Semrush Pricing & 12 SEMrush Alternatives [Details and Comparison 2024]

Want to know the latest Semrush Pricing and Semrush Alternatives to compare features and costs in 2024? We have brought a comprehensive guide on Semrush for you featuring the pricing of Semrush along with Semrush’s 12 alternatives.

Millions of articles are posted daily, making it all the more difficult to rank well on Google, so SEO ends up being the most important thing for boosting your website traffic and value.

Can you imagine doing it without the help of software? Probably not, as it will be quite troublesome to manage Marketing Campaigns and SEO-related tasks easily and in a manageable way.

Today, We will discuss the most popular tool – Semrush, and its pricing with alternatives.

What Is Semrush?

Semrush is a tool or software that organizations use to assist them by promoting their services i.e. SEO campaigns.

It provides various facilities like running SEO for your websites, pay-per-click (PPC), Social Media Campaigns, and even Content Marketing strategies.

Semrush also gives a helping hand to differentiate keywords according to the keywords your competitors are using to rank, thus, giving you an advantage in stacking up to your competitors.

You can check out Semrush Free Trial and Coupon.


What Is The Semrush Toolbox?

By accessing the Semrush toolbox you can analyze the various reports and gadgets that marketers use to make the campaign better.

Now that the entire SEO and Digital Marketing tools like Semrush are available, the next step is to think about the plans and goals.

Every tool has its own use and is helpful to plan the campaign and its monitoring. Don’t just stick to a specific number of tools, instead select them wisely for campaign growth.

Why Use Semrush?

There are some reasons for using Semrush such as:      

  1. Semrush helps to give feedback on how your site is doing. You may also get the knowledge of how you can maintain the traffic and expand it according to your facility.
  2. The keyword plays an important role in SEO. It helps us to find a better keyword that gives campaign stability. It can also generate a list of keywords that according to their demand it may be used.
  3. Using Semrush, you may also know your competitor’s details how they plan, and how it is working so that it may be a benefit for you to improve the SEO campaign. It may also provide the data that which keywords create the traffic and how much.
  4. At the point when you get important traffic, your next objective ought to be to keep that traffic. You would prefer not to experience all the push to acquire the traffic just to drive them away.
  5. Like, Semrush also helps in backlink monitoring. Backlinks are also an important part of SEO. As when you get the links, your site earns credibility and becomes authoritative. This tool provides you with more backlinks and also provides the opportunity where you can get more.

Semrush Plans And Pricing

Now we will discuss the main topic of this article, which is Semrush Pricing along with its main plans.

Semrush’s Monthly Pricing With Benefits

So, Semrush has made it affordable by giving you a monthly purchase option where –

  1. Pro Plan will cost $129.95 per month,
  2. Guru Plan will cost $249.95 per month,
  3. Business Plan will cost $449.95 per month.
An infographic below has Semrush's pricing details along with features and differentiation. If you are on a tight budget you can go with monthly plans else going with annual subscription will be more profitable as you will be able to get 17% discount.  
Semrush monthly pricing

Semrush’s Annual Pricing With Benefits And Savings

So, Semrush has made it affordable by giving you a monthly purchase option where –

  1. Pro Plan will cost $1299.96 Annually (108.33/m)
  2. Guru Plan will cost $2499.96 Annually (208.33/m)
  3. Business Plan will cost $4999.92 Annually (416.66/m)
ProTip - You get 17% Discount on Annual Purchase. Refer to Infographic below.
semrush pricing monthly with features
The pricing in the picture is shown for the annual plan.

The most important Semrush starts with a 14-day free membership to get used to the Semrush. After the paid membership starts. Every package offers some important facilities like technical SEO and semantic core collection. Apart from the tracking feature, analysis of backlinks also provides a way to get traffic.

Summary: Semrush’s Discount And Savings On Pricing

We have now shared the summary of Savings and Discounts on Semrush’s Pricing [Monthly and Annualy] on annual purchases in 2024. Choose a plan according to the suitability and pricing mentioned in the table below.

PlanSemrush’s Monthly PricingSemrush’s Annual Pricing (17% Off)Savings on Annual PlanSuitability
Pro$129.95$1299.96$259.44Best for Individual sites, Freelancers or Marketers with budget constraint.
Guru$249.95$2499.96$499.44Best for SMB and Agencies managing multiple clients.
Business$449.95$4499.40$899.48Best for Large Ecommerce Projects with a global presence or multiple projects at a time.

