GoDaddy Review 2024: Should You Buy Domains & GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting?

Looking for Best Godaddy Review this year? We have reviewed GoDaddy’s Hosting, WordPress Plans, and Domain performance. Check GoDaddy’s product reviews.

GoDaddy is known as a Domain Registrar but they started selling web hosting a few years back. But, most of our subscribers asked about Godaddy’s review of hosting plans, especially, WordPress Hosting.

So we are here with GoDaddy Review which will solve all your queries and questions.

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Okay, so not taking a long time here, let’s get into the detailed analysis of GoDaddy Products.

best godaddy review

GoDaddy Overview – A Domain Registrar and Hosting Provider

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GoDaddy is not just only a web hosting provider, even GoDaddy is also the world’s one of the biggest Domain Registrar.

GoDaddy is an American Internet domain registrar company that also provides web hosting services.

Even if you are new to the blogging industry, you would have heard the name of GoDaddy as one of the best domain registrars in the world.

The Headquarters of GoDaddy is set up in Scottsdale, America, USA and the organization is consolidated in Delaware.

GoDaddy has been serving since 1997 and was founded by Bob Parsons. Today, they are growing really fast as it has more than 20 million+ users [As of June 2020].

The organization works with more than 7K employees around the world.

In this article, we have reviewed GoDaddy’s Domain, Hosting plans, and Website builder.

If you want to search for other competitors of GoDaddy, then you can look for Bluehost, Hostgator, and HostArmada.

Products of GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers a long list of products today, from Domain availability to Hosting Services.

Our favorite GoDaddy product is their Domain Service and a few basic hosting plans. Their entry-level plans are affordable and make every sense for new sites and blogs.

Let’s have a look at Godaddy’s products and our review and opinion about them.

▬ GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy is also a website hosting platform where you can host your site and put your ideas and imagination in front of people. Their startup bundle is widely popular.

godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review

GoDaddy offers you five different web hosting platforms that are as follows: –

  1. Web/Shared Hosting
  2. Business Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting
  4. WordPress Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting
  6. Dedicated Hosting

Let’s discuss these hosts in a little brief detail, so let’s continue…

Web Hosting

A Web Hosting or Shared Hosting is a hosting where you get a physical server that is used by multiple users of that server. Shared hosting is the cheap hosting that is recommended for starters or small websites and business users.

GoDaddy Shared Hosting has four different plans that are: –

  1. Economy ($5.99/month)
  2. Deluxe ($7.99/month)
  3. Ultimate ($12.99/month)
  4. Maximum ($19.99/month)

Business Hosting

As the name introduces itself. Business Hosting is the best hosting for high traffic websites which comes with high speed and faster performance. You can further enhance the speed by using cache plugins like Cachify.

GoDaddy offers four different plans under Business Hosting, which are as follows: –

  1. Launch ($19.99/month)
  2. Enhance ($34.99/month)
  3. Grow ($44.99/month)
  4. Expand ($59.99/month)

Reseller Hosting

If you are the one who wants to grow your business in the hosting industry, then GoDaddy brings its Reseller Hosting for you where you can buy and serve the hosting to the users.

There are four different Reseller Plans of GoDaddy: –

  1. Enhance ($39.99/month)
  2. Grow ($49.99/month)
  3. Expand ($64.99/month)
  4. Established ($89.99/month)

WordPress Hosting

So, here we are on WordPress Hosting. WordPress hosting is a perfectly optimized hosting for WordPress. This hosting is the perfect hosting for those users who are bloggers and want to start their business website with WordPress Hosting.

GoDaddy comes with four different plans under WordPress Hosting: –

  1. Basic ($6.99/month)
  2. Deluxe ($9.99/month)
  3. Ultimate ($12.99/month)
  4. Ecommerce ($15.99/month)

VPS Hosting

If you want a virtual server that is fast and flexible, you should go with VPS hosting. Under VPS Hosting, a virtual server is virtually divided into different users and each virtual server runs its operating system.

GoDaddy offers you four different VPS hosting plans that are: –

  1. 1 vCPU ($4.99/month)
  2. 2 vCPU ($19.99/month)
  3. 4 vCPU ($39.99/month)
  4. 8 vCPU ($69.99/month)

Dedicated Hosting

Some so many users want their server for their website and it is possible with dedicated server hosting. Under this dedicated hosting, a separate server is dedicated to the user and the user has full control over the server.

