Jasper AI Affiliate Program 2023: Earn 30% Recurring Commission

Looking forward to joining the Jasper AI Affiliate program in 2023? Great, this guide is for you then.

Please note that Jarvis AI is now Jasper AI.

Yes, they have rebranded themselves.

We became the Jasper.Ai affiliate last month and basis our experience, we will share a detailed review.

jasper ai affiliate program

Jasper AI is offering Free Trial, Avail it, try it and apply for an affiliate program if you love the product yourself.

What is Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

Jasper AI Affiliate program aims at selling world-class GPT3 based AI content writing software. Once you signup for this program, you automatically become eligible to offer a Free trial of Jasper.AI to your visitors.

This trial offers lasts for 5 days and provides upto 10000 words to your visitors. If during the trial period, your users are satisfied, they can opt to continue using it.

Once they convert as “paying customersyou start getting a commission.

Now we will discuss the earnings from Jasper AI affiliate program.

How Much Do I Earn As Jasper AI Affiliate?

Jasper.AI offers you the best affiliate program with unlimited earnings. There are no cappings at all. Also, you get a 30% recurring commission on all the plans of Jasper AI.

This simple table we have made to help you understand the commission and total earning potential.

StarterBoss Mode
Commission (30%)$8.70$17.70
Commission TypeRecurringRecurring

Note: the commission mentioned above is monthly recurring. If your visitors are opting for an annual plan and making a one-time payment, you would get 30% of the total payments.

For example:

Starter’s annual payment is $288, hence 30% commission would be $86.4.

Similarly, Boss mode’s annual payment is $588, so your 30% commission would be a whopping $176.4.

Good news is that all these commissions are recurring, you get them everytime a payment is made by your referrals.

If you are a beginner and want to learn affiliate marketing, visit our list of best affiliate marketing courses for 2023.

How To Signup For Affiliate Program of Jasper.AI?

The process to signup for this affiliate program is simple. You need to apply using the steps mentioned below. Jasper’s team will then evaluate it and approve it if your application meets the guidelines.

1st Step: Hop on to the official signup page using this link.

Jasper promotion

2nd Step: Fill up your email, name, website, country, and social links.

step 2 for jarvis ai affiliate

3rd Step: Accept the terms, solve ReCaptcha and click “SIGNUP

Congratulations! your application for the Jasper AI affiliate program is submitted. You only need to wait for 3-4 days to get the approval.

How Jasper Affiliate Program Works?

The affiliate program by Jasper is a simple three-step program.

Step 1: Signup as an affiliate and get your tracking link.

Step 2: Create your free trial, use the product yourself.

Step 3: Start promoting by creating useful reviews of Jasper AI, blogs, and videos.

How To Promote Jasper AI?

Now, once you are approved for Jasper.AI’s affiliate program, you need to start creating content.

Our experience was really good as we got two signups in the first week itself, earning approx $25.

It simply means that this affiliate program has the potential to earn you approx $2000 recurring after 6 months.

Here are a few tips that you should focus on to be a successful Jasper AI affiliate:

  1. Join their official FB group for affiliates. You get a lot of valuable tips from the marketing team and other fellow affiliates.
  2. Create helpful content like How to use Jasper Boss mode?
  3. Place Jasper Trial links all over your blog.
  4. Reach out to content writers, and agencies using LinkedIn and give the demo.
  5. Create YouTube videos on topics like:
    • Introduction to GPT3 Technology
    • Jasper.AI Alternatives
    • How to become a content writer?
    • How to Scale a digital marketing agency?
    • How to write your first content?
  6. Find relevant questions on Quora and answer them with your links.

These are some of the tips that we are using to promote this affiliate program and get a good success too.

You can also create various reviews using this AI tool, see this video on YouTube about Jasper.

Who Should Signup For Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

Jasper is for blog owners, writers, content creators, students, and marketers.

If you think you have anyone as your audience from the list above, you can become a top Jasper affiliate.

This affiliate program is best suitable for:

  1. Influencers
  2. Bloggers
  3. YouTubers
  4. Content writers
  5. Digital Marketing Agencies

In short, if you have visitors who are intro writing, maybe an article, a book, or even a novel, you can promote this affiliate program.

Bonus! We have more recommended affiliate programs that you can apply to with Jasper. All these programs are related to content writing and improvement software.

  1. Surfer SEO, earn a 25% recurring commission
  2. Grammarly, earn $20 per signup
  3. Semrush, upto $200 per signup
  4. ShortlyAI, earn a 20% recurring commission
  5. Rytr, a recurring commission of 30%
  6. Closerscopy, 22% recurring commission

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How do I become a Jasper affiliate?

We recommend activating a free trial first of all. If you are convinced with the product, apply for an affiliate program using this link.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

Jasper offers two plans, Starter costs $29 and Boss mode costs $59. The pricing of Jasper.AI is beginner-friendly and scalable to unlimited words.

How does Jasper make money?

Jasper helps you make money through its affiliate program and features. As a content writer, you can create AI-generated content, write converting copies and emails for marketing campaigns, create website pages for your clients,

Is Jasper.AI Free?

Jasper offers paid plan and a free trial. You can signup here and use it free for the first 5 days and generate over 10000 words.

Final Words About Affiliate Program Offered By Jasper AI

In this article, we discussed everything about the 2023’s signup process, earning potential, and ways of making money from the Jasper affiliate program (to date’s best AI writing software).

The signup process for the affiliate program by Jasper is simple and earning potential is unlimited. This is one of the best programs that offer you recurring income.

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