000WebHost Review: Is it Really a Good Free Hosting?

We have evaluated various free hosting providers and 000WebHost is one of them. In this 000WebHost Review, we will evaluate its Features, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives. This will help you make up your mind before choosing 000Web’s exciting-looking free options.

With this most unbiased review, you will be able to figure out all the important things about the company that no one else will tell you.

Remember the saying – “Everything that Glitters is not Gold”.

Quick Summary & Feedback

000webhost is a group company of Hostinger that offers Ad-free web hosting without any charge. About 26,629,167 websites are hosted on its server as on today.

000Webhost is ideal for learning projects created by Students, or for Personal websites, Resume websites, etc..

They limit your daily visitors to 150 or monthly bandwidth of only 3GB which is ok only for dummy projects and temporary websites. You don’t get brand emails, which means, either you will have to choose Google’s Workspace or stay with Gmail.

Security wise you get SSL but no backups.

While functionality wise it supports WordPress, MySQL, PHP etc, performance is slow. As far as support is concerned, no chat support, only community forums or knowledge base.

We also checked multiple user feedbacks on Quora and Reddit and found the same feedback.

Most of the Free Hosting offers you the worst overall experience. However, as a brand-sponsored by Hostinger, 000Webhosting is better as compared to its peers.

But it still fails to be recognized as a reliable host because of its Features and Uptime. Checkout detailed review below.

If you are only looking for free services, you can also visit – Profreehost, Freenom

Important update on 000WebHost’s downtime:

Recently we saw a complaint on the 000Webhost Website which is worth mentioning in this 000WebHost Review.

The company forces you to choose 1-hour downtime daily. They call it “sleep time” and for 1 hour daily, your website on the 000Webhost platform will become inaccessible.

Recently, a customer reported over 4 hours of downtime.

000webhost customer complaints

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With Hostinger, you get 99.99% uptime and 24×7 live chat support.


Review of 000WebHost’s Features

We will try to understand all the features with the help of an image and a table below.

Important Tip – There are many sites like 00Webhost or oooWebHost (three O not zero) which will redirect to other websites which is not the original 000WEBHOST. Remember to choose one which is a sister concern of Hostinger. Beware of similar-looking names as they are not the original 000WebHost. The link to the Official Website is – WWW.000WEBHOST.COM

000WebHost Features and Plans
Features of 000Webhost’s Free PlanDetails
Bandwidth CAP3 GB per month
Storage300 MB
Control PanelCPanel
Free Website BuilderYes
Free EmailsNo
Support Limited
Free Custom DomainNo

As mentioned above, 000Webhost also supports advanced features like PHP, PHP sockets, MySQL, Curl, GD2, Zend, and .htaccess.


With 000Web’s Free Plan, you get 3GB monthly bandwidth. It’s okay for a new website but a little traffic can suspend your website or you could get a warning email.


Free plans are just for testing purposes and ok for just small projects. Choose 000WebHosting only if 300 MB Storage is sufficient for you.

Control Panel

Great News for You! 000WebHost offers one of the best control panels called CPANEL. It’s easy to use and even beginner-friendly. Check out this guide if you don’t know what is cPanel.

Free Website Builder

Although you can install the World’s most popular CMS – WordPress but it also provides you with an easy-to-use Website Builder which helps you create a site with features like drag and drop.

How good is 000WebHost's Free Website Builder?

Email Hosting – Not Available

If you need an Official Email for your website like [email protected], this hosting will disappoint you here. For Official Email Hosting or Email in name of your Domain / Business, you need to upgrade to Paid Plans Offered by Hostinger.


Expecting Live chat or Email support is honestly not a practical approach. You can expect the answers from the Knowledge Base and Support Forum.

Free Custom Domain

000Webhost doesn’t provide a custom domain for free. The free option will have the company’s branding like – YourBlogName.000webhostapp.com. However, you can buy a domain from them and connect it with your free plan.

Server Locations

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of free hosting. You don’t get any choice when it comes to choosing your server location.

The company decides the location of your server on its own basis the availability. If your target market is the USA and your server is in Asia, you will surely get slow page load speed.

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How good is 000webhost’s security?

Hostinger and 000webhost are serious about their brand image and take all precautions to restrict DDOS and Brute Force attacks. Everything is monitored by their dedicated team of engineers 24×7 and it is better than other free host.

However, with 000Webhost, you don’t have anyone who listens to your complaint. In case you see any security breaches on your website, you need to cope with them on your own.

