10 Best Project Zomboid Dedicated Server Hosting For Everyone

Are you a gaming enthusiast who enjoys playing zombie video games? If so, you’ve probably heard of ‘Project Zomboid.’ While it offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, the true thrill of zombie games is experienced when played with friends. 

To enhance your gaming experience, consider going with Project Zomboid dedicated server hosting

Playing video games with friends becomes much more exciting when the game runs smoothly, doesn’t lag, and grants you full control over your gaming environment. In this article, we will look at the best server hosting options for Project Zomboid.

project zomboid server hosting

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We discussed everything about the game ‘Project Zomboid’ along with some best Project Zomboid server hosting for you and the criteria for choosing it.

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    Top 10 Project Zomboid Server Hosting For 2024

    Before choosing any Project Zomboid server hosting, you will have to decide the list of your requirements and the minimum criteria that this game demands. But to save you from this hassle we have already done the full research and created a list of the 10 best ‘Project Zomboid‘ server hosting. Check it out below.

    Do you know, that G-Portal has the highest number of clients for the Zomboid game? Our users tested this hosting for almost 6 months and we are adding it to the top position basis the feedback we received.

    Gportal project zomboid hosting pricing

    Features G-Portal’s Project Zomboid Hosting

    • Instant server allocation, get starting in minutes
    • 6 Global server locations, almost in every continent
    • Easy payment options, starting 3 days to 365 days
    • Comes with Game Cloud that enables you to switch to other game
    • Exclusive 50GB space to store your games and backups
    • NVMe SSD
    • Helpful support available round the clock

    Pricing Of G-Portal Hosting

    The Pricing depends on the amount of RAM, duration, and the location selected.

    3 Days$1.50

    The above mentioned pricing is for 2GB RAM and US location.

    “WiseOwl Speaks”

    “Discounts & Coupons”

    Get an extra 10% OFF on all your GPortal billing.

    gportal discount price on zomboid server

    My Experience With G-Portal

    I had a fantastic experience playing Project Zomboid on the G-Portal server. G-Portal offers cutting-edge stable servers at affordable rates, which makes the overall experience even better.

    However, I wish they had a 24×7 chat or phone number for support, the support is good, but limited to the ticket system.

    2. Apex Hosting

    Apex Hosting

    Being one of the leading and highly experienced game server hosts in the industry, Apex Hosting provides the best features on its server for Project Zomboid.

    Features Of Apex Hosting

    • Instant setup
    • Free subdomain
    • Automated backups
    • Ultra-low latency
    • 24/7 Customer support
    • DDoS Protection
    • Unlimited player slots
    • Full FTP file access.
    • Allows to test pings.
    • 18 server locations.

    Pricing Of Apex Hosting

    Apex pricing

    The cost of hosting servers for Project Zomboid in Apex Hosting ranges from $7.49/month to $44.99/month for the 16GB RAM option. In addition to this, you get 25% off for the first month and a 10% extra discount is given for quarterly payments.

    My Experience with Apex Hosting

    Apex Hosting is great, the performance is top-tier without any lags or stutters as they offer some of the best hardware in their servers.

    But keep in mind, it’s best to go for their large servers, as the small ones can be a tad expensive.

    Read the Review of Apex Hosting for more details.

    3. Shockbyte


    Shockbyte is among the highly flexible reputed cloud service providers. One thing that it lacks is that it doesn’t let you create custom configurations based on your requirements as in the case of GTXGaming and others. Shockbyte lets you upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time which is one of its plus points.

    Features Of Shockbyte

    • Automatic updates.
    • Uptime of 100%.
    • DDoS protection.
    • Subdomain is available for free.
    • Full access to FTP.
    • Instantly set up after the registration.
    • 24/7 customer support and challenge support.
    • Global server locations.
    • Low latency.
    • Easy configurations.

    Pricing Of Shockbyte

    Shockbyte pricing

    By default, three server plans are available:

    • Wood Axe: $9.99/month and 2GB RAM
    • Metal Pipe: $14.99/month and 4GB RAM
    • Chainsaw: $19.99/month and 6GB+ RAM

    Additionally, there is a 10%, 20% and 25% discount on quarterly, semi-annual, and annual billing respectively.

    best project zomboid server hosting deal

    My Experience with ShockByte

    The uptime, latency and in-game performance has been perfect during my time testing ShockByte servers. They also have an amazing customer support team available 24/7 in case you face any issues. 

    Speaking of issues, I did face problems with some modpacks, but they were resolved by customer service.

    We also have the most detailed Shockbyte reviews.

    4. ScalaCube


    ScalaCube has been a successful game server since its launch. It also maintained the quality standards of its servers. Read some great features of ScalaCube below.

    Features Of ScalaCube

    • Instant setup
    • Modify server settings
    • DDoS protection
    • Live chat support
    • Full FTP access
    • Supports mods and cheats
    • SSD drives
    • No lag
    • Always online
    • Free subdomain

    Pricing Of ScalaCube

    scalacube pricing for zomboid

    ScalaCube offers a free basic server, their premium server costs ranges from $10 to $96 per month based on the amount of RAM and Slots available.

