WP Engine Black Friday 2023 Deals: Pay For 8 Months, Free 4 Months

Do you know you can save up to $1421 with this year’s WP Engine Black Friday deals? Yes, You are getting 4 months of free hosting this year. This means WP Engine’s Scale plan which costs $242 a month will be free for 5 months, A jaw-dropping $1421 discount.

Even on the entry-level product that costs $30, you can save $120 when you choose an annual plan. Pay for 8 months and enjoy the WP Engine hosting for 12 months.

Note: Your purchase is risk-free as you have 30 day money-back guarantee.

wp engine black friday

The Black Friday deals are coming and you get huge exciting discounts and offers from Black Friday till Cyber Monday. And this is the right time to shop or buy WP Engine products.

Today we are talking about the WP Engine Black Friday Deal 2023.

Let’s begin with the pricing and plans WP Engine provides during Black Friday Deals. 

Summary and Exact Savings From WP Engine Black Friday deals

During this Black Friday deal, WP Engine is offering a great discount deal with a free hosting plan. Here are the discount plans.

  1. Five months free WP hosting plan.
  2. Coupon code to get free WP hosting WPE3FREE.
  3. Discount on annual billing for the startup, growth, professional plan, and scale plan. 
  4. You get the Black Friday discount of 30 to 45% on all plans of Managed WordPress and eCommerce Solutions.
5 months free on annual shared plans, effective 11/22 – 11/30

Plan and Pricing of WP Engine

WP Engine provides four plans in Managed WordPress and eCommerce solutions.

wpengine plans and pricing

Startup plan

  1. The startup hosting plan starts from $20/m and $240 annually during the Black Friday discount you get the startup plan with the discount of 30 to 45%.
  2. It gives you 1 site with 25,000 visits per month,10 GB storage with 50 GB of bandwidth.

Professional Plan

  1. The professional plan starts from $50/m and $600  annually, you get a discount of 30 to 45% during Black Friday.
  2. The professional plan provides you with 3 sites with 75,000 visits per month,15 GB storage with 125 GB of bandwidth

Growth Plan 

  1. The growth plan starts from $115/m and $1380 annually, and Black Friday provides you a discount of 30 to 40%.
  2. Provides you 10 sites with 100,000 visits per month,20 GB storage with 200 GB of bandwidth. 

Scale Plan

  1. The starting pricing of scale is $290/m and $3480 annually, and black Friday provides you a discount of 30 to 45%.
  2. Provides you 30+ sites with 400,000 visits per month, 50 GB storage with 500 GB of storage. 
wp engine hosting plans

Introduction To WP Engine

WP engine is one of the best WordPress digital platforms. They provide a platform to create different sites and many applications on WordPress. They provide innovative software services. 

You get a huge and reliable place for your work, with the best features and helping staff. You get many security layers.

Features of WP Engine 

WP engines have so many features, let’s discuss some of their features with a small description.

  1. You get the fastest website with automated updation and daily backups.
  2. Provides maximum speed, performance, and SEO with secure and thread-blocking service. You get the automated update with a simple backup process also with customized themes and tools. 
  3. You can also create a website that is supported by mobile phones.’
  4. You get a supporting team of experts. 
  5. Strong invoices of payments and bills, with secure payments.
  6. You get easy word press hosting, at an affordable price.
  7. It provides you with automatic site migrations, with local WordPress development.
  8. For creating different sites you get many types of tools and themes.
  9. WP Engine is a perfect platform for:
    • Small businesses. 
    • E-commerce websites
    • Enterprise 
    • Agency client tools 
    • Agency partner program 
    • Headless WordPress
  10. The WP Engine provides some cool features like:
    • It provides solutions for all types of businesses that include small, medium, and big businesses.
    • It provides lots of design and development tools like premium themes, Genesis themes, and local developments.
    • It also provides WordPress cms and open-source flexibility.
    • You get the fastest website speed and secure environment and it manages the WordPress hosting.
wp engine features

Pros & Cons

Here are the positive and negative points of WP Engine:


  1. It is a fast, reliable, and affordable platform. 
  2. You get the free CDN and themes and tools.
  3. You get the daily backups, with automatic updates.
  4. You get a secure and fast platform for your site.
  5. You get extra features for business and e-commerce websites. 


  1. It has expensive plans everyone cannot afford their pricing.

What are the alternatives of Black Friday WP Engine Deal?

There are other hosting platforms you can use in place of WP Engine.

Frequently Asked Questions About WP Engine Black Friday Deals 

Why do we need a WP Engine?

WP Engine allows you to create and manage your website, you can also trace your site’s performance and traffic in WP Engine. 

Can we use WP Engine for free?

Usually, you get the two-month free hosting plan but during Black Friday you get the five-month free hosting plan. The company provides 60 days cancellation policy, which ultimately is a free trial period.

What are the different plans WP provides?

WP Engine provides managed WordPress and eCommerce solutions and both have main four plans: Startup plan, professional plan, growth plan, and scale plan.

When did WP Engine start its operations?

WP Engine was started in 2010 in Austin, Texas and it has offices in many other regions of the world. 

It is safe to use WP Hosting?

WP Engine provides you with a secure and reliable hosting platform, with secure updation and instant backups.  

Conclusion: WP Engine Black Friday 2023 Deals

WP Engine is a reliable and safe WP hosting platform. It provides you with so many features with their four main plans.

WP Engine hosting plan is expensive, but if you want this hosting plan then you can get in the huge discount offers with the 4-month free plan.

Go and get the Black Friday Deal benefit and use coupon codes and get extra offers.

We have mentioned all the plans with their pricing and links above choose the best plan for you and take the advantage of the Black Friday Deals.

See all deals here:

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