Build Personal Website: 20 Best Personal Websites Examples with Designs 2022

Welcome to the most Comprehensive and Detailed Guide about “Personal Website” in 2022. Learn to create your own Personal Website easily. Step by Step Guide to help you build beautiful Personal Website. Find 20 best Personal Websites that are popular and inspirational. 

Not only this, We have also compiled a small list of Platforms where you can launch your personal website or blog quickly. We also have some tips to enhance the speed of your website and keep it safe from malware etc.

What is a Personal Website?

A Personal Website or Web pages are basically those which doesn’t belong to any company or Institution. Rather a Personal Website is built by Individuals to share the information or content with general public or followers. You are all free to share whatever content you like with your audience, it may be text, image or even a video.

With the help of your Personal Website, you can share about yourself, your achievements, your plans, your skills, and much more. You can also establish yourself as a brand through your personal website.

A Personal Website is often termed as Personal Blog if it is updated regularly and new posts are published frequently. If you wish to promote yourself as a brand and earn with it, Start a Blog today quickly. 

We have created a separate tutorial in the Detailed Blogging Guide section to help you get online quickly. In case you are in a Dilemma about blogging, check out our special guide to help – To Blog or Not to Blog.

Types of Personal Website

Depending upon the purpose, we usually have 5 types of Personal Website which are as follows –
In the next step, we will discuss the steps to create your personal website with examples.
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Check Availability of Domain Name

A domain name is the Web Address of your personal website. 

For example, if your name is Andrews Jacob and you want your Personal Website name as – WWW.ANDREWSJACOB.COM, Here, ANDREWSJACOB.COM is your Domain Name.

TIP- In case the name is not available, check with a different extension, like .NET, .IN, .XYZ etc in place of a .COM. Also, you can add words like- “a”, “the”, “best”, “your” etc, and check availability again. 

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How to Create a Personal Website

This Guide will help you to Create a Personal Website in 3 Easy Steps. It will only take 15-30 minutes to launch your website. 

Let us quickly discuss the Tools required for Personal Website – 

a) Domain – As explained above, it is your Personal Website name like – or . Get your Domain at just $1.99- Here 

b) Web Hosting – Web Hosting is a server space you buy on rent to store your website files. We have chosen InterServer for you. Read Detailed InterServer Review for more features. 

Click on these links, select your tenure, choose a domain name, fill in few details, and Pay the amount. It will be activated instantly and you are all set.

c) WordPress – Once you have purchased the Hosting, from the Dashboard, you will get an option to install WordPress in just one click. Simply Install it and Boom.

All set, Your website is ready and you can now add Posts and Pages with the help of the Image below.

We also recommend using the Elementor Plugin as it is a great DIY Drag and Drop Page Builder. Read our Elementor Review for more details. 

For speed optimization, use GeneratePress Theme.

creating first blog post is easy with this guide, infographic made for beginners to show step by step process for publishing posts in wordpress

In simple words – You can setup your first Personal Website in just 30 minutes. Just buy a domain and hosting from InterServer and Install WordPress. Their Customer Service is excellent and can help you 24×7 through live chat and email support. You can comment and ask for help in case you have any doubts. 

Currently (the day article is published) they are also offering Free Hacking Protection which no one else is giving. You get unlimited website hosting, Business Emails, Backups, and a lot more. (Refer InterServer Hosting Review)

Once WordPress is installed, you can easily start publishing your posts and it is like MS Word where you just need to click and type. You can add images and videos also where ever you want. Once it is ready, click Publish and see the changes online.

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5 Awesome Personal Website Themes and Templates

Personal Website Themes and Designs Ideas for Professional Look.

templates and themes for personal website

1. Hayley

This theme is a perfect template for your personal website related to your own personal portfolio. 

Check the Demo here.

templates and themes for personal website if you are a food blogger

2. TinySalt

TinySalt Theme is a great and economic template for your personal website related to recipes.

Check the Demo here.

a perfect personal website templates or themes for writers

3. Newark

Looking for a simple yet beautiful theme for your Personal Portfolio?

Excellent template for photographers, lifestyle bloggers, and professionals.

Newark is the answer.

Check the Demo here.

Unique personal website template or theme for your personal portfolio

4. Harmony

Harmony is a unique, fast loading website template. It’s a multi-purpose theme for every kind of website.

Check the Demo here.

Unique personal website template or theme for your personal portfolio

5. Ethant Hunt

If you are looking for a creative yet elegant template for a personal website, just see the demo of this theme.

It has two variants, one is dark and the other one is bright.

Check the Demo here.

These themes and templates you can see in use also. The next section is “20 Best Examples of Personal Websites”. These are real live personal websites with great design and content. 

Check them out for more details.

20 Best Examples of Personal Websites which are Popular and will Inspire you

We have researched and compiled some of the Best Personal Websites which are extremely popular and inspirational. These 20 examples of Personal Websites will surely help you understand the needs and importance of your own personal web pages.