Semrush Features And Products

We will now discuss why you should pay this price to Semrush. Check out its use with a list of tools it provides.

  1. Semrush improves SMM and SERM- You can track Social Media Postings and Analytics- 2 Tools
  2. Semrush helps in Advertising – Tracks PPC Keyword Research and Website Monetization- 5 Tools
  3. Semrush automates Market Research – You can do Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Track Paid Advertising Campaigns, PR Monitoring, etc – 14 Tools
  4. Semrush and Content – Improve Content Marketing, Content Creation and Distribution, Content Optimization, and Marketing Analytics – 14 Tools
  5. Semrush’s and SEO – King of all tools as it helps in Onpage SEO, Keyword Research, Link Building, Local SEO, Rank and Competitor Analysis- 27 Tools

By mentioning its features and utility, we will try to figure out if Semrush is really worth it? With the 5 infographics below, you will understand the overall functionality and feature list of Semrush.

Other Free and Paid tools which further improve your productivity are –

  1. SEOquake: It is a plugin browser which provides data using organic search.
  2. Content Marketplace: A marketplace provides professional writers with good content for their site.
  3. ImpactHero:  It is an AI tool which provides good content for better performance of the site by breaking down the main content.
  4. Semrush Sensor: It is a tool used to monitor the Google search engine results pages (SERPs).
  5. Trafficjet: It is a tool that automates a website’s traffic.

Comparison: Top 12 Alternatives Or Competitors Of Semrush [Best for 2024]

We have already discussed Semrush Pricing [both monthly and annually], and cost analysis vis-a-vis features. We found this tool worth every single penny but slightly out of pocket for beginners.

The list below has 12 Semrush’s Competitors which are considered as the best alternatives to Semrush in 2024.

SnoSemrush’s AlternativesTypeRating
1SerpstatFull Alternative4.6 out of 5
2SpyFuCompetitor Research4.6 out of 5
3UbersuggestKeyword Research4.5 out of 5
4AhrefsFull Alternative4.6 out of 5
5Raven ToolsFull Alternative4.5 out of 5
6MajesticWeb-based Appl.4 out of 5
7Moz ProFull Alternative4.4 out of 5
8KWFinderKeyword Research4.5 out of 5
9Screaming FrogFree4.7 out of 5
10Monitor backlinksDomain Analysis3.9 out of 5
11Web CEOFull Alternative4.3 out of 5
12SE RankingKeyword Research4.8 out of 5

Let us now discuss all 12 Semrush Alternatives one by one with features and Pricing.

1. Serpstat

Serpstat is a tool that is one of the best Semrush competitors. With Serpstat you can check Backlinks, keyword research to get long-tail keywords and determine their values, Advertisement Analysis, Rank Tracking, and audit the competitor’s website.

The total number of Keyword databases used by Serpstat is around 5 Billion today. It is undoubtedly the best alternative to Semrush with affordable pricing.

serpstat- pricing and alternatives to semrush

How Does It Work?

In Serpstat, you can simply enter a keyword, domain, or any URL you want to analyze and click the Search button. Serpstat will quickly analyze and as a result, it will display the report with a list of keywords, top Google Results, and various reports helpful for the campaign. It has a limit of 10 users but if you choose a paid subscription, you can get the features accordingly.

Needless to say, all SEO tools work best with paid plans. Free versions are mostly with limited features.


  • Keyword Research
  • Advertising Analysis
  • Competitor Research- domain vs domain comparison
  • Content Marketing Ideas
  • Rank Tracker
  • On-page audit
  • Search Analytics
  • Multi-user system


It starts with a 7-day free membership to get used to it. After the paid membership starts. It is divided into 4 plans- Individual, Team, and Agency. Like Semrush, SerpStat is also available in Monthly and Annual payment options.

As you go up on the plans, the pricing will increase but you will get more facilities or features. For example, you get increased query limits per day, keyword tracking, etc.

You save 20% with all annual plans. The Individual plan will cost you $50/mo, the Team plan$100/mo, and the Agency plan$410/mo, if you choose the annual subscription.

Semrush VS Serpstat Pros /Cons

Let us see the pros and cons of Serpstat. Keep in mind, that the cons below in all alternatives describe the category in which Semrush is better or ahead of the alternatives.


  • Affordable as compared to Semrush
  • It allows more reports and queries as compared to Semrush
  • Unique features are the availability of a Free Version but with limited functionality.


