Top 10 Best and Free Video Hosting Sites for Everyone in 2023

For some years the marketing techniques have been thriving. With this, the most popular and appealing strategy that is known is video marketing. This method tends to reach a larger number of audiences. 

Due to its popularity, we are here discussing some of the best and free video hosting services for your business

If you are also someone who wants their business to grow with the video hosting service’s help then you are at the right place because here we will be discussing the video hosting services of 2023 that are best as well as free. Let’s begin:

This sure is an article for free video hosting but we are explaining here the paid plans as well in case you want to have a look.

Video Hosting namePlan NamePrice
Top Best and Free Video Hosting sites
Following are the Best Free Video Hosting Sites for you:


Youtube Free Video Hosting SIte

There is no introduction required for YouTube. It is a widely used platform that has a monthly user base of 2 billion. This is not a joke. The video hosting service is one of the best and even ranks just after first as the browsing platform. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

The fact that this supremely useful and impactful hosting is free is hard to digest

Its heavy customer base makes it a promising and effective platform for business. Let’s see some more reasons for this legendary video hosting service:

Unlike many other videos hosting YouTube does not ask its users to pay for the storage. 

With the high number of users, you get to have larger exposure and approach which results in more business. 

It is not limited to only the number of users but the player of youtube is quite simple and easy which also lets the users create a playlist with just a few steps. 

The analytics of youtube is impressive. From views to ads, everything is sorted and calculated on a measuring algorithm.

Though you can always change the status of your video from public to private. The default setting is public on youtube.

For getting to the site visit this link.

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Vidyard video hosting

The one video hosting which is quite famous among some big businesses and brands is Vidyard. Vidyard is one of the leading video hosting sites in the world.

It was started in 2010 and in no time it became one of the supreme choices for some big names. The tool which can give you everything in one place from creation to publishing you don’t need anywhere else to go. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

You should never go with a tool or hosting just for the reason that someone is suggesting it. With the research, you can get the real gist of that application. Here are some reasons that can influence you into using the Vidyard: 

  • With its user-friendly phase and easy functioning, even a newbie can function smoothly on this tech tool. 
  • For any hosting, you might need the help and Vidyard has got it all from email, phone to live chat you name it and it has it. 
  • Well, you are looking for a free platform and Vidyard offers its users free access for a lifetime. Though there are some additional features at the paid plan, the free plan is not at all disappointing. 
  • It offers no limitation on uploads and recordings which is amazing for a free version.
  • You can use email, social media or other services for sharing. 

For better experience you can shift to paid version which starts at $15.00 and you can post replies to your videos, including users’ security for your password. It also offers customised branding and call-to-action buttons for your viewers. 

For getting to the site visit this link.

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Sproutvideo video hosting

This American video hosting company started in 2010 and is used by businesses of different scales for promotional and marketing purposes. It is not just a video hosting company but a specialized platform for monetization. With Sproutvideo you do not get a free application but they do offer a free trial period for its users to have a taste of its features and efficiency. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

Sprout video is a professional video hosting company helping many businesses of different sizes achieve their dream. Let’s see its features and pros that it made on to our list of the video hosting companies:

  • With its analytics, it is easier for you to track the viewers at your site. 
  • You get additional customer support when you are at Vidyard. 
  • With simple and easy steps you can create and upload videos. The customization is also available at Vidyard. 
  • The security feature is really upgraded and you can keep your videos private if you want to. It is protected with a password to restrict access as per your requirement. 
  • Its basic plan starts from $24.99 and provides the bandwidth of 500GB, but you can increase it by paying additional cost. You can add 3 members in this plan and it increases with the upgrades. 
  • In the base plan you get customer support. It can be approached through email and live chat. You get the data regarding the analytics of your website. 

For getting to the site visit this link


Jetpack Video Hosting

Jetpack is a highly famous video hosting that has special features that can help any WordPress user in the simplest ways. Maybe we can say it is because it is produced by the same team which is behind the creation of WordPress. But there is more to this video hosting than just being the product of the same creator of the legendary blogging site.

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

In today’s era when some people think that blogging is dead here, we are witnessing a new site being created every day. In this, you need some right applications and tools that can help you in managing the best blogging site that is WordPress. It is not just limited to hosting WordPress but also other functions too. Let’s have look at them:

  • The first reason that is essential and due to which it made it to the list is that it has a free plan which is not just a restricted plan. It offers many features and plugins too to make your site more appealing. 
  • They give an option to check the view first before publishing and then you can use the custom design to make it exactly how you want it. 
  • If you are going for this video hosting especially for WordPress then there can be no better option than this. It will help you in keeping it optimized all the time.
  • Even its free plan offers ad-free hosting. 

