Top 10 Best Satisfactory Dedicated Server Hosting

In terms of factory-building games, Satisfactory is unquestionably one of the best on the market. At times, it’s challenging, but it’s also fascinating and well-designed.

We have the top-performing and best ‘Satisfactory dedicated server‘ hosting for all the speed, performance, security, and control you need to enjoy this game.

Satisfactory is a complex yet tricky construction game that is bursting with life and loaded with a wide variety of machines.

best satisfactory dedicated server hosting

Satisfactory Game: A Brief Introduction

Coffee Stain Studios developed the first-person industrial building and automation video game ‘Satisfactory’ in Unreal Engine 4 which had a single-player and co-op multiplayer mode. Project Assembly is a requirement for your role as an employee of FICSIT Inc.

With cross-platform multiplayer, Satisfactory was made available for early access on the Epic Games Store and Steam on March 19th, 2019, and June 8th, 2020, respectively. It has been likened to a first-person and 3D version of Factorio for industrial construction.

The Satisfactory world is pre-generated; engineers are responsible for scouting the globe for resources to create machines that can produce the pieces needed. Devices and components enable players to manufacture equipment, and structured res, weapons, and vehicles get increasingly advanced.

The players can experience first-person exploration and industrial development in a 3D open environment. After being thrown upon an alien planet with a few tools, the player assumes the role of a pioneer tasked with gathering natural resources to build progressively complicated factories to handle all of the planet’s resource demands.

Starting with a space elevator, the player’s corporation, FICSIT Inc., will be supplied with progressively complicated and numerous components for their unspecified goals.

Top 10 Satisfactory Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are a Pro gamer, you will seek quality, and that comes with a professional hosting setup. We evaluated over 50 server providers and picked the best and top 10 server hosting for Satisfactory.

Check out our top 3 recommendations:

ServicePrice per slotPriceDDoS ProtectionMoney Back Guarantee
Shockbyte$0.83 per slot$ 7.99Yes3 Days
ApexUnlimited slots $20.23Yes7 Days
BisectUnlimited slots$17.99Yes3 Days

1) Shockbyte

shockbyte server hosting


Shockbyte is a renowned Satisfactory dedicated server that is committed to ensuring that your server is always up and running. It keeps an eye on the health of your servers so that you may go to sleep with the knowledge that your server is still up and functioning.

A high level of redundancy is maintained and low latency via the utilization of only the best data centers with the best bandwidth and technology.

After you place a purchase, a server is automatically created and sent to you, so you can go on and begin playing within minutes.


There are three pricing plans offered by Shockbyte for Satisfactory dedicated server hosting. The plans are explained below:

  • Biomass Burner is priced at $ 7.99/Month or $1.99 per slot.
  • Fuel Generator is priced at $ 12.99/Month or $1.09 per slot.
  • Nuclear Power Plant is priced at $ 19.99/Month $0.83 per slot.

Number of Players:

The number of players would depend upon the plan you subscribe for. The plans are as follows:

  • With Biomass Burner, you get 4 Player Slots.
  • With Fuel Generator, you get 12 Player Slots.
  • With Nuclear Power Plant, you get 24+ Player Slots


  • With Biomass Burner, you get 4GB of memory.
  • With Fuel Generator, you get 6GB of memory.
  • With Nuclear Power Plant, you get 8GB+ of memory.

Key Details:

Your server may be configured in any manner you like, thanks to the administration panel’s built-in interface, which gives you immediate access to all of its data. In addition, the shopper area allows you to downgrade and upgrade your current plan at any time.

This makes Shockbyte one of the best Satisfactory dedicated server hosting, You may also update the settings, add or remove modifications, and perform other operations at any moment.

Follow the link to buy Shockbyte.

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2) Apex

apex game server hosting plans


Apex Hosting, one of the industry’s most skilled and experienced server providers, can provide you with a top-notch Satisfactory Dedicated Server. 

Your Satisfactory is ready to go within minutes of purchase thanks to an industry-leading support staff and servers that are up and running in less than an hour. 

