21 Best Niche Ideas for Blogging: Types of Blogs & Micro Niche For Beginners in 2024

Looking for the best niche ideas for Blogging in 2024? If so, you landed on the right page.

We have been blogging for almost 6 years and have tried various niches ourselves. We know some of the Best and Profitable Niche to Start Blogging.

Based on our experience, we have chosen 21 Types of Blog Ideas or Niches that you can start easily [Including Micro Niches]. Beginner’s guide suggesting the easiest and best “Types of Blog”.

We have carefully handpicked this list of blog ideas that have the potential to become super popular. 

Even if you don’t have any practical or technical information or expertise, you can still launch these types of blogs by choosing a Niche or a Micro Niche.

Not every niche is profitable, Are you choosing the right type of blog?

A blog should grow like a profitable business and hence, choosing a niche carefully helps you reap the long-term benefits.

New Niche Ideas with less competition, and high traffic potential for 2024 that are profitable:

AI Writing Tools Like RytrElectric VehiclesNew Games like Valheim or Free Fire
Used VehiclesNet worth of CelebritiesSaaS Tools Review
New Web series Info & ReviewWord Puzzles, Brain TeasersOnline Money Earning Games and Apps

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These are some of the ideas that can get you good traffic as still low competition. Cover the fresh launches and offers. If the right keyword is chosen, they will generate huge traffic and profit in 2024.

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We have 21 more suggestions below and an exclusive offer too.

Niche or Micro Niche Blogs

Niche is basically your type or topic of the blog. These types of blogs are basically focused on one particular industry or category at large. Niche blogs are those which are very specific.

Please refer to the examples given below for a better understanding. It can be a Fitness blog, Health Blog, or Parenting blog. Every Niche Blog type will revolve around one such subject.  

Easy and Popular 21 Types of Blog Niches:

  1. Pets Blog
  2. Sports and activities related Blog
  3. Technology Blog 
  4. Food and Recipe Blog
  5. Religious Blog
  6. Home Decor Tips Blog
  7. Money or Finance Advisory Blog
  8. Shopping Blog
  9. Parenting Blog
  10. Automobile Blog
  11. Movies and Music Blog
  12. Gaming Blog
  13. Books Blog
  14. Politics Blog
  15. Health and Fitness Blog 
  16. Current Events Blog
  17. Travel Blog
  18. Entertainment Blog
  19. Fashion Blog
  20. Lifestyle Blog
  21. DIY – Do it Yourself Blog

We will now elaborate on these micro niche blog ideas with examples below.

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1) Pet blog

There are various popular blogs focusing on this niche or specific subject- i.e. a Pet Blog. Blogs focused on pets are very popular these days among pet lovers. You can easily monetize them through Google ads, and affiliate marketing and can sell pet food and accessories, etc.

It’s a great Niche Idea if you have a decent knowledge of pets. You can further choose a particular pet as a Niche, like a Dog or Cat, and stay focused on that niche.

Click here to visit this Pet blog –

guide mentioning all type of blogs focusing on Niche like Pet niche, blog type
Want to start a blog? Learn more about personal blogs for better clarity

Another Niche on which People across the world are crazy. Be it a football event like Fifa or cricket’s World Cup, it’s been searched and followed by millions. There are various sports blogs targeting the audience interested in sports. 

Sports itself is a vast field allowing you to choose a Micro Niche Blog in the sports category. These types of blogs focus on a particular sport like Cricket, Football, IPL, or maybe all sports in general. 

This blogging niche has huge growth potential as the craze for sports is ever-increasing.

Again these blogs earn with affiliate marketing, sponsorship, or Google Adsense. 

Click here to visit this blog type-

blog type, type of blogs, best and easy type of blog suitable for beginners

3) Technology blog

Technology blogs focus on the latest mobile unboxing, reviews, comparisons, android apps, software, laptops, and everything related to technology today.

These type of blogs attracts youth and gets tons of traffic. If you can get traffic on your blog, you can earn huge through various sponsorships, Amazon affiliates, Google Adsense, etc. 

Click here to visit this type of blog –

latest guide with all type of blogs like tech blog etc

4) Food and Recipe blog type

This Niche targets foodies and people who love cooking. Yes, we all have searched for cooking recipes at least once in our lives. A food blog targets those who are real food lovers and have great growth potential. 

Those who search for recipes every day to delight their loved ones. These blogs can be easily monetized by selling recipe books, Amazon affiliates, Google Adsense, etc. 

