Black Friday Coupon 2023: $1 Deal, 1 Year Free [99% OFF]

Are you looking for a live Rocket.Net Black Friday in 2023? We have coupons by for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual deals. is a new hosting service-providing platform and works on Cloudflare Enterprise.

This means that you will get a Free CDN, better uptime, and better security. Black Friday Coupons & Deals

2023 brings exciting coupons and deals for you. Note that you receive two months OFF on annual plans. More are listed under.

1. The 1 USD launch

The offer enables you to use the hosting service at a price that is as low as 1 USD, a perfect monthly deal. This is a great offer that can help you in deciding how better the hosting is. No words written on the internet can be as impactful as the user experience that you would receive.

2. 50% Off Black Friday Rocket.Net Deal

Enter the launch code CBH50 to avail a surprising 50% off for 3 months of hosting. So this is a perfect quarterly deal. This is the benefit of being a regular reader of the blog Cheap and Best Hosting.

3. Free 1 Month Hosting

On taking Managed WordPress Hosting for 6 months you will receive a one-month hosting for free. You would not need the CBH50 coupon here. It is billed semi-annually.

4. Free 2 Months Hosting

On taking Managed WordPress Hosting for one year you will receive 2 months of hosting for free. Just like free 1 month hosting you would not need the CBH50 coupon here. This plan is billed annually.

5. Free 6 Months Hosting

On taking 2 years of Managed WordPress Hosting you will receive 6 months of free hosting. In this case, the billing will be done after every 2 years.

6. Free 1 Year Hosting

If you happen to take a three-year hosting from they will give you one year of free hosting. This is not something that is seen often. The deal is quite lucrative.

rocket net coupon code

We have a detailed Rocket.Net WP hosting review for you on this website.

rocket net hosting

Steps To Apply Rocket.Net Coupon This Black Friday

The registration on is pretty simple. It takes only two steps to get yourself registered here. First, you need to sign up with your email ID and the second is to fill in the billing details. It is a 5-minute procedure.
The process is explained in the steps below:

  • Step 1
create account in rocket net

You need to fill in your email id and password.

  • Step 2
rocket net coupon

Choose the plan and fill in the billing details along with the coupon details.

All the plans listed here guarantee 99.99% uptime. The platform allows a minimum of 2.5 lakh monthly visits. SSL certification. CDN from over 200 locations worldwide. Recommended PHP 7.4 also uses it as default. Backup retention of 14 days. 

Have listed the various plans they offer along with the price. You can use CBH50 to avail of discounts on the original cost.

Starter Hosting

starter hosting

This is a plan that is availed by beginners mostly. People who have just stepped in to get hosting service. The service is available for 30 USD after applying the coupon CBH50 this will cost you just 15 USD.

Some unique offerings of the plan are given under.

Visitors Allowed 2.5 Lacs
Bandwidth Being Offered50 GB
Diskspace Being Offered10 GB
WordPress Website1

Pro Hosting

pro hosting

This plan is used by people who wish to expand their presence on the internet, people usually switch from basic to pro plans when they have experienced some growth. The pro hosting service is available at 60 USD which after applying the coupon CBH50 will cost you just 30 USD.

Some unique offerings of the plan are given under.

Visitors Allowed10 Lacs
Bandwidth Being Offered100 GB
Diskspace Being Offered20 GB
WordPress Website3

Business Hosting

business hosting

When the business is on its growing stage when you know that you need stronger hosting is when you can take the plan that is customized for business needs. The original price is 100 USD after applying the coupon CBH50 this can be availed for merely 50 USD. This is a huge discount.

Some unique offerings of the plan are given under.

Visitors Allowed25 Lacs
Bandwidth Being Offered300 GB
Diskspace Being Offered40 GB
WordPress Website10

Agency Hosting

agency hosting

This plan is usually taken up by running website agencies, and companies that have a great client base. This is the strongest and one of the most reliable plans offered by The original plan costs 200 USD after applying CBH50 the cost will come down to 100 USD.

Some unique offerings of the plan are given under.

