Apex Hosting Review 2023: A Good Minecraft Server Host?

Is Apex Hosting best for your Minecraft Server? Should you go with Apex Minecraft Hosting? Whether to choose Apex Hosting to host your Minecraft Server?

If you are having these types of questions and queries, then this article is for you.

Here, we came up with the Apex Server Hosting review. Yes, in this post, we are going to discuss whether the Apex MC hosting is good for you or not.

We will go through all the features and plans available on their Minecraft Hosting platform.

So, by not wasting much more time have a look at this table of content below, to have a basic idea or quick summary of the Apex Hosting Review that we will discuss further in this article.

Apex is word’s renowned gaming server provider where you can host popular games like:

  1. Minecraft
  2. Valheims
  3. Rust
  4. Ark
  5. Unturned
  6. Project Zomboid
  7. Satisfactory and over 10 others

From the same dashboard, you can manage multiple games and this is one of the greatest advantages. What else?

If you are unhappy, Apex provides 7 days money back guarantee.

For beginners, 24×7 chat support is awesome and a great help too.

Game server gets ready in a few minutes and you can start playing.

Super fast gaming experience.

Apex Minecraft Hosting Review: Is It Worth Hosting Minecraft With Apex

Features & Specifications Of Apex Minecraft Hosting

Apex hosting is one of the best Minecraft hosting providers in the world. If you are looking for Minecraft server hosting, then Apex hosting can be best for you.

Here are the features of Apex Minecraft Server Hosting that you need to know:

  1. Unlimited Player Slots
  2. Dedicated Live Chat Support
  3. Complete DDoS Protection
  4. Automatic Backups
  5. Fast and Premium Hardware
  6. 1-Click Package Installers
  7. Free Server Transfer
  8. Free Subdomain
  9. Multi-craft Control Panel
  10. Unlimited Storage
  11. Pre-Configured Mini-Games
  12. Quick Setup
  13. Free MySQL Database
  14. Worldwide Server Locations
  15. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  16. SSD Disk Storage
  17. 1 core CPU
  18. 500ms Charging Time

Apex Hosting Server Locations

Apex hosting servers are located worldwide which offers the minimum ping for your members on bedrock.

Look at the image below that shows the server locations of the Apex Hosting for Minecraft server.

So, now you know that Apex Minecraft servers are located all around the world (18 locations) which means you will not face any lag or issue in speed while playing Minecraft game on your Apex Hosting.

Apex Review With Pros And Cons

Before going further with Apex Hosting for Minecraft server, we will like you to know about the pros and cons of Apex Minecraft Hosting Server.

[Visit – Home]

We tried to simplify these points so that you can understand them better, so read the pros and cons below and tell us your reviews about Apex Hosting for Minecraft Server with your comments in the comment section at the end of the page.


  1. SSD Disk Storage
  2. MySQL Databases
  3. Free SubDomain
  4. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  5. 24/7 Live Customer Support
  6. Free Server Transfers
  7. All Mods and Plugins Support
  8. Premium Hardware and Low Latency


  1. Paid Dedicated IP
  2. High Plans and rates
  3. No VPS and Dedicated Servers are available
  4. Does not support multiple languages

We didn’t find any more cons of the Apex Hosting for Minecraft Server as Apex Hosting is the best Minecraft hosting platform to start your Minecraft Server.

Pricing And Details: Apex Minecraft Hosting

Apex Hosting price for Minecraft server totally depends upon the RAM you choose, the higher you go with RAM, the prices also go higher. Well, Apex Hosting recommends the most popular Minecraft server to buy, but if you are going to add additional plugins and advanced modpacks, then we will recommend you to go for more RAM.

There are two options for paying the bill, either monthly or quarterly. If you choose quarterly billing, then you will get a 10% discount on the overall amount.