As always, GoDaddy provides you four different option to choose dedicated server hosting, and here they are: –

  1. DS-32 ($129.99/month)
  2. DS-64 ($169.99/month)
  3. DS-128 ($299.99/month)
  4. DS-256 ($399.99/month)

Alternatives of GoDaddy Hosting

If you are looking for some alternatives to the GoDaddy hosting, then don’t worry, here we bring this for you. These are the top best alternatives to the GoDaddy Hosting, look at below.

  1. Bluehost
  2. HostArmada
  3. Hostgator
  4. FastComet
  5. Hostinger

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▬ GoDaddy Domain

godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review

GoDaddy offers the best domain service as compared to other domain registrars. As you know all your website starts with a domain and a domain allows people to know why you are on the internet and what you are serving them. So having a good domain lets people know about you and your business.

Find your Domain

GoDaddy offers different domains at affordable prices for every type of branch, organization, and business. 

Just look at these domains and their prices, that how cheap and affordable they are, and let us tell you one more thing, GoDaddy provides you the best domain services regarding security, high discount at the time of purchase, if you want to sell the domain, you have the option to do that.

Under the Security option, GoDaddy redacts your information from the WHOIS directory, which means your personal information(name, address, phone, and email) is protected and encrypted from others.

Here are the other services that are provided by GoDaddy under finding your domain: –

  1. Domain Name Search
  2. Bulk Domain Search
  3. New Domain Extensions
  4. Domain Broker
  5. Domain Name Generator

Domain Services

Have a look at these domain services that GoDaddy offers you: –

  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Value Appraisal

Domain Investor Tools

GoDaddy provides some domain investor tools where you get these two tools, are below: –

  1. Domain Backorder
  2. Domain Investing

The first one is Domain Backorder when you search a domain on GoDaddy and someone else already purchased that domain. There are so many domains that are trash, which means users do not renew that domain for one reason or another, so GoDaddy picks that domain like .com, .in, .buzz, .info, .org, etc and makes that available for you.

Another Investor tool is Domain Investing. Under this, you have to purchase a domain and regularly renew it, and when your domain prices are high in the market, you can sell it, which means buy low, sell high. It is like investing in mutual funds and others, but here you are investing in domains.

Some of the domains like sold for $99,000, and sold for $50,002. Yes, it is true, you don’t believe it right, we also don’t, but you can check it on their official site.

Domain Auctions

Getting a domain from the Auction can be nuanced, but yes it is. GoDaddy created a platform for the buyers and sellers of the domain and this is the platform where you can sell your unusable domains. As we all know, the thing which is not important for us may be important for someone else.

Alternatives of GoDaddy Domain Registrar

The best alternative to the GoDaddy Domain Registrar is the Namecheap. With our research and study, we found that the Namecheap is the only best alternative to the GoDaddy Domain Registrar.

You can also try Google domains service if you want consistent pricing and advanced features.

▬ GoDaddy Website Builder

godaddy website builder, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review

GoDaddy Website Builder is an online website editing and publishing tool. You can create your design and put your imagination and knowledge in front of the world. The GoDaddy Website Builder helps you make a fully responsive website with no technical or programming knowledge required.

Now the question is how you can create a website with the GoDaddy Website Builder tool?

So, here is the answer that we recommend you to do: –

  • Create an account on GoDaddy.
  • Next, select a template or design and use the Builder’s drag-and-drop feature to add your custom images and text.
  • Create a contact form if you think it is necessary.
  • And with the GoDaddy Website Builder, you can create as simple as or a complex website, it is up to you.
  • The last is, Publish your website and let the people explore it.

Now till here, you know what is GoDaddy website builder and what you can do with that. And in the next topic, we will see some features of GoDaddy Website Builder.

Features of GoDaddy Website Builder

Here are some best features that are provided by the GoDaddy Website Builder, let’s have a quick look at these features.