    My Experience with ScalaCube

    The servers were very easily deployable and provided a lag-free experience in-game. The are also priced pretty fairly with many plans available. However, the reboot times can be slightly long.

    Don’t forget to read the most detailed review of Scalacube hosting.

    5. GTXGaming


    It has more than 70,000 users now. GTXGaming is a popular UK-based company that was established in the year 2007 and currently, it gives the server on rent for more than 150 huge games.

    Features Of GTXGaming

    • Offsite backups
    • 24/7 support and live chat support too.
    • 24-hour refund policy.
    • DDoS protection
    • All maps are supported and new maps if released are added immediately.
    • 20 data centers all over the world.
    • Features Intel i7 and i9 CPUs and also moving to AMD Ryzen CPUs.

    Pricing Of GTXGaming

    GtxGaming Project Zomboid Pricing

    The billing system of GTXGaming is quite complex to explain as it varies based on the choices of features like CPU speed, billing cycle, number of slots, etc. You can check it out here.

    No. of SlotsPrice

    My Experience with GTXGaming

    Project Zomboid runs jitter-free, with no lag to speak of, so you definitely won’t be facing any stability issues during your gaming sessions.

    GTXGaming also has excellent customer service, I did face a little issue with disconnects at the start but the customer support sorted it out in minutes. It ended up being a problem on my end.

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    6. XGamingServer


    XgamingServer provides a virtual dedicated game server (VDGS) on all its plans. So, you will be able to use the resources fully from your server. It offers the extremely powerful CPUs of AMD Ryzen.

    Features Of XGamingServer

    • Activation of Project Zomboid dedicated server under 5 minutes of placing the order.
    • Powerful DDoS protection.
    • 24/7 monitoring and customer support.
    • No slot limits.
    • Custom and easy-to-use control panel.
    • Automated cloud backups.
    • Server located in Europe and Canada.

    Pricing Of XGamingServer

    xgamingserver pricing

    6 plans are available with DDR4 4GB to 16 GB RAM that cost in the range of $13 to $45 per month.

    Like others, a little discount is provided when you choose the billing period of 6 and 12 months.

    My Experience With X Gaming Server

    I found the servers easy to configure, and have no complaints with the performace or uptime. Also, I can easily add mods through the Thunderstore portal on the web interface.

    Just had a little bug while playing that was cleared up by the incredibly smart support team.

    7. Nitrado


    Nitrado uses high-end technology in its server and it is one of the cheapest Project Zomboid server hosting providers in all the listed ones here. Most Asian players will face high latency in other servers but the Nitrado server has very low latency in Asia because of one of its servers in Singapore.

    Features Of Nitrado

    • Daily backup for game server files.
    • Unrestricted access to all configuration files as well as MySQL database.
    • Other users can also be granted access to manage the server.
    • Quick support from landline and email in 9 languages.
    • Links to DE-CIX, AMS-IX, and LINX for maintaining the latency and pings to a superior level.
    • 9 powerful data centers.

    Pricing Of Nitrado

    nitrado pricing for zomboid server

    Nitrado offers three pre-customized plans:

    • Small server: $1.69
    • Medium server: $6.59
    • Big server: $16.19

    You can also personally customize your plan based on the RAM and no. of slots required.

    My Experience With Nitrado

    I found Nitrado to be a reliable server for Project Zomboid, The FPS In-game was stable with no latency spikes or uptime issues to speak of. The pricing is fair with an option to customize the server according to your needs.

    I did face an issue with the server not showing up in my game, but within a few hours, the support team fixed it from their end.

    8. Host Havoc

    Host Havoc

    Host Havoc does not charge anything for all its services like memory, protection, etc. It only charges you for the number of slots. So, it is quite unique as it also has the longest money-back guarantee among the listed hosting providers here.

    Features Of Host Havoc

    • 24/7 technical support with an average response time of 15 minutes.
    • Special support for mods.
    • 10 global server locations.
    • Full FTP and file manager access.
    • DDoS protection.
    • 72 hours money-back guarantee.

    Pricing Of Host Havoc

    Host Havoc pricing

    The pricing structureof Host Havoc is entirely slot-based. It costs from $1.5 per slot when 8 slots are selected and decreases to $0.94 per slot when 32 slots are chosen.

    No. of SlotsPrice

      My Experience With HostHavoc

      My overall experience with HostHavoc has been smooth sailing, it offers good server stability with a decent uptime and the performance was satisfactory during my gaming sessions with some of my buddies.

      However, A maximum of only 32 slots can be selected in a plan which can become a hindrance for some folks.

      9. Indifferent Broccoli

      indifferent brocoli

      Want a host that gives you a trial of its service without paying a single penny? If yes, then you should definitely try Indifferent Broccoli for Project Zomboid as you get a free trial of 2 days that too without entering any credit card details.

      This company is our least priority among all the mentioned hosting servers as it has poor customer support and does not have enough data centers.

      Features Of Indifferent Broccoli

      indifferent broccoli features for project zomboid
      • Automatically quick setup after the registration.
      • FTP access.
      • 7 days money-back guarantee.
      • Free trial of 2 days without credit card.
      • Email support.
      • Data centers are only in North America and Europe.