Here is the pricing table of Apex Hosting for the Minecraft server, so check these plans and continue reading our article further. 🙂

PlansPrice/monthWhat’s Included
2GB RAM$7.49 for first monthBasic Servers & some modpacks
3GB RAM$11.24 for first monthBasic Servers & some modpacks
4GB RAM$14.49 for first monthBasic Servers & most modpacks
5GB RAM$18.74 for first monthBasic Servers & most modpacks
6GB RAM$22.49 for first monthBasic Servers & all modpacks
8GB RAM$29.99 for first monthBasic Servers & all modpacks
10GB RAM$37.49 for first monthBasic Servers & all modpacks
16GB RAM$44.99 for first monthAdvanced Servers & all modpacks

In monthly billing, there is a discount for the first month only and from the next month few extra dollars are charged that are fixed monthly rates. To know more about Apex hosting pricing, click here.

How To Configure And Start Minecraft Server With Apex Hosting?

Starting your own Minecraft Server with Apex Hosting is so easy if we see other Minecraft hosting platforms. You will get your Minecraft server once you successfully buy it through Apex Hosting. Is that sounds weird, here are the steps followed to start Minecraft server with Apex Hosting, as follows: –

Step 1: Visit ApexMinecraftHosting.com here and go to Pricing.

Step 2: Select the relevant plan for you and click on Order Now.

Apex Hosting Plans

Step 3: Now, you have to configure your server, add the details and services you want in your Apex Minecraft Server (Dedicated IP, Premium Support, etc.), and then click on Continue.

Apex Hosting Review, how to configure and start minecraft server with Apex hosting

Step 4: Here, you will see your order details and you have to check the order whether the order for your Apex Hosting is correct or not, and if it is correct, then click on Checkout.

Apex Hosting Review, how to configure and start minecraft server with Apex hosting

Step 5: The last and final step, before you get your Apex Minecraft Server. Enter your billing details, payment method, and personal information, and at final, click on Complete Order.

Apex Hosting Review, how to configure and start minecraft server with Apex hosting

► How To Install A Modpack On Your Apex Minecraft Server?

Play this tutorial below to know how you can install a modpack on your Minecraft Server from Apex Hosting.

Watch this video tutorial from Apex Hosting.

Apex Hosting Minecraft Scholarship Program

Apex Minecraft Scholarship program

Apex Hosting is not only for Minecraft gaming. You can also get a scholarship worth $2000 from Apex Hosting. They are also focussing on the education and career of the students. Apex Hosting is also has a partnership with institutional libraries and universities. The students can apply for scholarships that can help them with their semester fees or tuition fees.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You should be a citizen of the United States.
  • You should be enrolled in high school or college.
  • You must carry a 3.0 or high GPA

Look at the image below that shows the some additional details that we have not mentioned above.

how to apply for Apex Minecraft scholarship program

What Is Apex Minecraft Hosting?

Apex Minecraft Hosting is an American company that provides Minecraft servers to you for faster performance and an amazing experience while playing Minecraft games.

The company originated in 2013 and from then to now, they are providing Minecraft hosting to their users. The Apex Minecraft Hosting company mainly focuses on their Minecraft service and customer support. Customer support is one high-priority for them.

For your comfort and happiness, the Apex Minecraft Server has the best hardware and technologies to make your server lag-free.

Apex Hosting offers you both Minecraft hosting servers with a domain that comes with a pragmatic cPanel that gives you a smooth and amazing experience and the best management.

Here we check the traffic analysis of Apex MC Hosting on Similarweb.com so to know whether someone knows this Minecraft hosting company or not, and we got this result below: –

Overview of Apex Minecraft Hosting Website from Similarweb

Apex Minecraft Server Hosting is a well-known Minecraft hosting company that has monthly traffic of little less than 1M visitors and 34.59% of visitors are from the United States. [Check more details from SimiliarWeb here]

Why You Should Own Your Personal Minecraft Server?

When you have your personal Apex Minecraft Hosting Server, you get various access and more features in your Minecraft server. Here we will tell you what you have, and what you can do when you have your personal Apex Minecraft server.