  • Customizable Themes
  • Email Market
  • SEO Optimized
  • Track your Search Ranking
  • Mobile-Friendly Website Builder
  • Rapid Page-Load Performance
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Backup and Restore
  • Drop-Down Menus
  • Promo Banners
  • Call to Action
  • Password Protected Pages

Review of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

Now it is time for GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review. Is GoDaddy WordPress Hosting good for you or not?

godaddy wordpress hosting, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review

As per our findings and research, we found that GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is a Managed WordPress Hosting that will help you in automatic updates and more security. GoDaddy offers you features that are important for every website owner like, Free 24/7 Customer Support, Free CDN, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, one-click migration tool, and more.

Here we will know what are the features and plans GoDaddy offers under its WordPress Hosting plan.

WordPress Hosting is a highly optimized hosting only for WordPress Websites. The meaning of WordPress Hosting is, that particular hosting is best for WordPress Hosting.

Features of WordPress Hosting

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free CDN
  • Free Domain
  • Website Builder
  • Free Business Email
  • Automatic Security and Software updates
  • 1-click Migration Tool

Plans and Pricing

Time to have a look and discuss the plans and pricing of WordPress Hosting. GoDaddy offers you four different plans under WordPress Hosting.

godaddy WordPress hosting plans, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review

Have a look at the table below that shows the plans and noticed features of GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting: –

Free SSLFreeFree
Monthly Visitors25,000100,000UnlimitedUnlimited
Business EmailFreeFreeFreeFree
SEO OptimizerYesYesYes
One-Click Testing SiteYesYesYes

→ Basic Plan: – The Basic Plan is for the starters who are just starting their business and it is a great way to start a website worth $6.99 per month.

→ Deluxe Plan: – Deluxe Plan brings more visitors and more storage with SEO Optimizer and One-Click Testing option. If you want to increase the number of visitors on your site and need some better performance, then we recommend you choose the Deluxe WordPress Hosting Plan.

→ Ultimate Plan: – Ultimate Plan offers you all the premium features that will provide you with more storage and more security. This hosting is the best GoDaddy WordPress Hosting that also brings Free SSL with it.

→ Ecommerce Plan: – Here you get all the necessary and important features that you need while starting an online store or eCommerce website.

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Should You Go With GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting?

Yes, we recommend you GoDaddy WordPress hosting if you are starting a new blog or having a small business website. We like them for basic and medium traffic sites. GoDaddy offers you Managed WordPress Hosting which is highly optimized hosting for WordPress.

They offer you a very affordable and reasonable price that starts from $6.99 per month and end up with $15.99/month with its eCommerce WordPress hosting. You get a 99.9% of uptime guarantee, 24/7 free customer support, etc.

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Why GoDaddy?

why godaddy, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review

We can commit for sure that still many of you might be thinking that why you should choose GoDaddy as there are so many other hosting providers like Bluehost, HostArmada, Greengeeks, etc., then why you should go with GoDaddy, so for this question, we will discuss some of the features and benefits of the GoDaddy Hosting.

Benefits of GoDaddy Hosting

Here we will discuss some benefits of the GoDaddy Hosting services and without wasting much more time of yours, it’s time to have a look at the Benefits of GoDaddy Web Hosting. 

99.9% Uptime

GoDaddy offers you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. As per the industry, it is a decent commitment you get from any web host.

We analyzed GoDaddy’s uptime since April 2020 and the following is the uptime result:

MonthGoDaddy’s Uptime
April 2020100%
May 202099.89%
June 202099.99%
July 202099.99%
August 202099.99%
September 202099.84%
October 202099.96%
November 202099.82%
December 202099.93%
Source – HostingFact’s Pingdom
test of results of Godaddy's uptime monitoring. Very important test for Godaddy's Review

But practically, If you calculate with our Uptime Calculator, 99.9% uptime still means that monthly your site will go down for 43 minutes and 12 seconds, and per day it is 1 minute and 26 seconds, which is not good for the developers and a serious website owner.

Still, 99.9% uptime is a decent number to consider.

Fast Page Load Speed

GoDaddy also put the hard step in the page loading speed and we can say for sure you have heard about this. GoDaddy pages load fast and we can say that their page load time is good.

How GoDaddy’s hosting performed on the Bitcatcha Speed Test?

As per Bitcatcha, the findings are surprising. We checked GoDaddy’s server response time on the Bitcatcha tool from 8 different locations like the US, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Sydney, Japan, Canada, and Germany.

The result – “Exceptionally Quick or A+”. Refer to the snapshot below with response time in milliseconds.

