PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checker Review 2022: Features & Pricing

PrePostSEO is one of the finest Search Engine Optimization solutions organizations greatly working in USA. PrePostSEO has a bundle of toolsets.

The most dependent and top tools of PrePostSEO are our Plagiarism Checker Tool and our Content Paraphrasing Tool as part of its great services.

PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checker tool is extremely beneficial for many purposes. You can use this and our other tools totally free.

If you want, you can buy our premium packages to enjoy this tool fully. And you will get a wide range of advantages of this tool.

prepostseo plagiarism checker review

PrePostSEO is a well-known and reputed Content Marketing Agency. Our main objective is to provide our clients the content which is free of plagiarism and does not carry any sort of duplication in it.

So, we keep it as our priority to deliver the best content as per our client’s demands.

Let’s get a deep ride into this PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checker review.

prepostseo plagiarism checker

Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism Checker

PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checker is one the most useful and free plagiarism checker tools available online that bestows great help to writers, bloggers, and webmasters to have a look for plagiarism in their work.

This plagiarism checker tool is so reliable. Most marketers, freelancers, students, teachers, and businessmen prefer it.

They find this tool so catchy and really positive for their task. Moreover, this tool facilitates them and makes their content unique and duplication-free.

This plagiarism checker tool has the ability to scan and compare files to identify plagiarism. There are multiple options and word count limits for our users to use the PrePostSEO plagiarism checker.

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Word Count Limit:

There are different categories and kinds of word count limits depending on the types of users. They are majorly two in number. “Unregistered and Registered Users.”

This word count limit directly relies on the category of the users. The users are free to choose any kind of category of word count limit of our Plagiarism Checker as per their need.

We have various categories like visitors, basic users, basic premium users, standard premium users, company premium users, organizations, enterprises, and professional users, etc.

Here, is a list of word count limits for our plagiarism checker tool. So, let’s have a look at the given points below:


For visitors, who are unregistered on our website but using it free of cost, they have the approach to check plagiarism of 1000 words.

Basic Users:

For basic users, who make their selves register on our website also get the facility to use it totally free. They can check plagiarism of 1500 words.

For all the kinds of Premium Users, we have two dissimilar categories of packages. The first one is Monthly Plans, and the second one is Annual or Yearly Plans.

Additionally, both plans and their pricing apply to all basic premium users, standard premium users, company premium users, organizations, enterprises, and professional users.

Basic Premium Users:

Basic premium users can choose their monthly plan that starts from 10$ and goes to 50$ for their yearly plan.

The users have the ability to find the plagiarism of 5000-Word Count Limit with the Deep Search.

And they get the Fast and Accurate result of their Search Queries which are 5000 and 50,000 for their monthly and yearly plans, respectively.

The users can check plagiarism any time at anywhere as per their requirements.

Standard Premium Users:

For standard premium users, their pricing and plan range from 20$ to 150$ for their monthly and yearly plan.

They get the Word Count Limit of 15,000 words with the 25,000 to 200,000 Search Queries respectively.

Besides this, standard premium users also carry the facility to check plagiarism all the time in a day.

Company Premium Users:

For all the remaining categories, like company premium users and the professionals the Word Count Limit to check plagiarism of their work begins with 25,000 words and goes to an Unlimited range of words.

Their Monthly Plan starts from 45$ and gets a high rise to 350$ for their Annual Plan.

The company premium users have a great range of Search Queries which are 75,000 for their Monthly Plans and 500,000 for their Yearly Plans.

Also, the plagiarism checking facility is available to all the company’s premium users and to all the professionals 24/7. And users can use it, whenever they feel to use it.

Positive Factors of Plagiarism Checker:

There are a few positive factors to using a plagiarism content checker. Which are discussed as under:

Upload File:

You have the right to upload a file from your local storage disk to check for plagiarism. You can choose multiple file types for example doc, Docx, pdf, txt, etc.

Chrome Extension:

PrePostSEO has the Google Chrome Extension facility to check free plagiarism online.


Any sort of content you look at or upload a file on PrePostSEO to check its duplication is completely protected.


This plagiarism tool notices and carries the ability to underline the text and provides you with the direct source of plagiarism and copy.


PrePostSEO plagiarism tool gives you the percentage of plagiarized and unique content.

Language Option:

This plagiarism checker checks the copied content in other languages as well. Like French, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.

Negative Factors of Plagiarism Checker:

We got to know a little bit issues about with the plagiarism checker tool. Although this tool carries some really great aspects on other hand it does not check multiple files at a time.

Though, sometimes you need to check for plagiarism in multiple languages. PrePostSEO plagiarism checker tool does not have the large language support like the other plagiarism checker tools have on the internet.

Moreover, the customer service support of the PrePostSEO plagiarism checker tool is not good enough like the other similarity checkers available online.

Final Words:

It depends, if you are sending your assignment to your supervisor as a student or you are working on a project file as a freelancer, you should keep in mind to check plagiarism of your work before submitting it to anyone.

Checking plagiarism by using PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checker Tool should be really supportive to give you pure and copy-free content.

PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checking website is really helpful in many aspects. As compared to the other plagiarism-checking websites, this website is truly wonderful.

The main reason for the great usage of this website is its amazing features and inexpensive premium packages.

That’s why PrePostSEO is so a trustworthy and valuable website for all the writers and bloggers out there.

So, go and check the PrePostSEO Plagiarism Checker. And let us know about your precious feedback how did you find it?

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