11 Black Friday VPS Hosting Deals 2021 – Save 75%

Here are the Best Black Friday VPS deals for 2021 [Preview] and the discount promos are going to live. We have provided 11 VPS Black Friday 2021 Deals and Promos on multiple web hosting offering a maximum discount.

All Black Friday and Cyber Monday Virtual Private Server Offers are listed below.

Be it managed or unmanaged, we have selected VPS plans which are offering the highest discount on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

If you want to know about what VPS is and how it is different from Shared, Cloud, and Dedicated servers, you must visit our comparative study – VPS vs Shared vs Cloud vs Dedicated Hosting.

Latest Announcement – All VPS Plans sold during Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale will be eligible for free cancellation as per individual hosting provider policy.

Summary of Black Friday VPS 2021 Deals and Discount Offers [Cyber Monday Offers Included]

If you are looking for Best VPS Black Friday 2021 Offers with the highest savings and good speed, uptime, and reliability, you must have a look at the following 11 deals –

  1. LiquidWeb – Upto 40% Off + Free 100GB Backup [Coupon GetReady]
  2. FastComet – Upto 25% Off + Free Setup and Transfer [Coupon Fall25]
  3. GoDaddy – 58% Off [Coupon Cjc1off30}
  4. Namecheap – Flat 25% Off [No Coupon required]
  5. HostArmada – 25% Off [Coupon Festive25]
  6. InterServer – 50% Off, Just $6 per month [Coupon Facebook 50]
  7. HostGator – 75% Off [Coupon Applied]
  8. BlueHost – Free Domain + 45% Off [Link Activated]
  9. IPage – 25% Off + Free Domain [Coupon- VPS25]
  10. Hostinger – 67% + 15% Off [Coupon – Special15]
  11. HostPapa – 20% Off [No Coupon Required]
Best VPS Black Friday 2021 Deals, Offers and Promos [11 top vps hosting on sale]

We will now discuss them in detail.

11 Best VPS Black Friday Hosting Deals – 2021

We gave the summary above on the most reliable and popular Black Friday Deals on VPS Hosting. Now in this section, we will discuss all 11 VPS Hosting Black Friday Discount Offers in detail below.

1. LiquidWeb VPS Black Friday Deals – Upto 40% Off + Free 100GB Backup

If you are looking for one of the best VPS Hosting, Liquid Web is for you. Its VPS prices are a bit on the higher side but currently, you save up to 40% Off during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Liquid Web Hosting Plan starts with 2GB Ram and multiple variants are available as per your requirements.

Budget if not a constraint, you will find great service and performance choosing LiquidWeb.

Current Black Friday VPS Deal – 40% Discount on 6 and 12 months purchase with 100GB of Free Back storage. Apply LiquidWeb Coupon – GetReady.

best vps black friday deals by Liquid web

2. FastComet VPS Black Friday Deals – Up to 25% Off

FastComet Offers Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS which is fast and easy to manage.

Popular VPS plans are Cloud 1, Cloud 2, Cloud 3, and Cloud 4. Avail flat 25% discount during the Black Friday sale.

All VPS plans are managed means minimal intervention is required on the server front. They are fit for Amateur Bloggers with no technical knowledge. You can quickly start building your website. The customer service team also helps you migrate your website absolutely free.

FastComet VPS Offers – 25% Flat Off and Free Transfer, Apply Coupon Fall25.

fastcomet virtual private server black friday deals

3. GoDaddy VPS Black Friday Deals – Up to 58% Off + Free Setup and Transfer

GoDaddy is a renowned brand and needs no introduction today. Both Managed and Unmanaged VPS plans are available. During Black Friday the deal is even better as you get 58% Off. It is a good host for Static Websites and WordPress Blogs.

You get more choice of VPS plans starting 1Vcpu and 2 GB Ram to 8Vcpu and 32GB Ram.

The best part with GoDaddy VPS plans is that they offer you managed as well as unmanaged services depending upon your budget and requirements.

GoDaddy also offers fast and 24×7 customer service like all leading players to deploy your server quickly.

About OS and Control panel, GoDaddy provides you CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Windows 2016, Control Panel – cPanel/WHM, Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition.

