Top 5 Best & Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting -2020

Are you looking for Minecraft Server Hosting? Great, we will review 5 Best but Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting [Both Free and Paid Plans]. Yes, We will also cover Free Minecraft servers so that you can choose the best one for you.

Check our detailed review and suggestions and choose the one which fits the best as per your needs and budget both.

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Quick Recommendations

While we will review the best 5 Minecraft server hosting in details, let us quickly share our recommendations –

  1. Best Minecraft Server Hosting [Paid] – Hostinger
  2. Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting – ShockByte
  3. Free Minecraft – Aternos

What is Minecraft and “Minecraft Server Hosting”?

Minecraft is basically a 3D game that you play on a computer or mobile and it allows you to connect with multiple players on the internet. You can connect with them through any high-speed wifi and create challenges and battlefields for each other.

Two unique modes of Minecraft are – Survival and Creative. Both of them are interesting full of fun. Best Minecraft Survival servers can be visited here.

  1. To play it on the computer, You need to download it from Minecraft’s official website.
  2. If you wish to play over the mobile, You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple’s iTunes.
  3. X-box players need to download this game from X-Box’s official website.

You can see Minecraft in Action on Youtube.

Minecraft Server Hosting allows to you host your own server with dedicated resources. You can manage it on your own without any hassle and perform day to day tasks like new scripts installation, upgrades, and rebooting the server as and when required.

You have a choice to start with Free Modded Minecraft server hosting but it is advisable to choose the one which is best yet cheap.

Choosing a paid server will give you better performance and uninterrupted fun during the game.

In our review, we have covered both free and paid Minecraft host for you to find all the information in one place.

Let us quickly jump to list of Best and Cheap Minecraft server hosting platforms [1 Free Included]-

  1. Hostinger [Paid] – No of Players 70
  2. Shockbyte [Paid] – No of Players 20
  3. Apex Hostings [Paid] – No of Players 12
  4. Bisect [Paid] – No of Players 12
  5. Aternos [Free] – No of Players 10

Now, we will discuss our Top 5 Minecraft hosting picks in detail –

1. Hostinger [Best Minecraft Server Hosting, Paid]

Hostinger we all know is a global brand name today in the web hosting industry. Not only for Minecraft, but we also recommend Hostinger for Shared, VPS, and Cloud hosting as well.

Want to know why we recommend Hostinger as Best Minecraft Hosting provider?

Hostinger over-delivers on minimum server requirements for Minecraft. With Hostinger you get a Minecraft server with dedicated resources like Ram and CPU. It’s really quick and easy to make a Minecraft server with Hostinger.

Infographic below will show you all its plans with Ram and CPU Allocation. Also compare the latest pricing after discount.

Benefits of Hostinger –

  1. 99.9% Uptime SLA
  2. VPS Server with dedicated resources
  3. Automatic Backups
  4. Instant Setup with Free MySQL
  5. Multicraft Panel
  6. Choice of OS – Ubuntu, Windows, and CentOS
  7. DDOS Protection
  8. 30 days refund policy

Popular Minecraft Hosting plans by Hostinger-

Plan NameCPURamDiscount
Alex Plan22 GB25%
Villager Plan33 GB68%
Creeper Plan44 GB68%
Herobrine Plan66 GB70%
Enderman Plan88 GB77%

About Hostinger –

Hostinger International is a trustworthy web host present in 178 countries today. Almost 29 million customers trust Hostinger for their web hosting needs. Started in the year 2004, Hostinger has 16 years of experience now in this business.

We also admire Hostinger for its easy to understand pricing policy and 24×7 live chat support.

2. ShockByte [Cheap Affordable Minecraft Server Hosting, Paid]

ShockByte offers affordable gaming servers, especially Minecraft. It offers you plans up to 16GB ram. The basic plan starts at just $2.5 with the minimum resources you need to play.

Where are ShockByte Servers located?

If you wish to Host a Minecraft Server with Shockbyte, you get the choice of 4 continents, i.e. North America, Europe, Singapore, and also in Australia.

Please refer to Infographic below which has ShockByte’s plans, features, pricing, and other details.

5 best and cheap minecraft servers, Shockbyte cheap yet best minecraft server hosting

Benefits of ShockByte –

  1. 100% Uptime SLA
  2. Free Sub Domain
  3. Dedicated resources
  4. Free Backups
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth
  6. Unlimited Storage [SSD]
  7. High-speed 1GBPS port
  8. 24 hours refund policy
  9. Instant Setup
  10. Multicraft Panel

Popular Minecraft Hosting plans –

Plan NameRam
Dirt Plan1 GB
Sand Plan2 GB
CobbleStone Plan3 GB
Zeus Plan12 GB
Titan Plan16 GB

About Shockbyte –

Shockbyte is an Australian host primarily in the gaming server domain. A respectable brand name dedicated mainly to Minecraft Hosting.

