Jasper AI Revenue, Users & Stats After $125 M Funding

Jasper is an Artificial intelligence (AI)-based writing assistant tool, which has so many in-built improved and improvised features, This is an AI content creation platform. It comes with a grammar checker also along with a style checker, which has gained more than 1 million users worldwide now.

With the help of Jasper you can create any type of project or any content required by your users, the following things upon which you can work with Jasper are –

  • Social Media Posts
  • Content Writing
  • Novel/Book Writing 
  • Email Writing (professional)
  • CV Writing and much more.
jasper ai user revenue and stats

All the above-mentioned tasks you can complete flawlessly, precisely, and professionally with the help of using the Jasper AI platform with up to 10X faster configuration.

Jasper AI revenue

Jasper revenue was $45 M in last FY. Paying customers was 70,000. Projected 2022 FY revenue is $75 million.

However, with a bias against AI from Google, we expect it to grow but may not touch above $80 million in 2023 FY.

Jasper, which was founded in January 2021 last year, a developing startup “AI content platform” has raised USD 125 million in series by funding at a current appraisal of USD 1.5 billion.


The CEO of Jasper Dave Rogenmoser shared this achievement with an added statement to “Techcrunch” –

“The funding will be put toward building out Jasper’s core products which will improve the customer experience by bringing jasper’s technology to other apps. Led by insight partners with participation of various ventures like IVP, Coatue, Bessemer Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, and Hubspot ventures, which will support Jasper’s effort to fold the outwrite brand on its own, and coalesce the two companies offering in 2023 as to build a market leading company in generative AI we do need an appropriate infrastructure, where we want to build a world-class business, for which we need capital and highly strategic partner.”

                                                                                                      SOURCE – Techcrunch

The other following lead investors who took partnerships with Jasper during these rounds of funding are – 

  • Founders Circle Capital.
  • Foundation Capital.
  • IVP.
  • Bessemer Venture.
  • Coatue.
  • Circle Capital.
  • Hubspot Ventures.

How Jasper raised all these huge fundings and all about its AI revenue and other financial stats.

jasper ai offers

By following ways, Jasper has augmented this huge funding –


VENTURE ROUND – This first round of funding started on 1 April 2021.

SEED ROUND – The second round of funding started on 5 June 2021

SERIES A – The third or latest round of funding started on 17 October 2022

RoundInitiating Date
Venture roundApril 1, 2021
Seed roundJune 5, 2021
Series AOctober 17, 2022

Jasper AI Key stats

  • In the last year 2021, Jasper generated a good revenue of around $45 million USD.
  • During these funding round, it collected up to $131 million.
  • Out of this $125 million it augmented from the latest funding round, “Series A”  which got initiated on October 17, 2022, which was the highest funding amount.
  • Hitherto more than 4.5 billion words have been written by its users throughout the world with the use of Jasper AI.
  • Jasper has added more than 70,000 paid customers until now with them from around the world, who pays monthly for its AI-based software.
  • By and large, the Jasper AI website gets more than 550,000 traffic on its website on monthly basis.
  • The majority of users of Jasper are from Asia region, and next is from the United States Of America.
  • “Jasper is hoping to cross $80 million USD by the end of the year 2023.“

Jasper’s Current Valuation

The current appraisal or valuation of Jasper is USD 1.5 billion after the latest round of funding.

Jasper Employees Jump rate and their revenue

  • Jasper has till now a total of 143 employees, working under this company
  • Per employee revenue when got scrutinized comes near to more than $314,000 per employee.
  • This year there has been a more than 600 % jump in its employee number from 25 plus last year to 140 plus within a year of launching its AI platform.

Overview and more about Jasper AI 

(Some major functions of Jasper AI, and how to use it, along with its pricing.)

Jasper is assembled in January 2021, the main headquarters is in Austin (US) and the founder of Jasper are John Phillip Morgan, Dave Rogenmoser, and Christopher Hull. 

The CEO of Jasper right now is Dove Rogenmoser.