We would hence recommend choosing Hostinger’s cheapest plan instead of 000webhost.

What If I breach my limits and resources?

With Free Plan, It will be really great if you only receive a warning email or an email requesting an upgrade to a paid plan. However, 000WebHost reserves the right to suspend your account straight away. [Check the image below]

000Web's notice to its customers when limit exceeds

Review of 000WebHosting’s Uptime

As per the latest report, the Uptime of 000WebHost (Check the Image below) is just 97.537%. Expectations from every good host are nothing less than 99.99%. 97.5% uptime means your site is down for almost 2.5% time of the month.

Understand the implication of this from our Uptime Calculator. Check the later server Uptime – HERE.

000Web’s Alternatives

Check out our Free Hosting blog where we have covered all Free Web Hosting solutions for you. Some of the budget hosts that you should definitely consider are –




FAQs: Answers to Reader’s Questions

  1. Is 00WebHost and 000WebHosting same?

    The official name is 000webhost and people recognize it as Webhost000, Webhosting000, etc. However, 00WebHost and ooo webhost is not the same.

  2. Is 000webhost really free?

    Yes, Its free but you will get limited features in the free plan. However, the free plans are not recommended for Professional or Business Websites looking for Good Uptime and Speed.

  3. How many free websites are allowed?

    For all Free Users of 000WebHosting, Two websites are allowed to be hosted at a time.

  4. What is the use of 000Webhost?

    000Webhost like any other host can be used to launch any blog or website. However, it is mostly used by beginners and students to learn and test their knowledge. For professional blogs and websites, 000webhost is not recommended.

  5. Do they host abusive websites also?

    No, in case you find any site violating the Terms of services, you can escalate it to [email protected].

  6. Why 000WebHost is Slow?

    In our study, we found that 000Webhost offers free hosting with limited resources. As the service is free, RAM and CPU allocation per site is below the recommended level. If you choose their paid version by Hostinger, you get the best speed.

  7. Does 000webhost support WordPress?

    Yes, 000Webhost offers WordPress CMS for free and you can install it with just one click.

  8. How good is 000Webhost?

    000Webhost is good for students only. If you are looking for a professional website that can sustain traffic, 000Webhost is not good at all.

How to Host a Website on 000WebHost for Free? Step By Step Guide

In case you are convinced with 000WebHost, This step-by-step video tutorial will help you to go online and set up your first website absolutely free.

Looking for more tools for free? We have exclusive tools available for free:

  1. Jarvis free trial
  2. Semrush Free trial
  3. Grammarly Student Discount, and
  4. Builderall Free Trial

000WebHost Review Conclusion: Is it Worth Using?

Depending upon the need, you must evaluate all the Pros and Cons of 00Webhost and figure out why would someone give Free Web Hosting? Basis our findings, it’s straight away no if you are looking for professional blogging or a money-making website.

We will recommend 000WebHosting if you are a student and learning web development or coding. Also for small setups where online presence is not very critical and even if a site is down for the entire day, it will not impact your business.

000WebHost is also okay for someone just starting a personal blog for only information sharing purposes and no other motto like Affiliate marketing and Search Engine rankings. If it’s just for online presence, go for 000Web’s plan else consider using other cheap players like – HOSTINGER.

Who else can choose 000WebHost? I think if you are just working on a temporary project or a demo site for a client, you can opt for 000Web’s free hosting.

Important: if you really want your website to be taken seriously, ensure you have connected it with a custom domain. Customers generally do not take the information on the blog seriously where the domains are like YourBlogName.000webhostapp.com.

For all Business websites, Professional Blogs, medium to high traffic websites, etc., 000WebHost is a big NO from our side. Check out the 000Webhost’s Alternatives instead.

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  1. Honest review of 00webhosting done by you. This blog will help the ones who are willing to buy 00webhosting. Worth watching your post. You provide knowledge about different blogs from time to time.

    • Hello Dipesh, Thanks for liking our 000WebHost Review, have a look at its alternatives too if you want best and affordable service.

  2. 000webhost is Good but provides too low resourt, site is often slow. I just shifted and upgraded to Hostinger.
    Their customer service is Good.

    • Yes check, 000webhost is good for learning, experiments and small projects. For sites where you expect speed, uptime and service, choose the 000webhost alternatives mentioned here in this review.

  3. I have used 000webhost but GoogieHost is far better because here you get Standard DirectAdmin Panel and better uptime.

    The most important thing is they are an Indian company


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