ProFreeHost Review 2024 & Top 10 Alternatives [Expert Opinion]

This is our detailed article to uncover Profreehost Review – Features, Alternatives & Price

ProFreeHost is a company that offers free web hosting, it attracts many users because of the eye-catching features it offers. 

However, for professional blogs, ProFreeHost is not optimal, so we recommend choosing paid hosting services. 

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In our opinion, the server of the company tends to have some problems and you will not be able to expect too much from their free web hosting service. 

Speaking of service, they have been active for more than 4 years, and the hosting quality is good for learning or non-commercial purposes but we wouldn’t recommend it for professional use.

The technical performance of the hosting is below average. It has become a non-profit organization, and they aren’t supervising the servers regularly. The company is a free hosting provider and obviously cannot afford to sustain the quality of the servers.

In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss important information about ProFreeHost. To find other web hosts, visit our Home Page.

What Is Profreehost?

Profreehost is a free hosting platform that offers unlimited Bandwidth and disk space. They provide essential features to manage, develop & extend the website.

Every hosting plan is powered with MySQL 5.6, PHP version up to 7.0, and cron jobs. These are important features that will enable you to host any kind of website.

profreehost hosting review with list of 10 alternatives.

They are spreading the load of hosting the website across different kinds of servers using special cluster technology. A particular combination of multiple servers offers 99.9% uptime or at least that’s what the company claims. But after trying it out myself, I can say that it fails miserably to deliver the claimed 99% uptime.

Although, if you don’t have a budget for expensive hosting, you should consider ProFreeHost. You will be able to install any of more than 300 famous scripts like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.


Profreehost Performance

The majority of the folks are using Profreehost because they offer easy-to-use control panels and a one-click installer.

It is one of the most famous hosting service providers that offers free servers & tools helpful for beginners. However, being popular doesn’t guarantee reliability and performance.

While the list of features is impressive, ProFreeHost has already failed to impress its users in terms of performance.

Once you host with them, you will notice frequent problems with the server. They are often overloaded because the company doesn’t optimize their servers properly.

Profreehost is a non-profit organization that is good for students and learners, but for professional websites, it is a complete waste of time.

Talking about the support options, Profreehost doesn’t offer any support tickets. You have only one option left and that’s the forum.

So, If you are expecting good traffic on your site, go with premium hosting or at least budget hosting options because Profreehost will negatively impact the performance of your site.

The infographic below will help you understand all its features.

profreehost features and services

Pros & Cons Of ProFreeHost

ProFreeHost is a hosting platform that offers free web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

If you are opting for ProFreeHost to host your website, you must have a look at its pros and cons.


  • ProFreeHost offers professional, free hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
  • You don’t have to spend a single penny if you want to use ProFreeHost.
  • You will also get access to a genuine website builder and Easy Control panel.
  • You will not have to pay any hidden charges to ProFreeHost and will be able to get professional, free hosting for your whole life.


  • Going with the ProFreeHost, you will not be able to access a variety of important things offered by the premium hosting providers like one-click auto-installers, SMTP email, edit DNS settings, access to the root directory and software scripts.
  • If you are using the free web hosting of ProFreeHost and uploading large files, then you will surely find your website server suddenly down. They will surely suspend your account with or without notice.
  • Moreover, plenty of web hosting is ad-supported. If you want to run your website without facing any complications or issues, then you should opt for a premium plan to take your website to the next level.
  • Service is also an issue with Profreehost, there is no dedicated support like a ticket system or a live chat. There is only a forum.

Profreehost Alternatives Free [10 Competitors]

Check out the 10 best free alternatives of ProFreeHost below that are quite good for testing the websites or for beginners.

1. GoogieHost


When it comes to the best alternative to ProFreeHost, GoogieHost is the first name in our mind. A professional Indian blogger is the founder of this company. The main aim of the company is to offer free hosting to the required users. This particular hosting service is proven to be decent because it offers the essential functions and features in the hosting that have become quite important for every person who wants to create a new website.

You will be able to learn more about it on the official website. After creating an account at GoogieHost, you will be able to get cPanel hosting, which means you can access prominent features that are already offered by premium hosting providers.

The key strength of GoogieHost is that they are offering the SSD Based Cloud Web Hosting service without charging a penny.

The servers of the GoogieHost are optimized to run a website effectively. They are supervising the servers and delivering a decent quality server without charging a penny.

They are also offering premium plans that have become the main source of income for the company. Therefore, if you don’t have a budget for the premium plan, then you should start with a free one.

You will also get the SSL certification that will surely work on the domain.



If you are searching for the best alternative to the ProFreeHost, then you should consider

One drawback with is that you will not be able to host free domains like with it.

They are offering a genuine hosting plan both free and paid that comes with better uptime. However, like every other free host, reliability still remains a challenge.

Most users notice a downtime-related issue at least once a day. also offers paid plans and you can also purchase unlimited multi-site web hosting that is packed with prominent features which is suitable for any kind of project.

There you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Recommended – You must go for Hostinger as it is more reliable and its plans start at just $.99. They also offer Free Domain.

3. HelioHost


HelioHost is a non-profit organization that is offering full-featured web hosting free of cost. They are offering web hosting services to the community for almost 13 years. The main aim of HelioHost is to make customers happy with full-featured web hosting. The HelioNet’s Moderators support them. They have already affiliated with the Free-Web hosts. The majority of the folks are choosing HelioHost because they are providing free web hosting with some good features. This platform runs solely by the community.

