Cheap and Affordable Agency & Fiverr SEO Gigs and Services for Small Businesses 2023

Are you looking for cheap and affordable SEO packages and Services for small businesses, then you are in the right place. We will share some tested Fiverr SEO gigs here.

We have evaluated Budget-friendly affordable SEO services for small or new businesses. Most of them are without a monthly commitment and this makes them a great deal for startups.

Here we will try to cover all the important points and topics that will help you to know about the cheap low-cost SEO packages. Also, whether you should go with cheap SEO services or not?

You can evaluate them and further we would request to rate them via your comments. That will help other businesses and startups to optimize their website SEO.

Once the business start growing, you need a 360-degree agency like Flow20 London digital marketing agency that can help in organic, social, and paid promotions.

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Cheap and Affordable SEO Packages and Services for Small Businesses, fiverr seo gigs

So, In this article, we will tell you about: –

  1. SEO and Services available for Small Businesses and Websites
  2. Some best freelancers that will help you to optimize Local SEO for business
  3. Some best affordable SEO Packages that are cheap
  4. Is purchasing cheap SEO packages is good for your website and your business?
  5. And yes, some best DIY SEO tools also.

So, without wasting more time here, let’s get into this now.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization which is also known as SEO, is what every website owner wants in his/her website. SEO plays on a website to grow and improve your website traffic to improve the amount of organic traffic on their websites.

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what is seo, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

Search Engine Optimization always targets the organic or we can say natural traffic, i.e. Unpaid Traffic, that can originate or comes from the searches like images, videos, and others. 

What is Cheap SEO?

As the word defines itself, Cheap SEO services and packages depend on the budget that you can spend on your site’s SEO. We all have our different meaning or definition for cheap, but here, Cheap SEO means that offering SEO services at low cost.

Cheap SEO means performing all the services of SEO by a single person or authority. 

What kind of SEO services are available?

SEO is a big word that contains a lot of services inside it. Here we are going to discuss the different types of SEO Services that are available under SEO, that is: –

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Guest Post and Link Building

So, these are the different SEO services that we are going to discuss in detail below. So without having more time here, let’s get into this.

1 – On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the process that mainly focuses on individual web-pages. This is a very smart technique to rank your web page on search results of different Search-Engines.

On-Page SEO optimizes both the content of the page and the HTML Source code, which reads all your code, headings, paragraphs, text, keywords, etc, which plays a vital role to rank your page on Google.

Best Affordable Fiverr Gigs for On-Page SEO

#Gig 1 – $75 [Meet this Gig]

He is 5/5-star rated gig of Level-2 Seller and one of the best Fiver SEO services today. This gig will fix all kinds of technical issues and errors.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • White Hat Strategy
  • 100% Manual Work
  • Optimize for Targeted Keywords
  • Custom Robots.txt
  • Yoast XML Sitemap optimization
  • Local Business Schema Markup Setup
#Gig 2 – $35 [Meet this Gig]

One more 5/5-star rated gig who will do On-Page SEO with Yoast and Technical Optimization for your WordPress site.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • Slug and Permalink Optimization.
  • Focus Keyphrase selection with ahrefs pro.
  • Search Console Integration
  • Secure your site with JetPack
  • Site schema Workout

2 – Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is different from On-Page SEO. As the On-Page SEO optimizes an individual page’s content and HTML source code, but Off-Page SEO works on optimizing links and other external signals (backlinks).

