10 Best Terraria Dedicated Server Hosting For Gamers In 2022

For gamers, Below, we list down the top 10 best Terraria server hosting providers, which will facilitate you to play the game without any hiccups.

An online adventure game created in 2011 known as Terraria has been successful since its inception in the world of gaming. The graphics are fantastic and the game has a 2D environment to explore. Survival and mining are also included in its gameplay. Since its first release in 1982, it has gone on to sell well over 30 million copies worldwide.

Building, exploration, and survival are all part of this action-adventure game. To get the most out of this game, you’ll need a solid gaming hosting server.

best terraria dedicated server hosting

Terraria Game: A Brief Introduction

Terraria is a 2D sandbox game that may be enjoyed in single-player or multiplayer settings and focuses on a variety of gameplay mechanics, including exploration, construction, crafting, fighting, survival, and mining. In Terraria, there is a progression system that gives hours of content, more than a dozen monsters, and hundreds of weapons.

There are four distinct fighting classes to choose from, as well as a plethora of gear to improve your attack, defense, and mobility.

In addition to the battle, there are around 200 different kinds of blocks to construct with, innumerable crafting recipes, and several biomes to explore. Terraria has something for everyone, whether you’re a builder, adventurer, or explorer.

The single-player mode is a never-ending source of enjoyment. Terraria’s multiplayer mode, on the other hand, is a standout feature. With friends, conquering a new planet is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Assuming you want to play with others, you’ll want a server. You may always join a server, but you’ll be subject to the regulations of the host. Using the “Host and Play” option in Terraria, you may invite Steam buddies to join you on your planet. However, this mode has its own limitations, including the possibility of latency and the fact that the session terminates for everyone as soon as you leave the game. Hosting a server is the only way to have full creative control and an around-the-clock gaming experience. So let us take a look at the top 10 best Terraria Dedicated servers.

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Top 10 Terraria Dedicated Server Hosting

Let us now reveal the best dedicated server hosting for Terraria gaming.

1) Shockbyte

shockbyte server hosting for terraria game


Hosting a Terraria gaming server with Shockbyte is a breeze. With fast activation and strong hardware of the best Terraria server hosting, you can concentrate on destroying Terraria’s bosses with your pals on PC or Mobile.

Shockbyte makes it simple to set up a Terraria multiplayer server! Your server and login credentials will be sent to you immediately when you buy it.

You’ll be able to access your server’s control panel from there. This is where all of the settings for your server can be found. You may access your server files directly from your computer.

shockbyte gaming server hosting for terraria game


Shockbyte offers three plans to the customers for Terraria Server Hosting which are discussed below:

  • Vanilla is priced at $4.99/Month or $1.25 per slot.
  • Modded is priced at $9.99/Month or $0.83 per slot.
  • Custom is priced at $11.99/Month or $0.80 per slot.

Number of Players/Slots:

The number of slots would depend upon the plan you choose.

  • With Vanilla, you get 4 player slots.
  • With Modded, you get 12 player slots.
  • With Custom, you get 15+ player slots.


  • With Vanilla, you get 2GB RAM.
  • With Modded, you get 4GB RAM.
  • With Custom, you get 5GB RAM.

Customer Service:

In our review of Shockbyte, we found that it provides 24×7 assistance through a chatbot. Apart from that, it is also equipped with a Knowledgebase and YouTube tutorials for the users.

Cancellation Policy

It is possible to get a refund within 72 hours after purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase you can simply contact Shockbyte for a refund.
Follow the link to buy Shockbyte.

Please note that Shockbyte is a renowned brand name for a long and is also known as the best server hosting for Minecraft.

2) Bisect

bisect server hosting for terraria game


When it comes to the best Terraria dedicated server hosting, Bisect Hosting has a lot to offer. Multiple data centers in the United States and Europe house the servers. It allows for the automatic backup of data on a daily basis. When it comes to installing games, you’ll have access to live chat help at any time of day or night.

Bisect Hosting is a low-cost Terraria hosting provider. You can play a game with as many people as you can fit in your memory, which is the only restriction.

bisect gaming server hosting for terraria game


Bisect offers four packages for Terraria server hosting. The prices are mentioned below:

  • Terraria Package 1- $2.99/month
  • Terraria Package 2- $5.98/month
  • Terraria Package 3- $8.97/month
  • Terraria Package 4- $11.96/month

Number of Players/Slots:

The number of slots remains unlimited irrespective of the package you choose.


The RAM memory depends on the package you choose. 

  • Terraria Package 1- 5GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Terraria Package 2- 10GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Terraria Package 3- 15GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Terraria Package 4- 20GB NVMe SSD Storage

Customer Service:

The users can seek customer support from Bisect by writing a message in the form available on the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.

Cancellation Policy

You must open a ticket from the website to get a refund if you want to cancel your purchase within three days of ordering it.

