ScalaCube Review | Is it a good Minecraft Hosting Server? 2020

ScalaCube Review to explore Features, Pricing, Performance, Pros and Cons of ScalaCube. We have covered everything about ScalaCube in this review with Expert and Customer opinions both.

About ScalaCube

ScalaCube is a Gaming Server Host based out of Randla, Estonia. Comparatively less popular but searched mostly for Minecraft Server hosting in countries like the USA, UK, and others.

Company offers Minecraft, Hytale, Rust and ARK servers at affordable price.

What does ScalaCube do?

ScalaCube provider servers for Games. They are known primarily for Minecraft web hosting at affordable rates.

They do provide dedicated resources on their VPS plans with variety of features.

ScalaCube Plans and Specifications

ScalaCube provides 9 Minecraft VPS Plans with dedicated resources like Ram and CPU.

The table below has all the Minecraft plans of ScalaCube from 768 MB Ram to 32GB Ram.

Depending on the requirements, we suggest you choose as per the number of players and slots your need. Typically the offered variants are from 10 players to 600 players.

Plan NameRAMCPUNumber Of Slots
Minecraft VPS 768 MB768 MB3.4 Ghz10 Players
Minecraft VPS 1.5 G1.5 GB3.4 Ghz20 Players
Minecraft VPS 3 G3 GB3.4 Ghz40 Players
Minecraft VPS 4.5 G4.5 GB2×3.4Ghz70 Players
Minecraft VPS 6 G6 GB2×3.4Ghz100 Players
Minecraft VPS 8 G8 GB3×3.4Ghz150 Players
Minecraft VPS 12 G12 GB3×3.4Ghz225 Players
Minecraft VPS 16 G16 GB4×3.4Ghz300 Players
Minecraft VPS 32 G32 GB8×3.4Ghz600 Players

ScalaCube’s Pricing Review

This is an affordable service but not the cheapest. Yes, you get a 50% discount currently on first-month purchase but the renewals will be at the regular price. Scalacube gives you the flexibility to pay in most of the popular currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, and various others.

The base plan starts with %5 which costs you $2.5 after 50% discount for the first month. Second month onwards the regular rates will apply.

Similarly other plans are also on discount with monthly price upto $192. We suggest you to start with the cheapest plan to taste the overall hosting experience and then opt for upgrade.

Let us have a look at all ScalaCube Plans’s Pricing details in a table below –

Plan NamePrice ($)DiscountFinal Price for First month ($)
MineCarft VPS 768 MB550%2.5
MneCraft VPS 1.5 G1050%5
MneCraft VPS 3 G2050%10
MneCraft VPS 4.5 G2650%13
MneCraft VPS 6 G3650%18
MneCraft VPS 8 G4850%24
MneCraft VPS 12 G7250%36
MneCraft VPS 16 G9650%48
MneCraft VPS 32 G19250%96

An Infographic below also has all the plans with pricing and applicable discount making it easy to compare and choose.

What is the cancellation or refund policy of ScalaCube?

We found this line ont their website – “All purchases are final. No refunds will be issued.”

So it is clear that once the purchase is made, it will not be refunded. However, if the purchases are monthly, you need not worry about it.

We Strongly Recommend – Hostinger and ShockByte

Key Features and Benefits of ScalaCube

We have listed below 15 key features of ScalaCube, which are –

  • Standard Server Hosting
  • Snapshot Server Hosting
  • Spigot Server Hosting
  • PaperMC
  • Bukkit
  • Sponge
  • BungeeCord
  • Voids Wrath
  • ATLauncher
  • FTB
  • Technic
  • Twitch
  • Forge- Custom ModPack
  • Cauldron & Thermos
  • 13 other mini-games
Key features of scalacube
Features and Benefits of Scalacube

ScalaCube Alternatives

Two best alternatives of ScalaCube are –

Hostinger and ShockByte. Both of them give better service and performance. As a Gamer, You will Love them.

Ease Of Use

These match hosting plans Permit You to Set up an infinite amount of “slots” on a single VPS server, then subject to this “max-players” significance place on your host.

This means your host can easily encourage a high number of gamers supplying the CPU power and RAM is adequate.

Regardless of the gaming prejudice, the hosting Programs also give all you’d expect to seek out conventional web hosting, such as a Control panel, root accessibility , FTP, MySQL and Apache.

ScalaCube enables you to choose SSD storage, also it supplies infinite traffic with no throttling.

Uptime Guarantee

Scalacube has not cleared its uptime guarantee on its main pages. However after lot of research on almost every single page there, we found 99% uptime sla. Proof of which is attached below. {Ref}

Information about ScalaCube's uptime guarantee.

Server Locations

Servers of ScalaCube are located in NorthAmerica, Europe, United Kingdom, and Australia. All these continents will get better speed as compared to other continents like Asia, Africa, and South America.

Still the choice of 4 locations are sufficient most of the time.

are scalacube servers located in multiple countries for quick speed

You can ping their servers to check the latency from your particular country.

Test Server IPs are –

  1. North America Test Server IP:
  2. Europe Test Server IP:
  3. United Kingdom Test Server IP:
  4. Australia Test Server IP:

How Good is the Customer Service of ScalaCube

We tried their customer service to evaluate the response time of the service team.

During the test, got the response quickly.

For existing customers, service through ticket and chat is available 24×7. Company claims to respond on all open tickets with in one hour.

Here is how we reviewed the Support response of ScalaCube.

Final ScalaCube Review Verdict –

ScalaCube is a comparatively less popular Minecraft server, hosting provider.

Though the company claims to provide a long list of features along with 24×7 customer service, We found mixed reviews from the customers.

Talking about the plans, they are only cheap for first month and a bit pricy from second month onwards.

If you will see the cancellation policy, it is a big turnoff.

We would still give it 3.5 out of 5 but would recommend you to start with a month purchase.

How to get a Minecraft Server on ScalaCube?

Looking forward to start with ScalaCube to host MineCraft Server. We have this Video for you which will help you create a one for you.

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ScalaCube | Is it Good for your Minecraft Server Hosting?
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ScalaCube is a Minecraft web host that offers VPS plans for various gaming requirements. Plans are offered at 50% for the first month. 

Features are as per the industry and comparable to the leading players in the market.

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