Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting 2023: Up to 90% Off

Are you planning to transfer your current hosting plan to dedicated hosting? We are providing the server management services and basis our experience, we have prepared the cheap and best dedicated server for 2023

The main motive to shift from a basic hosting plan to a dedicated one is that the user requires more features, storage, and bandwidth when compared to the basic plans. 

But as the features and services increase the price of the plan as well increases. All the users can’t afford the high pricing of dedicated servers. 

So, for them, we have jotted down some of the best hosting providers which are giving dedicated hosting at cheap rates. Let’s start our research and guide you toward the right hosting plan. 

Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting

We have reviewed Top Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting which is offering a huge discount. Sounds like an Oxymoron. We have Powerful hosting plans capable of handling huge traffic. Cheap Dedicated Hosting that will cost you low on the pocket but will meet all your demands for High Bandwidth, Storage, and Overall Computing power. You will be able to upgrade your existing hosting plans to meet immediate requirements without spending too much time on your server.

Let’s begin:


Hostinger Hosting

Established in Europe, Hostinger is known globally for its performance and Uptime. This cheap web hosting that has everyone’s attention for the same matter gives you every reason to switch from your existing hosting provider to this one. Since 2004 it has had an incredible journey by providing affordable service to its users. 


Hostinger tries to help you in accomplishing your goal. This is an extremely friendly web hosting that relieves beginners. You can find easy set-up and high performance all at once at this cheap price. Even at a global level, you can find high speed and fast loading time. 


Though it almost seems impossible to find errors, every product or service has some drawbacks. On Hostinger you can find a little issue with its support revert. There is a bit of fluctuation in the Uptime. 


Hostinger Plans and Pricing

The plan for Hostinger’s dedicated hosting starts at $3.95.

For getting this hosting visit this link. 

2. INTERSERVER: Cheapest Dedicated Server

Interserver Hosting

Interserver is one of the popular choices of users when it comes to getting the best and cheap dedicated hosting. They have been in service for almost 22 years now which is quite great. This tenure makes them one of the experienced hosting provider companies under the light of Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri.


If you are searching for one of the cheapest options then I think Interserver successfully fulfills that demand. They provide both Linux and Windows servers. These configurations help in better performance. They also provide 5 dedicated IP addresses. They have 24/7 customer support that works in the total dedication of customers. With the 24/7 customer support, they also have 24/7 monitoring of both the servers. 


They have DataCentre limited to only one country, the United United States Of America. This can be a little of a problem for other continents. They do not provide the entire control panel for free. You will be charged extra for the control panel. Renewal rates are not increased when compared to competitors which is quite relieving for its users. They also give their new users a free migration service as well. 


Interserver Plans and Pricing

Interserver’s cheapest dedicated plan starts with $49.00. 

Interserver Free Features

For getting their hosting plan visit this link

3. BLUEHOST: Best Dedicated Server

Bluehost Hosting

BlueHost is an effective example of dedicated hosting which can be availed at a cheap price without compromising. It is untrue that cheaper products will provide less impressive results because Bluehost has all the things a user could ask for. From affordable hosting, high speed, and performance to dedicated customer support they have got it all. 


Bluehost is the best hosting for dedicated servers.

If you are looking for cheap and affordable web hosting which serves dedicated hosting at a low price but does not pull down its values then BlueHost is the pick for you. They provide 99.99% Uptime even when they don’t guarantee it. They provide you with the domain facility without charging you extra for it.

The free domain is for a year with which they also have a Free SSL certificate. The customer support is amazing because they are available at all times. Also, you get the support faculty at live chat as well as phone support. 


There could be a little problem for those who are having more traffic currently because they only offer you limited bandwidth of 5 TB. Along with this they have limited data centers too which means slower loading if you’re a user who doesn’t reside there. 


Bluehost Plans and Pricing

Coming to its base plan which is known as the standard plan starts at $79.99. They offer many features but some have their limitations too. 

For getting the hosting plan visit this link. 

Bluehost also provides you with one of the best VPS with unmetered bandwidth, in case you don’t want to spend on dedicated servers.

4. FASTCOMET: Value For Money Dedicated Hosting

Fastcomet Hosting

FastComet is quite a popular web hosting that provides a dedicated hosting server at an affordable price. It might not be the cheapest among all the options but is sure worth being on the list. 


Starting with its user experience which is great for builders or developers. They have always been on the updated side and adopted the technical changes quite easily. You will also get a Free SSL certificate and CDN. They have 5 data centers but those are widely spread across different regions. When taken the technology in concern they have faster deployment and in-house monitoring. The Automatic backup is perfect for someone who focuses more on data creation than backing. 


No web hosting can have it, all the same, goes with FastComet too. Even after getting the best of plans, you won’t get the best of performance which is not the worst but as I said not the best as well. 


fastcamet dedicated hosting pricing

Though its price and planning sometimes confuse the users. It is affordable when considering the dedicated hosting services. Its dedicated plan starts at $139/mo.

For getting the hosting visit this link.


Hostgator Hosting

HostGator requires no introduction to any web user. They are well known for their high-performing server and great Uptime which is 99.99%. They started their journey 20 years back and have proven their diligence in the industry. 