Visitors Allowed50 Lacs
Bandwidth Being Offered500 BB
Diskspace Being Offered50 GB
WordPress Website25

Rocket.Net Plans And Pricing Details

The table explains the plans and their original price with the discounted prices. The payment options include credit cards and PayPal.

PlansSite SupportedRegular PricePrice After Discount
Starter HostingWordPress30 USD15 USD
Pro HostingWordPress60 USD30 USD
Business HostingWordPress100 USD50 USD
Agency HostingWordPress100 to 300 USD50 to 150 USD

Features Offered By

There are various features being offered by some of the major ones are highlighted below.

WordPress Control Panel

Here you can create your sites very easily. Hosting enables multisite, has pre-installed WooCommece, image optimization SSO – WP Admin.

Enterprise WordPress CDN

Even if you are using the free or pro version of Cloudflare the enterprise version provides features that are way different and better. You get to experience those at an unbelievable price. 

This allows speed optimization, and better security because the viruses get filtered away without paying high costs for plugins.

WordPress Website Firewall(WAF)

Just like we have a double security check for our email passwords, has two firewalls to keep your sites malware-free. The first is the security by Cloudflare enterprise which is one of the best and scans every WordPress request you make.

The second is Immunify 360 which is pre-installed on the servers. These little details make this hosting highly secure.

Free WordPress Migrations

There is no limit to the migrations one can make. You run an agency and thinking of migrating your hosting service. This platform makes it very easy. All you have to do is create an account with them and submit your migration request.

The team of works 24x7x365 days round the clock to assist its customers. Also, you will notice that you won’t be asked to change the settings of your plugins. All this for free of cost.

Experienced WordPress Support

The support team works and goes the extra mile to help you manage your sites. They offer telephone as well as email support.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Rocket.Net

  1. Great interface: The interface clearly mentions the sites, visitors allowed, disk usage, and bandwidth. Allows easy website management.  
  2. TTFB: Time To First Byte is 233% faster
  3. FCP: First Contentful Paint i.e. the first bit of content from DOM. A good FCP helps in decreasing the bounce rate. This is 45% faster here. 
  4. FID: First Input Delay, this is nothing but the time taken by the user on your site to interact. This is 38% faster than other hosting providers. 
  5. TTI: Time To Interactive is the time point when the last long task ends. This is 29% faster than other hosting providers.  
  6. Detailed Analysis: You receive CDN and WAF reports so you can check the performance of your site. 
  7. Data Centres: It has 20+ data centers around the globe. With Asia’s data center in Tokyo.  
  8. Brotli Compression: this is a system developed by Google to compress texts. This works better than Gzip. 
  9. Backups: Offsite, off-server backups are available. Manual and default systems are available here. 
  10. Easy Staging: You can easily clone your website to make changes like adding plugins, changing code etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Rocket.Net Hosting

Advantages Disadvantages
Strongest CDN with Cloudflare.No free domain name, no domain registration is available here. 
SSH access increases the security of your site, along with (S)FTP support. Only one data center in Asia. 
Simple Database Management with phpMyAdmin. No email support
Is powered by Imunify 360 to provide protection from brute force attacks, weak passwords etc. Customer support is fast but fairly new to handling the technicalities. 

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FAQ’s: Coupons By Rocket.Net For 2023

Is compatible with caching plugins?

Yes, they are compatible with almost all the caching plugins we know of.

Does charge for migration?

No, the migration on is free of cost. Also, there is no limit on how many migrations you wish to make.

How is hosting the fastest?

They use Cloudflare CDN, the website caches near the customer as compared to being served from a specific location. This makes their hosting the fastest ever.

What is the cost of optimizing my website on

The team of is well experienced in optimizing WordPress sites and they do not charge anything to help you optimize your WordPress site.

Conclusion: Rocket.Net Coupon Code 2023 On Black Friday

In summary, I would like to say that this hosting is beginner-friendly and a must for websites making some money already. You can definitely give this a try. It is providing great value for the money that you invest here. 

In 30 USD you are getting Cloudflare CDN, great security, and high uptime of 99.99%. If you have an established website, transfer it for a month without transferring the main servers and you will observe the benefits that have been discussed above. We have a special Rocket.Net affiliate program that earns you up to $150.

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