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Renewing a Domain Name [Cost Saving Process] 2020

Learn Step by Step process of Domain Renewal. It is easy to Renew a Domain name before it expires. We have detailed you everything about Domain Renewal with same Registrar and through other Registrar (By transferring it). You should compare the pricing before Renewing a Domain Name and can easily transfer it to new Registrar if your existing Registrar’s Renewal cost is high.

Let us start with Domain Renewal by transferring it free.

How to Save Money when Renewing a Domain Name?

Many a times we see huge Domain Renewal cost with Existing Registrar. Most of the time it is disheartening for all of us to pay 2x or 3x extra during renewals.

But What is the Solution?

Transfer it to New Registrar!

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Godaddy is often costly if you have to Renew a Domain there. Hence we would strongly recommend to transfer the domain hassle free.

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How to Renew a Domain Name with Same Registrar?

Its really easy to Renew your existing Domain without any hassle with existing Registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap or may be any other Registar.

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You can simply opt for “Auto Renewal” option.

For this, simply update your Credit Card details in accounts section and enable “Auto Renew” Option. You can find this Auto Renew Option in Domain Section. Simply enable it and it will be renewed automatically before the expiry.

Renewing a Domain Manually

If a Domain name is not set for Auto Renewal or you have not saved your Credit Card details there, you can renew it anytime before expiry.

  • Simply Login to your Account
  • Select a Domain Name
  • Find – “Renew Now” Option
  • Select the tenure you want to renew for and
  • Make the Payment.
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Frequently Asked Questions-

Do you need to renew domain names?

Yes, You need to renew you existing domain name before it expires. You can renew it with same registrar or transfer it to new as per process above.

Can I renew my domain name after it expires?

You should ideally avoid this situation as you loose your control once Domain expires. Domain names can be registered for 1 to 10 years and can be renewed before expiry. Once it expires, it is open to everyone and you loose your right over it.

How much does it costs to renew a domain name?

Depending upon the extention and registrar, the Domain Renewal Price may vary. However the Renewal cost is always higher. For example, If you renew a .com domain, it will cost you around $10-15 for the entire year.

How to renew domain name with different registrar?

Simply initiate a tranfer or change of registrant by contacting your current registrar. Existing Registrar will ask for your confirmation via a secure mechanism and a Code. Transferring will save money.

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