How to get a Free Domain in 2023? [3 Options with Coupon]

It is possible to get a Domain name for Free. Get Free Domain Name with the methods explained in this all-in-one guide. Also Big Discount is available on Renewal with leading Domain Registrars. All TLDs of your choice can be registered with the process explained below.

Learn How to get a Free Domain Name

You can Register a Domain Name absolutely free with Freenom, Dot.TK and Hostinger. Decide on the extensions like .com, .tk, .in, .net or .org and search for the availability. If available, choose it, create an account and proceed to Register your Free Domain without any cost.

Option 1- Recommended Method to get Free Domain [Free SSL + Free Email Hosting Coupon]

Get New Domain Name Free in 3 easy steps. We recommend getting Free Domain by visiting and following the steps mentioned below. You will get Free Domain with Free SSL and Free Email Hosting.

Step 1. Click on This Link

Step 2. Choose the plan as per the requirement and click “Add to Cart”

how to get a free domain name in 3 easy steps

Step 3. Congratulations, You got Free Domain and Free SSL with a 80% discount on Hosting also.

Note – You can get these extensions Free – .com, .online, .site, .webspace, .space, .tech, .store, .blog,.net,.org,.info,.co,.biz,.us and .club .

Free Domain with free ssl and 45% discount on hosting also

Things you should know before choosing a FREE DOMAIN

Getting Free Domain and saving money is what all of us want. Specially, all new blogs, small websites, and beginners always search for free domain coupons to save cash. You should consider the following facts before choosing a FREE DOMAIN name:

  • Domains like .TK and .FREE are available without cost but they do not rank on search engines.
  • TOP level Domains like .com or .net are available with either Hostinger or BlueHost
  • All Free Top Level Domains are available with minimum one year hosting.
  • Bonus – You get FREE SSL, Cloudflare Integration, Free Domain Migration and Unlimited Domain Hosting with – Hostinger or BlueHost

Option 2- Free Domain by Dot.TK [Not Recommended]

With this method, you can get .TK domain free. However, we do not recommend this method. Still, if you wish to avail yourself .TK Domain without paying any cost, follow the process:

Step #1. Login to Dot.TK

Step #2. Click on “Find a Free Domain Name” and Check Availability

Step #3. Choose from the available domain names and register

Note – .TK domain is free but if you are serious about blogging and will to start a website for business purposes, we will not recommend you these domain extensions. Also, avoid getting it for free as there is nothing in this world that comes for free. You might end up getting unwanted advertisements, adult content, and DNS issues.

Option 3- How to get Free Domain by Freenom [Not Recommended]

To get free domains from FREENOM, you can simply visit the FREENOM website. Click on “Find a New Free Domain”. Next is Check Availability. You will find .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq extensions for free. Extensions like .com or .org are paid with Freenom.

If you are looking for hosting and domain both, check out our article on web hosting with free domains.

how to get free domain by Freenom.


For everyone who is looking for Free Domain name, we would strong suggest to opt for Option 1. This will help you get even better deals on hosting + Free SSL and Email hosting required for running a blog professionally. At the time of renewal, you can also Transfer Domain to Godaddy and bargain better renewal deals there.

Other two methods will give you domains for free but the extensions will not rank that easily on Google. Also, there will be less or even no control as they can be deleted any time. Problems like unsolicited advertisement are common. Don’t forget to get amazing deals from Google Domains.

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