It catches the actions taken outside of your site (like when someone gives you a backlink), that impact your website’s ranking within SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Best Affordable Fiverr Gigs for Off-Page SEO

#Gig 1 – $100 [Meet this Gig]

This Gig is 4.9/5-star rated Level-2 seller on Fiverr. This Gig will make high quality DOFOLLOW backlink for Off-Page SEO.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • Permanent Homepage
  • DOFOLLOW Backlinks
  • 100% Indexing
  • Detailed Report that includes everything
  • 100% Guaranteed Results
  • Unique Hosting IPs
#Gig 2 – $75 [Meet this Gig]

This Gig is all-in-one gig who will do Off-Page, On-Page, and Technical SEO for your site. He is a 5/5-star rated Level-2 seller on Fiverr.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • Guaranteed White Hat Work
  • Deliver your work on time
  • Quick Response
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Backlinks of Targeted Keywords
  • Create profile links on social
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Listing of Google My Business
  • Removal of poor and bad backlinks if seen, and more

3 – Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a One-Time SEO process if have done this right at the very first time, as it can also save you lots of money if you are paying someone else to do this. Technical SEO helps your website to rank better on Google via your URL, images, caches, and structure you used in your web pages. The main motive of Technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of the website or web pages.

Let’s have a look at these common issues that come in Technical SEO, which are briefly described below: –

  • URL/Slug – URL is very important to fetch your site. The URL/slug of the page should introduce what the page is about. Your slug should contain the keywords related to the web page. So, you have to do this right and correct from the beginning as it is not a hard thing that you have to hire a different person to do this for you.
  • Caching –  Caching helps your site to load faster on the user’s web page. If you are using caching then you don’t have to worry about the speed and load times.
  • Image Compression – Images are one problem that decreases your page’s load times. So, you have to use the small size images on your website if you want to increase the speed and load times of your website.
  • Structure Data – If you have the Structure Data on your website that you can also say a proper sitemap, helps a lot at the time of processing Technical SEO.

Best Affordable Fiverr Gigs for Technical SEO

This Gig is all-in-one gig who will do Technical SEO, Off-Page, and On-Page SEO for your site. He is a 5/5-star rated Level-2 seller on Fiverr.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quick Response and Results
  • Deliver work on Time
  • Permalinks Settings
  • Add new keywords
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
#Gig 2 – $30 [Meet this Gig]

Check this Level-2 Fiverr seller with 5/5-star rating. This gig will do the Technical SEO for your website.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • Indexability Optimization
  • Schema Markup for Google Rich Snippets
  • XML Sitemap
  • Structured Data and Knowledge Graph
  • Duplicate URL Fixation
  • Robots.txt
  • 404 Redirection Fix
  • Final Audit
  • White Hat Work
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 24/7 Available

4 – Guest Post and Link Building

Guest Post is what that every website proprietor and blogger wants. Guest Post is like one website owner is promoting another website owner. As you all know, nothing is free in this beautiful world.

Nowadays no such blogger creates a free guest post for someone, so the website owners are paying them to create a guest post for them, and, when you are creating a guest post for someone, then you have to give a backlink to them, that’s called Link Building.

Link Building means that you are building your site’s links on other websites so that Google or other Search Engines can find your website helpful and they should rank your site at the top on Search Results.

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Best Affordable Fiverr Gigs for Guest Post and Link Building

#Gig 1 – $30 [Meet this Gig]

If you are looking for hiring someone who can build DOFOLLOW backlinks and Create a Guest Post for you, then this Gig will be helpful for you.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • Guest Post Publishing
  • DOFOLLOW Backlink
  • Improves SEO with natural Internal and External Backlinks
#Gig 2 – $60 [Meet this Gig]

Here is another Guest Post and Link Building Gig we found for you.

What this Gig will do for you?

  • Guest Post Publishing with a great permanent SEO value backlink.
  • Traffic up to 10K-700K per month.
  • Increase your Search Engine Visibility.
  • Relevance Do-Follow Backlinks
  • Build Domain Authority

Cheap and Affordable Freelancer Offering SEO Services for Small Businesses and Websites

For every small business, getting the website ranked on the first page of a search engine is crucial. If you will start getting traffic on a website, you will get more orders, and finally, the business will grow.

cheap and affordable freelancer offering SEO services, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

Small business needs Local SEO as well. While you can keep your website’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO intact, you must also look at ranking high on Local SEO.