  • Semrush is more detailed and advanced.
  • Semrush provides an SEO writing tool but Serpstat doesn’t.
  • Social Media Tracking is not available.

2. SpyFu

why spyfu is semrush alternative and what is the pricing

It is a competitor of Semrush which offers SEO Research, PPC, and Keyword Analysis and also generates various reports like SERP and Domain Overview. You can also check Backlinks, Keyword Rank, Competitors’ Adwords, and a lot more with no limitations.

Every marketer aims at spying on a competitor’s strategy and plans the campaign accordingly. Spyfu offers Competitor Analysis and Keyword research. It searches the keyword in an expert mode. For PCC competitor research, it is a good tool. You can analyze your competitor’s best-performing keywords and also provide you with AdWords buy recommendations. In other words, as the name suggests, SPYFU is used to spy on the competitor’s keyword and PPC strategy.

How Does It Work?

Easy to use SEO tool, simply enter the competitor Url, Click Search. In just a few seconds, it gives information about the domain overview and competitor’s ADwards Strategy.

spyfu seo tool details and comparison with semrush


  • Keyword Tracking and weekly updates
  • Related Keywords and Ranking History
  • Adwords Advisor
  • PPC competitor research
  • Competitor Keyword research tool
  • Influence marketing
  • Backlinks


SpyFu has 3 different plans – Basic and Professional.  Monthly plans are a bit costly as compared to annual plans. But we strongly recommend starting with Monthly plans to test the accuracy and utility.

The basic plan costs you $16 per month (when billed annually) or $39 (When billed monthly) and you can do unlimited keyword searches. Up to 5k weekly keyword rank tracking, 10k search results, and Unlimited Domain overview PDFs. You can even export the data without any limitations.

Professional Plan that costs you $36 per month [when billed annually] and $39 per month [when billed monthly], offers unlimited results with 15k weekly keyword rankings.

Lastly, The Team plan that is priced at $149/m if bought annually and $299 with monthly billing, it also offers unlimited search results with 40k weekly keyword rankings.

There is also a limited-time offer as you can see in the snapshot below in which you can enjoy heavy discounts on both plans.

spyfu and semrush pricing comparison

Semrush Vs SpyFu Pros And Cons

Read the pros and cons of Spyfu below.


  • Helps you find Google ad spending by your competitors
  • Helps you analyze 2 decades of Competitor data
  • Unlimited search results
  • Up to 40k weekly keyword rank tracking
  • Free learning resources
  • One of the cheapest SEO tool


  • Not as accurate as Semrush
  • Managing your Domain and campaigns isn’t as streamlined and focused as Semrush.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest- pricing and features comparison with semrush

Ubersuggest is free as well as paid Semrush Alternative with affordable pricing. It is good for Domain and Keyword analysis. It gives you a good idea of how a competitor’s domain rank for a particular keyword.

For beginners, this tool is okay. However, if you need accuracy, it stands nowhere near to Semrush. For new projects, when you need Keyword Ideas, you want an SEO audit of your site and basic traffic analysis, this tool is helpful.

Its backlink analysis database seems limited as we often compared it with Ahrefs and found far fewer results.

How Does It work?

You can get three reports every day if you are a free customer.

Enter the domain or keyword you want to research and click the search. There is an option to choose a specific country if you want to target specific geography.


  • Unlimited Keyword searches
  • East to use interface
  • Completely free to use


It offers monthly and lifetime subscriptions of three plans which are Individual ($12/mo and $120 lifetime), Business ($20/mo and $120 lifetime), and Enterprise or Agency ($20/mo and $120 lifetime).

Semrush VS Ubersuggest Pros And Cons

It is time to read the advantages and disadvantages of Ubersuggest.


  • 100% free to use
  • No need to create an account
  • Find hundreds of long-tail keyword ideas
  • Projection of your success rate
  • A lifetime subscription is available.


  • Fewer keyword suggestions overall
  • Can’t create nor save keyword lists on the cloud

4. Ahrefs


It offers similar features at similar pricing plans. You can perform everything from backlink checking to keyword analysis to competitor research with accurate data.

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to Semrush that can match all its accuracy and reliability I can say with full confidence it is none other than Ahrefs.


  • Web monitoring
  • Keywords Rank Tracking
  • Accurate Backlink Analysis
  • Perform an accurate keyword search for data
  • Site auditing


Ahrefs has 4 plans to choose from.