      Pricing Of Indifferent Broccoli

      It provides the four plans on the basis of the number of players.

      • Micro: 4 players, $6 per month
      • Small: 8 players, $12 per month
      • Medium: 16 players, $16 per month
      • Large: 64 players, $32 per month

      My Experience With Indifferent Broccoli

      I found Indifferent Broccoli to be a pretty reliable host for Project Zomboid. They provided a free trial with a fully functional server and even have a Discord for additional help. 

      The pricing is also fair compared to competitors, however, it did take me some time to install my favourite mod.

      10. Streamline Servers

      Streamline servers

      Streamline Servers are able to give tough competition to the best game servers also because of their amazing specifications. The only problem with this host is it is slightly expensive as compared to alternatives.

      Features Of Streamline Servers

      • Instant installation after the successful payment.
      • Available for 22 different locations.
      • Supports 10 to 60 player slots.
      • Low ping servers
      • 19 data center locations.

      Pricing Of Streamline Servers

      Streamline servers project zomboid pricing

      The cost of Streamline Servers is based on the server memory (RAM)

      • 4GB : $30/month
      • 5GB : $40/month
      • 8GB : $50/month
      • 16 GB : $70/month

      Ther is a 10%, 15% and 20% discount on quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing respectively.

      My Experience With Streamline Servers

      I could set up the server quite easily, it performed well even when me and a good few of my friends were playimg at the same time and when I did run into any issues, the support was very responsive, friendly and quick to resolve the issues.

      So to summarize, efficient support, quick deployment, great performance, a friendly interface, and the prices of the services are quite enticing.

      Bonus: GameServers


      It is the only host on the list that offers both public and private servers on rent. It is running a discount of 20% for new sales, so you can try GameServers for Project Zomboid.

      Features Of GameServers

      • Premium hardware.
      • 20 plus server locations.
      • Custom control panel access.
      • 24/7 customer support.
      • 5 days refund policy.

      Pricing Of GameServers

      gameservers pricing for project zomboid

      The pricing of GameServers is also based on the number of slots. For public servers, the price per slot is $0.99 per month and for private it is $1.49 per month.

      • Public: 8 players at $7.95/month
      • Private: 8 players at $11.95/month

      My Experience with GameServers

      I would definitely recommend GameServers if you are considering renting a server, I used their service with Project Zomboid and 7 Days to Die and had a blast. 

      While it is not too big of an issue, it would be nice to reach the customer service in ways other than emails.

      What Is Project Zomboid?

      Project Zomboid

      Project Zomboid is an open-world horror survival video game that is still in development but in the meanwhile also provides early access to the players. In the game, players have to survive the zombie-infested world as long as they can.

      Survival is not just limited to killings of zombies, players also have to do all the things to stay alive like crafting items, self-protection by using weapons, and fighting with all odds like depression, hunger, loneliness, etc.

      The game can be played both in single and multiplayer modes. It is a hardcore role-playing game (RPG) that has highly customizable features. The team behind the development of the ‘Project Zomboid’ game is “The Indie Stone” whose prominent members are either the UK or Canada based.

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      This video game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Recently a new update of the game, 41.66 has been released that is available to download on PC.

      Minimum Requirements For Project Zomboid Server Hosting

      If you have planned to rent a server hosting for Project Zomboid then below given are the minimum requirements or criteria that your server should meet to experience flawless gaming.

      • RAM: 2 GB
      • Free Disk Space: 1.23 GB

      Note: More accurately 500 MB RAM per player is required plus a 2 GB base is also required.

      • CPU: Intel 2.77 GHz Quad Core or equivalent
      • CPU Speed: 2.77
      • Ping: Less than 120 ms

      If you have doubts regarding graphic cards then let me inform you that servers don’t need any graphic cards as a high amount of RAM and good CPU manage the task efficiently.

      Have you tried Conan Exiles, if not, we have recommended some world-class Conan Exiles servers at affordable rates.

      FAQs: Project Zomboid Server Hosting

      1. How much RAM does a Project Zomboid server need?

      It depends on the number of players going to play the game. In general, 500 MB per player and an additional 1 GB is required.

      2. What factors to consider while buying the Project Zomboid server?

      Some factors that decide the good servers for you include server locations, SSD drives, RAM based on the number of players, low latency, good customer support, control panel customization, and DDoS protection.

      3. Can I get a free trial of any server hosting?

      Only Indifferent Broccoli offers 2 days trial without asking for any billing information.

      4. What is latency in the server?

      Latency basically defines the lag between your input and output. It is measured by the ping values. Fewer values are considered as good.

      Wrap-Up: Best Server Hosting For Project Zomboid Game

      So, these were the 10 best Project Zomboid server hosting that will give you a flawless gaming experience with your friends, and also the profit of having your own server will be seen by gaining full control of the game.

      Do you know out of these 10, which is the most recommended Project Zomboid dedicated server? Our recommendation is Shockbyte.

      Always decide the number of slots before renting any server, also to avoid latency, choose the server location which is close to you.

      In case you need any help in setting up your gaming servers, our engineers can help you.

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