Quillbot Black Friday Deals 2024: Try A Better Product

Are you a student or a writer looking to improve your paraphrasing business with a premium Quillbot product? Your wait for Quillbot’s Black Friday Deals 2023 is now over this November, making it an excellent opportunity to grab a paraphrasing tool.

Quillbot Black Friday Deal Highlights

  • 40% off
  • No coupon code required
  • The annual plan offers the best value for money
  • Deal Valid tll cyber Monday.

But Wait! Choose Linguix’s AI Writer, Paraphraser, and Grammar Checker Over Quillbot

Today I would like to offer Linguix’s 50% Discount with 3 features – AI writing, paraphrasing, and Grammar checker capability which is far superior as compared to Quillbot. 

black friday deal link

You can try its Paraphrasing FREE by visiting this page.

Important: Linguix provides you with built-in tools compatible with Chrome, Safari, Word, Gmail, Figma, and various other writing tools. Grab 50% OFF deal using the deal box above.

quillbot black friday

Linguix vs. Quillbot: Features Beyond Black Friday Deals

Here’s why Linguix stands out:

  1. Linguix uses advanced AI algorithms for precise paraphrasing without changing your intended meanings.
  2. Advanced grammar error correction contextually ensures flawless writing.
  3. Linguix provides intelligent suggestions to enhance content quality and readability.
Paraphrasing AccuracyHighModerate
Summarization FeatureYesYes
Grammar CheckingContextual Grammar CheckingBasic Grammar Checking
Writing SuggestionsAI-Powered Writing SuggestionsLimited Suggestions
PricingCompetitive Plans with Robust FeaturesDiscounts available, but fewer features
Try Paraphrasing FREE visiting this page or Get the deal here.

While Quillbot is undoubtedly a popular choice, Linguix’s AI-powered tools offer superior features, making it the ultimate choice for writers, students, and professionals. Here’s why Linguix stands out:

I Ditched Quillbot Black Friday Deal for Linguix, Here is Why!

Like any good writer, I wanted my content to shine, so I embarked on a journey, testing both Quillbot and Linguix.

The Battle Begins: Quillbot vs. Linguix

First, I tested Quillbot – the reliable and well-known paraphrasing tool. Yes, it did its job, but the paraphrased content often felt like wearing someone else’s shoes – close, but not quite right. 

My team introduced me to Linguix – which is now my Swiss army knife. With Linguix, you don’t need Grammarly and Quillbot, Linguix is a 3-in-1 tool. It didn’t just paraphrase; it transformed my words, like a magical makeover for my content, it added words and even fixed any grammatical errors that were present in the content.

A Personal Encounter with Linguix

I tested Linguix. Its paraphrasing was so spot-on; it felt like I was rewriting my content, not a machine! It even cracked a joke or two in its suggestions, adding a dash of humor to my writing journey. Plus, the grammar checking? It helped me discontinue Grammarly.

Why Linguix Triumphs over Quillbot

Here’s the deal-breaker, folks. As a writer, I need more than just paraphrasing. Quillbot is like an old-school typewriter – reliable, but not tech and AI-based. Whereas, Linguix is an advanced AI-based writer that doesn’t just correct grammar; it improves and rewrites your content to make it more consistent.

Students, Writers – Hear Me Out

Fellow writers and even students, imagine acing your essays without losing your unique voice. Writers, think about influencing your readers or clients from the very first word. That’s what Linguix did for me.

black friday deal link

Don’t Want AI Capabilities? Avail Quillbot’s Exclusive Black Friday Deals

Quillbot, a renowned paraphrasing tool, is offering an incredible 40% discount on all its plans during the Black Friday sale.

How to get Quillbot Black Friday deal? To take advantage of this offer, follow these simple steps:

New Customers: Visit the official Quillbot Black Friday page by clicking on the provided discount link.

Existing Customers: Visit your Dashboard, click on the “Upgrade to Premium” button or the Quillbot Black Friday page,

Choose Your Plan: Select the plan that suits your requirements. The annual plan, priced at $59.97 (originally $99.95), offers the best value for money. The semi-annual plan is available for $47.97 (regular price $79.95), and the monthly plan will cost you $11.97 (regular price $19.95).

Quillbot Pricing and Plans

Comparing Different Plans

Quillbot offers three pricing plans:

Monthly$19.95 per month
Semi-Annual$79.95 per 6 months33% discount
Annual$99.95 per year58% discount

Black Friday Offer: Save up to 40% on any plan during the sale.

Unique Selling Points

Quillbot has improved itself by using in-house algorithms and machine learning techniques, making it a well-known paraphraser that preserves the original context. Its standout features include:

Contextual Paraphrasing provides precise paraphrases while maintaining the original meaning. Summarization: Generates concise summaries of lengthy articles or documents, saving valuable time.

Value for Money

Quillbot is affordable and choosing the annual plan provides unlimited access to Quillbot’s premium features. Quillbot also offers a 3-day money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Choose Black Friday Offers By QuillBot Or Opt For A Better Tool?

As the holiday season is just around the corner, Black Friday deals are already announced. Don’t only focus on savings, it’s essential to make an informed decision, and consider the features and usability as well.

It’s true that Quillbot’s Black Friday Deals 2023 offer 40% savings, but at the same price point, Linguix’s AI-backed Paraphraser, and Grammar Checker provide better results and more features.

Before making your final decision, consider your writing needs, budget, and the level of features, applications you require in your writing assistant. We tested Both Quillbot and Linguix, they have their merits, so choose the one that aligns perfectly with your requirements and enhances your writing journey.

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