This helps your store or business get great visibility locally. You can promote your business without having any blog or website, which saves you a lot of money that you have to spend when you have a website like you have to pay for hosting, domain, and all.

Best Local SEO Services on Fiverr for your small business are as follows. We hope you will like their services. So, let’s know who they are.

A – BaktMarketing [Local SEO]

BaktMarketing is a Level-2 Seller on Fiverr (completes at least 50 minimum orders at a time with a minimum 4.7-star rating). You can buy this Local SEO Gig to dominate your local business.

He takes the 100% guarantee to rank your local business SEO on Google Map, and the plan starts with $75.

Pro Tip – Always compare multiple services and negotiate hard to save every single penny. Don’t compromise on quality as SEO is for long term. Never use Black Hat SEO techniques.

Meet BaktMarketing on Fiverr

B – KhanJan5 [Local SEO]

KhanJan5 is a 4.9/5 star Level-2 freelancer who will promote your local business on Google. They are so protective and serious with the services and quality that they will provide you. Their price starts at just $25.

Here are the facilities that are provided by KhanJan5: –

  • Provide you a full report with a login report.
  • NAP From google map
  • 5 revision and Satisfaction guarantee
  • Perfect and Good citations
  • Fast delivery than expected
  • No duplicate citation.
  • Best Quality Local Business Citations

Meet KhanJan5 on Fiverr

C – MarkMasonBeast [Local SEO]

MarkMasonBeast is a level-2 Fiverr seller with 4.9/5 stars. But this is not enough to know them. MarkMasonBeast is a certified Google-Partner with Level-6 Map-Maker Account.

Another best thing is about him is that he offer 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee. Their pricing starts from just $25, which is one more best thing.

Meet MarkMasonBeast on Fiverr

D – Mazumder_012 [On-Page & Off-Page SEO, Guest Post and Link Building]

Mazumder_012 is a Level-2 seller with a 5/5 star rating. He is a professional work experience and high skills in complete SEO services. He will provide you expert SEO service for top Ranking and Optimize to boost your Business & generate more leads on various platforms.

Here are the reasons provided by mazumder_012 to hire him: –

  • Ranks website or page in a proper way.
  • Working for the Client’s 100% satisfaction.
  • Fast Worker, so to be a trustworthy and reliable online worker.
  • Work for you at 100% confidentiality, and never cancel any work order or missed time Duration.

The pricing of Mazumder_012 services starts from $45.

Meet Mazumder_012 on Fiverr

So, these are some cheap SEO professionals that will help you to grow your small businesses via the internet. Check for more Sellers on Fiverr

Note: We find these freelancers to support you on the basis of their previous ratings. We suggest our users evaluate them personally and check them before taking any action.

How to find cheap and affordable SEO services for small businesses?

If you are looking for affordable SEO experts and want your site to grow up and rank on Search Engines, then here we came up with some sites mentioned below that will give you cheap and affordable SEO service for your small business:


Here you can buy quality backlinks cheap from Fiverr and other platforms.

So, these were some freelancer sites where you can hire freelancers for your website.

Monthly or Annually SEO packages by Professional Agencies

If you don’t have any issue with a budget and you are comfortable with investing more money for your website or online business, then here we bring the best affordable SEO marketing packages that are used by most of the high, popular, and well-known companies.

monthly and anually SEO packages by professional agencies, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

When you purchase an expensive SEO package, then definitely you get the quality and best results, but when you buy the low-cost SEO package, then you never get the best result and up-to-mark solutions.

So, when you are going to invest money for your business, then don’t think about the price, instead, you should look for the quality and results.

So, this is the time to know what are those affordable SEO services and packages, will be beneficial for your online business.

1 – The HOTH

Hittem Over The Head, aka The HOTH, is one of the number one and best SEO companies to provide you an amazing experience with their services.

The company has a start-up since 2010 and today they are one of the best SEO service providers in the world.