They offer a long list of Plans starting just $2.5 with basic features. Shockbyte started its services in the year 2013.

3. Apex Hosting [Best Hosting Dedicated to Minecraft Server, Paid]

Apex Hosting as you know is primarily focused on Minecraft. The entry-level plan starts with 1GB Ram and goes till 16GB. Apex Hosting Price starts at just $4.49. Monthly billing is available.

Apex Hosting’s Control Panel is full of video guides and is easy to operate.

Important Discount Update- 25% Off on First Bill – Use Coupon – “NETHER

Where are Apex Hosting Servers located?

Apex Minecraft servers are available on 4 continents. Individual locations are Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Miami, Quebec, France, Poland, Singapore, Germany, Sydney, and Russia.

Check out the quick pricing and feature comparison done in an Infographic below –

why Apex Hosting is good for MineCraft Server Hosting

Benefits of Apex Minecraft Hosting –

  1. 99.9% Uptime SLA
  2. Sub Domain included in plans
  3. Free Backups
  4. Single Click Modpack Installers
  5. 24×7 Chat and Ticket Support [Mod and Plugin included]
  6. Unlimited Storage [SSD]
  7. High-speed 1GBPS port
  8. 7 Days Refund refund policy
  9. Quick setup in less than 5 Minutes
  10. Multicraft Panel available

Popular Apex Minecraft Hosting plans –

Plan NameRam
Basic Servers1 GB
Basic Servers + Some Modpacks2 GB
Basic Servers + Most Modpacks4 GB
Basic Servers + All Modpacks6 GB +

About Apex Hosting-

Apex Hosting is one of the great brands we have in the Minecraft hosting industry. Apex started its operations in the year 2013 in America and today it owns servers in more than 15 countries.

With Apex, You get Premade games and a long list of features. It’s Control Panel and Chat support are awesome.

4. Bisect Hosting [Paid]

Bisect Hosting gives you Free Unlimited Slots, Dedicated IP, and Modpack Installation with every Minecraft Hosting plan.

The Budget plan starts at $2.99 per month for 1GB Ram. The highest plan is Premium 32GB which costs $159.68 per month.

Important – Bisect offers 10% Off on Quarterly plans, 12.5% Off on Semi-Annually, and 15% Off on Annual plans.

Where are Bisect Hosting Servers located?

You get a choice of multiple server locations. Bisect owns its servers at Losangeles, Dallas, Newyork, New Jersey, UK, France, Amsterdam, Sydney, Singapore, Poland, SaoPaulo, Moscow, Miami, France and Canada.

Bisect is in our Top 5 list because of its long list of freebies at affordable price range.

Compare all Bisect plans given in the image below –

why Bisect Hosting is one of the best MineCraft Server Hosting

Benefits of Bisect Minecraft Hosting –

  1. 99.9% Uptime SLA
  2. Sub Domain included in plans
  3. Free Backups
  4. Custom Jar Support
  5. 24×7 Support
  6. Unlimited Storage [SSD]
  7. DDOS Protection
  8. 3 Days Refund refund policy
  9. Instant setup
  10. Multicraft Panel available

Popular Bisect Minecraft Hosting plans –

Plan NameRam
Budget Package1 GB -32 GB
Premium Package1 GB -32 GB

About Bisect Hosting-

Bisect is a group company of Ohio-based Venture Node LLC. They started Minecraft hosting business in the year 2011.

With Bisect, you get up to 32GB hosting options, Discount on quarterly, half-yearly, and annual purchases. A variety of features comes as a freebie with Bisect.

5. Aternos [Free Minecraft Server hosting] gives Server hosting Minecraft and offers lifetime free solutions. For Advanced Gamers looking for high performance, we do not recommend Aternos.

Aternos is good for beginners who want to explore Minecraft and are not too keen on performance.

We found multiple complaints on various platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit as only 51% of customers voted in favor of Aternos.

Some of the customer feedback about Aternos are –

  • Many times a user has to wait according to queue duration.
  • When multiple plugins and modpacks are installed, the server could crash.
  • Only a few server settings can be changed. Most of the settings are restricted.
  • Limited support options.

Do we recommend Aternos?

Yes, but only for beginners and new Minecraft gamers. Only if budget is a constraint or you want to explore Minecraft before making an investment, You can choose Aternos.

However, for advanced features, great uptime, and customer service, We will not recommend Aternos Minecraft servers. Try Hostinger once.

About Aternos-

Aternos provides Minecraft hosting to about 400000 players. The company was started in the year 2013 in Germany.

Recommended Minecraft server configuration

You should now the minimum configuration recommended by Minecraft for servers. All Minecraft servers should have –

  • Ram – 1 GB
  • CPU – 1 Core

Pro Tip- The above-mentioned configuration is the bare minimum requirement, however, we will recommend at least double that for a better gaming experience.

Uptime expectations from all the servers are 99.9% at least. For the minutes your server is down during the day, you have no other option but to wait for it to get up and running.

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