So, let’s have a look at these points that will tell you about the benefits of having a personal Minecraft server from Apex Hosting.

You may also like: Top 20 Best Free Minecraft Servers To Enjoy BedWars, Survival In 2023.

► Freedom To Install Any ModPack

Having your personal Minecraft server means you have the freedom to install any mod of the Minecraft version. It’s totally up to you how you want to play your game, and what features you want in your Minecraft hosting server.

► Build Your Gamer Community

If you like to play games with a team, here you can build your own team or community of gamers that can be your friends and relatives. So, when you are the owner of the Minecraft hosting server, then you can decide to whom you want to add to your Minecraft server.

► Your Server, Your Rules

Another advantage of having your personal Apex Minecraft hosting server is that you can set your game rules, you can do whatever you want to do. You only have to worry about the rules that can affect your team.

► Monetize Your Minecraft Server

If you want to earn money from your Apex Minecraft hosting server, then here you can monetize your Minecraft server. You can monetize your Apex Minecraft server with advertising in-game and by creating your web stores.

What Are The Alternatives To Apex Minecraft Hosting?

We know you want more than this or you want to compare Apex Hosting for Minecraft Server with other Minecraft Hosting platforms or you can say other Minecraft hosting providers.

As per your comfort and need, here we came up with the best Minecraft Hosting Platforms in alternatives to Apex Minecraft Hosting.

The best alternatives for Apex Hosting that we are going to discuss in detail are as follows: –

  1. ScalaCube
  2. ShockByte
  3. Hostinger

We find these three Minecraft Hosting platforms are the best alternative to Apex Hosting (Apex Minecraft Hosting). So, it’s time to know what are they and what features and plans they are offering us.

1. ScalaCube

ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting is one best alternative to Apex Hosting. Why we include ScalaCube here is because ScalaCube is known because of its Minecraft hosting server.

Features of ScalaCube

Here we bring the features provided by the ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting: –

  • Unlimited Servers
  • Multiple Servers
  • DDoS Protection
  • Supports Plugins and Mods
  • Free Domain
  • Free MySQL
  • Full File Access
  • Free Web Hosting, and more.

Plans and Pricing

ScalaCube has various plans for Minecraft Server hosting. They also offer you the free 1 Minecraft server with 6 GB RAM to enjoy the Minecraft game for Free.

Look at the below image that shows the plans and pricing of the ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting.

ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting Plans and Pricing

Read ScalaCube Review to know about it better.

2. ShockByte

ShockByte is another best Minecraft Hosting platform to host your Minecraft server. ShockByte is made for Minecraft server hosting, you can visit their website from here.

Features of ShockByte: –

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • DDoS Protection
  • Quick Setup
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Subdomain
  • All mod packs
  • Free MySQL Database
  • Low Latency
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • 1Gbps port
  • Full FTP Access

Plans and Pricing:

ShockByte brings 12 different plans for their Minecraft server hosting. Every plan comes with an increase in RAM and user slots.

Check the image below that shows the plans and pricing of ShockByte Minecraft Hosting.

ShockByte Minecraft Hosting Plans and Pricing

Read ShockByte review in detail.

3. Hostinger

We don’t think we have to define or describe Hostinger, you all have heard about Hostinger. But here we are talking about the Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting. So, let’s have a look at the features that are provided by Hostinger with their Minecraft Hosting.

Features of Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting: –

  • 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • Support Mods
  • Full Root Access
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free MySQL Database
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • SSD Disk Storage
  • Supports Plugins
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Multicraft cPanel
  • Unlimited Modpacks

Plans and Pricing:

Hostinger offers you five different plans for their Minecraft Hostinger Server, you can check some of the plans from the below image that their price with their features have a look at the below image:

Check All Minecraft Hosting Plans.

Comparison sheet

If you are looking for a comparison sheet as we created below, then we are thankful that we can understand your need. So here we compare some features of Apex Hosting, ScalaCube Hosting, and ShockByte Hosting.

