Invideo Free Trial & Review 2023: Create Amazing Content Within Few Minutes

Looking for Invideo Free Trial? This article has a free trial of Invideo and a complete Invideo Review too.

There is a lot of creativity that goes into creating and editing a video. And there are a large number of individuals who do not settle for anything less than the best.

In this present era of cut-throat competition, content creators have become crucial to be right on their toes to create the best videos.

This is the main reason why professional marketers, content editing enthusiasts, and business owners are on the constant lookout for top-quality video editing tools that can simplify the entire video editing procedure. This is where InVideo comes to the rescue of these professionals.

invideo free trial and review

But before going further into the details of using this tool, you must know whether it is good enough for your editing requirements.

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This requires a complete review of the tool, understanding what it is and how it can prove advantageous for the professionals. Let’s get started!

Get InVideo Free Trial

Invideo is a perfect video editor. Invideo provides you absolutely free trial where you don’t need any credit card. The offer is for a limited time only and may end at any time. So hurry and activate the trial now.

InVideo- The Magical Online Video Editing Tool

invideo editing tool

InVideo is probably the best web-based video editing tool for professional marketers, businesses, and YouTubers. It comes in the form of a lifesaving tool for individuals looking to create top-quality and engaging video content for their YouTube channel, clients, and online business.

It helps its users have their text content converted into stunning videos and that too within no time. Videos made using this tool are one of the best options for marketers to boost their content marketing strategies.

Users of this tool can easily connect and engage with their audience through some of the best videos. Thus, it can rightly be said that the video maker even helps with improved brand exposure.

The best thing about this tool is that it allows even amateur video editors to create top-quality videos without editing experience. It comes loaded with pre-configured templates that help users in creating content within just five minutes.

And yes, experienced editors can also use this tool for creating videos right from scratch. That’s because the tool offers blank templates as well. For brands and individuals looking to add an exclusive touch to their visual content, InVideo offers Premium Templates.

The tool even comes with the provision of converting blog posts into videos automatically. Of course, this feature is available with many other video editing tools, but with InVideo, things are different because it comes with the best effects in text-to-video content.

In these modern times, videos are created for different social media channels. All these channels come with their very own exclusive video length and aspect ratio specifications. In this context, InVideo can be the right editing tool as it features dedicated video templates for each video type and social media platform.

With this tool coming in handy, professional marketers and businesses get the scope of creating pro-level videos perfectly suitable for their marketing requirements. Dissimilar to the other tools available in the market, InVideo comes with a super-intuitive user interface that smoothens the video creation journey of the user.

This cloud-based editing tool makes it very easy for the users to save all the changes they make to their video in real-time. Perhaps, it can rightly be established that InVideo comes in the form of a game-changer in the arena of video making and editing tools.

Top Features Of InVideo

Now let us have a look at some of the best features of the tool and how it can help its users in times of need:

Huge Collection Pre-Made Templates

  1. Intro Templates: This video editing tool helps users start their videos with a bang and make an exclusive impact with the right intro. This free YouTube intro maker allows users to make professional-quality intro videos in just five minutes by using its pre-made intro templates without watermark.
  2. Outro Templates: Users can make their videos complete with the best outros. InVideo also works as an outro maker helping users create stunning outros in a few minutes. It also offers users the flexibility of creating the perfect end slate for engaging their audiences till the last second or the end of their visual content.
  3. Promo Video Templates: This video animation maker can also be used for creating promo videos in a snap. This promo maker helps users create fabulous promotional videos, win music, and engage graphics to boost brand awareness.
  4. YouTube End Screen Templates: This YouTube intro-making tool comes with fully customizable templates ready to be used for creating top-quality YouTube videos in just a few minutes. InVideo allows users to make authentic and incredible YouTube visuals by designing and editing their content and using premium stock footage.
  5. Instagram Video Editor: By using this Instagram Video Editor, you can advertise your brand, products, and services on Instagram without facing any difficulty. Also, this Instagram video editor can help you create amazing videos for engaging your followers on the platform.
  6. Facebook Ad Templates: The tool also comes with Facebook Ad Templates that can help you create stunning Facebook ads for boosting traffic on your page. Take the assistance of InVideo’s flexible and AI-powered Facebook ad templates for creating terrific Facebook advertisements to improve engagement.

Stock Images

Yet another fascinating attribute of this free online video-making tool is it comes with a library of millions of beautiful images. This means users get the option of creating their videos more satisfyingly.

They can either use the stock images and videos available with the tool or upload their own onto their content.

Automated Text to Speech

This video creation tool helps users in creating a human-like voice in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, you will be able to create voices for your videos, and that too according to your requirements and specifications. Converting text-to-speech does not take much time with InVideo at your side.

Voice Over

For the ones looking to make explainer videos with scripts all messed up with textual details, it would be a good idea to go for the voiceover feature of the tool.

Transform An Article Into A Video

Yet another wonderful attribute available with this online video maker is that it is of good help to users who want to convert their articles into videos without taking much time and as per their specific requirements.

