12 Marketing Sales Deck Do’s And Don’ts

marketing sales deck do's and don'ts

The marketing sales deck is now the common thread to all successful selling efforts. It is now a critical tool for marketers who want to ensure they are providing value as part of their positioning strategy.  Like most common elements in selling, this is something that has been taken from another discipline – in this … Read more

To Securing An Android App, Code Signing Certificate Is A must!

Code signature certificate

Various activities have been streamlined as a result of switching to multiple applications. Customers must, therefore, confirm that the software they intend to install is reliable before installing it. The app developer should have adequate mechanisms for users to check the safety of the application they download. To safeguard the applications, hashing is used. For … Read more

What is a Black Belt in Six Sigma?

what is a black belt in six sigma

A very efficient approach to controlling extensive and complicated operations inside enterprises and organizations is the Six Sigma methodology. Employers of the Six Sigma technique frequently pursue higher certification levels, beginning at the white belt level and on to the black belt and master black belt levels. A significant accomplishment that may highlight your advanced … Read more

Tips for Writing a High Quality Content- Briefly Explained

tips for writing a high quality content

Are you planning to start a new blog? You really need to learn the art of content writing. The high-quality content is the one that attracts the readers to stay on the website for longer. It appeals to the readers more than anything and the most that they go through the whole content effectively. High-quality … Read more

Renewing a Domain Name [Cost Saving Process] 2021

Renew a Domain with Free WhoisGuard, Upto 100% Off, Domain Renewal coupons and discounts

Learn step by step process of Domain Renewal for 2021. It is easy to Renew a Domain name before it expires. We have detailed you everything about Domain Renewal with the same Registrar and through other Registrar (By transferring it). You should compare the pricing before Renewing a Domain Name and can easily transfer it … Read more

11 Facts about Professional Bloggers and Blogging as a Career in 2023

Is blogging right for you as a career or profession?

Blogging as a Profession certainly gives you a great deal of flexibility and a fun-filled career. You feel like an entrepreneur once you grow as a Professional Blogger and this is possible with almost nil investment. This makes Blogging an even more lucrative career option today. It’s a Recession-proof alternative being adopted by not only … Read more

Hostinger Review 2024 India: Should You Buy This Host?

Hostinger Review, Review of Hostinger India Products and Offerings

Looking for a detailed Hostinger review? Look no further, today we bring you a detailed Hostinger India Review to check its performance in the Indian Market for 2024.  We have evaluated its suitability for Bloggers in India. Hostinger without a doubt is a globally renowned Web Host, but is Hostinger the right fit for India? … Read more


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