With an unmetered bandwidth, they dominate the other hosting plans which have limitations in this part. They provide their users with 24/7 customer support and monitoring. Their pricing might not be the least but are perfect in the mid-range dedicated hosting plans which provide professional services. 


Like a few more web hosting they also have their data centers limited to the USA itself. They charge additionally for backups and malware protection. Even the industry-standard pricing trick is present.


Hostgator Plans and Pricing

HostGator’s dedicated hosting plan starts at $89.98. 

Hostgator Loaded Features

For getting this hosting visit this link.


Ipage Hosting

In our category for finding cheap and best hosting for you, we have the next hosting option of iPage. It is an affordable hosting that started its functioning in 1998 due to which it gains experience over many other web hosting providers. 


Let’s start our discussion over iPage from the advantages that it has when compared to other providers. First, they are affordable and still give access to many of their party applications. Their customer support is accessible through a help desk on the online platform and raises a ticket for the query or issue.


They have industry-standard pricing tricks that might upset some of the users who are looking for transparency. With iPage, you won’t find the standard Uptime. Their Uptime is 99.72% which is lower than the usual required which is 99.95% at least. Like most web-hosting providers, they don’t even give free migration which is bad news for some existing users who would want to shift to this hosting. 


Ipage Plans and Pricing

The pricing plan for the dedicated server hosting at iPage starts at $119.99. 

For getting the hosting visit this link.


Namecheap Hosting

Just like its name suggests NameCheap is a cheap web hosting that is the right fit for our article’s list of cheap and best-dedicated hosting. Its foundation goes 2 decades back when Richard Kirkendall created this company. 


One of the biggest advantages that many NameCheap users love is the customized features which are quite rare at such affordable plans. They even offer migration of data without incurring any extra cost. They provide full-time customer support for better and quicker resolution. 


They do not have data centers outside the major areas which are the USA and UK. This might be discomforting for users from other regions or continents. 


Namecheap Plans and Pricing

The pricing of this affordable dedicated web hosting starts at only $47.99 which is quite low. 

For getting this hosting visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some popular questions about dedicated servers.


Dedicated hosting as the name suggests, offers a fully dedicated server. No Sharing. While opting for Dedicated servers, you get standalone resource allocation, privacy, and complete control.
Far more secured as they completely isolated from each other. As you take Dedicated server hosting, you get full access to configure the allocated server.


There are many budgets or cheap dedicated hosting offering dedicated standalone servers. Some of them are mentioned in this review along with all features so that you can opt for what’s best for you. We have incorporated not only cheap but renowned global brands too.


Dedicated Servers Hosting is beneficial for high-traffic websites. It gives you stable, predictable, and secured infra for your high-end needs.
All the resources like Ram, CPU, and Storage, etc are allocated to a particular server that is not shared with anyone.


VPS Hosting guarantees dedicated resources like Ram, CPU, and Storage but the server is shared between a few other websites. For example – if a server has 100 GB of Ram and total of 10 customers, everyone will get 10 GB. 
However, in Dedicated Server, the entire Server belongs to you. All resources are yours and you have full root access and control. 

Why look for cheap dedicated server plans?

Before starting to read our research on the best cheap dedicated hosting we must first understand why would someone shift to a dedicated server plan or start with this plan. 

Well, anyone would shift to it to get more features and services. Many sites start getting more traffic which can make the site loading time higher and decrease customer satisfaction. Even at some eCommerce websites, more premium services are required. 

But it is not necessary to make a hole in your pocket just to get more services. With the right research and understanding, you can get the same premium features but at a lower cost. For you, we have done extensive research on Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting.

In simple words to have an affordable plan but with some of the premium hosting features we should look for cheap dedicated hosting. 

 Hosting Provider and Plan At a Glance

Hosting NamePlan NamePlan Price

Review of all the Dedicated Hosting’s features on different parameters

Bandwidth1 TB/m10 TB/m5 TB/m4 TBUnmetered5 GB/m100TB/m
Storage20 GB2000 GB500 GB80 GB1 TB500 GB500 GB

Checkout Dedicated Server Deals – 

  1. InterServer Budget Dedicated Server Hosting starting $70 per month
  2. BlueHost – Dedicated Web Server Hosting Service starting at $79.99 per month
  3. FastComet – Cheap Fully Managed Dedicated CPU Server Hosting starts at $139 per month
  4. HostGator – Dedicated Hosting plans starts at $89.98 per month
  5. Ipage – Dedicated Hosting starts at $119.99 per month
  6. NameCheap – Cheapest Dedicated Hosting starting at $44.88 per month

WRAPPING UP: Best Dedicated Servers That Are Cheap

Coming to the end of the article it is time for you to make the decision for which you landed on this page in the first place. The first consideration that you must include should be your requirements for the cheapest and best-dedicated hosting.  

Everyone has a different requirement that depends on their business type and we have here tried to cover something for everyone. 

Keep in mind different parameters like affordability, Uptime, speed, performance, the scale of business, or any of the other parameters that are necessary for your website. 

After taking into account all these things you can get the best and cheap dedicated hosting for you.

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