No matter where in the globe the server is situated, you’ll never experience lag or latency while using your Satisfactory because of the top-of-the-line dedicated server hardware.

apex hosting price for satisfactory game

Pricing and RAM:

Apex Hosting offers three plans which are discussed below:

6 GB RAM$22.49 first month Recurring Price $29.99 Billed Monthly$20.23 for 3 months Recurring Price $26.97 Billed Quarterly
8GB RAM$29.99 first month Recurring Price $39.99 Billed Monthly$26.97 for 3 months Recurring Price $35.96 Billed Quarterly
10 GB RAM$37.49 first month Recurring Price $49.99 Billed Monthly$33.71 for 3 months Recurring Price $44.95 Billed Quarterly

Number of Players:

Apex Hosting provides unlimited slots for any number of players irrespective of the plan you choose.

Key Details:

As a factory owner, you may decorate your building with a wide range of materials and structures. Preparation is essential if you want to stay alive and carry out your responsibilities as a FICSIT employee in this hostile environment full of weird items and hazardous creatures.

It’s much easier to have the best dedicated Satisfactory server when you have access to the server’s settings and data with Apex Hosting.

Follow the link to buy Apex Hosting.

3) Bisect

best satisfactory server hostings


By using Bisect Hosting, which is one of the best Satisfactory server hostings, you can be certain that your server is always up to date and ready to go when you are.

In order to submit your own saves and changes to the server, you must have Full FTP access.

When you connect to one of our servers, you’ll be able to immediately play with your pals.

bisect satisfactory dedicated hosting


Bisect Hosting offers a single plan for Satisfactory Dedicated Server which costs $17.99/month.

Number of Players:

The above-mentioned plan provides unlimited slots for unlimited players.


You get 6GB RAM per month upon subscribing to Satisfactory Dedicated Server.

Key Details:

To manage your server as much as possible, Bisect Hosting provides complete control over the files on your server, including the ability to install any worlds you currently have.

Before any problems arise, Bisect provides you with 7 days of data backups, so you may recover the data and avoid losing all of your efforts.

Follow the link to get Bisect.

4) 1GServerhost

1gserverhost satisfactory dedicated hosting


With 1gserverhost’s dedicated server hosting, the users enjoy free world migration services and a wealth of experience in hosting games making it a great option for those who want to move from a different host or simply get started.

The staff at ensures that clients get only the best service, which includes 24/7 worldwide support and remarkable hardware endurance while running heavy content, such as raids against bosses on live worlds.’s customers.

The new user-friendly management panel makes it simpler than ever to get the best Satisfactory server hosting service online. As a result, less time is spent on things that aren’t very interesting or rewarding.


It costs $12.00 a month to use 1gserverhost after receiving an annual discount of 20% on $15.00. As a further incentive, if you subscribe for 3 months, you receive a 10% discount and 15% for 6 months.

Number of Players:

You can buy an unlimited number of slots by purchasing any plan.


The memory allocation is 5 GB RAM.

Key Details:

Automated onboarding procedures are in place. Once you’ve paid your first bill, your server will be ready for use. Use the game-switching option to save yourself time and hassle. You may switch to another game throughout your renting. Enterprise-class security safeguards your dedicated server at 1Gserverhost’s cutting-edge data centers.

You can get 1gserverhost by following the link.

5) Southnode

satisfactory game server plan

Features: is one of the safest Satisfactory server hostings which keeps a close eye on your website and notifies you immediately if any malware is found.

Using, preventing malware from infecting your site is made easier by running regular scans regularly.

You don’t have to worry about installing anything since the setup is completely automated and takes less than a minute.

It ensures that your apps are up-to-date and protected from known vulnerabilities.

Pricing: offers one single plan priced at USD 13.37/month for Satisfactory Server hosting. You can also save 5% by choosing a quarterly billing cycle and paying USD 38.10. If you opt for a semi-annual billing cycle, you will have to pay USD 72.19 and you can save 10%. It is one of the cheap satisfactory server hosting available currently.

Number of Players:

Southnode offers 4+ slots for players as standard.

RAM: provides 8 GB of RAM when you subscribe to the above-mentioned plan. You can also upgrade the RAM to 12 GB by paying USD 14.40.

Key Details:

With Southnode, you can’t go wrong when it comes to big player-count gaming servers that provide excellent assistance. There is no limit to what they can do for you, whether it’s a private server for you and your pals or a public server that everyone envies.