Free Tutorials

Users looking for any kind of help on any of the features of this tool can consider going through the free tutorials available on its website.

Online Free Video Editor

online video editor

InVideo is an online free video editor loaded with some of the best features like templates, filters, tools, and stickers. So, the users do not need to waste their money and time in creating remarkable videos.

Invitation Maker

This tool even works in the form of an invitation maker. So you can use it for making invitations for events while adding voiceovers and narrations to give the invitations a personal touch.

Free-To-Use Video Maker

This is a free-to-use video maker that helps its users create and share short and crisp videos, home videos, and slideshow-format videos within just a few minutes.

Poster Maker

You can use InVideo for creating attractive and stunning posters according to the promotion or the event you are looking forward to. This can further help you in capturing more engagement.

Slideshow Maker

slideshow maker

This incredibly easy-to-use slideshow-making tool boasts a wide assortment of transitions, fonts, music, and animations. With InVideo, you get many pre-made templates, 24/7 priority support make, and background image removing options.

Meme Generator

meme generator

InVideo also works in the form of a free online meme generator allowing users to upload their images; add text to the images, and export the same in their desired format. In totality, this gives users the flexibility of creating extraordinary content without going through any hassle.

And yes, users can also share their exclusive videos on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Advantages Of InVideo Video Making And Editing Tool

Some of the major benefits of InVideo as a video making and editing tool are as follows:

  1. Helps users in saving a good amount of time and money.
  2. Easy to use online video editor.
  3. Helps its users in creating some of the best social media videos within just a few minutes. The users of this tool can edit and design authentic YouTube videos without going through any hassle.
  4. This highly intuitive online video editing tool offers its users several templates, filters, tools, and stickers for creating professional-level HD quality videos.
  5. The best benefit of this tool is that it will give you the flexibility of creating some of the best videos without any watermark.
  6. Another great advantage of this video editor is that it is available for free with exclusive features available to the users. There are only certain premium features for which users need to go for the paid plan.

The only disadvantage associated with the use of this tool is that there are still several of its features that require improvement. Also, users want more features to make things worthy for them.

The Right Way Of Using InVideo

This is a section of the review where we will get into how InVideo works in favor of its users. This is indeed an easy-to-use video editing tool that requires little to no technical know-how, but there are certain ins and outs of using this tool that users need to keep in mind.

The steps involved in using the tool are as follows:

  1. The first thing you need to do is come up with the right script and take the same further with the help of InVideo.
  2. Next, go through the video templates available with this tool and make your choice as per your requirement. Once you are done with the choice of the template, you can design your video in a matter of just a few minutes.
  3. You can even customize the chosen template. Add images to the templates either by choosing from the stock library of the tool, or you can use your own images as per requirements.
  4. You can even add the background music of your choice from the tool’s music library, consisting of hundreds and thousands of royalty-free music.

Is InVideo Really Required?

For the ones into marketing businesses, InVideo certainly comes as one of the best video editing tools. You know, times have changed dramatically. In this context, prospective buyers of a brand do not have much time to go through written content to know about a product or a service.

Hence, it has become crucial for marketing managers and business heads to create videos that instantly catch the viewers’ attention while giving them all the information they want about a certain product or service.

Now, when creating a top-quality video has become so important for businesses, it makes sense for professionals to use video-making and editing tools that actually lessen the burden.

Or to say, professional marketers, can do their job of creating a video easily with the use of online free video-making tools like InVideo. So, InVideo is definitely required.

It helps users create awe-inspiring videos that grab the viewers’ attention instantly and further help them avail the best returns on investment without taking much time. This is an all-inclusive tool that lets users create all types of videos for all major platforms like YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This robust and easy-to-use video creation and editing podium offer its users a wide assortment of features. The best thing about using InVideo is that the majority of its filters, effects and features come free of cost.

It helps you create Instagram or Facebook ads, YouTube videos, invitations, slideshows, YouTube intro and outro videos, memes, posters, and promo videos without taking much time.

InVideo Pricing

invideo pricing

InVideo offers good value for money to its users. The users of this tool get the flexibility of choosing plans according to their editing frequency. For instance, newbie editing enthusiasts keen on learning the basics of video editing can go for the free version of this tool.

Small businesses looking to market their products and services through top-quality videos can use the business plan of the tool. The plan offers users the freedom of creating 15-minute lengthy videos while exporting around 60 clips per month. The business plan is available at $18 per month giving users automatic text-to-speech conversion options as well.

Then there is the unlimited plan available for large businesses. This plan is best for users who do not find the 60 clips available with the business plan sufficient for the video marketing initiatives of their business. You need to pay $37 for this premium or unlimited plan.

Conclusion: Invideo Free Trial and Review

Now that you have a complete evaluation report of InVideo available with you, you can easily decide on whether it would be the right video editing tool for your business or not.

The luxury of selecting from millions of stock images and videos combined with the freedom of adding different media files gives users utmost creative liberty. So, you can rightly establish that it is a great video-making and editing tool for businesses of all kinds.

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