If you require more features from this video hosting service then you can surely upgrade to its premium version which starts at $3.95 and orders data restore with a single tap. You won’t have to worry about the storage of your website which will be provided without any limitations. You even receive offsite backups regularly. With higher plans they also offer security features and video hosting with no limits. 

For getting to the site visit this link.


cloud app video hosting

Cloudapp is a cloud-based video hosting service. It has different deployment types as well though. You can use this application or tool in many ways like through chrome, Mac, or even ios. For video hosting service this can be considered as a very premium experience. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

For anyone who is looking for a video hosting service, it is necessary that they know the hosting in-depth. This is the reason why we are explaining to you all the reason that makes this video hosting worth to buy:

  • It offers its users unlimited storage which is very essential as videos and images take up a lot of storage. 
  • You can easily record and share videos and images across different platforms. In the base plan which I free you get to record video of 90 seconds under 720p. 
  • The Cloud-Based video hosting service has its customer support all set for all its users new or old. From knowledge base, live chat, to email it has everything or its users. It is available round the clock to solve any of your queries. 
  • It offers easy integration with many regular applications that are useful.
  • You will receive the basic analytics at the free plan. 

If you want to upgrade the features then you can definitely try their premium plan which starts at $9.95 in which recording is unlimited and you can record 4k videos. They order advance analytics in the premium version and as you upgrade the features are added accordingly. 

For getting to the site visit this link.


qiwio video hosting

Qiwio is a video hosting service that is considered great for businesses. This is said to be perfect for profit because it offers features that help in generating more business and sales. This ultimately leads to more conversions. You can actually convert your viewers into customers with a lot of its features. With the right execution of all its tools, it is possible to gain many customers just on the basis of your videos. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

After listening to all the great things that it can do for your trade let us first focus on how it can do it. This needs to be understood to get a better idea of its features and functioning. Below are some points that can help you in making a better choice:

  • Qiwio does not restrict its users to only publish the content on their platform. Instead, you can post it on any platform and expand your approach and business. 
  • They have features that can help you in generating business through video content with the help of some of its features. 
  • You are provided the bandwidth of 25 GB at its free plan. It is on a monthly basis. 
  • You can upload upto 3 videos and have 1 user in the free plan.
  • To manage your videos you are offered CRM in the free plan along with the thumbnails which are customised as per the requirement. 
  • If you are looking for video management then let me tell you that Qiwio provides that as well in the free plan. 

For anyone who requires more features for their video hosting than what is offered in the free plan they can shift to the premium version. The paid plan starts at $20.00. with the upgrade you can upload 10 videos which increases with the pricing. The user permission also go upto 5 with a bandwidth of 50gb. 

For getting to the site visit this link.

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Knovio video hosting

If you are looking for a free video-hosting service which without increasing your business’s cost gives you service that helps in growing the management then Knovio is the answer for you. This free video hosting service offers all the features that a company requires to manage its employees and clients on one platform. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

For new users, it is necessary that they know all the essential details about the video hosting service. Here we are helping you out in knowing those details in depth. In this section we have mentioned all the benefits of using the Knovio video hosting service for your business it gets better results:

  • You can create videos and tutorials on this video hosting service for educating new employees or introduce new changes. It has a fantastic knowledgebase.
  • You can just make a few clicks and you will be done with sharing or recording. It makes the task easier because of this interface.
  • The free plan offers its users a storage of half an hour, and is limited to only 3 video uploads along with the standard features. 
  • It includes the presentation of multimedia and obviously the video hosting service which is the primary factor. 

To avail better features you might want to shift to the paid plans. Under paid plans which start at $10.00 will provide the 5 hours of video unlike free which restricts to only 3 videos. You can also  enjoy advanced features like customisation, animation support, and websites without ads. These features get more advanced after buying higher plans.

For getting to the site visit this link.


loom video hosting

Another brilliant video hosting service that excels in creating more business and getting more sales is Loom. At Loom you get to create and publish your videos without facing any kind of hassle. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

With so many good reasons to adopt this technology for your business or other motives, we have tried to brief some of those so you can have a better idea of the technology before subscribing to this service. 