Click here to visit this type of blog –

types of blog related to fooding

5) Religious Blog

Religion or faith in a higher power means a lot to many people. This type of blog serves those who search for religious content on the internet.

You can easily monetize this kind of blog through advertisement services like Google AdSense and sell religious products through Amazon and earn good money.

Click here to visit HanumanJichalisa.com –

guide blogging explaining types of blogs, best type of blogs focusing religion
Hosting to blogging strategies explained for the ease of beginners

6) Home Decor Tips Blog

Women are crazy about decorating their rooms and houses. You have a huge audience in this niche who search for tips related to home decor. Sell your ideas, tie up with leading home decor brands, and earn decent money.

Click here to visit a home decor blog type-

easy blog types for beginners

7) Money or Finance Advisory Blog

We all need investment guidance, knowledge about the share market, and various instruments. Finance blogs cater to every need related to money like investment, tax saving, money transfer, bank policies, government policies, etc.

Although this is not a new niche for blogging yes, there is always a scope for creativity. If you are a finance expert, you can still pick it as your niche for blogging. 

When it comes to financing, people need accuracy and trust factor. Your education, knowledge, experience, and social proof if any will help you here. 

Click here to visit this finance blog –

Ideas for Blogging Niche, 21 types of blogs including finance blogthat can outperform this year

8) Shopping Blog

Interested in partnering with Amazon? Shopping Blogs are growing. Dropshipping is now easier with players like Alibaba and plugins in Woocommerce. You can quickly set up your E-commerce store with WordPress.

There are various popular websites like Amazon, etc where you can sign up as an affiliate and start selling their products. You get commissions ranging from 1% to 10% easily with them.

Don’t worry, your payments are safe and you don’t need to bother about procurement and delivery. Amazon will take care of everything. 

Click here to visit the perfect example of a Shopping Niche –

explore shopping niche for blogging, affiliate niche type

9) Parenting Blog

This Blogging Niche is for experienced Parents (Mom or Dad) where they can share their real-life experiences on the subject of parenting. 

New parents or would-be mothers and fathers love reading these blogs. Obviously, if you are about to become a Mom, you would want to read what difficulties you should be ready to face. How to tackle various issues? What are all the things you will enjoy? So hence and so forth.

Visit – How to start a Mom Blog

Managing money being a parent is also a popular aspect of this type. 

Click here to visit the Parenting Niche, a great topic for a New Blog  –

should you choose Parenting Niche for Blogging this year?

10) Automobile Blog

As the name suggests, an Automobile blog aims at all this related to vehicles, from car news to reviewing new Car launches, two-wheelers, and so on.

Someone looking to buy a new car would like to see the details regarding mileage, pricing, and features. These blogs also have great growth potential.

These blogs are generally popular for their unbiased reviews and information together with the actual look and feel.

You can also review and add videos on the YouTube channel (Vlog) and start from there. 

Again, people should trust you to believe the information you have provided. Credibility matters the most when you review a costly product.

To begin with, you can simply start this blog type as Automobile News where you can just keep the audience informed about the new launch calendar, etc.

Click here to view how an Automobile blog shares the information with its audience.

11) Movies and Music Blog

You talk of any age group, this Niche is an evergreen idea for new bloggers. Who on the earth doesn’t watch movies or listen to songs?

But we see reviews before spending our money on Movie tickets. Also, people search the Movie or Music release dates on Google when a movie of their favorite actor is just about to get released.

Compare movies, and share your unbiased opinion about the acting, dialogues, songs, and overall performance rating. 

Make it as interesting as you can. Again, it’s also about passion, you can do it only when you yourself are passionate about movies and music.

Click here to understand what you can do with a Movie or a Music Blog.

12) Gaming Blog

Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone have millions of followers worldwide. Similarly, you see thousands of launches every year. New game studios look forward to getting a shout-out from bloggers & various game journalists.

As a Gaming blogger, you can offer news coverage and reviews about a particular game. 

Also, you can teach various techniques, rules, do’s and don’ts, etc. about the games.

Click here to get an idea about the Gaming Niche.

13) Books Blog

There are so many people who still like to read books. Usually, people who are intelligent and sharp-minded search for new books. So many different books are available in this world. No one has read those all and no one can’t.

You can publish a blog that contains good and interesting books so that the front user or reader will go ahead and read/purchase that book. You can insert your affiliate link on the books, and play google ads on your site which will help you earn some money.