GoDaddy Hosting's Speed Review using Bitcatcha

How well GoDaddy’s hosting performed on the GTMetrix Speed Test?

The second test we did use the GTMetrix tool. Now the server location was Canada. We have attached the live snapshot below.

The result – GT Metrix Grade “A”. Refer to the snapshot below. All web vitals are perfectly in line. LCP was 1s and TBT is 0ms.

How GoDaddy Hosting performed on GTMetrix page speed test?


GoDaddy prices make our article more weighted. With the starting of hosting at just $5.99 per month, GoDaddy offers you all types of web hosting services at affordable prices. Check Godaddy Coupons and Promos.

And under $5.99 per month, it is good that we are getting fast page-load times and 99.9% uptime.

Features of GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy offers you the best features with their hosting services, but we will not discuss all those features. We will discuss some major and important features that are very important and very useful for every hosting user. So here they are as follows: –

Includes cPanel

We are happy to tell you that GoDaddy offers you an Industry-level cPanel for the better management of your web hosting.

The cPanel helps you to install apps, manage backups, and security of your websites.

24/7 Network Security

GoDaddy performs a regular checkup of your website so that it can protect your website from malicious activities and DDoS attacks.

So many other hosting providers do not offer you this feature, but GoDaddy does.

Free Application

When you create a website you need some additional tools and plugins to set up your final website.

So, with the GoDaddy Website Hosting service, you can install over 125 free applications with just a one-click install.

So, you will not face any problem regarding installing the 3rd party apps on your website and you are free to install the apps.

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy Hosting Products

Here is what we got with our research and study at various platforms about GoDaddy Hosting. So these are the Pros and Cons of the GoDaddy Hosting service.


  • 24/7 Network Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Get free WooCommerce Extension on E-commerce plans
  • Windows and Linux-based servers
  • Managed WordPress Hosting


  • You don’t get free SSL with every plan.
  • Single Website Hosting
  • Fair Customer Support
  • Cloud Hosting is not available
  • Average Performance

User Reviews

godaddy trustpilot ratings from trustpilot, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review
GoDaddy Trustpilot Review

Here we are going to look at the reviews and ratings of the users of GoDaddy, so here we go.

godaddy trustpilot reviews trustpilot, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review
GoDaddy Trustpilot Reviews

In the above image from Trustpilot, you can see that a total of 71% of people rated 5-star out of 5 to GoDaddy.

And let’s have a look at the user reviews, what they say about the GoDaddy Hosting service.

godaddy trustpilot review, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review
GoDaddy Trustpilot Review
godaddy trustpilot review, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review
GoDaddy Trustpilot Review

GoDaddy Review Verdict: Do We Recommend GoDaddy Hosting?

Yes, We recommend GoDaddy basis our review. We found Godaddy a good web hosting and a popular domain registrar. Good Uptime, Speed, and the trust that comes from a global brand make the deal even sweeter. It is a go-to solution for beginners or new sites. They have all-in-one hosting plans where you get Free Domain, Good Customer Service, SSL, and everything else under one roof.

For old blogs or heavy traffic sites, we recommend having a look at GoDaddy Alternatives.

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FAQs About GoDaddy Reviews

faq, godaddy domain, godaddy review, review godaddy, hosting provider, hosting srevice, full review

Is GoDaddy Hosting good?

GoDaddy is the best domain registrar and a good web host. In our GoDaddy review, you already know about GoDaddy Hosting. Although GoDaddy hosting is good but lacks some features like uptime, backups, SSL, and Staging areas.

Is GoDaddy better than Bluehost?

Bluehost ranks higher than GoDaddy in our research. Bluehost is better than GoDaddy in terms of backups, uptime is value for money. GoDaddy is the best in domain registration and its website builder tool.

How much does GoDaddy charge for Hosting?

GoDaddy Hosting service starts from $5.99 per month. This is the lowest package of the GoDaddy hosting that it offers you in their Web Hosting Plans.

How long is GoDaddy’s free trial?

GoDaddy offers you a free trial plan for hosting. The free trial is for a month or longer. Once your free trial plan expires, your site goes down. The site is still under your account as GoDaddy does not delete it, you can activate your website again by payment.

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GoDaddy Review 2024: Good For Domain Or WordPress Hosting?

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