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#1 – Red Russak –

Example of Personal Website by Startup enthusiast, a Personal Brand for him.

personal website example which is unique

#2 – Sarah Li Chang

Example of a minimalist Personal Website where personal Information and Portfolios are shared.

personal website examples and designs, personal website detailed guide, create personal website easily

#3 – Anthony Wiktor

How a Personal Website is created as Resume. Great Design!

personal website can be your resume, how to create a personal website to showcase it as resume

#4 – Pascal Van Gamer

Another example of a Beautiful Personal Website created for Portfolio and Interactive Resume!

guide with examples to create a onpager personal website for portfolio and resume

#5 – Osvaldas

The best example of a Personal Website created for an Online Store!

personal website created for sell online, learn to create beautiful personal website in minutes

#6 – Leonardo Di Caprio 

A perfect example of a Personal Website created by Actors.

personal website of famous hollywood actor, you will learn to build your personal website like professional with this guide

#7 – Beyonce

Famous Personal Website by Professional Singer. A good example for singers to start a Personal Website and keep your audience updated about their shows etc.

personal website for professional singers, tools to create personal websites to impress your audience

#8 – Rathika Ramasamy

Customized Personal Website of Photographer. A great example of a personal portfolio.

learn how professional creates their personal website or blog in minutes, customized personal website examples

#9 – Judd Chef

Example of Design used for Personal Website of a Chef. Best design with lots of pictures and galleries.

personal website of chef and other professionals, definitive guide explaining personal websites in detail

#10 – Aashni and Co

Example of Personal Website by Fashion Designers to promote online sales.

How a Personal website can be turned into your online store.

20 best personal website example and process to create one for you

#11 – Tarla Dalal

Personal website of a Chef. Share seasonal recipes, kitchen tips with your audience.

personal website created by tarla dalal is a great example of personal websites

#12 – Sanjeev Kapoor –

Example of Personal Blog by a Chef [In multiple languages]. 

Globally renowned chef shares recipes in multiple languages with the world through his personal website.

example of personal wesbite which is in multiple languages

#13 – Vladimir Strejnic –

Again a Personal Blog or Website but creative and full of animations. It will be a great template and design for you to take inspiration from.

personal website with few animations

#14 – Samuel R.

Awesome Personal Website by a graphic designer and coding expert.

Uncommon themes and templates to showcase his expertise. 

innovative personal website by a coding expert

#15 – Lewis H

This website you must look. You will learn how a Podcaster is building his audience through his website.

Best personal website by a podcaster to keep his audience updated and growing.

best personal website by a podcaster for his audience

#16 – Ellen SR

Individual website of a motion designer and creative writer. You can learn a lot from this website if you are creating a one for you.

individual website of a motion designer and creative writer

#17 – CGP Grey


#18 – Gary Sheng

#19 – Dr. Steven– Example of Personal Website by Doctor or Physician.

dr steven kinnear

#20 – Matthew B


Tips to create Personal Websites quickly and efficiently

Now when you learned how to create a Personal Website and checked various themes, templates, and examples, We would like to share some useful tips.

All these tips will help you a lot in creating a Personal Website quickly and efficiently.

  1. Always choose a professional domain name.
  2. Domain Name or Personal Website name should be catchy and easy to remember.
  3. Choose WordPress as it gives you lots of SEO tools and various plugins to ease your life.
  4. Always build your community through social media like FB, Twitter and Pinterest to drive free traffic.
  5. Share useful and interesting content.
  6. Be regular when you publish the content on your site.
  7. Ensure the Website Speed as slow sites often see high bounce rates.

Bonus: How to Monetize and Promote your Personal Website?

Our Personal Website is our identity, our portfolio, and a first impression about what we do and who we are.

But, do you know you can earn also through your site and that too awesome money every month.

Interested in knowing how to promote and monetize your website?

Here are the ways and means to do that –

Promotion –

  1. Social Media channels like FB groups, Pinterest, Twitter.
  2. Paid Promotions through Google Ads.
  3. Facebook and Pinterest Advertisements.
  4. Write on Medium and share the website links there.
  5. Answer the questions relevant to your website on Quora.


Monetization –

  1. Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Banner Ads
  4. Accept Paid Promotions from brands.
  5. Accept Paid Guest Post on your high traffic pages.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to Design and Create Personal Website ?

In this guide, we have explained the quick and easy way to create your first Personal Website with WordPress. In this guide, you will get to know best Domain registrars and Hosting Providers offering Free Website Builders to create Personal Website. Get Free Domain for one year. 

Who Should have a Personal Website?

Everyone who is interested in blogging, sales, affiliate marketing, display of services, create personal portfolio must have a Personal Website. Infact students and jobseekers are also creating Resumes in form of Personal Website.  

Why you need a Personal Website?

You build your name by showcasing your skills, services, expertise or profession to the world. Your personal website connects you easily with the world. Connect with your audience and engage with millions through your Personal Website. Your Personal Website or Blog connects you with your customers as they visit to explore them.

You may be a blogger, SEO Expert, a Photographer, Wedding Planner, Dentist or even a student, Personal Website is for everyone.

Which is the best platform for Personal Website?

There are many platforms where you can build your Personal Website. We recommend WordPress as its super easy and free. For this reason, approx 96% of Personal Blogs are on WordPress in USA as per the study. 

Why Personal Website is important?

Almost everyone is connected to the Internet today through social media or personal website. 

Personal Website is important because it helps you to engage with your audience, followers and customers easily which ultimately helps you emerge as a brand.

Do I need a Personal Website?

If you are the one who loves sharing information about yourself, your skills, your profession, you definitely need a website. 

You need personal website as it helps you to create your pages and articles which your audience can read. It helps your audience updated about you and know more about you. 

Final Words about Personal Website In 2022

A Personal Website is a lifetime event for us. We create it once and keep it for the rest of our life. 

We use a personal website for self-promotion, content sharing, education, and various other purposes.

We tried to prepare a complete tutorial – “How to Create a Personal Website” which is all in one guide.

This guide has tools, templates, themes, examples, and everything you need to know about a Personal Website.

Hope this will help you in creating a one.

Still, have doubts? Ask us through the comment section below.

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