IPage Hosting Review : Plans and Detailed Pros and Cons – 2021

iPage is a web hosting organization. It offers a broad scope of web hosting solutions for online business organizations and website admins to create websites. It provides shared hosting web bundles, including a free drag and drop based website builder that permits the clients to build a website without any coding knowledge. It also offers content installer tools to install popular content like WordPress and Joomla in a single click in your web hosting account.

iPage was first established in 1998 as a full web service provider, yet the organization re-launched its activities as a web hosting provider in 2009. It is now owned by Endurance International Group and has more than 1, 00,000 sites in its data centers.

Their uptime is better than expected at 99.92% in the last two years, while the loading time is an average of 746ms. iPage doesn’t come with a standard Control Panel; instead, the company provides a customized board for its clients. The base product is the vDeck control board, yet it is modified by iPage, so the final product is more straightforward for the clients to utilize. 

Aimed primarily to the first-time site owners, iPage assembles an impressive list of capabilities. Offering reliable and custom site builder options. 

Highlighting Points of iPage

  • Availability of free domain.
  • Hassle-free signup.
  • Quick and Easy Account Activation.
  • An efficient vDeck Control panel is available. 
  • Quick and hassle-free installing of open source applications.

Pros of iPage

iPage is incredibly cheap when you try it for the first three years. Their uptime is better than expected, and their client assistance is cordial. Moreover, they have access to pretty much every device or open-source application that you could want. We provide you with a list of factors that marks them reliable and efficient.

  1. Performance

You can spend all the cash you like on a web host, build an amazingly looking website with ideal web technology; however, it won’t mean anything if your site is always down, or if its performance is below average. iPage uses Uptime to monitor the site accessibility and reaction time over a seven-day term. The typical reaction time was incredible having 227ms, among the best we have seen. Most of the time, it remains normal and ranges around 200-300ms, so iPage is not giving you the best in class performance but is still welcoming. Significantly, these were the results of the organization’s most basic shared hosting. An up-gradation can give you more speed. Despite being sudden slowdowns in the response time, we can be assured that iPage is reliable as the reaction time remains constant at 250ms. 

This kind of reliability assures that iPage is restricting the access of various websites and reducing the need to fight for resources and also ensures the bandwidth that is needed for smooth and efficient reaction time.

  • Cheap Web Host Service

iPage has consistently been one of the least expensive webs hosts that we have assessed over the past few years. Furthermore, it seems that every often, they figure out how to limit the starting price. Presently, the iPage begins at $1.99/month, which is an excellent deal. They only have a single shared hosting plan; therefore, nothing will hold you back from trying this website and will assist you in having an upgrade.

The main catch is that you have to pay $1.99 for three entire years. Otherwise, the average rate is $7.99/ month. In case you are just paying for a single year, the introductory price is $2.99/ month (with the re-establishment cost of $9.99). Furthermore, in case you are paying for a very long time, rather than three, it is $2.49/ month (with a renewal cost of $9.99). 

  • Third-Party Applications

As referred, iPage’s core offering is strong. Here is the list of all that you get for $1.99/month. 

  • All the hosting plans accompany a free domain registration for the first year. This registration will save your $15/ year.
  • You will additionally get a free email address and SSL certificate as well. Each email account is modified for your domain. It includes email sending, auto-responding, spam filters, virus checking, and even POP3/IMAP so that you can check everything up with Outlook.
  • This arrangement accompanies unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and boundless MySQL information databases. 

iPage has a vast amount of open source applications that are ready to install. These apps include content administration systems and blogging apps like WordPress, Joomla, PixelPost, Gallery2, in addition to GBook, phpBB, and SMF.

  • Easy to Use Features

The most significant dissatisfaction using hosting websites is the ups and downs of the plan price. The price of an organization rarely matches from plan to plan; therefore, it is tough to make comparisons. Various companies have strict policies and don’t change the price of their programs. Some companies imply multiple offers to attract users, while the middle ones remain neutral. These medium companies are a mix of both allowing you to take the decision. 

iPage’s most significant advantage is its effortlessness. They have one standard hosting plan. It gives unlimited access to search and to use unlimited domains, accessing numerous databases, and unlimited disk space. 

  • Money Back Policy

iPage provides a hassle-free 30-day money-back policy. You just have to inform them in the first month that you are not satisfied with their services and they will happily give your hosting cash back to you.

Like other hosts, their domains and additional administrations are not usually refundable. The iPage provides you with a free domain name for the first year. So, if you request a discount, a $15 fee for the domain registration will be deducted. Fortunately, you can still own your old domain name and can transfer it to another company.

  • Customer Services

Various companies provide customer care services for their users. The services are either horrible or amazing. It is difficult for you to know that you are dealing with an excellent or terrible customer care executive or if it is the overall culture of the organization.

The major highlight of iPage is that they are accessible every minute for every single day and on all help channels like email, virtual chat, telephone, etc. They make all their help channels easy to find and hassle-free to use. For an inexpensive shared hosting company, this range of help channels are useful and can help them to stick to their ground in this competitive market.


