Semrush Black Friday 2021 Deals: 2 Discount Offers, 50% OFF!

Are you also looking for heavy discounts and offers on the world’s most popular competitive data research tool?

If yes, then your choice is as good as this article. In this post, we are providing 3 SEMrush Black Friday Deals that are worth noticing and are of great profit.

If you are trying to boost your online sales by boosting your organic ranking then you must use the SEMrush tool to analyze your competitor to act accordingly. But the normal pricing of SEMrush plans is too high.

That’s why Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday is the best time when you can grab a 50 to 80% discount on their plans and much more.

2 SEMrush Black Friday Deals for 2021 that you should not miss

This year SEMrush is giving 2 Black Friday Deals which you can grab from November 25 to December 15. Let’s have a look at all deals.

Semrush Black Friday Deals

DEAL 1: Double Keyword Bundle Offer

In this plan, SEMrush is giving a discount of 50% On An Additional User + SEMrush PRO Subscription!

Inside Features of SEMrush Double Keyword Bundle Offer

  1. More than 40 digital marketing tools from SEMrush.
  2. Each day rank tracking.
  3. SEO analysis of your site.
  4. Site Audit
  5. Backlinks History
  6. You can share your SEMrush plan with other users in pro account that you generally can’t.
  7. Secure your account by using specific logins for every member.
  8. Many more features…
semrush black friday discount on additional user

Deal Starts – 25 November to 15 December 2021

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DEAL 2: SEMrush Bundle for Agencies

This deal is ideally meant for those who have a big agency or e-commerce setup. Original pricing for this plan is 269$. On Black Friday this plan will be available at only 199$.

Inside Features of Semrush Bundle for Agencies offer

  1. Subscription of the popular plan of Semrush that is Guru.
  2. Agency growth kit
  3. All features of Pro Plan.
  4. Additional another user login.
  5. Many more features…

Deal Starts – 25 November to 15 December 2021.

What is Semrush used for?

Semrush is a complete and one of the prominent tools for all the online platforms from a small website to big eCommerce platforms to boost up their sales by helping them to gain more users.

Semrush is not just a Search Engine Optimization tool it is way more than that. It is the favorite tool of content creators when compared to its competitors.

Semrush is used for getting the analytics and inside of online marketing and hence helps in getting more visibility to a brand.

semrush uses

This tool can be used by every group from a small start-up to a big agency. Semrush offers plans according to the user or company’s requirements and budget.

To know more about Semrush: Read Semrush review 2021.

5 Interesting practices for which you can use Semrush

When the Semrush company was launched it had only 2 tools and now it has more than 45 tools useful for various digital marketing requirements from which the following practices can be performed accurately.

  1. Keyword Research: This feature is important for almost every digital marketer. Keyword research is a process that finds the word or a sentence related to niche interest is being searched on the internet.
  2. Analysis of competing websites:This feature will let us know and analyze our competitor website details like backlinks, source of traffic, and everything.
  3. Value of our content: Semrush is highly beneficial for finding how well our content is performing in search engines or whether is driving enough traffic to our website.
  4. Backlink inspection: Backlinks are the crucial factor to increase the authority of our website. But it is not the case every time, if a website has backlinks from several nonvaluable or spammy websites, its ranking would start declining. One can analyze good and toxic backlinks from Semrush.
  5. On-page SEO: A most crucial factor for any content to rank in search engines like google is unique and well-structured content that comes under On-page SEO. This can be analyzed with the help of Semrush and also areas of improvement will be shown.

What are the various plans of Semrush?

Semrush provides 4 plans as of now. All these four vary according to the requirements of the customer and also based on the number of tools provided.

Semrush pricing for monthly bills

1. Pro Plan of Semrush

This plan is designed especially for freelancers, start-ups having low budgets. There is some limitation of searches in this plan. The pricing of this plan is 119.95 $ monthly.

2. Guru Plan of Semrush

Guru plan is designed for the growing marketing companies. It has some other features like historical data, in addition to all pro plan features. The price of this plan is 229.95$ monthly.

3. Business Plan of Semrush

This plan is made for large companies having a strong presence as a brand. It has nearly all the tools available in this plan. Semrush charges 449.95$ monthly for this plan.

4. Enterprise plan of Semrush

An enterprise plan is a customized plan according to the requirements of agencies. Whenever agencies need more features than which are available in the business plan or want to exclude some features and add other tools or features of Semrush then this plan is suggested.

Is there any way to get Semrush plans for a lower price?

Yes, there are two ways you can get all plans for some lower price than its actual price.

1. Semrush Black Friday deals

This is considered the best time of the year to get maximum discounts on Semrush paid plans. This period always comes in November. Each year some new and surprising deals with maximum discounts are offered by Semrush.

2. Purchase annual plans of semrush

The second option of getting some discount is buying annual plans of Semrush rather than monthly plans. When you buy annual plans then you save more money as compared to monthly plans.

Semrush plans annual pricing
Plan Namepricing when purchased monthly planPricing when purchased annual planDiscount in the annual plan
Pro$ 119.95 per month$ 99.95 per month$ 20 per month
Guru$ 229.95 per month$ 191.62 per month$ 38.33 per month
Business$ 449.95 per month$ 374.95 per month$ 75 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions About Semrush Black Friday Sale

Now let’s check some most commonly asked questions associated with Semrush Black Friday offers & deals.

What are Black Friday Semrush deals?

Black Friday is the last Friday of November month every year after the day of thanksgiving (Thursday) during which consumers shop more and save huge money by getting discounts from companies.
The same is the case with Semrush, people get high discounts on Semrush plans during Black Friday.

Can I use a free trial of Semrush paid plans?

Yes, you can get the trial of Semrush Pro and Semrush Guru Plan for free

How can I get a Semrush trial for free?

Check out this post to know the process of getting a Semrush trial for free. Or you can directly click on the below button to get a free Semrush trial now.

How much discount can I get from Semrush Black Friday discount deals?

The margin of discount changes every year. Sometimes you can get up to 80% of discounts on Semrush deals.

Does Semrush offer customer support service?

Yes, they have a committed team for all issues. You can contact them by phone call or through email.

Does Semrush offer cancellation or refund after payment?

Yes, if the request for cancellation is made within the 7 days of payment to Semrush.

Conclusion of Semrush Black Friday Deals 2021

Semrush is a great SEO tool available in the market in all aspects. But it is slightly expensive for many. That is why Semrush black Friday deals are an opportunity for everyone who is looking for this tool at lesser prices to grab maximum discounts.

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