AI Content?

    Not only Google many times you too can detect AI-generated content it is because of the fixed patterns that AI writing assistants follow.

    Google can catch you generating and publishing the AI content because of the AI styles of writing, as they generally take the results from top-ranked pages and put that information into the newly AI-generated text also the AI words are very predictable considering a fixed language models like GPT-2 or others.

    But the newly launched models like GPT-3 are somehow a little advanced where text prediction isn’t that easy.

    Additionally, Google has an algorithm to find AI-generated published content where AI plagiarism is the key for Google.

    Demerits of Generated Content

    • AI contents mostly have plagiarism
    • Includes only that information, that is available on top-ranked pages, it can’t write the information out of the box
    • Sometimes the meaning of the context is not clear, irrelevant information is also included
    • Because of the fixed pattern, Google can detect and penalize the site for publishing AI-generated content
    • Lacks human emotions and tone in the texts.

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    FAQs: Best AI Detection Tools In 2024

    1. What are AI detection tools?

    These are the tools that are trained using the algorithms of Natural Language Processing (NLP) models same on which the popular AI writing assistants such as Jasper AI or ChatGPT work.
    The sole purpose of these tools is to check whether the texts are written by humans or generated using an AI machine.

    2. Who should use AI content detection tools?

    Those who generate and publish AI content on the web, website owners, and content agencies, can check and verify the authenticity through these tools.

    3. Are these AI detection tools 100% accurate?

    Not a single tool has claimed 100% accuracy till now, but there are several tools that claim an accuracy of over 90%.

    4. What are some best AI detection tools?

    Originality.AI – Best paid AI detection tool
    Crossplag & Content at Scale – Best Free AI detection tool.

    Conclusion: Best AI Text Detector

    AI writing tools are in trend to generate texts by marketers to save time but in the meanwhile search engines are also getting advanced to detect these automated contents so you can avoid the risk of getting penalties by using these AI detection tools.

    If you write your articles yourself then you may skip these tools, but if you get your content written by writers or agencies you should definitely try any of these tools to know the originality. There are many free AI detection tools that are highly accurate and work well on GPT-3 also.

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