Cons of iPage

iPage’s price is among the least expensive; they have a strong uptime, speed, and outstanding customer services; however, like any other hosting websites, iPage has disadvantages. There are various complaints about the services of iPage. A lot of them are legitimate, and the other ones are narrative. Here are some of the cons of iPage that you must check:

  1. Additional Services

iPage offers SiteLock support on their arrangements to help study for malware and keep the site from being hacked. The cost of availing this facility is $1.99/ month. They additionally have more far-reaching plans that expand up to a cost of $24.99/ month (approximately $899.64 for three years). The backup service can be daily or a few times each day. The basic backup service costs $1.14/ month (approx $39.98 for three years). The bigger plans for storing a large number of databases costs up to $2.10/ month (approx $75.35 for three years).

  • Upsells

Upsells are not new for hosting websites. They are very common and helpful for providing new offers to the users while making the company rich. However, after a certain limit, these upsells, lose their value and starts becoming frustrating for a user. iPage unquestionably goes too far. They go farther than other websites in terms of scandalous upsells. From the first step in which you sign up to the last step in which your account is created, there are numerous upsells. 

Moreover, various tricky upsells can naturally be added to your cart without your notice. Some offers are intriguing, but most of them are not. They are the rephrased benefits that are already included in your account.

  • No Control Panel

Most of the hosting websites use cPanel as a dashboard. It’s a business standard, and if you use it in one place, you will precisely know where everything is when you log in to your account. iPage does not use a cPanel, going with an alternative option called the vDeck, which is not exactly as useful as cPanel.

For beginners, it is not a big deal. It is generally a huge deal for the users who are accustomed to working on the cPanel. Most of the time, it may seem a waste of time to learn a new platform and to learn the efficiency of that platform. Therefore, it is not a big deal if you are a newbie, but it can be a great deal if you use cPanel.

  • Low Performance

In addition to hosting your files, a decent hosting server will likewise deliver those files as fast as possible each time a user goes to his/her domain. There are tons of factors that go into how fast your site is. You can have the most efficient servers in the world and still have an average website because of issues from your end. In any case, you must have a hosting website that is quick so that you can take a shot from your side for the condition.

  • Nothing is Free

Numerous hosting websites will move their webpages to their servers for free. This feature is especially helpful for the people who are not specialized and don’t have any desire to sit around attempting to learn how to move the files, re-point your domain, etc. 

However, iPage does not offer any free website migration. Instead, they will move your file for a $150 onetime fee. This fee is considerably high than other host websites. Bluehost, for instance, will charge you $150 however; they will move up to five locales at this cost. 

Pricing, Plans, and Facts

iPage has a standard shared hosting plan that begins at $1.99/ month for three years. It accompanies unlimited disk space, transfer speed, and MySQL information databases. You can additionally get a domain name free for the first year, with an additional SSL certificate and email address.

iPage provides two WordPress plans.

  • STARTER- This plan costs $3.7/month. It accompanies a free domain name for the first year, unlimited space, open data transmission, modified control panel, and pre-installed plug-in.
  • PREMIUM- This plan costs $6.9/month. It has everything for the starter option, also with the expert WordPress Support, automated malware removal, and SiteLock security.


  1. With GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a business brand name, even though they were mainly a domain registrar, not a hosting website. They are significantly better as a web host from 2013; however, their real selling point is their attractive discounts for their introductory price. However, iPage competes for head-on with them and gives for highlights. Among GoDaddy and iPage, many differences make them both a good option for hosting websites.

  • With HostGator

iPage and HostGator are various brands possessed by a similar parent organization. They are, likewise, direct competitors. However, there are a couple of differences. HostGator works out of Endurance’s Houston and Utah server farms. 

If your many criteria are the price, then, iPage wins the battle by providing a budget-friendly introductory price. However, HostGator has less expensive long term offers and deep preliminary cost. They additionally have less upsells and cleaner backend for installing applications like WordPress.

  • With InMotion

InMotion is one of the biggest and quickest developing web hosting providers. They offer a full range of hosting administrations. This site utilizes a VPS worker from InMotion. They are more costly than iPage’s pricing, yet provide a much-improved item on each bought. The advantage for the users is that iPage is one of the best hosting websites in this price range. The introductory price for InMotion is $10.99/ month which is much more costly than iPage. Although the product quality is good, InMotion is not suitable for individuals who don’t have a good financial backup.

Bottom Line

Generally speaking, iPage hosting is perfect and efficient in its price range. If you have a small website, they will do fine. Their attractive discounts on plans that you can secure for three years is their fundamental selling point. However, there were a couple of blended performances, too. Client care is helpful; however, a little slow. The main features have good highlights, but they do not have the ‘extra’ features. Hence if you are looking for a useful web hosting site at an average cost, then you should visit the iPage now.

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