Follow the link to buy Southnode.

6) Epicgames.Net game server hosting for satisfactory game


The Epicgames Dedicated Server feature allows gamers to establish their own dedicated servers, allowing them to continue constructing their factories even when their buddies aren’t online. 

These tools are still considered experimental since they are always working to correct errors and respond to player input.

epic games price for satisfactory game


It provides a single plan to the customers whose cost is INR 745.

Number of Players:

The number of slots available is the same as the standard 4+ for the players.


It provides 8 GB RAM.

Key Details:

The Multiplayer mode requires an internet connection. Because the game is still in early access, the system requirements may vary with time. It is also a cheap Satisfactory server hosting when compared with its competitors.

Follow the link to get

7) Nodecraft

nodecraft server hosting plan


It is one of the best Satisfactory dedicated servers that will be up and ready for games in seconds thanks to Nodecraft’s unique interface. NodePanel offers you complete control over your server, allowing you to alter game settings and configure them. 

The Nodecraft server hosting system is easy enough for anybody to set up and maintain a server, yet it has the reliability and performance to please even the most seasoned player.

nodecraft server hosting price


Nodecraft offers four pricing plans named Nano, Keelo, Megs, and Omega priced at $9.98/month, $19.98/month, $29.98/month, and $39.98/month respectively

Number of Players:

Irrespective of the plan you buy, Nodecraft provides unlimited slots for the players.


Nodecraft offers four 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, and 8 GB RAM for Nano, Keelo, Megs, and Omega respectively.

Key Details:

Unlike other Satisfactory server hosting companies, Nodecraft ensures that the servers are not overburdened, which means that each device has an average of just 12 clients.

This gives your server extra CPU cores, disc IOs, and RAM to work with. More processing power per user implies your server will be more resistant to latency and crashes.

Follow the link to buy Nodecraft.

8) LogicServers

logicserver satisfactory dedicated hosting


All hosting plans by LogicServers include automatic anti-hacker security, ensuring that the best Satisfactory server hosting is never compromised.

For gaming hosting, Logic Servers exclusively employs the greatest technology, including fast CPUs, gigabit uplinks, and SSD storage.

The game servers are run by TCAdmin, which provides a quick and simple experience.


Logic Servers offers one single plan for Satisfactory dedicated server hosting that costs $15.72/month.

Number of Players:

It provides a 15-slot server for the players.


Logic Servers offer a memory of 4GB RAM.

Key Details:

The dedicated Satisfactory servers from Logic Servers are highly configurable and have automated backups and FTP file access. All of the servers are equipped with incredibly powerful hardware, ensuring that your services work smoothly and without interruption.

Follow the link to get Logic Servers.

9) ServerFlex

serverflex game server hosting for satisfactory game


Serverflex is one of the most powerful dedicated Satisfactory servers available to gamers. It takes advantage of high-performance CPUs, DDR4 ECC RAM, and NVME SSDs.

DDoS protection at the network level protects its services which makes it one of the best Satisfactory dedicated servers.

You can quickly grow your server to match the needs of your players. Everything is controlled via a single control panel.

serverflex satisfactory dedicated hosting


Serverflex offers two plans named Quartz and Uranium which cost $54.00/month, and $73.00/month respectively.

Number of Players:

Serverflex provides unlimited slots for the players irrespective of the plan you choose.


Serverflex provides 12 GB, and 16 GB RAM for Quartz, and Uranium respectively.

Key Details:

Serverflex provides professional server hosting that is simple to set up and simple to use. It comes with standard enterprise technology, hourly or monthly price flexibility, and development by gamers for gamers.

For buying Serverflex, follow the link.

10) ZapHosting

zapsatisfactory game server plan  satisfactory game


ZAP-Satisfactory Hosting’s server may be yours in a matter of minutes. It is one of the fastest server hosts available in the said category. Pre-ordering isn’t necessary in this case. If you’re using Epic Games Launcher or Steam, you can get started right now with Satisfactory Server.

This service is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

With your own group of pals or in your own clan, you’ll have the greatest fun playing a game like “Satisfactory.” Renting a Satisfactory server is now easier than ever.