Some common points about Jasper AI:

Jasper AI, foundation date January 2021
Jasper AI, foundersJohn Phillip Morgan, Dave Rogenmoser, and Christopher Hull
Jasper AI, CEODave Rogenmoser
Jasper AI, HeadquarterAustin (US)
Jasper AI, total employees143
Jasper AI, user countMore than a million
Jasper AI, paid user countMore than 70 thousand

How to use Jasper AI tool on your desktop?

  • You can download Jasper AI and can add it as a chrome extension on your desktop, they have just released this facility to add Jasper as a chrome extension.
  • You can use this tool while working on so many platforms like Google Docs, Canva, Youtube, Emails, etc.

To start the work on it all you need is to write or provide your content or basic details about your projects or tasks to the Jasper AI application, after which with the help of its inbuilt automated AI Jasper will generate multiple copies of the resulting task, from which you can choose the best or more appropriate one to use for your own project or task, and all these copies that you will get are Grammar checked, and fully SEO friendly.

Some major important functions of Jasper AI tool

You can use more than 60 use cases which would be very useful for your project to look more professional.

The copies that you will get as a result after being processed by Jasper will add the following details accordingly to your project, that you can add in your project;

  • You will get an ECommerce product description on the copies you will get.
  • You will receive search engine and social media ads, some appropriate headlines, and primary texts.
  • You will get appropriate social media captions for your posts.
  • A text summarizer will be there.
  • A paragraph generator will be there.
  • An option for full blog post components will be there.
  • Sentence expander suggestion and a content improver you will get for making appropriate sentence writing within your content.
  • For your youtube videos, you will get a proper video script, descriptions, titles, etc which will help your youtube channel to rank higher so that your youtube channel can grow further.
  • If you are a writer and write content anywhere then it is very useful to make your content look very professional, with zero grammar errors and proper SEO-friendly content, which is very needful for a successful writing career.
  • You can use this tool for writing quora answers, reviews, responding to emails, and many other places.

Jasper AI Tool Pricing and Deals

jasper ai plans

If you download Jasper AI today then your account will be loaded with the free first 10000 words credit and will unlock all its premium features exclusively for you for the first five days. Where you will exclusively get a 17% discount on a yearly plan, by clicking a link down below.

Monthly Plans


  Total WordsPayment
20k words/month$29/month
35k words/month$49/month
60k words/month$79/month
75k words/month$99/month
115k words/month$149/month
150k words/month$199/month
240k words/month$299/month
320k words/month$399/month
320k+ words/monthCustom pricing.

Boss Mode

  Total WordsPayment
50k words/month$59/month
100k words/month$99/month
300k words/month$279/month
700k words/month$600/month
700k+ words/monthCustom pricing


It has custom plan and price accordingly to your work and business.

Yearly plans (17% discount)


  Total WordsPayment
20k words/month$24/month
35k words/month$40/month
60k words/month$65/month
75k words/month$82/month
115k words/month$124/month
150k words/month$165/month
240k words/month$249/month
320k words/month$332/month
320k+ words/monthCustom pricing.

Boss Mode

  Total WordsPayment
50k words/month$49/month
100k words/month$82/month
300k words/month$232/month
700k words/month$500/month
700k+ words/monthCustom pricing


It has a custom plan and price accordingly to your work and business.


So you have witnessed how impressively Jasper has come through this success within just two years, by generating this huge funding along with employees and millions of users worldwide, which proves that there is no doubt as to how this company is going to emerge as one the biggest AI giant company in near future. So if you are an emerging content creator or if thinking to start your career as a writer, then this tool might be very helpful to you, thus you can grab this tool today and can kickstart your writing journey now, I am hoping for the best for you.

Thanks for being here…


What is Jasper AI?

Jasper is an Artificial intelligence (AI)-based writing assistant tool, which has so many in-built improved and improvised features, This is an AI content creation platform.

How much funds Jasper has generated for its company until now?

Jasper has raised $125 M at the current appraisal of $1.5 B after funding.

Who is the CEO of Jasper, and where is Jasper’s headquarter located?

The current CEO of Jasper is Dove Rogenmoser. Jasper’s headquarter is located in Austin, Texas, US.

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