Have a look at this comparison sheet below to have an idea about these Minecraft Hosting Platforms.

FeatureApex HostingScaleCubeShockByte
Player SlotsUnlimited10Unlimited
SSD StorageUnlimited10GBUnlimited
Dedicated IPAvailableAvailableAvailable
DDoS ProtectionYesYesYes
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%100%
Free Server TransferYesYes**

** As ShockByte doesn’t mention anywhere on their site that they offer free server transfer, so we asked them via live chat, and here is the screenshot of chat that they answer us: –

ShockByte Customer Support Live Chat

Apex Hosting Customer Reviews

Here we got some Trustpilot reviews for Apex Hosting, that clearly shows how good or bad Apex Hosting is. So please go through these ratings and reviews from Trustpilot.

Apex Hosting Review, Apex Trustpilot Reviews
Apex Minecraft Hosting Reviw
“WiseOwl Speaks”


The staff is amazing!

The staff is amazing!! Tech support is phenomenal. 24/7 you never seem to have to wait in a queue and they almost always have the issue resolved in minutes! could ask but a better experience

Support is 24/7!

Every time there’s an issue, the support staff is always there when I need them. Could never play my favorite mods without them!

Santiago <3 all I have to say is they…

Santiago <3 all I have to say is they went above and beyond for me <3 great experience, lovely human overall will be continuing with apex for experiences like this.

Apex Hosting Review, Apex Trustpilot Reviews

Conclusion on Apex Hosting Review

Time to close this post now. In our review, we found that Apex Hosting is a good Minecraft server hosting provider that is affordable, fast, and reliable. Apex safeguards data from DDoS attacks, provide excellent customer service and offers a user-friendly interface.

Do we recommend Apex Hosting for your Minecraft Server? Yes, we do.

We also recommend you to read our reviews about ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting Review, ShockByte Minecraft Hosting Review, and Top 5 Best and Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting.

And one more last thing, if you face any issues or have any suggestions regarding this post, please let us know via your comments below.

If you are a gamer, try Rust server hosting and Ark Server hosting as well.

FAQs: Apex Minecraft Hosting Review

Is Minecraft Free?

No, Minecraft is not for free. You have to pay if you want to play the Minecraft Game. Minecraft is a game that is licensed by Microsoft whose cost totally depends upon the version of the Minecraft game.

Is Apex Minecraft hosting free?

Undoubtedly No. Apex Hosting is not free. The charges of Apex Hosting for hosting your Apex Minecraft Server depend on the plan you choose, as you go higher with the RAM, you have to pay more for your Minecraft Server.

What are the minimum requirements or configurations to host a Minecraft server?

The minimum requirements to host a Minecraft Server are:
1 Core CPU

What are the best Minecraft server hosts?

The best Minecraft Servers hosts are as follows:
ShockByte Hosting,
Apex Hosting,
Hostinger Hosting,
ScalaCube Hosting, and
GG Hosting

How much RAM do I need for Minecraft Server?

You should have at least 1 GB of RAM to host your Minecraft server. 1 GB of RAM is the minimum RAM that is recommended by the Minecraft Game, if you go with 2 GB of RAM, then that can be a perfect plan for your Minecraft Server.

Is Apex hosting good for Minecraft?

Apex is a great Minecraft hosting that offers you a budget-friendly solution. It is highly scalable if you need more resources for better performance. You can deploy a server easily with the help of customer service.

Is Apex hosting good?

As per our Apex hosting review, we found it a good Minecraft host that offers budget-friendly solutions. We also found good customer reviews about Apex. For beginners, they have a highly responsive customer service team.

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Apex Hosting Review 2024: Is It a Good Minecraft Server Host?

Is Apex Hosting a Good Minecraft Server? Best Apex Hosting Review to evaluate & compare its Minecraft server hosting plans. Is it best for 2024?

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