Live GoDaddy Black Friday VPS Offer – 58% Flat Off. Apply Coupon Cjc1off30.

godaddy vps black friday

Get GoDaddy VPS Black Friday Discount

4. Namecheap VPS Black Friday Deals – 25% Off + Free Setup and Transfer

Namecheap is an affordable VPS hosting service that offers higher resources at a lesser price.

You can also avail of 100% Off on a professional website migration service by Namecheap. Like GoDaddy, the Choice of server management is still with you. You can avail of managed or unmanaged VPS service as per the project or website requirements.

Namecheap has two popular plans namely – Quasar and Pulsar. Both the plans come with 30 days Free Trial [Cancellation policy]. This means, your Black Friday purchase is absolutely risk-free. In case you are not satisfied, you can cancel and ask for a refund.

You get more choice of VPS plans starting 1Vcpu and 2 GB Ram to 8Vcpu and 32GB Ram.

24×7 customer service on Email and Chat is available with Namecheap.

Best Namecheap Black Friday VPS Offer- 25% Flat Off. Click Here to visit the deal page.

namecheap black friday vps hosting deals

5. HostArmada VPS Black Friday Deals – 25% Off

Honestly speaking, HostArmada is a newcomer in the web hosting industry but we found it a fast, reliable player with good customer service. To know more, read our HostArmada Review.

All its plans are made for varied user needs starting from 2GB Ram to 16GB Ram.

WebShuttle is the entry-level VPS plan by HostAramada starting at $41.21 per month. HostArmada’s Black Friday Hosting offer is worth having a look at.

You get a Free website transfer and 7 days refund guarantee.

24×7 customer service on Call, Email, and Chat is available with HostArmada.

Live HostArmada VPS Black Friday Promo – 25% Flat Off. Use Coupon Code- Festive25.

hostarmada black friday offers on virtual private server hosting

6. InterServer VPS Black Friday Deals – 50% Off

InterServer offers budget-friendly highly scalable VPS plans starting at just $6.

VPS plans start from 1 CPU and 2GB Ram to 16 CPU and 32GB Ram. The company claims to provide you “Self-healing hardware” which automatically starts using another node in case your server’s hardware malfunctions.

All its plans are made for varied user needs starting from 2GB Ram to 16GB Ram.

Interserver provides the cheapest VPS as compared to other players and still maintains the highest security standards. You get a choice of 3 control panels namely Cpanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

With Interserver, you can opt for a monthly purchase and cancel it at any time. Adding more slices of CPU or Ram is a cakewalk.

Avail Free of cost website transfer and try them for a month. You can cancel the subscription at any time. Read our InterServer Review.

Be it server deployment, choosing between Linux or Windows OS, or reaching out to the service team, it is available 24×7 on Email and Chat.

Get InterServer VPS Black Friday Promo – 50% Flat Off. Use Coupon – Facebook50.

You must also check InterServer’s Reseller Hosting Balck Friday deals.

exclusive black friday offers on virtual private server hosting by Interserver

7. HostGator VPS Black Friday Deals – 75% Off

One of the best deals is offered by HostGator on VPS this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. 75% off is a huge discount and not to be missed at all.

Trusted brand name offering dedicated resources with fool root access at just $19.95 per month. The best part is that you are getting unmetered bandwidth as a special offer.

HostGator offers 3 plans – S2000, S4000, and S8000. The entry-level plan starts with 2 core Cpu and 2GB Ram with 2 Dedicated IPs Free.

30% of Internal customers and overall 2 million-plus websites on HostGator’s board today makes it one of the largest web host.

What extra? The VPS plans come with 45 days refund policy.

About customer service, you get 24×7 Call, Email, and Chat support.

Live HostGator VPS Black Friday Promo – 75% Flat Off.

hostgator 75 percent off deal on vps on black friday

8. BlueHost VPS Black Friday Deals – 45% Off

Bluehost is a globally renowned hosting for WordPress Blog and offers VPS Hosting plans also. You save $15 as you get Free Domain and Free IP Address during the sale period.