  • Lite Plan will cost you $99 per month where you can create 5 campaigns.
  • Standard plan is priced at $199 per month and is perfect for bloggers with 2000 keywords to track.
  • Advanced plan costs you $399 per month where you can create 25 campaigns.
  • Agency plan costs $999 per month where you can create 100 campaigns and track up to 10,000 keywords. 

You can get 2 months free with annual billing.

Semrush VS Ahrefs Pros And Cons

Look at the positives and negatives of Ahrefs described below.


  • Handy SEO toolbar
  • Less expensive
  • Provides complete details of outgoing links which lacks in Semrush.
  • The content explorer feature helps in finding and analyzing the most popular content on a topic.
  • Supports multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.


  • Only one user per plan is included.
  • No free trial as it is available in the case of Semrush.

5. Raven Tools

raven tools

It is also an SEO toolkit that is used with features like EO audit, rank tracking, and marketing reports. It is used to pull data from other tools online to develop reports to make better SEO and SEM strategies.


  • Competitor Research
  • Site auditor
  • Social Media report
  • AdWords opening


Their plans are divided into 4 different parts, monthly based which are focused on Domain, No. of users, and Position Check. Apart from that, on an annual basis, there are 5 different plans with the offer of up to a 30% reduction in price.

  • Small Biz – $49/mo on a monthly subscription and $39/mo on annual billing.
  • Start – $109/mo on a monthly subscription and $79/mo on annual billing.
  • Grow – $199/mo on a monthly subscription and $139/mo on annual billing.
  • Thrive – $299/mo on a monthly subscription and $249/mo on annual billing.
  • Lead – $479/mo on a monthly subscription and $399/mo on annual billing.

Semrush Vs Raven Tools Pros And Cons

Get to know the pros and cons of Raven tools listed below.


  • Price is Affordable
  • The plan is with unlimited data
  • It supports various data integrations for SEO, Ads, Email, Media and calls.


  • The interface is not good
  • Don’t come with an outreach tool

6. Majestic


Majestic is not an all SEO tool as it is a web-based application. But, when it comes to backlink analysis, it is a master of this task. To analyze, the site provides some extensions to make it easy to use.


  • Search Explorer
  • Domain Comparison
  • Backlink history
  • Access to Plugin


It has only 3 different plans which are monthly based. In which the tool works on all the sites i.e. Pro plan which is applied on every website.

Lite – $49.99/mo on a monthly subscription and $41.67/mo on annual billing.
Pro – $99.99/mo on a monthly subscription and $83.33/mo on annual billing.
API – $399.30/mo on a monthly subscription and $333.33/mo on annual billing.

Semrush VS Majestic Pros And Cons

Read the for and against of Majestic while comparing it with Semrush.


  • Strong backlink profile when compared to Semrush.
  • The rate of indexing is fast.


  • UI is not great.
  • Lacks many features that Semrush has like brand monitoring and others.

7. Moz Pro

moz pro

Moz Pro is the SEO package that gives you access to the tools that help you perform keyword research to link analysis with ease.

I would say this is the second-best alternative to Semrush after Ahrefs.


  • Track your keyword ranking
  • Perform site audit
  • SEO toolbar
  • Keywords Research and backlinks analysis
  • Finds link opportunities
  • Creates custom reports.


  • The standard plan costs you $99 per month with limited features.
  • The medium plan costs you $179 per month and gives you full access to features. 
  • The Large plan costs you $299 per month which is useful for a small business. 
  • The premium plan costs you $599 per month and includes all premium features.

You will get a discount of 20% if you go with annual billing.

Semrush Vs Moz Pro Pros And Cons

Read the pros and cons of Moz Pro below.


  • User friendly
  • Free SEO tools


  • Takes time in retrieving data
  • Few matrixes are not useful

8. KW Finder

kw finder

It is also a free type tool as it doesn’t require you to create an account, which is a plus if you want a commitment-free tool.


  • Find Hidden Long Tail Keywords
  • Organize Keywords with Keyword Lists
  • Get Localized Results for Local Keywords
  • Get Accurate Keyword Difficulty


There are 3 plans. Whenever the cost increases the facility like a keyword search, the SERP lockup number increases. Below are the mentioned plans and their pricing. If you choose annual plans you will save a huge 40% on all plans.