There will be no refund if it has been more than three days after you placed your purchase. The End of Billing Period cancellation type must be selected to prevent losing any time that you have already paid for.

Follow the link to get Bisect.

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3) Apex Hosting

apex hosting for terraria game


Apex Hosting is a great option if you are looking for the best Terraria dedicated server hosting for Terraria. Apex Hosting’s servers are simple to set up, and their friendly customer service representatives are always happy to help.

A lag-free experience can be provided to all consumers, regardless of where they are situated in the globe, thanks to the top-end optimized hardware.

Any computer or mobile device may access this gaming interface, enabling you to control your server from any location.

apex server hosting for terraria game

Pricing and RAM:

Terraria offers eight types of plans for its users. The prices are mentioned below:

1 GB$4.49 first month recurring Price $5.99/Month$3.99/Month for 3 months recurring Price $5.32/Month
2GB$7.49 first month recurring Price $9.99/Month$6.74/Month for 3 months recurring Price $8.99/Month
3GB$11.24 first month recurring Price $14.99/Month$9.99/Month for 3 months recurring Price $13.32/Month
4GB$14.99 first month recurring Price $19.99/Month$13.48/Month for 3 months recurring Price $17.98/Month
5GB$18.74 first month recurring Price $24.99/Month$16.98/Month for 3 months recurring Price $22.64/Month
6GB$22.49 first month recurring Price $29.99/Month$20.23/Month for 3 months recurring Price $26.97/Month
8GB$29.99 first month recurring Price $39.99/Month$26.97/Month for 3 months recurring Price $35.96/Month
10GB$37.49 first month recurring Price $49.99/Month$33.71/Month for 3 months recurring Price $44.95/Month

Number of Players/Slots:

The number of slots is unlimited irrespective of the plan you choose.

Customer Service:

Apex Hosting offers various customer support options like Live Chat, Ticket Support, Join on Discord, and Pre-Sales Contact. The support team is available 24×7 to the customers.

Cancellation Policy

Apex Hosting also provides cancellations for users who are not satisfied with the experience. Please log in to your billing area and pick the service you want to cancel from the drop-down menu.

Follow the link to get Apex Hosting.

If you are planning to purchase this hosting, read the Apex server hosting review.

4) Citadel Servers

citadel servers


Citadel Servers is the best option if you want the best Terraria server hosting with a large number of slots. This server includes a wide range of options for customization and mod support. A 1-click mod installation option makes it even simpler to download and install plug-ins.

Eight minimum and 128 maximum slots are available for additional players to join the server. The slot costs are among the most affordable in the industry.


Citadel Servers offers 13 types of packages to its customers depending on the number of slots. The prices and slots are mentioned below:

Number of SlotsPrice


You get 6GB RAM on a standard basis, no matter which plan you are choosing. Apart from that, you can upgrade the RAM upto 200GB by paying a specific amount while checking out.

Customer Service:

The Customer Support team is quite fast in replying to the users. However, they’re not always quick to answer questions. There is a live chat option and a ticket system for contacting them, but they are accessible round-the-clock.

Cancellation Policy

In order to get your money back, you must be a first-time customer. Citadel Servers will not provide a refund if you have previously had an account with them, canceled it, then signed up again. This also applies if you have registered another account with them.

Follow the link to get Citadel Servers.

5) HostHavoc

hosthavoc server hosting for terraria game


Host Havoc’s Terraria hosting server is the quickest in the industry. Using its Terraria server hosting services, you may create and setup your own Terraria world in a matter of minutes.

Only the finest datacenters and uplinks in the business are used to ensure excellent network availability at HostHavoc.

In addition to simple UDP floods, HostHavoc may also be used for Source Engine queries.

hosthavoc server hosting plan

Number of Slots and Pricing:

HostHavoc offers eight different packages depending on the number of slots you want. 

Number of SlotsPrice
18$12.60 USD
20$14.00 USD
22$15.40 USD
24$16.80 USD
26$18.20 USD
28$19.60 USD
30$21.00 USD
32$22.40 USD


HostHavoc provides standard 4GB RAM for all the packages.

Customer Service:

HostHavoc offers 24×7 live chat support to its customers through the chatbot in the website.

Cancellation Policy

HostHavoc provides a 3-day money back guarantee to the users.

Follow the link to buy HostHavoc.

6) Wombat Servers

wombat server hosting for terraria game


Wombat Servers, being one of the best dedicated Terraria servers for hosting, allows its customers to run a server hosting instantly. Access to Wombat Server’s premium web-based control panel is included with all Terraria servers. From your web browser, you’ll be able to start, stop and restart your server. You’ll also be able to upload files and install modifications.

The fundamental objective of Wombat is to provide clients with the finest possible service. There are many Terraria servers in various places globally running on the most current technology to accomplish this goal.