Choice of three plans – Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate. The Standard VPS hosting plan offers 2GB Ram and 2 Core CPUs and goes up to the 8 GB Ram option.

What else? 45% discount, flexibility to add extra storage, 30 days refund policy, and best-in-class customer service.

Grab the limited period sale by Bluehost.

bluehost black friday free domain offer on vps

9. IPage VPS Black Friday Deals – 25% Off + Free Domain

Ipage VPS plans start from $19.99. Current Black Friday offers are 25% discount and Free Domain. Currently, there are three plans available on sale – Basic, Business, and Optimum.

Basic starts with 1 Core CPU, 1GB Ram, Business Plan offers 2 Core CPU, 4GB Ram, and Optimum offers 4 Core CPU with 8GB of Ram

Ipage also offers managed support and option for preinstalled apps to assist you further. The current Deal of 25% discount + Free Domain and Free IP Address is a perfect deal for your growing website needs.

Grab the limited period sale by Ipage.

vps black friday offer by IPAGE

10. Hostinger VPS Black Friday Deals – 67% + 15% Off

Hostinger is one of the largest web hosting service providers today known for its affordable hosting solutions.

Hostinger is offering amazing deals on VPS plans this Black Friday. In fact, the Cloud Hosting plans are also like managed VPS only offering dedicated resources without the headache of managing the server.

67% Off + Extra 15% [Coupon Code – Special15] + Free Dedicated IP, starting just $3.95 per month. Isn’t it a great deal? Grab it today as it will expire soon.

Hostinger offers a choice of servers in all continents like the US, EU, and Asia. Australia and Africa are also available on demand.

There are 8 VPS plans currently available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale offering 1CPU to 8 CPU along with up to 8 GB Ram options.

Hostinger is one of the preferred VPS options being suggested by us as it is affordable yet built on a powerful network of 100mb/s. Supports dedicated IPV4 and IPV6 internet protocol.

You have an option to choose Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, and Suse OS depending upon the project requirements.

Start your 30 Day trial and cancel it if not satisfied. Yes, Hostinger offers 30 days money-back guarantee in case the service is not as per your expectations.

Hostinger VPS Black Friday 2021 Sale Discount- 67% + 15% Off.

most reliable vps hosting plan by hostinger on black friday discount

#11. HostPapa VPS Black Friday Deals – 20% Off

HostPapa is a Canadian web host serving approx half a million websites. VPS plans start from $30.

Exclusive offer – 20% Off and same cost renewal. Yes, you heard it right. You don’t need to pay higher renewal charges during the renewal of the VPS plan.

Normally, the discounts are offered only in the first month or annual purchase, and renewal costs are high. With HostPapa, you are worry-free even during the renewal. So, this is the best time to grab the VPS server.

Basic plan offers unlimited domain hosting, 2GB Ram, and 4 core CPUs along with all basic features.

There are three variants to all VPS plans namely- Self Managed, Managed and Fully Managed.

Get the VPS Hosting Server by HostPapa at 20% Off now.

hostpapa vps deals on black friday and cybermonday

How to prepare yourself for VPS Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale?

You need to ensure the following checklist is in place so as to get maximum benefits minimizing the chance of missing the sale –

>> Check the Plans offered by all web hosting companies and shortlist a few

>> Be ready with payment options like Credit Card, Paypal, or Debit card as the case may be.

>> In case of migration, ensure there are no updates during the migration process to avoid data loss. Preplan the urgent updates before the sale.

>> If you are creating a new blog or first-time blogger, you need to be ready with Domain Name as it is required to book hosting. Use our Blog and Domain Name Generator in case you need any help.

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Conclusion on VPS Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 Deals

These 11 web hosts are one of the best brands offering amazing deals during November and December 2021 on account of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. Offers are extended to global customers and can be used by clicking the links given above.

We have included only the best deals on our hosting review platform to get you the maximum savings.

Why VPS Black Friday deals are not to be missed?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are available only for few days a year. Although some of the other offers are always there but during this sale you get the highest discount. The best part is that the product purchased during this sale can be cancelled also. You will get a refund if not satisfied.

Any Confusion? Use the comment section below and ask your queries, we will respond within 24 hours.

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