  • Mongools Basic – $49/mo on a monthly subscription and $29/mo on annual billing.
  • Mongools Premium – $69/mo on a monthly subscription and $39/mo on annual billing.
  • Mongools Agency – $129/mo on a monthly subscription and $79/mo on annual billing.

Semrush Vs KW Finder Pros And Cons


  1. Can be used without creating an account
  2. Can search for Google Autocomplete suggestion


  • Fewer frequency limits for daily searches.

9. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

It is a free tool used for site audits. As it is a desktop application where you have to install the application on your computer for working. It can appear to be an irregular bit of work area programming in a program based world. However, you can get progressed subtleties on your essence.

It has both free and paid versions. The free version allows the crawling of 500 URLs while there is no limit on the paid version.


  • Crawl Limit
  • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data
  • Generate XML Sitemap
  • Audit hreflang Attributes
  • Site Visualisations


  • One license costs £149.00 per year and it is valid for 1 person only
  • If more people want to buy then each person should have an individual license.
  • The good thing is they offer an impressive discount on purchasing the license in bulk (at least more than 4 licenses at once).

Semrush VS Screaming Frog Pros And Cons


  1. An XML sitemap can be created easily.
  2. Discover duplicate URLs


  1. The desktop program needs to install on the computer
  2. There has a crawl limit.
Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks allow you to avoid penalization due to low-quality links. To improve your rankings, you need to build and maintain a backlink profile. But if they are spammy, you might see the page’s ranking going down.


  • 100% free to use
  • Generates multiple keyword ideas for generating content topics
  • Track keyword rankings over time.
  • 30-Day free trial.


In this tool system, there is 3 plan with a discount offer. As it starts with a professional plan to Start plan.

  • In this, the number of monitors increases with domains.
  • Get new keywords daily.
  • The pricing system of Monitor Backlinks is quite complex, and it starts from as low as $25 per month.

Check the price by clicking here.


  1. Free 300 backlinks check


  1. The free tool can be used only for Four weeks

11. Web CEO


Web CEO is another competitor of Semrush which offers a great platform to Seo masters and agencies. Web CEO is an all in one SEO tool to help you identify the factors which are important to improve website rankings.


  • 23 Pro-level SEO tools.
  • Beautiful SEO reports.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Backlink monitoring.
  • Keyword Research
  • Allows working in a team environment without giving full level access.


You get the option to choose from the 4 plans available.

  • Solo (for newbies): $37/mo.
  • Startup: $99 /mo.
  • Agency Unlimited: $99 /mo.
  • Corporate: $299/mo.

If you select annual billing, there will be a discount of 16% on all plans mentioned above.

Semrush Vs Web CEO Pros And Cons


  1. Creative and useful tools
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Free trial of 14 days.


  1. Customer support is poor.
  2. From the users’ feedback, we got to know that Bing rankings are inaccurate.


SE ranking

SE Ranking gives you a constant following for watchwords on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Yandex—as frequently as you need. Furthermore, a catchphrase gathering that lets you arrange watchwords into explicit fragments.


  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Backlink monitoring


In this, there are 3 different plans based on the number of Websites you can check, website audit, keywords, and so on. 

  • The Essential plan costs $39/mo
  • The Pro plan costs $89/mo 
  • The Business plan costs $189/mo

If you change the frequency of billing to annual, you will get a 20% discount.

Semrush VS SE Ranking Pros And Cons


  1. Keyword Research
  2. Traffic Analysis


  1. Limited resources

Why We Searched For Alternatives?

We searched the best 12 Alternatives of Semrush as for many, it is not affordable. Semrush is loved by all SEO experts and Digital Marketers but Semrush’s Pricing is beyond reach for new blogs and projects.

Instead of moving towards group buy tools, we would recommend using Semrush’s competitors as they are more accurate and helpful.

Semrush gives us every possible facility for SEO to our website concerning the keywords, tracking, backlinks, etc. It is an intelligent tool and platform for a user to allow to do competitor analysis. Apart from all these things, there is some alternative for Semrush.

This is because they want to experience how it will work, its timing, the pricing difference, its features, and most importantly their pros and cons towards that recommended tool i.e. Semrush or they are not satisfied with the result to want to explore more.

According to the above discussion, we can say we have two tools that fulfil every aspect i.e. Semrush and Ahrefs.

We can say Semrush is the best and number one and on second rank it is Ahrefs. So our recommended alternative is Ahrefs.

Why Ahref’s is recommended if you cannot afford Semrush’s cost? Let’s talk about it.