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, books blog

14) Politics Blog

Everyone is a politician in their own right, and people want to know what is going on in the world. A Politics blog contains every day’s latest news and ongoings of the world.

Normally older people like to read these types of news as they are interested in this, but today youth has also started following these types of blogs.

People look for those political or news blogs that update regularly. The one who has a political blog should always be active with the political situation and events of the country.

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, politics blog

15) Health & Fitness Blog

People are crazy about Health and Fitness blogs. This is one of the most searched blogs on Google. The Health and Fitness Blog usually focuses on Yoga, Gym Exercises, Meditation, Healthy Food, Healthy Diet, etc.

Some of the blog post ideas that you can publish in your blog may be: –

  1. What is a high-protein food you should eat?
  2. Health & Fitness: 2024
  3. Yoga: The Journey to a Healthy Life

Everyone wants a healthy life, and your blog can help them in this.

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, health and fitness blog

16) Current Events Blog

Current Event Blog is also a regularly updated blog. These types of blogs should contain the latest events running now. Your way of writing the current event should be clear. People around the world look for events to get discounts, special offers, gifts, and prizes.

With these types of blogs, you can earn a good amount of currency via Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, etc. Check out our affiliate marketing courses list if you want to learn more about it.

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, current events blog

17) Travel Blog

A huge amount of people are crazy about traveling. On the internet, you will find many travel blogs, and trust me they tend to make a good bit of money.

Whenever someone is planning to visit a different country or city, they tend to look up beautiful places to visit there and also if it is a safe place to go to. These are the kinds of questions you will be providing the answers to in your blog.

Your blog will tell the user about different places or destinations that are famous, and good for travel, and yes you can also share reviews about the places. 

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, travel blog

18) Entertainment Blog

When you have an Entertainment blog, you have to regularly give a variety of content to your visitors. The Entertainment blog contains images, videos, and content that will be entertaining for your audience.

Almost every single person of every age group looks for some entertaining content on the internet. An entertaining blog can also contain articles and news about celebrities. This is one of the best microblogging ideas today.

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, entertainment blog

19) Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Another niche people are crazy for. A Fashion and Lifestyle blog, women are especially crazy about current fashion and are often looking for new clothes or accessories to try out.

Your fashion blog should include trending clothes, lifestyle, accessories, and so on. You can earn by selling others’ products through your website by using your affiliate link.

Youth are more active in these types of blogs which can bring a lot of traffic to your blog website.

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, fashion and lifestyle blog

20) News blog

We all see something new is happening around us and in the world. News is the only thing that is aware of what is going in the world. We all read or watch News, whether that relates to tech, police, sports, national, or international. Somehow, we all want to know what is transpiring around us.

You can use some images, videos, and external links to make your news blog more trustworthy and interesting. Learn how to start a news blog?

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, news blog

21) DIY – Do It Yourself blog

Students and creative people tend to look for DIY blogs. As the name suggests, DIY or Do it Yourself is the practice of building or repairing things yourself around the house. This can include interior design, art, or even decoration in your home, school, or college.

You can teach the crafts step-by-step, so the user will be live/active more on your blog which will help your blog to rank on Google. 

With the tools, types of equipment, and products that are being used in your projects, you can put affiliate links from Amazon and monetize your blog easily.

Click here to visit this type of blog –

Niche Ideas for Blogging, diy blog, do it yourself blog

Conclusion: Broad and Micro Niche Ideas For Blogging

That’s all for this blog, here we have listed a total of 21 blog niches. We hope you find an interesting blog niche to start your blog. 

If you think some of the very important niches are missing, please let us know by your comments, we will always feel good with your suggestions.

We hope this post is helpful for you, but if you want more you can check the link below: –

90 Awesome Blog Post Ideas and Topics: Guaranteed to Go Viral


FAQ’s About Micro Niche Ideas

What are some good niches?

Here are some niches that can be good for your blog: –
1. Health & Fitness Blog
2. News Blog
3. Personal Finance Blog
4. Marketing Blog
5. Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

What are the most profitable niches?

There are no such particular profitable niches, if your blog’s content is good and effective, then obviously your blog will help you to earn a good amount of profit.

How do I find my niche?

Know yourself, know your passion, explore your ideas into your blog, and start writing your blog.

How do beginner bloggers make money?

1. Start your self-hosted blog.
2. Publish original content.
3. Build traffic.
4. Start your own community.
5. Start selling ads.
6. Start Affiliate marketing.

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