  • You don’t have to wait to shoot any video. On this platform, you can just record yourself and share the content at that very moment too. It even brings editing with no hassle and you can perform it at any time or instantly. 
  • It provides simple and basic integration without having you make heavy efforts. 
  • In the free plan you have restrictions like videos of length 5 min, and creators will be only 50 and nothing more than that. 
  • With Loom, you can also extract videos or content from the video hosting platform with few steps for further knowledge or publishing. 
  • Communication is easy and simple at Loom with your team. You can even work with freshers or students through this service and it won’t be a tough task for them. 
  • If you want to get information regarding the viewer’s history then it can be done in the free plan. 

Those who need more than just a free plan’s basic features, for them its plans start at $8.00. With the premium plan you can upload unlimited videos, and record as long as you want without any restriction. You will get branding with full customisation which can be good news for design freaks. 

For getting to the site visit this link.


Metacafe video hosting

Just like youtube, Metacafe is also an entertainment video hosting site which has made the process simpler than ever. You can just add your name and id and get started with it. It offers many features and content that is loved by its viewers and users. It is easier to get yourself established here than on youtube because of the lesser number of visitors or users comparatively. 

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

Before you get yourself on this amazing video hosting platform let us first check out some of its features and find some justifications to choose this video hosting over others.

  • They have a feedback form that will help you in solving any kind of query related to this free video hosting platform. 
  • No matter which kind of videos or content your users would want they can just type and find the content. With a single click, they will be playing your video here. 
  • Even after being a free video hosting service it can give you many features and ease while functioning on it. 
  • With a few basic steps, it is possible to form your own channel on the site and start earning views on them. 

For getting to the site visit this link.


dubb video hosting

Dubb is a video hosting platform that offers a free version along with many benefits. After setting its feet for only a few years in the industry it has started to grow wings and fly higher than many existing free video hosting services. It is useful in many ways for any user. Especially when it comes to business or marketing purposes this can do miracles.

Why should you pick this video hosting service?

Dubb proves everyone wrong who believes that a free service cannot provide you many benefits or to your business. In this section we will check how Dubb can help you in reaching your goals:

  • You can pitch to all your clients and customers through this free video hosting service. Not to mention it can help you in converting many leads.
  • If you are someone who cannot manage the mails, messages, or notifications then Dubb got it all for you, it has a user dashboard that will help you in controlling all these activities simply. 
  • You get storage of 10gb, basic features of profile and report is common in it in the free plan. You can get its extension on Chrome and as a mobile application as well. 
  • They provide their own branding and chat features. 

Those who need a more advanced feature can upgrade to the premium plan which starts at $32.00. Unlike the drew version there is no restriction on the storage and it also gives you customisation facility for branding and logo which is unavailable in the free plan. For increasing engagement call to action tab is available. Team management and CRM are the essential features of premium version. 

For getting to the site visit this link.

Reasons to use the video hosting service

With recent innovations and experiments in the marketing technique, it is evident that the digital form of promotion and marketing is to stay. Especially with this pandemic situation, many businesses have shifted their trade to online platforms. 

Under many surveys, it is proven that videos tend to create a better impact on users and viewers increasing your chances of conversion. With a video hosting service, you get to do it all at one managed place. And when you can find all these video hosting services for free and with top-notch companies then there is no point in neglecting them. 

You can get more and better monetization ways when you use the best and free video hosting services. It makes the task simpler and effective. You can record and share instantly without having to import from other platforms. But in case you want to import the integration is simplest. 

FAQs: Sites To Host Videos In 2023

Our readers had many doubts and concerns with the best and free video hosting services and here we have tried to jot down some of the queries and answer them in the most helpful way:

Are free video hosting really free?

Yes, whichever hosting service is offering you the free version they do not cost you anything and are free.

Can I monetize with the free version?

Yes, with the approach and other features you can convert your viewers into customers making sales from your content. Even with the number of views and likes, it is possible to earn money.

Where can I host videos for free other than Youtube?

You can choose any of the above mentioned free video hosting services. They offer great features and services at no cost.

Final Words: Best and Free Video Hosting Sites

Byfar, YouTube is the best video hosting solution as it is Free. But YouTube also has certain limitations for marketers. As a YouTube alternative to best video hosting sites, we recommend Vidyard and Sproutsvideo.

With so many benefits and features, it is hard to say that there can be any drawback of using the free video hosting service. With the free version as well it is easy to sign for it and get all the features too. 

Businesses are using these services for marketing and branding as well that ultimately drives sales for them.

It is possible to monetize your videos and views in many different ways. But for advanced users and professional, we recommend paid plans. You must go for the premium upgrade if your business requires it. 

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