Semrush Vs Ahrefs – Pricing And Features

As we said earlier that our recommended tools are Semrush of course and the other one is Ahrefs.

What if? We have to select one of the tools. In a fact, Both these tools are not cheap. To select the one tool let’s take a comparison of both and select one.

The comparison is done based on the six parameters that are,

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Position Tracking
  • Pricing plans

Keyword Research

In SEO, keyword research plays an important part in it. It helps to know what the audience target and the way to search the content and offers. With the help of these, your content may satisfy both the user and search engine.

From a perspective of this, Ahrefs use the Keyword and get the keyword metrics such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC.  Whereas Semrush gives us other metrics such as density, trend, and SERP features.

If we make a record, Semrush has a 20 billion keyword database on the other hand Ahrefs has 10.2 billion Keywords.

Backlink analysis is the way to track your own and your competitor’s domain concerning ranking higher on the search result page. Comparing both, with a lot of up-gradation and improvement may be Semrush is better than Ahrefs?

As a new link building feature, Ahrefs is better. Semrush has a larger link index but in the case of Ahrefs, it is easy to obtain the data. Ahrefs make it possible to innovate fast and provide users with an uncluttered UI that presents comprehensive backlink data.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is the process of achieving a high search ranking by optimizing the indexing and rendering phases of a website. Some of the factor which affects the site’s technical SEO health i.e. Site structure, site speed, XML sitemap, etc.

To rank in SERPs, we have to audit the website time-to-time to fix the Technical SEO issue and identify it.

A comparison between both the tools, Semrush is better than Ahrefs in this aspect because Semrush takes less time to scan the website and create the report and is also more accurate with some additional features such as a historical chart, crawl comparison, etc.

Position Tracking

To target your site, you always have to track the position in SERPs of all the Keywords. It allows us to calculate all the visibility of the site so that it may determine which is working and which is not?

Both the tools are tied to the Position Tracking feature. Both are equally useful to track your search performance with high accuracy.

Pricing Plan

In terms of pricing, both the tools are in the same place i.e. Semrush’s basic plan price is $119.95/month and Ahrefs starting plan costs $99/month.

No. of Keywords for GoogleMore than 7 billion keywordsOver 20 billion keywords
Search EngineSupport like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, etcVisibility Management Platform that specifically supports that Google Search engine.
Mobile SERP RankingDoesn’t have this featureProvide Domain analytics for Mobile SERP Ranking
Ongoing LinksIt provides a complete breakdown of outbound linksIt doesn’t support the outgoing link feature
SMM ToolsIt doesn’t haveIt has and uses to track all your social profiles
ProsUser-friendly interface Biggest database of backlinks highly customer supportEasy to navigate and use free version Available, Resource for content marketing
ConsLack of integration with Google Analytics, High Pricing, No free TrialNot so great backlink Analysis, Pricing is high, and Inaccurate data at a time
Free TrialNo Free TrialYes
PriceTrial: $7 for 7 days Lite $99/month: Standard $199/month: Advanced $399/month: Agency
$999/month: Enterprise
Starting price: Free
$129.95/Month: Pro
$249.95/month: Guru
$449.95/month: Business
Custom plan: Available
Ability to find the most popular content on every topicIt let you discover performing content on every topicIt doesn’t have the feature

According to the limit, Ahrefs has so many restrictions compared to Semrush concerning Basic Plan. As a fact, Semrush has allowed downloading 3,000 analytic reports per day whereas Ahrefs allows 50 content explorer reports per day.

Ahref’s is one of the most popular competitors of Semrush and hence we decided to compare it in detail.

Hope you will be able to make up your mind by now on which tool you should opt for? Should you go for features or just pricing?

Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.

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We have also shared below two important Videos by Semrush to find out why Semrush is a costly tool. It is a bit costly as compared to its peers as it is really helpful in finding low competition keywords and driving traffic to the website.

Check out the two videos below to understand Semrush better –

Conclusion: Semrush Pricing & Alternatives

While in this article we covered What are Semrush, its product, and pricing, and why to use Semrush. To help you compare the Semrush Pricing with its Global competitors, we shared the Top 12 Alternative of the Semrush tools with their pricing.

This page has covered all the details about the features, pricing, pros, and cons of Semrush and its competitors.

Finally, two important Videos in the list will help you understand why it is still the best decision to buy Semrush at this price.

Still, have doubts? Use the comment section below to ask all your queries, we will reply back asap.

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