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wombat server hosting plan for terraria game


Wombat Servers offers three plans for Terraria dedicated server hosting. The prices are mentioned below:

  • Small Plan costs $7.5/month.
  • Medium Plan costs $15/month.
  • Large Plan cost $24/month.

You can save 10 %, 15 % and 20 % by subscribing for quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans respectively.

Number of Players/Slots:

  • Small Plan provides 10 Player Slots.
  • Medium Plan provides 20 Player Slots.
  • Large Plan provides 32 Player Slots.


Womber Servers provides standard 4 GB RAM for all of its packages.

Customer Service:

Customers can avail support from Womber Servers by mailing them at [email protected]. Sending an email will create a support ticket, and one of the representatives will get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Cancellation Policy

In order to cancel, the Customer must go to the Provider’s website and request a cancellation via the Client Area. The dedicated servers need 30 days’ notice from the clients. Customers must provide seven days’ notice for any additional services unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

Follow the link to get Wombat Servers.

7) GTXGaming

gtx gaming server hosting for terraria game


GTX Gaming has more than a decade of expertise in the gaming industry and provides high-performance dedicated Terraria servers at a reasonable pricing point. Another possible scenario is attempting to build an enormous server with accommodation for many gamers. If this is the case, GTX Gaming is your best bet as a server host.

For their server hardware, they provide a variety of upgrade choices. In terms of server hardware, you may increase the CPU, SSD, and RAM of the machine.

This company has more than a dozen sites around the country.

gtx gaming plan server hosting for terraria game

Pricing and RAM:

GTXGaming provides eight different packages depending upon the memory allocation.

5 GB£8.00/Month
8 GB£10.99/Month
12 GB£14.99/Month
14 GB£16.99/Month
16 GB£18.99/Month
20 GB£22.99/Month
24 GB£25.99/Month
32 GB£31.99/Month

Number of Players/Slots:

The standard number of slots provided by GTX Gaming over all the packages in 10. However, you can upgrade the number of slots upto 255 by paying £0.80 for each extra slot.

Customer Service:

GTXGaming provides 24×7 customer support wherein customers can create a support request from the website stating their queries.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your billing account by placing a cancellation request from the ‘My Services’ page. It’s also a good idea to end any existing PayPal subscriptions. If you’ve paid with a credit card, be sure to delete the information from your client area.

Follow the link to buy GTXGaming.

8) Blue Fang

blue fang server hosting for terraria game


Only a few companies can match Blue Fang Solutions’ Terraria game hosting capabilities. It’s easy to customise the game on this server host because of a large number of configuration choices. The best Terraria server hosting management interface is simple to use, making it easier for you to go about.

DDoS protection and FTP access are only two of the features that make Blue Fang the safest option around. DDoS protection prevents your server from being accessed by anybody who is not allowed to do so.

blue fang game hosting plan


The price of Blue Fang’s monthly subscription starts from $12.50 / month. However, in order to upgrade the number of slots available, you will have to pay more depending upon the extra slots you select. Furthermore, you can avail of a discount of 5 % by subscribing for quarterly billing.

Number of Players/Slots:

There are ten minimum and a maximum of 32 slots available.


Blue Fang provides a standard memory allocation of 5GB RAM for all of its packages, irrespective of the number of slots.

Customer Service:

Blue Fang’s customer support system is available 24×7 on its website through live chat option.

Cancellation Policy

In the My Account section of the Blue Fang website, you may cancel your automatic subscription(s) at any time by clicking Cancel next to the subscription you no longer want. 

Follow the link to get Blue Fang.

9) Skynode

skynode game server hosting for terraria game


If you are looking for a cheap Terraria server hosting, it is available via Skynode. Order, configure and start playing in less than a few minutes.

Because of its usage of the newest and greatest technology, it is guaranteed to function at its best. It believes in providing the finest possible service to its consumers, bringing both speed and stability to the table.

Located in France, the UK, the US, and other countries, Skynode has a global low-latency network that can be accessed from anywhere. There’s always a place near you where you’ll get the best performance and experience the least latency.

skynode server hosting plan for terraria game


Skynode offers three plans for Terraria dedicated server hosting. The plans are discussed below:

  • Bird- $2.59 First Month and $3.99 monthly recurring
  • Goldfish- $5.19 First Month and $7.99 monthly recurring
  • Harpy- $4.54 First Month and $6.99 monthly recurring

Number of Players/Slots:

The number of slots available in the Terraria dedicated server hosting depends upon the plan you choose.

  • Bird- 8 slots
  • Goldfish- 16 slots
  • Harpy- Custom slots


The memory allocation also depends on the plan you order.

  • Bird- 1 GB RAM
  • Goldfish- 2 GB RAM (Upgradeable)
  • Harpy- 2 GB RAM (Upgradeable)

Customer Service:

Skynode offers 24×7 customer support to its users via the live chat chatbot available on the website.