It’s obvious that the Satisfactory server is protected from DDoS threats, has an intuitive web interface, and provides complete mod support through FTP.


It offers a single plan priced at $3.89/ Month.

Number of Players:

ZAP Hosting’s Dedicated Server for Satisfactory provides 4-128 slots for the players.


It provides 3 GB RAM upon subscribing to the above-mentioned plan.

Key Details:

Renting a dedicated server from comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. All the hardware you need to run a dedicated server is provided to you in one package. Neither a virtual server nor a loud neighbor is allowed to operate on a host system alongside other virtualized servers.

Fast Intel Xeon E5v2 server CPUs, up to 256 GB of RAM, up to 2x2TB SSD hard drives, and a 10 Gbit/s SFP+ network card are included in the pre-configured dedicated servers. Rental of the whole system rather than just a portion of it, as with a virtual server.

To get ZAP Hosting, follow the link.

How To Play A Satisfactory Game Like A Pro?

Satisfactory encourages exploration. To get minerals and wells for their upcoming complex, players often traverse the planet. Occasionally, the player may encounter cliffs that prevent them from progressing.

By building stackable conveyor supports with ladders on the side, they may be ascended (just be careful not to fall). It is also possible to employ storage containers, which are more expensive to build, but they are safer in the long run.

Satisfactory’s primary goal is to create a factory. Careful usage of foundations is one of the easiest methods to attain this aim.

Placing foundations saves time by allowing additional buildings to be snapped into place. Foundations are crucial in determining the size of a facility and the locations of key machinery.

Foundations may also be used to ensure that constructions are aligned in a straight line or at an angle. The foundations of a clean factory are, as the name implies, the building blocks.

Benefits of Satisfactory Dedicated Gaming Server

With the best dedicated Satisfactory server, you’ll be able to run your game in the most advanced data centers. They’ll also allow you to choose the place of your choice. As a result of the closer proximity to the data center, you may expect quicker load times and a more enjoyable gaming experience overall.

With the help of the server provider, you won’t have to worry about any downtimes or delays. Because of this, no matter how long you play or how many people are present, you will always be able to enjoy the best possible performance.

Innovative and user-friendly control panels are provided by Dedicated Satisfactory server hosting, allowing you to better manage your gaming experience. To make it more convenient for you, you may tailor it to your specific needs.

Besides that, you may use it in conjunction with other tools, such as player rating software, forums, and so on. You don’t have to worry about anything since the server will take care of it all for you.

How To Setup A Satisfactory Server Hosting?

Installing the server is as simple as selecting it from your Steam library and following the on-screen instructions. Other than that, the method is the same as with any other game. You may have to alter your steam library filters to add tools.

Working with Valve, Coffee Stain is presently allowing Steam accounts that don’t currently have the Satisfactory game client access into the Dedicated Server. To download and install the files, you don’t need a Steam account.

If you wish to utilize the experimental branch of the Dedicated Server instead of the mainstream Early Access version, go to the Properties of the item in your Library and check that the Experimental beta branch is chosen. Reverse this procedure to go back to the original release.

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FAQS/More About Satisfactory Game

Can you host a Satisfactory server?

The Satisfactory gaming server may be built and shared with your friends, allowing everyone to make use of the finest hosting at a low cost.

Are Satisfactory servers free?

Yes. There are a few Satisfactory servers that are available for free.

What is the point of Satisfactory game?

The ultimate aim of this game is to develop a fully automated factory that can produce any item without the player’s human interference and transport all essential project elements to the Space Elevator.

What do you do in Satisfactory?

A first-person open-world industrial construction game with some exploration and fighting thrown in, Satisfactory is a blast. Conveyor belt paradise awaits those who play alone or with a group of buddies in an unknown world.

Is “Satisfactory” game hard?

Satisfactory is a complex game that may be learned in a short period of time. Easy to play, yet difficult to master, it is one of those games.

Is Satisfactory a multiplayer game?


Final Thoughts

Dedicated Satisfactory server hosting can allow you to play the game at a higher level of speed, performance, security, and control if you choose the right service. By using these features and tools, you may enhance your overall gaming experience and have more fun.

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