Here are the SEO tools that are provided by The HOTH, are as follows: –

  1. SEO Rankings Checker
  2. Backlink Checker
  4. PPC Calculator
  5. Headline Generator
  6. Domain Authority Checker
  7. SEO Audit
  8. SEO Report

SEO Package Details of The HOTH

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Live Chat to Solve Queries
  • Includes Local SEO Services
  • White-Label Reporting

Look at the image below that shows all the plans with their prices offered by the HOTH.

The HOTh tools and services, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

[Visit The HOTH]


FATJOE is the one best company that starts this SEO service business in 2012. They have served their services to more than 5K+ multiple agencies. FATJOE is a well-known trustable and quality over quantity company. They have more than 100 team members spread over the world. 

Look at these amazing tools that FATJOE offer: –

  1. Keyword Rank Checker
  2. Blog Title Generator
  3. Infographic Embed Code Generator
  4. SEO Value Calculator
  5. NoFollow Highlighter

SEO Package Details of FATJOE: –

  • White-Label Reporting
  • Live Chat Support
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Content Writing and Services

Here are some reasons why you should choose FATJOE affordable SEO services, are as follows: –

  • You can ask your queries via email and live chat customer support.
  • The company offers you the 100% moneyback guarantee
  • They have got a score of 97/100 when comes to customer satisfaction and a 4.9/5-star rating in every rating and review blog.
  • Actions are taken within one hour for more than 75% of emails and queries.

[Visit FATJOE]

3 – SEOReseller

It is a powerful all-in-one dashboard in reputation management solutions. Every feature is integrated into easy to use one comprehensive tool at an affordable price.

SEO Package Details of SEOReseller

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Live Chat Customer Support
  • White-Label Reporting
  • Affordable Prices
  • White-Label SEO Solutions

Here are some reasons why you should choose the SEOReseller package: –

  • Customer Support and service is open 24 hours a day and available 5-Days of the week.
  • Best Link Building services that give you quality and value for money.

[Visit SEO Reseller]

4 – WebFX

WebFX is an SEO and digital marketing company offering amazing digital-marketing solutions to small and large-sized agencies over the world. The CEO and co-founder of WebFx are William Craig.

Here are the features that WebFX offer you in their SEO packages: –

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Competitor rankings, content, and link Monitoring
  • Dedicated Digital Marketing Expert
  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Image Optimization
  • XML sitemap and creation and submission, and many more…

If you are willing to know the plans and pricing of the WebFX affordable SEO plans and services, then please check the image below.

WebFX SEO plans and pricing, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

[Visit WebFX]

What are the best SEO Tools in 2023?

If you are looking for the best SEO tools in 2023, so here we came up with the best two affordable SEO tools that you must have if you want to grow your digital business or website. So, those two SEO tools you must have are as follows: –

  1. SEMrush
  2. aHrefs

Let’s discuss these two tools in brief detail to know more about them, here we go.

1 – SEMrush

SEMrush is an online SEO tool that helps your website to rank on Search Engines. Semrush results are so accurate and helpful for the users, and it is a trusted brand and tool that provides its services to over 6000K professional marketing agencies worldwide. Semrush is now a must-have SEO tool for digital online teams in the world.

It is an affordable DIY SEO service for all business websites. You can easily track your competitors and plan a better strategy.

Features of SEMrush –

  • Competitive Intelligence add-on
  • Backlink Audit
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns Optimization
  • On-Page SEO Tips
  • Full-site Audit
  • Keyword Research

If you are looking for the SEMrush affordable SEO plans and pricing, so just have a look at the image below.

SEMrush plans and pricing, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

[Visit SEMrush] [SEMrush Alternatives] [SEMrush Review] [SEMrush Free Trial – Guru and Pro]

2 – Ahrefs

One of the most used and best SEO tools, Ahrefs. It is an SEO toolkit that contains different and helpful tools for Keyword Research, Building Backlinks, Rank Checker, Website Auditing, and various Analysis.

Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool that is used to rank your website on Google Search Results. If you talk about its features, then most of the features in Ahrefs are very helpful for professionals in digital marketing.

If you are a new business or website, you need a keyword research tool. It is time to have a look at the plans and pricing of the Ahrefs SEO Tools, so look at the below image to check its prices.

aHrefs plans and pricing, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

Why you should not choose Cheap SEO Packages?

You should know that cheap things never came up with the best quality and quantity. The same is here, cheap or affordable SEO packages come with poor facilities and support. We are going to discuss some of the points that will let you know why you should not choose Cheap SEO Packages.

As we know, low-cost products will never be long-lasting, plus they are quality less. So let’s see what are the disadvantages of choosing low-cost SEO services for small business.

Poor SEO Delivery

One of the major drawbacks of choosing the cheap online SEO service is that they can’t fulfill the two basic keys of the SEO that are Backlinks and quality of content. 

The cheap SEO package offering company offers you at a cheap price because they can’t give you that good and perfect SEO performance that other expensive and professional SEO service company offers you.

So, when you choose the poor SEO package, then the company is not that efficient and have a perfection that they can deliver you the even basic requirements.

Poor Customer Support

Cheap SEO Packages does not have the best customer service. Their customer support team is not that active and fast so that to solve the customer’s queries.

You are paying every month for your website’s SEO, and the worst thing is that you are paying for ignoring yourself and poor SEO services.

Every month you are paying the amount that the company is asking you, and instead of this, they are not available to support you and give you the best performance.

As we said above, Link building and quality of content are the basic two keys or you can say parameters of the good SEO, and that is what you are not getting in the cheap SEO packages. Link Building is the process to increase your webpage ranks on Search Engines.

You get the backlinks but those backlinks are not able to move even a needle from its place. So, this is the worst thing about purchasing cheap SEO packages.

Unexperienced Accountants

The low-cost SEO agencies just do a simple process that is copy-and-paste. They do not need the professional and experienced account managers to handle your accounts and perform SEO. So, in this case, they hire the new ones and give them a basic script and to perform SEO on your website. They don’t focus on an individual keyword or tag.

So, purchasing a cheap SEO package will never be beneficial for you and your business.

Black Hat SEO Tactics

As low-cost affordable SEO agencies perform copy-&-paste strategies, so term Black Hat SEO is unethical, and that is what a cheap SEO packaging company does with your website.

black hat seo tactics, cheap and affordable seo packages and services for small businesses

If we talk about link building, let’s understand this with an example, that on day-1, a low-cost SEO agency builds thousands of backlinks for your webpage, and the next day, your webpage ranks on Search Engines, but after some time, your spam activity will be caught and your page will be marked as spam and banned.

So, think times of times before you go with cheap SEO packages.

Wrapping Up

Okay, time to wrap up this article. We hope that you found this article helpful and this article will help you somewhere. If you ask us whether to purchase cheap SEO packages or not, then we will say NO to this, because if you are running an online business or want to grow your website with cheap SEO packages, so that is not possible because you will never get the best quality at a cheap price. So, say no to Cheap online SEO Services.

FAQs about Cheap SEO Services and Fiverr SEO Packages

How much should I budget for SEO?

If you are hiring a good SEO or SEO service for you, then the minimum amount of budget you have to set is $500 per month. And if we talk about the international and national operations, it will need a budget of $2K to $5K per month which is a minimum budget.

Why SEO is so expensive?

There are reasons why SEO optimization is so expensive, let’s have a look at them: –
As after optimizing a website, it takes an unknown period of time to get results.
It needs a variety of resources to develop and manage an operation.
Ranking your website depends on the expertise of an SEO specialist to create and improve your strategy.

Where can I learn SEO for free

If you are looking for learning SEO for Free, then here are these top 10 best online platforms where you can learn SEO online for free. Let’s know what are those: –
Search Engine Watch
Webmaster World
Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Land
The SEM Post
Marketing Land
Web Savvy Marketing
SEO 101

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