Cancellation Policy

Skynode provides a 14-day return policy to its customers over all three packages.

If you want to buy Skynode, follow the link.

10) GameServerKings

gameserverkings server hosting for terraria game


Terraria worlds may be uploaded straight to your server using the GameServerKings best Terraria server hosting platforms. When playing a single-player or multi-player game, you may pick up just where you left off. Modifications that save files must have the appropriate mods loaded beforehand.

All Terraria server rentals utilise the TShock modding framework, making it exceedingly simple to install these delicious game upgrades. Mods and plugins from the TShock repository may be immediately applied to your game.

Your server will be lightning-fast thanks to GameServerKings’ array of SSDs, which will store even your largest maps.

serverkings server hosting for terraria game


The subscription for the standard package of GameServerKings’ dedicated server hosting for Terraria costs ₹565.69 per month. However, the amount may vary depending upon the number of slots checked out. 

Number of Players/Slots:

The standard package offers 8 slots which can be upgraded upto 64 slots.


GameServerKings provides a memory allocation of 64GB RAM for all the packages irrespective of the number of slots.

Customer Service:

Customer service is accessible around the clock at GameServerKings.com. If you have any issues with their services, they’ll take care of it immediately! Use the website’s live chat feature to strike up a discussion right away.

Cancellation Policy:

The return policy at GameServerKings is 24 hours with no questions asked. You will get a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the services.

Follow the link to buy GameServerKings.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Terraria Dedicated Server Hosting

It is possible to obtain a wide range of services and features at varied rates depending on the hosting company you pick. In order to have additional features, your server will cost more money, but it may be worth it depending on your ambitions for it.

You should start by checking the number of slots and players that are currently available. For the most part, server hosting providers raise their prices in a linear fashion for each subsequent player slot, however, volume discounts are possible. More games will be covered by certain carriers than others. As an example, Gameserverkings provides servers for big games like Rust and Terraria, but not for lesser ones like Smite.

The placement of the servers is also an essential factor to consider. Ping and latency will be more noticeable if you and your other players are positioned far away from the server. An additional aspect to consider is the quantity of memory. In addition to hardware functionality, you may want features for maintenance. Server plug-ins and free backups are commonplace among service providers.

When shopping for the best dedicated Terraria server with a new security system, be sure it has built-in DDoS defenses. You may also want to check at dedicated IP possibilities and automatic game updates. Hosting services provide a wide range of functions at varying rates, and your demands are likely to change depending on your budget and objectives. There are a few Terraria-specific features in addition to the other features you’ll find on any game server you hire. You’ll need a server that can handle modifications if you want to do so. It is possible to install plug-ins and modifications on certain servers that have TShock support.

Benefits of Hosting Terraria Server on your own

Hosting your own server has the most apparent benefit: it’s free! Hosting a server is completely free of charge. In addition to this, you have complete command over the server. There are no restrictions on what you can do with the server, and you may access and configure it as you see fit.

This may be an excellent learning experience for those of you who are tech-savvy. Most current computers have at least 4 GB of RAM, and many have 8 to 16 GB. Terraria’s modest system requirements mean that almost any machine should be able to operate a big server with numerous users.

FAQs/More about Terraria Game

How much RAM do Terraria servers need?

Terraria servers often have modest RAM needs. At least 1 GB of RAM is required for a tiny planet with just a few participants. About a dozen players in a huge, open environment may demand 2 GB of storage. 4-8 GB of RAM should be adequate to handle practically anything, including several players and modifications.

Is it possible to run your own Terraria server?

Yes, you can either rent a hosting server or run your own server. 

How do Terraria servers work?

For multiplayer games, Terraria servers let users connect over the internet or another network. Terraria’s server software is pre-installed on Windows-based versions of the game.

Is there a way to acquire free Terraria Servers?

You can look for certain Terraria hosting servers which offer free trials.

Is Terraria a Multiplayer Game?

Yes. Console versions of Terraria allow up to eight players to play at once, as well as four-on-four split screen combat.

Is Terraria a hard game to play?

A simple game to pick up, Terraria may be a challenge to master. At first glance, the battle system seems to be simple, but as you gain experience and encounter more difficult opponents, you’ll find that it is anything but easy and straightforward.

Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Terraria Server Hosting?

As per our review, we found Shockbyte as the best dedicated server hosting for Terraria gaming. The reason is affordable pricing, best server and resources.

Terraria is a fun game to play by yourself since it has so many elements. Even so, it’s best enjoyed with a group of people you like spending time with. Hosting servers also provide you with u a lot of freedom because of their many functions. With mod support, world backups, game updates, and DDoS protection, you may have a safe and secure server that doesn’t need any upkeep or management on your part. More time in Terraria with friends means less time in server management, which means more time exploring the game’s universe.

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