Grammarly Free Trial 2024: Try Premium Grammar Checker Without Credit Card

If you are looking for Grammarly Free Trial 2024, you have landed on the perfect page.

Grammarly is one of the top content editing software companies and has been honored in the software report of the top 100 software companies in 2023. 

Grammarly can be of good use when writing long documents, emails, essays, etc. You can use it with the downloadable app, browser extension, or as a Microsoft Office add-in.

One can write flawlessly even on a phone today if they have Grammarly installed. 

Your writing skills are about to take a high jump as soon as you start using the Grammarly free trial. 

How to claim the trial, reasons why should use it over any other editing software, and a lot more is covered below.

Grab Free Trial Of Grammarly (Without Credit Card)

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grammarly free trial

Guide to Activate Your Grammarly Free Trial

Getting Grammarly activated is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below that automatically help you get a free trial of Grammarly.

Step 1: Grammarly Sign Up

The first step is to sign up, you can sign up for Grammarly using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

activate your Grammarly free trial

Step 2: Get The Free Grammarly Extension

Grammarly’s extension analyzes your text as you write and provides appropriate suggestions if needed.  

Once signed in, you will be directed to the home page of Grammarly. There, A page like the one given below shall appear in front of you.

free trial of grammarly extension

After clicking on “Add extension”, you will be directed to your browser’s web store, and you can download the extension from there.

grammarly extension for microsoft edge

The download takes less than 5 seconds, and it’s ready to use.

Step 3: Using Grammarly

access grammarly

Once the extension is functional you can start using Grammarly for editing your documents, creating beautiful writing, and a lot more.

grammarly trail free and quick setting for free grammar checker

This is how it looks when you start using Grammarly in Google Docs.

Grammarly Free Trial Unlimited

The Grammarly trial is free of cost and there is no time limit until you can use it. You can write professionally with Grammarly for free. Once you have it working it can detect the errors in your writing and can let you write confidently almost everywhere on the system on which you work.

Grammarly trial version is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

Try that yourself before you believe what has been told to you here.

grammarly premium free trial unlimited

Try writing a message on your email or Whatsapp. The application is compatible with almost all formats.

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Features Of Grammarly

There are some basic features that you receive when you start using Grammarly. Learn that all of these features are available in the free trial of Grammarly.

additional features of grammarly

1. Google Docs

It gives suggestions for writing better when you use google docs. The logo tells about the errors in writing, red is for major errors while yellow shows minor errors. The green logo tells that the writing is errorless.

2. Synonyms And Definitions

free premium business plan of grammarly

If you love reading but sometimes can not figure out the meaning or synonyms of certain words then using Grammarly can be considered. It lets you see the definitions or synonyms of words on almost all the sites.

3. Spellings


The inbuilt dictionary of Grammarly corrects the spellings automatically or underlines the wrong spellings for you so you may choose the correct ones.

4. Phrases


It helps in choosing or filling in the phrases.

5. Language Setting

The language settings allow the user to switch between American, Canadian, Australian, and British English. Not many are aware of it but the settings can be used efficiently in the desktop app, browser extension, Ms office on Mac, iPad, or Android. You can check the support to switch the settings.

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Grammarly Free vs Premium vs Business

Grammarly offers 3 plans, Free, Premium, and Business, which can be purchased with monthly, quarterly, and annual billing periods. 

free vs premium vs business billing

So let us compare the pricing, features, and use case of the 3 plans.


premium plan of grammarly
Free VersionPremium VersionBusiness Version
Use CaseIndividualsIndividualsTeam of 3-149 people
Price Free12 USD/month(annual billing)12.5 USD/month(annual billing)

The Premium version comes with three payment models, the annual subscription where you have to pay 144 USD annually. The cost per month comes down to 12 USD.

The Business Version on the ther hand costs 12.5 USD for each member with a minimum of 3 members. After 10 members and above the cost comes down to 12.8 USD for each member and after 50 it comes down to 11.67 USD for each member.

Grammarly Free

Grammarly Free has basic features available for detecting grammatical or spelling mistakes in your content as you write. 

  • It can offer suggestions to increase the clarity of your text by making it concise where necessary.
  • It can detect the tone of you text, which can give you an insight into how your content may sound to readers.

The Free version provides 100 prompts/month of GrammarlyGo (Grammarly’s new AI writer).

Use Case: Grammarly’s free version is meant for basic use, it can correct simple grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your content.

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium has all the features of the free plan, but it is quite a bit more advanced when compared to its free counterpart.

clarity in language
  • It increases the clarity of your text by rewriting full sentences and formatting your content into lists if needed.
  • It gives you vocabulary ideas, tone suggestions, and a lot more.
  • The Premium version also has Grammarly’s plagiarism checker included, so you can make sure that your content is 100% original.

Also, it comes with 1,000 prompts/month of GrammarlyGo.

Use Case: Grammarly Premium is meant for advanced users or writers who want to ensure top quality in their content.

People also use Copyscape as an alternative to check plagiarism.

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business has all the features mentioned in the above plans, plus some additional team features. 

  • The Business plan lets you create style guides and brand tones to ensure your team writes in your company’s specific tone and style.
  • You can also create reusable phrases or sentences to save your team members’ time and increase the overall productivity o the team.