They are growing hosting and free alternative to ProFreeHost. HelioHost is offering self-sustaining web hosting that will be able to host thousands of websites. If you want to run multiple sites for free, then you should consider HelioHost. They have their data center in Silicon Valley.

4. 000WebHost


Nothing is better than 000webHost which will enable you to host websites at zero cost with MySQL, PHP, cPanel & no ads. They are offering free web hosting to those platforms (websites) that are receiving less traffic. In case you are investing money in the premium version, then you will be able to get access to the following things-

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

They have already started with a free hosting offer. If you want to enjoy the premium features, you should invest money in the premium plan to take your website to the next level. They are also offering attractive resources like SSL, and free domains. It is a good Profreehost replacement and competitor, sponsored by Hostinger. Read 000WebHost Review.

5. HyperPHP


HyperPHP has both free and premium plans. The free plan offers 1000 MB of disk space, tech support, clustered servers, MySQL databases & PHP Support, self-signed SSL, webmail email accounts, and free community access. It also supports free domain transfer from another hosting.

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6. 1FreeHosting


Nothing is better than 1FreeHosting because they are offering high-end quality web hosting solutions since 2000. If you are using such hosting, you will host the website quite normally without much hassle for free with unlimited & free PHP, MySQL, no ads, free online templates & site builder.

They are providing 100 GB bandwidth with 10 GB disk space at zero cost. You will surely get access to expanded and fastest pro-free website hosting. They are offering proper stability and security. By looking at its features I can say this is the best free hosting provider.

7. InfinityFree


InfinityFree was created in 2016. The owner of InfinityFree is offering free hosting since 2011. They are providing the fastest web hosting with 99.9% uptime. They are featuring free hosting by upselling iFastNet’s premium plans.

This platform is working on the freemium model. In case you want to host a website with text-based pages, then you should opt for InfinityFree. This platform is helpful for beginners.

8. 5GB.Club

Whether you are starting a WordPress blog or e-commerce website, then you should consider 5GB. This free hosting will allow you to start your website without spending a single penny.

This is different from other hosting as it also provides free SEO tools to rank your website which is rarely available with any free hosting service. It is a worthwhile platform that is offering top-notch quality services without charging anything.  The premium plans for 5GB.Club start at $0.99/mo. If you are using the free plan then you will be able to get disk storage of 5GB.

9. Dreamnix


If you are searching for the best web hosting site, then you should consider Dreamnix. They are offering affordable and simple hosting plans. If you are investing money in the hosting plan of Dreamnix, then you will surely be able to get the instant setup with everything that you require to get your website started today. They are also offering almost 60 Days of Free Hosting Trial.

We have put Dreamnix in the free category as it is giving a free trial of 60 days, that too without asking for a credit card and this much time is sufficient to try and explore any hosting service. It comes with 1 GB of disk space and 1 GB per month of bandwidth.

10. 100WebSpace


100WebSpace is the best hosting platform that is offering a genuine hosting plan at a nominal worth. They are already featuring powerful hosting that will be able to improve the speed and efficiency of your business or personal website. If you are getting the Free hosting of the 100WebSpace, you will be able to get 100MB of Disk space. In case, you want more advanced features then you will have to purchase the premium package of 100WebSpace, which starts with$0.99/mo. It has become the best option for beginners because they can run the website without making any investment.

These are some great alternatives to the Profreehost. Ensure that you choose the right hosting that will improve the efficiency and rank of your website.

Paid Alternatives – Renowned Web Hosts Offering Cheapest Plans

Below are the top 3 cheapest paid alternatives of ProFreeHost that are famous for their top-quality services in the hosting world.

a) Hostinger– Starts with $1.99/mo.

b) Namecheap– Starts with $1.38/mo.

c) GreenGeeks– Starts with $2.95/mo.

How To Activate Profreehost Hosting?

So, you want to create a website on Profreehost? If you want to create a blog/website with ProFreeHost, then note down the following important steps.

Create An Account

Visit and create an account.

Access The Script Installer

Next, you need to give access to cPanel from the Profreehost account, and then launch the Softaculous installer from cPanel.

Choose The Script

After Softaculous has opened, you have to choose the right script from around 300 scripts. You will find a variety of scripts like blogging scripts, eCommerce scripts, and forum software. Make sure that you are choosing the ideal script for your website and click Install.

Next, you need to select the right directory where you want it to be installed and set the right admin username & password, then click on proceed. In case you want to install it on the directory, then you should always keep it in a directory in the empty field.

Customize And Finalize Everything

Once the installation is complete, you will receive the complete installation results. Make sure to save important information. You now have a properly functional site and can proceed with the necessary customizations based on your requirements.

FAQs: ProFreeHost Review 2024

1. How can I host my website for free?

You can use any free hosting provider like ProFreeHost or its alternatives that we mentioned in this article to host your websites for free.

2. How do you use ProFreeHost?

Create an account on ProFreeHost, after that select your domain and then install WordPress (or any other CMS). Now you can start customizing your website that is being hosted on ProFreeHost.

3. Is ProFreeHost safe to host a website in 2024?

It is okay for casual sites, but for big and important sites, it is not safe to host the website on this platform.

Conclusion: ProFreeHost Review & Alternatives

ProFreeHost is a web hosting service aimed at providing tools and free servers to its beloved members for commercial and personal use, although we recommend it only to students or non-commercial projects. For all beginners and learners it will be a good choice.

But never risk your professional site with ProFreeHost or any other free hosting provider as your site may crash anytime because of overload or server problems and ultimately you will lose your important data of the website.

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