Furbo Black Friday Camera Deals 2023 Deals: Best Discount

Black Friday is here with amazing deals and offers, and today, we have an amazing Black Friday deal for you.

Today we are talking about the Furbo Camera Black Friday Deal and Discount offers. Black Friday gives you a reason to celebrate and gift others.

This Black Friday, gift the Furbo Camera to your friends and families who own a dog, work outside, and are worried about their pets while they are away and the pets are alone at home.

furbo camera black friday deals
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Furbo Black Friday Deal On HD Wifi Pet Camera

As we know Furbo Animal cameras can be very important for a dog owner and for the dog in your house. 

You may have checked the deals on Furbo cameras before and found them out of pocket, but right now is the best time to do your shopping and buy helpful gadgets for your family because of the Black Friday Sale

The regular price of the Furbo 360° Dog Camera is $99 but right now you can get it for $69 and save 30% OFF your order.

Click above to Buy the Furbo Pet Camera from Amazon and get a 30% discount.

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Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What Is Furbo Camera?

furbo dog camera

Furbo is an animal camera, that works as a spy device for your pets, especially dogs. It is a two-way communication device, you can keep an eye on your pets and also speak to them through the camera.

All you have to do is, connect the Furbo 360° Dog Camera to your mobile phone and wifi and you can check on your pet activity anytime.

You can also treat your dog with the Furbo Camera, it produces a sound to attract dogs and throws dog food as treats.

It detects and notifies you whenever your dog is barking or any suspicious activity happens or even if there are humans around your dog, you will instantly get a notification on your mobile phone.

The Furbo Camera can notify you about the dog’s activity whether it is sleeping, or playing, and helps you to observe your dog and if they are in danger. Now let’s look at the features of the Furbo Camera.

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Features Of Furbo Camera

Let’s discuss the features of the Furbo Pet camera.

  1. Provides you with full HD quality and night vision.
  2. It has a high-quality microphone, speaker and a customized snack call.
  3. It can throw up to 100 pieces of treats.
  4. It has an amazing quality camera with a high zoom capacity. 
  5. You get notified whenever it suspects your dog is barking. 
  6. You can activate the Furbo Dog Nanny service, which commands and even talks to your dogs.
  7. You get smart alerts including any human around your dog, home emergency, dog activity alert, and suspicious human activities. 
  8. You get a video recording of your pet’s activity.
  9. You can connect this camera to your smartphone and you can also click and command through the Alexa voice control. 
  10. You also get a 1-year warranty.

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Other Similar Pet Cameras

After knowing about the Furbo camera and the features and discounts on them during this Black Friday. Let’s look at some alternatives.

There are so many pet cameras that work similarly to the Furbo Pet camera.

  1. Netvue Indoor Pet Camera 
  2. GULIGULI Hiibo Dog Camera 
  3. Pet Robot Camera 
  4. Automatic Pet Feeder Camera  
  5. WYZE Cam v3 Pet Camera

If you find the Furbo camera expensive then you can try buying any of these pet cameras according to your budget. All have the same functions as the Furbo pet camera.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Pro & Cons

Here are some merits and demerits of using the Furbo pet Camera.


  1. You can observe your dog or any pet from anywhere even if you are in the office and have gone somewhere.
  2. It has a two-way communication microphone, you can distract your dog from doing any damage or mischief by calling their name or by talking to them and you can treat them by the treat split function.
  3. You can take selfies of your dog or if you have a customized selfie option then this device takes a selfie by itself and just notifies you.
  4. Furbo cameras have night visions even in the dark they monitor your pet and their activities.
  5. You get instant notifications if your dog is barking or if it observes any other suspicious activity or humans around them.
  6. It works with the Alexa device and also with your smartphone.


  1. The Furbo cameras are more expensive and out of budget.
  2. For activating more features like recording videos and the nanny function you have to make a monthly or yearly subscription.
  3. Furbo cameras have a limited range of observation they can’t move so if your pet gets out of its range then you can’t monitor them.
  4. The treat tossing can make your pet addictive and they may break it or damage it to get all the treats at once. 

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Furbo Service

Furbo also provides some advanced features and activities but you have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription and it adds more expense to this purchase. You can activate Furbo Dog Nanny, to command your dog.

You can get the free one-month trial and after that, it costs $6.99/mo or $69/year.

You can also use this camera device without a subscription, you will still get notification alerts. This subscription will only provide you with the extra facility of creating and saving videos of your pet and taking selfies.

How To Avail Black Friday Deals On Furgo Dog Camera?

You can get these deals in two ways. Either go to Amazon through our link or you can directly visit the official product page of Furbo, create your account and purchase the camera.

Black Friday Deals on Furbo Camera will start on Black Friday and will continue until Cyber Monday.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furbo Dog Camera Black Friday

What does the Furbo camera do?

Furbo is an animal camera, that works as a spy device for your pet, especially dogs.
It is a two-way communication or talk device. You can keep an eye on your pet and also talk to them. You can also treat them.

Does Furbo have any monthly subscriptions?

Yes, it has a monthly paid subscription but you don’t need to activate the subscription for standard features, and you can still keep an eye on your pet with the wifi network connection.

What services does Furbo provide without a subscription?

You can watch over your pet and talk to them or call them and you get the notifications.

What are the alerts it notifies you?

The Furbo camera notifies you about your dog’s activity, and the range of dog barking, it detects danger or emergency and any human around your dog or doing any activity or harming your dog.

When will Furbo camera Black Friday 2023 Deals will be live?

Most probably Black Friday offers of Furbo would be live from 24th November which is Black Friday. But you can still get some impressive discounts on Furbo cameras from this page.

Conclusion: 2023 Black Friday Deals By Furbo Camera

If you are a dog owner and work away from home and are worried about your dog or any pet then this article is very important for you. And this is a perfect time that is Black Friday to buy a Furbo pet camera and get worry-free.

We have mentioned the Furbo animal camera with its features and importance. You can buy this product from Amazon during this Black Friday Deal with discount coupons.

Share this with your dog lover friends and family members who desperately need this camera and tell them about the Black Friday Super deals and discounts.

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