The Business plan provides 2000 prompts/month per member of GrammarlyGo

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Grammarly

There are many editing software available in the market. They can help you proofread your documents. Grammarly helps in monitoring online writing on web applications like Google Docs, mail, Facebook, and even texting apps like WhatsApp. Helps in proofreading the research papers, ebooks, etc. 

The top 5 reasons why you should choose Grammarly over any other editing software are given below.

Improves the Language

Grammarly is a fine tool that corrects your grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and use of punctuation and very subtly marks them for you so your writing language is improved. 

Sometimes people who are not aware of the free Grammarly version might use online tools to get all these things verified without knowing that those tools too may be using Grammarly as a ghost tool. 

Is preferred by students who are writing their thesis, legal practitioners, and almost everyone who writes in English.

Checks the Plagiarism

Grammarly is designed in a way that it can check plagiarism in real time. That means as you write the writing gets checked in the background for plagiarism side by side. This makes the writing search engine optimized because the plagiarized content can not be optimized.

Helps Business Grow

This might not sound very technical but the fact is that it is. The business version of Grammarly is designed in a way that can help you set the tone of your brand, the formal behavior in your writing, the politeness that can be monitored, and a lot of other things. 


When you start using it you will notice that it works pretty fast. The internet connection does play a role here but as a user, it was witnessed that Grammarly works very smoothly. The suggestions come quickly so you can improve your writing faster.  


Not only this is one of the best editing tools available it is free too. The premium version can be purchased for as low as 12 USD a month which is very cost-effective on its own.

They provide the best discount to students, If you want, you can grab a special Grammarly Student discount.

Best Grammarly Alternatives

If you are not happy with the Grammarly Free trial, you have more alternatives. These Grammarly competitors are also amazing.

Though there is a lot that Grammarly offers there are some alternatives one can look forward to. Some of the best ones are listed below.


The working model of Ginger is very similar to that of Grammarly. This too is powered by AI that works to improve your writing, correct spellings, and mark phrases that need correction so you can write more creatively. 

It is supported by Microsoft Office and almost all web applications that use text.

Language Tool

The Language Tool works on similar lines to Grammarly but offers features to write in different languages. This makes it a reliable tool that people are using all around the world. This too marks the errors in red, and blue lines along with yellow for grammatical errors specifically. 

It is supported by all browsers and is well integrated with Microsoft Word and Google doc. 

Hemingway App

The Hemingway application is a completely free desktop application that is used for editing documents of any sort. The text is marked in different colors so the writer can understand the relevant errors they are making while creating the writing content. 


ProWritingAid is the writer’s preferred editing tool for proofreading the documents they create and getting an in-depth knowledge of their skills in writing. The tool is designed in a way that helps the writers use passive voice in a better way. It is a highly advanced tool with the one drawback that it has a word limit of 500 words in its free version.

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Who should use Grammarly Free Trial?

Grammarly was launched in 2009. Not many were aware of this English Tool back then. Even today many think that it is not available for free except for those who are into writing or related to writing in the English language.

Teachers and Students

Who knew that writing tools would come up so students could write flawlessly? Grammarly has been trusted by many educational institutions from around the world. The tool helps students write better, helps them in boosting their confidence

When the institutions get the quote from Grammarly@edu the application may become accessible to the staff and the students. 

Research Scholars

The efficiency of the Grammarly tool is preferred by most of the research scholars to write their research. The team of Grammarly is working on its best to develop Grammarly in a way that is trusted by every writing individual. 

The plagiarism checker in Grammarly allows research scholars to keep a check on their writing so it does not get rejected by the end of the day. 


The food critics, movie critics have been using Grammarly for a very long time now. The tool uses features that help in correcting spelling mistakes and improving the clarity of the language. This makes the writing very professional. Hence this is preferred by the professionals. 


Almost all bloggers and content writers use Grammarly to make content efficiently and effectively. Most of them use the free trial that is unlimited to date. The premium versions are used to remove advanced errors in the language and to make sentences better than before.  

News Agencies

If you are an established news agency then the chances are that you already know why this is essential for you. If not, then you should know that Grammarly is a tool that is preferred by most news houses to draft their reports. 

It is efficient and reliable. If you are a freelance news reporter and write news reports try writing them with Grammarly. 

Small Business Owners

How can Grammarly work efficiently for small business owners? If you are someone who has Estore or writes about your business then using Grammarly is advisable. The tool can help you write better for your business by eliminating the flaws in the language. 

Thinking of writing that description about your high-selling product, try writing with Grammarly.

You can use Grammarly on your Android phones as well.

FAQ’s: Grammarly Premium Free Trial

Is my writing content safe on Grammarly?

Absolutely, Grammarly works to serve better to its users and their data is kept safe. They work to make the application better for their users. Also, they do not share users’ personal data with any third party except in limited circumstances.

Does Grammarly cause a malfunction in the system?

Grammarly has been designed so people can communicate effectively, this is a very efficient writing assistant. Viruses can cause a malfunction, sometimes the power consumption is increased when you add the extension. 
Keep a check on the workings of your system and Grammarly will work just fine.

Conclusion: Try Grammarly Free

It can be concluded that Grammarly is one of the most loved and trusted applications that are used by English writers around the world. The app has won the trust of its users and is working its way to remain at the top position as an editing application. 

While researching for editing tools it was found that even if people used the other tools they made one or two comparisons with Grammarly, which makes it a benchmark application. Even if you do not believe these words today, would suggest you use its trial version so you can make up your own mind about it. 

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